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Monday, December 15, 2008


Indeed, in this age a repeat would be a near-miracle. Even all the money in the world can't make it happen for the Yanks or Sox.

Phillies sign Chan Ho Park 1 yr/2.5 million with incentives could be 5 million.

Sign lowe/Moyer and call it an offseason boys.

``Five teams have contacted me so far, and the Phillies made the biggest efforts among them,''Park said. ``I selected Philadelphia because they are the World Series Champions and have high expectations for a playoff berth next season.''

Those other teams were the San Francisco Giants, Arizona Diamondbacks, Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays.

Park said the Phillies consider him a starter and that was one of the reasons why he signed.


i hope they consider him a starter the way they considered Chad Durbin a starter last year. i.e., tell him they think he's starter material, hold that bit in their back pocket in case of a rash of injuries, and otherwise, it's the pen for him all the way.

Exactly, petey. Tell him that there's a chance then spring training comes and he fits better as a reliever and stays there.

If they resign Moyer/ Sign Lowe or anyone else there is a 1% chance he will start. If they don't sign anyone then i might start to get a little worried.

This just in, NY Mets reportedly interested in signing Mr. Shoe-throwing Iraqi Journalist. With the Citigroup naming rights in question and having just lost $300 billion in the Madoff ponzi scheme, ownership was quoted as saying, "We'll be shaving a few nickles this coming year. Sure, we just overpaid for K-Rod, and that bought us a day on the cover of the NY Post, but going forward we're going to have to scour talent in unusual places." Pending his stay at Guantanamo Bay, Mr. Shoe-throwing Iraqi Journalist could offer the Mets another arm in their much maligned bullpen. President Bush, at the center of the show throwing controversy, confirmed that Mr. Shoe-throwing Iraqi Journalist could "really bring the heat." He added that the reporter "couldn't possibly perform any worse than the crap that the Mets trotted out there last year."

I'm not too concerned with the intangibles yet. They 've got some 'on paper' decisions to still finish up before we take the route of questioning their determination and clubhouse attitude.

You've gotta love that quote. Hope Lowe sees it the same way.

Now that i've kind of said goodbye to Pat Burrell in my mind, and thought of the great moments he's been apart over the last season.... I'm starting to remember more things about Pat Burrell.

And the more and more I remember, the more and more I am getting on board with the Ibanez signing.

curt: "Even all the money in the world can't make it happen for the Yanks or Sox."

True, but all the money in the world can put you in a position to make the playoffs year after year. The Red Sox have not had a losing season in 12 years. They've averaged 92 wins a year during that time. Yanks same story.

Money doesn't buy championships because anything can happen in a short series. But it DOES buy you access to championhips.

Anyone here think the Phils can even average 86 wins during an 11 year period?

Yes, See the light thephaitful, see the light!!!!

I mean don't get me wrong, i love pat and will never forget how clutch he was at times. BUT i also will never forget the past 2 years before this one and how some of us couldn't wait for his contract to end, or wished he accepted the trade to Baltimore. Also, very streaky. That said not worth his asking price of 3/36 or more.

Now we got Ibanez "Pat Part II" And Chan Ho Park for the price of Burrell. Thats pretty solid.

I'm a little worried about the "they consider me a starter" quote too, but hopefully it is a Chad Durbin situation.

They still need to sign Lowe.

I'm just hoping they sold Park a bill of goods with regard to starting. Obviously he was much improved last year, thanks to fastball velocity that suddenly jumped back into the 93 mph range, but he allowed LHB to hit .301 off him. If you can't get guys out on both sides of the plate, you can't be a starter.

As a swing man/spot starter, I'm okay with this move; as a full-time starter, color me unimpressed.

This is not a good sign:

Park, who has made it clear that he wants to be a starting pitcher, said the Phillies only viewed him as a starter.

"I was a little worried about the Citizen Bank Park, the home of the Phillies, which is hitter-friendly, but as they considered me as a starter, I signed with Philadelphia," he said.

In re: Iraqi shoe-throwing journalist
He seems to have control issues. He missed on both pitches. Even if he was auditioning for utility infielder he didn't get it to the (admittedly fifth rate) first baseman.

In re: Park
I would be more excited about the quote if he used the proper grammatical construction and said ``I selected Philadelphia because they are the World F****** Champions..." Of course, since English is his second language, I'm willing to let him slide.

It would be very nice to head into games with small leads in the seventh knowing that the bullpen held Park, Madson, Romero and Lidge. (And maybe even Eyre and Durbin.)

Add Lowe and we'd kick the Mets' butts from here to Togo.

I'm hoping I closed that stupid italics.

You can figure I'm good for one of those dumb errors just about every three months. Consider it a tradition.

Was the shoe-thrower a Lefty? If so, we might want to get into a bidding war.

"but as they considered me as a starter"

True, but they also said the same about Durbin last year. They might consider him a starter, but he might not be one for this club.Then there are these quotes:

the Phillies "are working on hammering out a deal with pitcher Park, who would work in relief."

Park relishes the chance to start for the Phils.

Ah, my blood pressure just dropped again.

Somehow I doubt Park hits 93 as a starter...he never did before, why would he now? He only got that bump up in velocity because he was a reliever.


Good signing with Chan Ho Park. But man, is our bullpen expensive or what? When the front end of the pen gets $2.5 mill plus. But that's the price you have to pay to field a championship caliber team.
I'm excited about '09. Ready to turn the page on Burrell.

"Anyone here think the Phils can even average 86 wins during an 11 year period?"

Well, they've average 86.5 over the past 8 years. And they have the core of this team locked up for at least the next 2 or 3 years. So yes, I think they can.

Forget about Lowe. Its a nice dream, but its not gonna happen. Now that CC and Burnett are signed, bidding for Lowe starts at 4yrs/$65MM. And if a few teams are involved in the bidding, it could go higher, including a fifth year.

Phils won't go near that.

Park would be great in the pen. I have to imagine they said he could compete for a starting job, and he took it as a strong vote of confidence. Cause, I mean, Adam Eaton will be COMPETING for the 5th starter job. He just doesn't have a chance in hell of getting it, and barring a miracle, neither should Park.


tried (and failed) to fix the italics

MVP - THe difference in your quotes is that one is a reporter speculating on what Chan ho will be doing.

The other quote is from Chan Ho himself saying what the phils want him for.

Very disturbing. It could turn out to be nothing, but that doesn't make me any less nervous.

Eh, I wouldn't read too much into what Park said about starting.

CY, Exactly, it's from 2 people both not front office guys. So it could be eithier or.

As, a player of course you are going to say you want to start. The reporters job is to report the info that is correct. So my huntch is to go with the reporter, but who knows until Amaro comes out and says his plan for him in Spring training.

From last thread (I got there late)

Dave X: The new focus on defense by front offices around the game is what makes the Ibanez signing so puzzling. We heard for the past couple of years that the Phillies wanted to get younger and more athletic. Let's face it, if Gillick had had his way, Burrell would have been shipped out soon after the Abreu trade.

Now, when they finally have a chance to make a change, they get older, just as slow and with a worse arm (which is surprising, since Ibanez started out as a part-time catcher). So yes, I agree, GMs are starting to give more credit to defense -- which utterly fails to explain Ibanez.

RSB: I agree with your assessment -- the #1 pick comes with high expectations that Pat never lived up to. I posted about a year ago on the various #1 picks. Surprisingly few of them turn out to be Alex Rodriguez, or even Phil Nevin. Burrell turned out like a lot of good-hit, bad-body-type, no-other-talent sluggers drafted in that spot, notably Bob Horner.

Even though JW posted a new thread, I'm gonna respond here, cause it's not that important. But after the hitters drafted overall #1 from Griffey in '87 onward are a a pretty solid group. Griffey, Larry Jones, Nevin, A-Rod, Erstad (who was more of a speed guy then), Burrell, Josh Hamilton, Adrian Gonzalez, and Joe Maurer. After that there's Delmon Young, whom we can argue about in about 5 years, and Justin Upton. Matthew Bush may be a flame-out, but most of those are better hitters than Phil Nevin (except for Phil Nevin who is exactly as good a hitter as Phil Nevin).

The first pick pitchers are not great in that period (including Brien Taylor). It appears that it's easier to scout good hitters for that overall #1 than good pitchers.

As for the assessment "Surprisingly few of them turn out to be Alex Rodriguez..." What is so surprising about that? It's like saying that surprisingly few pitchers end up throwing no-hitters.

Yo, new thread.

Problem with the shoe thrower wasn't control, just that W. was playing dodgeball, not baseball.

When I remember back to the laughter with friends over the 'Burrell Shuffle' on inside strike 3, I just thought of it as good times. But now I realize that laughter wasn't actually laughter of good times, but laughter to hide all of our frustration.

That is the case with many of my memories about Burrell. Funny how a WFC Haze can distort that at first.

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