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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Link to an Eric Valent interview in which he gives BeerLeaguer a shout out.

Amazing how clueless some people can be. This is from a Baseball Prospectus writer:

"The Phillies will likely pick up a stop-gap veteran to fill their need for a fifth starter (Carl Pavano, Odalis Perez, Mike Hampton, Freddy Garcia and Paul Byrd are all options)."

Why would the Phils leave 3 roster slots open? Are they leaving openings for impending signings, e.g. Moyer? Why wouldn't they just place Slayden in one of the slots? Is there a technicality that I am not aware of?

Agree, BobbyD.

It seems to be more true than ever these days that average Joe Fans like us know much more about the local teams than the full-time, professional national guys.

In re: Escalona
I don't think your risking any cred. Escalona's selection comes out of nowhere. He has posted some impressive numbers; but the issue is his age. He was a 23 year old throwing innings at A and AA. And at Reading, as a 23 year old, his WHIP was 1.68. Maybe he's got some weapon that's not apparent - I'll listen to anyone who's seen him - but I would hesitate to consider him anything close to a strong prospect. It'll be interesting to see how he performs in ST and in a full year at AA/AAA.

Naughton, as well, is an interesting (in the sense of "That's the best we can do?") selection. Aside from being a catcher with a lefty bat, I wonder what he will bring to the table long-term. He repeated at Lakewood and only posted a .695 OPS. I guess they figure he'd get Rule 5'd if not protected. Still, with Marson and D'Arnaud in the system, I don't figure Naughton's ceiling is that critical to the organization.

On Naylor, hmmmmm... I kinda like Naylor, but I'm not sure I really believe he'll ever make it.

But it sure is nice to know that Carlos Carrasco is only a phone call away from Philly. He feels like the "secret weapon" stashed in the minors that the Phils haven't had since before Ryan Howard's call up.

They might leave open a slot or two in case they get really lucky in the Rule 5 draft, or are planning on doing some FA signings.

Why are all the phillies OF rumors involving left handed hitters...some of whom are barely an upgrade over Jenkins or Stairs? On top of this, few of the players mentioned would significantly outperform Dobbs in an OF role. Would the acquisition of a LH outfielder imply the pursuit of a RH 3B bat, and a RH platoon partner in the OF? And if they sign a LH OF, what do you do with Jenkins and Stairs?

I like Stairs, but given the fact that he's signed to a reasonable 1 year 1 million dollar deal, he's a likely trade candidate to the AL. If we didn't already have Jenkins, I'd be all about Stairs for the bench, but right now the bench is very weak from the right side and that could really hamper the team in late and close situations.

Bonehead: Here's the technicality, as I understand it.

If the 40-man roster were full and then the Phillies signed a FA, they would have to clear out a roster spot on the 40-man roster. That would mean that the guy who was removed from the roster would have to pass through waivers or be lost.

I share Andy's bewilderment about Escalona and Naughton, and I also find it fairly bizarre that they regard non-prospect Brad Harman as more worthy of saving than Jeremy Slayden.

Why are all the phillies OF rumors involving left handed hitters?

Damn good question. First Ibanez. Now MLBTR mentions Jeremy Hermida. I guess Stanford doesn't teach its students about the importance of balanced lineups. Maybe Amaro ought to talk to Cholly, who has been quite clear in emphasizing the importance of finding a right-handed bat.

I don't think Carrasco is done making rosters yet...something tells me he finds himself on the more exclusive 25 man out of spring training.

Sat a few seats over from Edgar Garcia who was charting the speed gun when Escalona was pitching in Harrisburg. He said Sergio was "91" with his fastball. He had a nice slider and threw strikes in that outing. Reminded me a little of J.C. Romero without the emotion. Naughton played in the mid season Sally all star game and was voted the best defensive catcher in the league by the managers. Seem to recall he threw out 38% of stolen base attempts. Lakewood sorta fell apart after he went down with an injury near the end of the season.

I would be shocked if Stairs is on the opening day roster. Given his cheap contract, I see the Phils moving him for a marginal bullpen type or just outright cash to an AL team.

Utley to have surgery on right hip next week. Recovery will allow baseball activities btwn 3-4 months. However, 4-6 recovery time may be required....

May end up seeing Jason Donald at 2B, afterall....

No... not Slayden!

Seriously though, I'm surprised by the Phils protecting Naughton -- even if they like him, I can't see any team keeping a catcher jumping from Low A to the majors on their roster for an entire year. Escalona projects as a LOOGY (lefties hit just .188 off him this year), which while potentially somewhat useful, isn't all that exciting.

GM Carson: I hadn't thought about the possibility of dealing Stairs, but it's an intriguing idea. It'd be interesting to see what he could net the Phils; they can't trade him just to trade him, but if they can get a decent prospect (i.e. better than Fabio Castro), a decent RH outfield bat, or a useful bullpen piece, then it might make some sense.

"Utley to have surgery on right hip next week. Recovery will allow baseball activities btwn 3-4 months. However, 4-6 recovery time may be required...."

Also Feliz scheduled to have back surgery, recovery time approx. 12 weeks.

why didn't he have the surgery two weeks ago?

b/c he was getting it looked at.

So that guy who was arguing with me about Uts being hurt all year. GO FVCK YOURSELF!!! I remember he kept going on and on about me being crazy and how Utley was completely healthy.

Jody: the alcohol is now finally out of his system from the parade and celebration. Seriously though, that's a valid question.

Bedrosian's Beard is right: looks like it's Jason Donald time. Although Charlie will probably use Bruntlett instead with the whole veterans mindset.

So I guess we probably shouldn't be trading Jason Donald now that he will liekly be starting at 2B in 2009 for the first month of the season.

For sure, Stairs will be traded. He and Jenkins are completely duplicative of each other. Even at his advanced age, Stairs is probably the better hitter of the 2. But Jekins is effectively untradeable & Stairs isn't.

As for the return on a Stairs trade. . . I wouldn't get my hopes up. About the best case scenario is that maybe Stairs plus a B prospect could bring us a right-handed outfielder similar to Stairs. The far more likely scenario is that they'll get a marginal prospect like Fabio Castro.

NEPP: true. I think it did become accepted that he was "banged up", at least, but there was an outcry when Gillick or Amaro and Maunel(?) mentioned that Utley was playing hurt.

Shows how tough of a guy Utley is to go and play, and not make excuses, when he clearly wasn't himself after the hot start.

Not sure why Stairs would have more value now than he did a few months ago.

guess that means Chase will not be on the U.S. roster for the WBC

Or maybe they now have a reason to keep Iguchi around.

Am I the only one who thinks this news isn't all bad? What this might mean is that early '08 Utley is the real Utley, and we can hope this fixes the issue, he gets back in time for the start of the regular season and starts slugging in the high .600s again.
But I am praying the we see much more of Donald than Bruntlett if he does miss some time.

So we won the World F-in Series with two of our infielders requiring major surgery?

Is this the first time in history that Philadelphia sports has been "blessed?"

Hip injuries for a 28-29 year old are never good.

They should look at this as the perfect opportunity to give Jason Donald a real look. If he works out in Chase's absence they can move him to 3B and go from there. And if Uts goes back to his 08 1st Half form we'll be set.

Before everyone jumps on the Donald for second base bandwagon... the guy has spent almost no time playing second base in his professional career. I can't imagine him being our opening day starter at 2nd if Utley isn't ready.

****Hip injuries for a 28-29 year old are never good.****

As long as its not a Bo Jackson type him injury it shouldn't be too too bad.

Yeah, at least we know how to explain Utley's slightly underwhelming season at the plate.

he has been on the Phillies' internal injury report since at least early May. Through May 5, Utley was hitting .362 with 13 home runs and 26 RBI in 33 games.

After that, he hit .273 with 20 home runs and 78 RBI in 126 games.

Not too shabby with a hip injury. Besides, 4 months from now is right before the start of the season, he may be back without missing too many games.. who knows though?

"As long as its not a Bo Jackson type him injury it shouldn't be too too bad."

It isn't a lock. I know some people Utley's age, who aren't athletes, that have ongoing hip issues. They don't play 2b.

Wouldn't be surprised if PtB is back now.

I'm sure he's got the best surgeons looking at it, though.

Story just posted to

Says he has had "several diagnostic studies," which explains the delay.

try to keep Iguchi.

BB - Ya, who knows how qualified the doc's looking at us peons are? haha I have a hernia surgery that still hurts.. 5 years later.. lol

Jayson Stark on Jason Donald:

"Phillies shortstop Jason Donald (.414 AVG, .480 OBP, .759 SLG, 5 HRs in 87 ABs): "Very steady shortstop. Has good at-bats. I don't know how much power he'll have down the line, but he's got some strength. He's the best infielder in that Phillies system by far."

You guys see this...

To those who think this is great news because once Utley recovers he'll bounce back to his form of April 2008: There's no guarantee of that at all. The information released so far makes it sound as if they're still not even sure what they're dealing with. So even if he comes back sooner (April) rather than later (June), he might not perform at even his post-injury 2008 level. I'm not saying he can't, but it's one of those things where you're never sure until he comes back.

Also, teaching Donald 2B will not be a no-brainer, as a lot of it depends on technique, and therefore repetition. I imagine he'll get as much training as possible between now and February.

If Utley has a Bo Jackson type injury I'm sure glad we won the World Series first.

CJ: On Donald, necessity changes things. But yes, I'd bet on Bruntlett filling in if Utley has to miss time. Although who knows how Feliz will be. Boy, the value of Donald playing multiple positions goes up every day.

"If Utley has a Bo Jackson type injury I'm sure glad we won the World Series first."

Bo Jackson needed a hip replacement. I haven't seen anything suggesting that is involved here.

It's still his GD hip. It's not a hangnail. A secondbaseman needs to be able to get around, let alone swing his bat well, post surgery.

Let's keep Bo Knowing Surgery, out of it.

stjoehawk: Fair enough. But the reports don't exactly sound like they know exactly what's wrong.

And I stand by my statement. I AM glad we won the World Series.

Brian G: I agree that this may encourage the Phils to work Donald at 2nd as well... but even if they do, I don't see him being our opening day 2nd baseman in Utley's absense.

Yo... new thread.

In previous years, this kind of information would send panic through the streets and on here.

I'm disappointed. And I'll await the return.

No panic here.

We're still World Ph***ing Champs.

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