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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I am thankful that I finally got to see a Philadelphia championship.

I'm thankful for October 2008 -- the best month of my life.

Isn't that the truth. Be positive people. I don't care if they sign goofy to pitch, wait and see what happens before being negative.

I am thankful for Ruuuuben Amaro Jr. and of course Pat Gillick!

I am grateful for getting to see a world series championship in my lifetime. I am grateful for, despite being on a student budget, to make it to game 3 with the woman I love and share with her the greatest sports memory I have ever known, and will probably ever know. I am thankful that PtB got to leave town a champion and ride off into the sunset on a clydsedale drawn trailer of beer, at the front of the best parade I've ever seen.

I am very thankful for the fact that I will be graduating college next semester. I am thankful for a family that takes care of me in bad times, and for friends that I enjoy being around.

I am thankful for the World F-ing Champions.

I'm grateful for Beerleaguer.

I'm thankful for that bizarre rain-delayed finish that meant we clinched the championship at a decent hour. My 12yo son and husband by my side as we proudly wore our Phillies gear here in Ohio. What a great moment and I didn't have to stay up late by myself to watch. I'm thankful for the internet so I can celebrate virtually with strangers who understand my love for the game and this team. I'm thankful for so much and the Phillies are just the tip of the iceberg.

1950, 1980 & 2008.

I'm thankful to have gotten married this year to a wonderful woman.

I'm thankful I still have a job that I love in these trying economic times.

I'm thankful I got to see the Soul win an AFL championship before the league canceled the upcoming season.

I'm thankful Pat Burrell will leave Philly on top.

I'm thankful I have so many good friends who love baseball with whom I can enjoy this wonderful World Series trophy.

Besides all the blessings that the Phils have visited upon us this year, I'm grateful that I've finally found a job in this horrible, horrible economy... even if it is in NYC.

I am thankful that Pat Burrell's final AB as a Phillie became the series-clinching run.

I'm grateful to my brother for managing to capture the final pitch of game 5 on his digital camera in all its blurry, low-resolution, nauseatingly shaky glory.

I am grateful that the Phillies waited till I came back from Kuwait to win the World Series. First Philadelphia championship of my life, and hopefully more to come!

I am thankful that I got to experience my first Philly championship with my dad before he passed away in November.

I am 24 years old and am I die hard Philly fan. The Phillies' championship was my first chance to experience a title with dad in the city.

We went to a bunch a games during the season, were together watching the games on TV, and got to go to the parade as well.

I will always have this season to remember my dad (amongst his many other wonderful qualities).

Nice contest. :) I guess there are two baseball related things I am most grateful for this year. I mostly work nights, and managed to convince my boss to let me have the night off for game five, part 1. As awful as the weather was, I was hoping that somehow they'd get the game in so I could share in the joy, but it wasn't in the cards. So I put away the celebratory whiskey and went to work the next night hoping that the weather would be even worse, which was also not in the cards. Imagine my happy surprise when I walked in the door and my boss looks up at me and tells me to go home and watch the rest of the game. I never knew he had it in him.
The second is simpler. I am grateful that I can strike up a conversation with a random stranger in a Phillies hat and bask in the shared joy we all feel as a result of our team's achievement. In a world of ups and downs it's something good that can never be taken away from any of us. WFC.

I'm grateful for the chance to share this past season with my dad, an watching him realize that all the cynicism in the world pales in comparison to having faith delivered upon.

I'm grateful for the appreciation that JW and the commenting crew here have afforded me for some of the more unsung members of the Phightins organization. We may not always agree on a player or coaching decision, but at least we're all a little better off for having had the debates.

As a transplant to the midwest, I'm grateful that I was able to watch all these games, to see my hometown Phils on tv, in action. I'm thankful, too, that the Cubs fans who were so obnoxious out here all through the regular season met with some hard-earned karma. Lastly, I'm thankful that it appears I'll actually be able to get back to Philly for the holidays, and talk in person all about the season with the extended family of rabid Philly sportsfans I don't see nearly often enough.

I'm thankful for Beerleaguer, the 2008 Phils, and Chase F'n Utley.

I'm thankful that the City of Philadelphia, the most snakebitten sports city in America, gets to fly a well deserved Championship banner.

I'm also thankful that these Phillies - our Phillies - are genuinely glad to play in this city before these phans.

I am grateful and thankful for being alive to see both Phillies Championships in my life. There are generations of Phillies fans (other teams fans too) who die without seeing one championship. I hope those kids growing up with the Marlins two wins, never take it for granted.
I was too young to remember much of the first one but this one capped years dedication and heart killing defeats, years of paying to sit in the empty outfield sections and see guys like Kevin Sefcik and Elster, Ricky Oterro and Ron "Can't" Gant and may I say Chad Ojea, people thought I was crazy.

But now I realize great things happen when you don't plan them. I have a great wife who watches the games with me. We watched them win the game, watched the parade and then we adopted our brand new baby boy. I am grateful just for being here for all of it.

I am grateful for my family, friend, and a Phillies World Series Championship!

I am grateful for Cole Hamels' chiropractor.

I'm grateful that I got to be in attendance for Game 2 of both the NLDS and NLCS.

I am grateful for the man tears, hugs, and high fives I shared on that fateful October night when this franchise won its first championship of my life. It vindicates the emotional investment, and I don't think it will ever feel the same again.

I am greatful for the internet that allowed me to watch nearly every game this season despite being far from the Philly market.

I'm thankful that my boss is a Phils fan too, so I could jet down to see the parade!

Come on, the Phils winning the World Series is too obvious!
I'm thankful to have a team to root for every year--win or lose.

I am grateful that this Phillies season became a conduit of sorts, passing my fathers love of the Phillies (he died in 01) through me, to my wide-eyed 5 year old son.

I'm obviously thankful for October 2008 and the innumerable opportunities I've had to rub it in the face of every Mets fan.

I am grateful the Phillies traded for Len Dykstra in 1990, which made me a Phillies fan overnight (I was 13), thus allowing me to enjoy this World Series Victory 18 years later.

I'm grateful for the Phlogosophere.

I am thankful for the year of 2008. Best year of my life and the lives of my friends and family. I got married, my friend's have gotten married and had kids, my brother got engaged, my friend passed the Delaware bar (hardest in the nation).

And of Course, the First championship of my life shared with everyone I know and here at Beerleaguer. We played "We are the champions" at our wedding and it was the best moment at the reception (don't tell my wife).

I'm grateful for Adam Eaton and his pile of money, because he gives me endless joy to imagine him staggering around bars like a derelict telling people he's Adam Eaton, professional baseball player, and he's better than every damn person in that bar, and he could totally take them in darts right here, right now.

I'm grateful that the one year I had the disposable income to afford, and time to enjoy, partial-season tickets was 2008.

im grateful for being able to celebrate in the streets of philadelphia with thousands of my fellow phils fans after watching them win it all, then a couple days later with millions cheering the team as they paraded down broad!


I am grateful for:
1)My wonderful family
2)having a home
3)having a job
4)having my health
5)the 2008 World Champion Phillies

I am thankful for--and I can't believe I am saying this--Ed Wade. Aside from the fact that the foundation of this team is comprised of players drafted under the Wade regime (Rollins, Howard, Utley, Hamels, etc), Wade practically gave us Brade Lidge. This team would not have been there without him at the back end. When you consider the significant role that Bruntlett played this season as well, it's hard not throw some heartfelt thanks in Ed Wade's general direction.

Much props, Eddie. For you and your contributions to our World Series championship, I am eternally grateful.

I'm thankful for the dawn of a new era when the City of Brotherly Love identifies itself as home of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies. Oh, and my family.

I'm thankful for the phantasic graphics JW comes up with for this wonderful website.

I'm thankful for...

- The Mets bullpen
- Ned Yost, lol
- Furcal in the NLCS
- Not having to listen to cowbells for two more games.
- Pat Gillick
- Our MVP
- And of course, the whole '08 Phillies

I'm grateful that my move to DC in February of this year made me seek out Phillies blogs and led me Beerleaguer this season - it has made me a better/bigger fan than ever - I'm also thankful for the various DC Phillies fans I got to know over the course of the playoffs!

I'm thankful that my normally stick-in-the-mud boss let me take October 31st off to go home to Philly for the WFC parade and that it was the best day EVER.

I'm grateful for Jim Thome signing here in Philadelphia.

That signing set in motion the renaissance of Philadelphia baseball. Signing here told the world, that baseball was relevant in this town. But more importantly it told the fans here in Philly, that the ownership was going to try and win them back. The fans responded and our reward was the 2008 World FN Champions of Baseball.

The chain of events that followed... hiring of Charlie Manuel as a batting instructor... the emergence of Ryan Howard that pushed Thome out... home grown talent becoming Superstars up to the Brad Lidge trade all mattered because of that ONE signing. None of this happen unless the bar was raised. That beam was raised by Thome.

In the six seasons before Jim Thome the Phillies were :
376-433 .465

In the six seasons after his signing:
434-376 .536

Look at the symmetry in the Win Loss record? Flipped on its head.

It also includes 2 division titles and 1 world championship.

And it all begins with Jim Thome.

I am thankful that the letters "p" and "h" phit together so perfectly well together in harmony.

I am thankful for the shared love of the phillies that brings my entire family together. That playoff run involved more family gatherings than Christmas, and more phone calls than New Year's. Glad to have the anticipation of years for it, as well.

I am thankful that the stars aligned to bring us such glorious, draft picks as Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, and Pat Burrell.

I am thankful to Adam Eaton, that I may place all anger towards him and not misdirect any of it to other players who would prove said feelings wrong.

I am also entirely thankful for beerleaguer, because how else would I procrastinate studying for phinals than losing hours reading through posts about what it might take to make me hate Chase Utley.

Merry Christmas to all!

I'm thankful for...

- The Mets bullpen
- Ned Yost, lol
- Furcal in the NLCS
- Not having to listen to cowbells for two more games.
- Pat Gillick
- Ed Wade (thanks for Lidge)
- Our MVP
- And of course, the whole '08 Phillies

I'm happy that, unlike 1980, the games and I were in the same time zone, saving me from lying to my new bosses about an endless series of 2 p.m. dental appointments, doctor appointments, car-buying appointments, house-hunting appointments, and hairdresser appointments, not to mention just plain sneaking off.

I'm thankful for this blog, the passion of the regular posters on here, the thoughtful debate that (sometimes) takes place. But most of all, for getting to read posts such as 'The Afterglow' on the day I drove up to Philly for the parade, and feeling like someone had finally summed up what I and I'm sure many other Phans in perfect fashion.

I'm also thankful the Phillies never platooned Ryan Howard. AY-O!

"what I and many other fans" FELT...

I'll keep it Phils related:

- Grateful for the championship
- Grateful I have a cool boss who let me take the day off to go see the parade
- Grateful the Phils allowed the fans to get their pictures taken with the trophy (and I took them up on the offer).

I'm grateful for this team giving this City something to be grateful for after so many years. It was the one beacon of light in an otherwise dreary year. I'm thankful that I don't have to be embarrassed anymore for being a Phillies fan. I'm also thankful for having the opportunity to share a WFC with my wife and daughter, who I love very much. My only regret is that my dad didn't get to see this, but at least he and I had 1980.

I'm thankful that the Phillies won a championship for this championship starved city of Philadelphia and that it happened in my first year as a Phillies season ticket holder.

During game 3 of the World Series I was informed that I had lost my job. Suddenly baseball didn't seem so important. I watched the rest of the games. I celebrated over at the stadium when they won, but I was filled with despair, fear and anxiety.

Then came the parade and I couldn't be more thankful for that. I can't describe the feeling of inspiration it gave me. Then came the moment we will never forget from Chase Utley. I am thankful for those three words that had me jumping up and down, yelling and screaming and celebrating all that was. You could tell it was the release of a season of ups and downs, good times and bad times from an individual and team that never said die and faced every obstacle in their path. It is a moment I still look to for inspiration now and I am very thankful for it.

I'm thankful the Phillies haven't traded Ryan Howard, despite the absurd comparisons of him to Mo Vaughn.

I am thankful for the free DVD you are going to send me.

I'm thankful and greatful for family friends & the PHILLIES! Don't forget the real reason for the season.... Jesus' Birthday!

Long time lurker, and very infrequent and non-substantive poster here. Thankful to be back in the US, and back in Philly for a wonderful season- the first time since graduating high school in 1996 that I was in the area for an entire baseball season. Oh, also thankful that my fiance "gets it"-- understands my often maniacal and unhealthy devotion to a silly baseball team.

I am grateful to have lived through two Philadelphia Phillies championship seasons and I hope to have the opportunity to be grateful for a DVD set that documents one of them. :)

Phillies-related things for which I’m grateful:

Scoring two tickets to Game 5 so my cousin and I, lifetime Phillies fans, could experience the Phillies winning in person (vs. seeing it on TV in 1980).

Experiencing the only World Series game ever delayed by 48 hours.

Learning even more about baseball from the people on Beerleaguer (and not having them mock me when I make an occasional post).

A Phillies team that doesn’t include any jerks, head cases, huge egos, or sociopaths.

I am thankful that the Phils will be defending champs next season!

1)Non-Phils related:
a) I am grateful for my family who are here always in joys and sorrows, and for all of the people in my community who make life into life.

b) I am grateful for my health and for all the abilities I've been blessed with that make me feel like I'm living meaningfully.

c) A lot more.

2) Phils related
a) I am grateful for the forebearance of my spouse who not only allows me to spend time posting on Beerleaguer, but who has never come on herself to see what I've been writing.

b) I am grateful that my daughters, primarily Helen, age 7, who have taken on baseball as their only real sports interest and who know the players on the Phillies much better than, say, my spouse, even knowing things like "Pete Happy is not patient, but Jason Werth is." And, "Who's faster Jimmy Rollins or the Flyin' Hawaiian?"

c) I am grateful for a second WFC in my lifetime, less melodramatically clinched, but no less fulfilling.

d) I am grateful for the slew of geeks, jocks, writers, fanatics and all around miscreants who inhabit this amazing site, mostly ignoring Jason's fine prose but still providing the varied fare of insane but sanity producing verbage that makes an obsession seem more hope-filled and time-worthy.

e) For the opportunity to exorcise the demons of my abusive, step-grandfather (who was mean to us always and also rabid Met fan) by allowing myself the conceit of occasionally saying very, very nasty things to fairly innocent Mets trolls.

f) Oh. And although it is now 2009 and there are new names to rejoice over, it would be incomplete not to officially, and finally, be grateful for:

I'm thankful I finally had a legitimate reason to wear all my long-sleeved Phils gear.

I am grateful for Cole Hamels' changeup, Brad Lidge's slider, Jamie Moyer's guile, Joe Blanton's home run swing, Brett Myers' curve ball, Ryan Madson's heater, Adam Eaton's demotion, Ryan Howard's opposite field bombs, Chase Utley's sweet short swing, J-Roll's guarantees, Chooch's walk-off infield singles, Jayson Werth's timely steals, Shane Victorino's clapping, Geoff Jenkins' last at bat, Matt Stairs' LA crush job, the rest of the Phillies and last, but not least, Pat Burrell's wonderful career that culminated with a World F-in Championship.

I am thankful that I was able to go to a Phillies World Series with my dad and brother.

I am thankful that I was able to go to a Phillies World Series with my dad and brother.

I'm grateful for the chance to actually see a Phillies World Series Champions box set in my lifetime.

I am grateful that I was able to share this Championship with my 25 year old son and 21 yr old daughter. We are a sports crazed family and the enjoyment we got out of the Phillies finally breaking down the barriers of our city's sports futility will probably never be copied. I will never forget the moments we spent toghether during their run throught the playoffs.

Forgot one - I am grateful that I got to overpay for the Sports Illustrated Championship package!

JW - I don't want to be in the drawing for the DVD, thanks for the opportunity but I am getting it for Xmas. Better to go to a Phan without one.

I'm thankful that I have a pretty good life: family, friends, working on a college education, and two jobs. Well, ok, only the fiscal aspects of two jobs. So I'm thankful for the money. But, mostly, the family and friends part.

I'm thankful that when I walk around my neighborhood in South Philadelphia, people wear Phillies December. I'm thankful that baseball is alive in this city again. I'm thankful that for my favorite beer vendor and my usual Standing Room Only spot (where I got last minute tickets for the Division, League, and World Series). I'm thankful that my wife let me decorate my Christmas tree with ticket stubs. And I'm thankful for the tears that I shed while watching 2 million other people stand around on Broad Street waiting to catch a glimpse of our World Champion Phillies!

I am thankful for my parents who raised me in the Philadelphia area. A kid couldn't have had better parents growing up and the fact that I was raised in this area, with these fans, and have had the opportunity to witness the passion of Philadelphia fans and become one as I grew....well that's just a beautiful thing.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to witness the glory of a Fightins World Series championship with my wife and two boys (ages 6 and 2) by my side in front of the TV, which oddly mirrored what had happened 28 years ago when I was the little 2-year-old sitting on the floor with my parents, wondering what all the commotion was about...

I'm also thankful for all the crazy looks I get around the Bay Area when me and my boys are sporting Phils championship gear in public, and for being able to share the excitement of a Philly championship despite being nearly 3,000 miles away these days.

I am grateful for the contributions of the Phillies 2008 team MVP, Mr. Aaron Heilman.

I'm thankful and grateful for Beerleaguer, the MLB Extra Innings package, and United Airlines, for safely bringing me to Game 3 from Orange County and not charging me for a drink on the way there.

I'm thankful that my son's life is starting the exact way my did thanks for the Phillies. I was 1 year old when the Phillies won thirst 1st World Series, and my son, Collier Chase, was 1 year old when the Phillies won their 2nd World Series. That may be a long time between championships, but I've enjoyed my life and enjoy being a Phillies Phan, and I think my son will enjoy it just the same.

I'm thankful for the health of my beautiful twin daughters and the love of my beautiful wife. Oh, and for the Phillies' world effing championship.

I'm thankful for strippers! Marriage is the wrench that crashes the bootie train. Where else can you go for fun and it's not considered cheating on the old lady.

I'm glad that my four year old brother has an entirely different beginning to his fanhood than I had.

I am grateful for XM Radio and - following the Phillies in San Francisco couldn't be easier.

I'm grateful for being able to bring my unborn child (via my trooper of a wife) to a World Fucking Championship parade…

Thankful for my wonderful wife (we got married the day of WS game 3--didn't see THAT one coming when we set the date), my family, my job, and the Phils.

I am grateful for Burrito Box on 9th Avenue in midtown Manhattan for providing me with my lucky chicken ranchero burrito (guacamole but no cheese or sour cream) consumed superstitiously before Game 5 of the NLCS, Game 1 of the WS and Games 5 and 5.1. Other games were watched in the suburbs with my girlfriend or at CBP but for these all important ones, watched alone in my apartment, eating the same food each time. Somehow it worked. And now I never want to eat another burrito again.

I am grateful for Chase F'ing Utley

Pat Gillick took a decent baseball team, weeded out some tough contracts (Thome, Abreu) and weak pieces (Padilla, Bell, Tejeda, etc.), and made "small splashes" in buying low on good players (Lidge, Werth, Romero, etc.), in what became the 2008 World Champion Phillies.

While I don't have to criticize Wade for not drafting guys like Utley, Hamels, Burrell, Rollins, & Myers, I certainly wouldn't give him much credit for doing so. They were all top picks. You'd have to be crazy to pass on Utley or Hamels especially. These picks weren't exactly diamonds in the rough.

I'm thankful for Pat Gillick and his unwillingness to deviate from the perfect baseball model: buy low, sell high and just win, baby.

I am thankful for the wonderful sport of baseball. Ah, summer games last year and the wonderful playoffs. Go Phils!

Parents. I moved into my own house this year and they came through big time helping out with the myriad of repairs that were necessary. To top it all off, my Dad took me to Game 5, proving you are never too old for classic father/son baseball time.

I'm grateful that my 70ish year old Dad got another championship while still able to get to the parade, that my six year old may be just old enough to slightly remember it, that my 15 year old was old enough to stay awake for most of it and that my TIVO still hasn't deleted all the games yet to make space...

I forgot, I'm also grateful for having had the opportunity to see Vic's slam, Tubby Joe's bomb and Utley's F-bomb at CBP.

I'm grateful for the world f*cking champions.

I'm thankful for clout.

'Tis the season...

I am greatful that I got to spend Game 5 (both nights) with my Grandfather (87). I am also grateful that my brother, father and girlfriend understood why it was not them sitting next to me.
I am grateful to have a job, even though it is in New York with an office full of Mets fans.
I am grateful to Sir Alden, Davethom73, MVPTommyd, Kdon, AE, Alby, BAP, Nepp, GM Carson and anyone else who pisses Clout off(it is just plain fun to read)

You all are great! Keep posting and keeping me entertained. Happy Holidays to all!!

In regards to be thankful for things Phils-related:

- I was able to make it back to Philly twice this year and catch 3 games at CBP with my dad and uncle (30+ year season ticket-holder). Even got to catch the Memorial Day onslaught vs. Rockies where the Phils scored 20 runs.

Baseball may not be for everyone but going to the ballpark on a warm summer night with my dad & uncle has been something I have enjoyed for a long-time.

- Being located on the West Coast (although moving back very shortly to the Philly area), it is can be difficult to find fellow Phils' fans or keep up with the team. Even 10 yrs ago, it would have been nearly impossible except for watching Baseball Tonight on ESPN or reading the box score in the newspaper.

Now, through several different forms of technology that have been enabled by the Internet (including this site) and my cell phone, it was almost too much time/attention devoted to the Phils during the playoff run.

Not only was I was to follow the games during the season in great detail through and posting on this site, but I was able to talk/share plenty of pleasant memories including talking to my dad for nearly an hour the night the Phils actually clinched and chatting with people/friends from the Philly area that I don't talk to on a frequent basis.

Granted it is not the same as being there in person with people I know, but being in a sports bar (thank you again Internet) in SF loaded with Phils' fans was a pretty good substitute.

Winning a championship is nice but it is the conversations/camaraderie that were created as a result that really is what beckons to me to remember this season in particular.

- Finally, for the first time in a long time, a Philly sports team wasn't left with a "what if" question at the end of a season for the first time in 25 yrs. Just doesn't happen that often.

Growing up in the Philly area and following Philly sports definitely has shaped my persona/outlook to some degree in small and subtle ways. Even though I had plenty of educational opportunities and lived in several places through out the U.S., following Philly sports teams definitely has made me more of a pragmatist (maybe even pessimist).

Just nice for a change for a team to win it all and do so in convincing fashion. Definitely a historical watershed type moment that I really appreciated more so after the fact. Doesn't mean I won't still ponder or even criticize moves made this offseason but for a period of about 6 weeks, the Phils largely did no wrong and that was indeed something to be thankful for.

Pissing Clout off is fun, but I don't do it much any more. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Clout- your opinion?

I'm thankful for a wife who was understanding while diverted lots of time and money towards the 2008 Phillies and their magical run!

I am thankful spring training is only a little more than two months away! Let's do it again!

I'm grateful that this city finally has a championship to be proud of after 25 years, because quite frankly the town could use something good happening to it. God bless all the police officers who put their lives on the line each and every day to keep us safe!

I'm thankful for being able to watch the Phillies clinch the WS with my 8 and 6 year old sons (only benefit of the rain delay) and seeing them go to school with their Phillies championship T-shirts.

I'm grateful for my two kids, wife and family. And of course baseball.

Why can't we all be so thankful and positive all year round??And reverend I will keep you entertained I am certain of it.

By the way I am thankful for finding this post along with the list of players not to be wearing braves uni's anytime soon, that includes chase utley, hanley ramirez,aramis ramirez, alex rios etc. here is the link for complete list..

"'s Jon Heyman talked to Wren, who said he's notified the Wasserman Media Group the Braves will no longer be doing business with them. It's a bold move, as the agency has a robust client list."

I am thankful that my Mets co-worker gets to choke on rage every time I show up to work in my "WORLD CHAMPIONS" hoodie. :D

I'm grateful for the bottom of the 2nd inning of game two of the NLDS. I was there to see it and it will always be the sports moment of my life, hands down.

I am thankful that my Mets co-worker gets to choke on rage every time I show up to work in my "WORLD CHAMPIONS" hoodie. :D

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