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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


For me, it was easy. Chris Snelling's leadoff home run in the bottom of the 9th down 3-0 in April against the Astros to spark a 4 run 9th inning.

This year's closest thing to a Russell Branyon moment.

When the Mets blew every lead in the 9th.

Does Vicente Padilla's triple off Dontrelle Willis still classify as the best Beerleaguer moment of all time?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ryan howard (the baseball player), my friend ELIZABETH, and some freelancer guy i barely know here at work.

Brett Myers' walk against CC Sabathia in the NLDS and his hot bat in Game 2 of the NLCS.

craig_one: What did I tell you about giving shout outs on Beerleaguer. Don't let it happen again.

Dobbs 3-run PH home run against the Braves to cap off a great comeback on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in July. That would be my moment (for the regular season).

Boy... it sure will be tough to top Chooch at third base.

For me, two Brad Lidge saves stand out. They were the kinds of saves that wouldn't have happened in past Phillies seasons.

On June 6th, the Phils took a 2 run lead into the bottom of the 10th (started by a Chris Snelling double of all things). In the bottom of the 10th, the Braves had runners on 2nd and 3rd and two outs. Escobar singled up the middle scoring one, but Victorino gunned Blanco out at home.

On August 3rd, the Phils had a two run lead going to the bottom of the 9th against the Cardinals. Glaus lead off with a towering home run. After one out, the Cardinals got two singles and Izturis was hit by a pitch to load the bases. But Lidge struck out a couple of rookies to end the game. Had Izturis not gotten hit by a pitch, I have a feeling he would have gotten the run home from third.

Was it Adam Eaton, or KK who gave up a double to randy Johnson? yeah, that one.

I think I have to concur with chi-phil: Myers' walk against CC. Blanton's HR may be second. I have a special place in my heart for pitchers doing the unexpected at the plate.

Funny thing about beerleaguer moments, they are all regular season. I love this site, but post season baseball is not conducive to being online. You are watching the game so intently and thinking between innings, getting up to type is not on the Agenda.

BTW my second nominee is when Vin Scully gave Eric Bruntlett's SAT scores.

Off the top of my head one game that sticks out is the Sunday night game against the Dodgers in late August. With Durbin getting out of a bases loaded no out jam, and then Feliz tying the game with 2 outs in the 9th, and winning it with a 3 run walkoff in the 11th. Both off RHP of course.

I second Brett Myers walk against Sabathia in game 2 of the NLDS.

I also liked all of World Series game 5, part 2. The most intense 3 innings of baseball ever.

BB: On Burrell, I'm still wondering that too. Toronto said today they aren't going after any free agents, so you can possibly scratch them off. Is Texas planning on spending any money? They might fit.

Every day Amaro is looking smarter for not rushing to sign Pat. 2 years 22 mil may end up getting it done.

In a year filled with great moments, my favorite BEERLEAGUER moment of 2008 was the September 28th game because of this lineup:

1. Taguchi, LF
2. Bruntlett, SS
3. Iguchi, 2B
4. Jenkins, RF
5. Coste, 1B
6. Cervanak, 3B
7. Golson, CF
8. Marson, C
9. Kendrick, P

Got to love it! (I know it's not technically a "moment," but you get the idea)

One moment that sticks out from June would be the 20-2 romp of the Cardinals out in STL. Utley, Howard, and Burrell all homered in successive at-bats in the first off Wellemeyer, who up to that point, had been a pretty competent starter. It was one of those nice Friday night games you could keep on in the background and enjoy with absolutely no pressure.

Of course, the Phils went on to go 3-11 for the rest of June, which included that horrendous stretch against the AL West teams.

Maybe because it was such a personal moment, but mainly because it was perhaps the most feel-good moment for me this season.

My first game at "beautiful" Dolphin Statdium with my brother. I had moved down to Ft. Lauderdale in March and this game took place in June. Me and my brother both worked together in a law firm and bumped out early to go to see the game. I can remember wearing my Phils jersey over my suit and tie and being laughed at the whole day by my staff who didn't quite get why I was so passionate about a game in June.

Over probably a few too many beers in a pouring rain storm in the parking lot, me and my brother talked ad nauseum about two things. One was how happy we were to see Jamie Moyer pitch that night, the other the layups Florida had been facing and about to face in interleague play (I think they had wrapped up a series againt the Royals recently.)

They may have been 5,000 fans tere that night. Tops. Half or more than half were Phils fans. I can remember the awful heckling Marlins fans tried to pass off as worthwile and the annoying jumbotron skits of Billy the Marlin using a Phillies jersey in obscene (and non-humerous) ways.

Jamie took a no-hitter into the 6th innning that night (I believe), completely shut down the Marlins and even got himself a hit in the process. I can remember me and my brother going berzerk, saying things like, "The old man did it again!" and "It's called a breaking ball, Jacobs!" and my faorite, "Dan Uggla: Not even the best second baseman in the National League whose last name begins with a U!"

As the game ended and te Marlins fans filing out in the 7th inning, my brother, who is 40 and was more than likely three sheets at the time, bid them all good luck against whatever softie team they had in the AL next: The Royals, Orioles, Tigers...whoever.

That was my most memorable moment. Maybe just another June evening to all of you, but something very special for me. Home is where you make it.

this seems redundant in light of the Chooch at third mention, but i personally enjoyed Myers' at bat in the 13th inning of that same game... Vic triples to lead off (at least i remember it as being Vic, it could have been someone else. but i'm at work and thus restricted from accessing any site related to baseball not named Beerleaguer... thank god for small miracles huh!... but i digress) the Mets walked the following two hitters to load the bases with no outs, the pitcher's spot is up and Charlie is out of pinch hitters, Jerry Manuel knows this. tie game, 13th inning, heat of a pennant race, winning run on third base, what does Uncle Charlie do? he sends Brett Myers to the plate with strict instructions NOT TO SWING. NO MATTER WHAT. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES. ha! you could almost hear the competitor in Myers muttering about how much he wanted to swing over the radio cast. it was a priceless moment when he struck out on (i believe) a 2-2 count. made only more priceless by Coste's deep single to center to win the game in the next at bat. oh, how i loved that moment.

Moyer vs. Maddox in San Diego - can't remember the date. Great pitching match up of 2 vintage-active pitchers.

That Myers at bat was awesome... he stood there acting as crazy as possible waving that bat on his shoulder. It was hilarious.

I'll also nominate the short-rest starts by Jamie Moyer and Brett Myers against the Brewers in that pivotal 4-game series. That sweep propelled us to the division crown.

I kinda like the June 6th nailing of Blanco by Vic at the plate.

In re: the throw by Vic.
In a rational world, that single should have scored the run and wiped out a perfect year by Lidge. It was one of Lidge's worst outings, really, and was only preserved by the amazing play to get the runner. It's like how in perfect games there always seems to be one defensive gem which keeps the wheels from falling off. That throw by Vic might have been the moment which preserved Lidge's perfect season.

Dayman: i was at that game, with three cardinals fan. back to back to back shots, i was going nuts. definitely my favorite moment of the year, because i was there to see it live.

I bet if Myers had been allowed to swing he woulda closed his eyes and knocked it clean out.

Favorite moments strictly related to the blog:
- Clout Day: March 20, the first day pre-season statistics can be analyzed
- Campaign Cheer

Favorite "Beerleaguer Moment":
- Lou Marson homerun on Fan Appreciation Day

Jason - great topic.

This season had so many moments that could make the list, but the only time I can honestly say I lept out of my chair was when Shane took CC yard for the grand slam in the Divisional Series.

What a moment.

Besides Blanton's and Stairs' home runs, I think Condrey's double and Bruntlett's game tying double in the seven run comeback against the mets. I'd like to nominate Pat's Walk Off against the giants, just for the beauty of the swing and how it gave us a win after falling behind in the 10th. I also loved Brett Myers' walk of course, but Jimmy's double play to clinch the division was also pretty awesome.

one more before i go back to working...

Sunday, June 1st- Phils lead the Marlins 7-5 in the ninth inning of the rubber game of a series that determined first in the East. Tom Gordon is on the mound and, with visions of opening-day haunting us still, he walks the first man he faces. 1 on, no out, 2 run lead to take control of first in the East. after another two consecutive balls to the second batter, Jimmy Rollins calls time. he trots up on to the pitchers mound, leans over to Flash and says, "what the heck are you doing? throw strikes. babe ruth is dead." it should go without saying by now, but the man who i'll forever call The Oracle at Broad and Pattison was correct. Flash retired the side without further control issues and the Phillies finished the series with a half game lead in the NL East.

Andy: true story.

Vic's 1st career grand slam off of CC Sabathia was the most enjoyable moment for me. That was the killer blow in a game nobody gave the Phils a chance to win.

Victorino gunning out the tying run at the plate against the Braves after Kelly Johnson dropped a routine popup to extend the game into extras. Beginning of June, in the middle of our great hot streak, and the first indication that maybe this team had something special going on.

Also: Burrell's home run to win the game against the Giants after Rowand gave them the lead; the 6-run 9th inning to beat the Mets; Myers' performance in the Sunday night game of the Brewers doubleheader in September; plenty of others.

Looked it up on the Phillies site-
August 15 Moyer vs Maddux 1-0 Phils win

Philadelphia IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Moyer (W, 11-7) 7.0 3 0 0 2 2 0 3.64
Madson (H, 10) 0.2 1 0 0 0 0 0 3.16
Romero (H, 18) 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2.27
Lidge (S, 29) 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2.15
Maddux (L, 6-9) 7.0 5 1 1 0 4 1 3.99
Hampson 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3.44
Adams 0.1 1 0 0 0 0 0 2.18
Ledezma 0.2 0 0 0 0 2 0 4.47
Hensley 1.0 0 0 0 1 3 0 4.19

the moment for me was watching the last out of that sunday nite game vs the brewers. myers on 3 days and completing the 4 game sweep. as i left CBP i said to myself, we have a little something special here. little did i know.

It's not a single moment, but mine is the September / October evolution of Ryan Madsen to unhittable.

The moment that sticks in my mind is the June 7 game where Kelly Johnson dropped a routine pop-up with 2 outs in the 9th inning, allowing Eric Bruntlett to score the tying run. I distinctly recall writing a post afterwards that referred to the error as "twilight zone stuff." The Phillies went on to win the game in the 10th.

Beerleaguer moment of the top of my head: May 5th at ARI. Moyer goes 7 IP and gives up 2 ER. Phils open the door in the third when Moyer hits a slice to LF (2B) that scores Feliz. I feel like every LF from that day on played the line and shallow against Moyer after that hit.

non BL moment: Burrell on May 2nd. Giants score 3 in the 7th to tie it at 5. game goes to extras where Rowand, his first time back in Philadelphia, hits a HR to left center against Romero. 6-5 Giants. Crestfallen, I walk from the upperdecks to the view from the venders above the lower level. Brian Wilson SO Werth. Utley singles on the first offering on a short LD to RF over the SS head. Wilson SO Howard. Wilson's throwing heat. Burrell works the count full, fouls a few off. Hits the 6th pitch to deep left-center. Utley scores. Burrell scores. Phillies win.

9/16/08: Ryan Howard hits a two-run home run in the 8th inning to complete a comeback over the Braves and give the Phillies an 8-7 win.
7/22/08: Mets bullpen blows a three-run lead in the ninth, with the key hit being a pinch-hit game-tying two-run double by So Taguchi. Carlos Ruiz knocked in a run with the soft ground ball to second that Reyes misplayed. Victorino beat the play out at 2nd. Rollins then gave us the lead with a two-run double. Amazing comeback and the only good thing So Taguchi did as a Phillie.

Campaign Cheer

The couple games after Jimmy's frontrunner comments (those were the best threads all season).

The 20-2 game was awesome.

Brett's Walk.

I'll nominate the one Phillies game I attended in Houston when Brad Lidge made his first official appearance in a Phillies uniform in Houston. Half the crowd was booing, while an equal amount clapped. As I was telling my daughter that the Phillies fans call Brad, "Lights Out Lidge", an Astros fan behind me shouts out "Load 'em Up Lidge". I was to learn even in the perfect season, both names can apply, like Superman and Clark Kent.

Other faves already mentioned plus others listed as follows:
All bench lineup game,
Swindles callup appearance,
Blanton's home run,
Myers walk against CC,
Myers 3 hit, 3 RBI game,
Vic's Grand Slam,
Stairs homer,
Stairs post homer "hands on his rear" comments,
Cholly's Gut style of decision making,
Condrey power striking out the side including Manny,
Madson's sudden ascendancy of speed,
Howard awakening from his early season slump,
The gaudy record early in the season,
Myers & Eaton being sent down,
Moyer beating the Cubs at Wrigley, and
Sweeping the Braves on the road.

A disclaimer: My memory is sometimes faulty. Items listed above may not be factually correct. To that I say: World F#¢*ing Champions!

Another good one was on April 21. Leading by just 1 run at Coors Field, Cholly brought in TJ Bohn as a pinch runner/defensive replacement for the red-hot Pat Burrell. Bohn dropped a fly ball on his very first play of the game, then came up in the 9th & put the game away with a 2-run double.

1. The tilted head admiration on matt stairs face as he watched his bomb travel into the LA stratosphere, sinking the Dodgers into oblivion.

2. The eyes-wide surprise on blanton's face after closing his eyes and flailing a ball over the left field wall.

Lake Fred - your closing line made me remember Gillick telling the press how Pat the Bat got the knickname "Bait"

Another one -- and this one REALLY is a Beerleaguer moment. May 21 against the Nationals. Ryan Howard comes into the game hitting .183 with a .396 slugging pct. With the majority of Beerleaguers (myself included) calling for his head, I write a tongue in cheek post declaring that he'll probably hit 2 homeruns tonight. He goes out and hits 2 homeruns.

See, LF? Doesn't that sound so much better?

My vote is for the Myers walk. What strikes me most is that for that moment, it seemed as if the fans both at the game and on Beerleaguer EXPECTED something good to come from the walk. In retrospect, the walk happened with Feliz on third and, more importantly, two outs. By the time Victorino came up to plate, it was almost as if the grand slam was a foregone conclusion; the real victory was achieved when Myers outlasted CC in that crucial AB while the game was still tied.

Yea, Bubba, and Harry Kalas on national TV calls him "the Bait". I explained that to my wife. It just put more ammunition in her "All Men Are Dogs" file drawer.

My favorite BL Moment(s):

Every time I was able to post:

"That's Lidgetastic!"

Which I managed to do every single time Lidge saved a game and I was on BL.

Right on, Andy! Just as we have other shorthands on BL like WC, WS and FA, we need to add: WFC!

My favorite "Beerleaguer moments" was on Memorial Day during the 20-5 route of the Rockies at CP.

- Even in a game where the Phils were up 20-5 and people had to work the next day, I would say that 70-80% of the crowd stayed until the final out in the top of the 9th. Pretty amazing and generally saw that all year as Philly fans came out in record numbers to support the team.

- Taguchi came into the game with 7 hits on the year and in true Philly sports fashion we was booed loudly during his fast AB. Taguchi went on to have 3 hits that night and get a pretty loud ovation from the crowd after this 3rd hit. Typical experience that encapusulates how the Philly fans usually are.

- Moyer didn't have his best stuff all night including struggling early to find his location yet he managed to make some nice adjustments including mixing in his fastball a bit more often. He wound up giving the Phils 7 innings and limiting the bullpen usage.

- Another guy who only gets discussed on Beerleaguer (TJ Bohn) even got a hit (one of his 2 on the season) which was met with some applause.

April 20 vs. Mets: Chase Utley hitting a homer into the foul pole, barely a week after getting robbed on a blown home-run call down the line. Poetic justice.

The come from behind game against the mets where we exhausted every pitcher in the rotation with the score tied, had either 2 or 3 on base in the 9th, no outs, and sent Brett Myers up to bat, with him behaving like he was going to knock it out of the park - he struck out of course without swinging, and Coste knocked in the go-ahead, but it was hilarious and gut-wrenching at the same time.

Someone took the Taguchi double, which was my favorite "fall out of the chair" moment, so I'll go with Howard's "Oppo Poppo" homerun off of LHP (gasp) Mike Gonzalenz of the Braves in Sept (not sure of the date). To me, that win propelled the Phils through September.

My favorite in person moment was actually at a Mets at Pirates game in August. It was a Monday day game, and I had a few rows from the Mets on deck circle. As John Maine came up in the fifth inning with a 2-0 lead, I informed him he better get a hit, because his offense was done scoring for the day and the pen was looming. He shook his head, but sure enough, the mighty Pirates fried the Mets pen for a 3-2 win. The only Phillies game I saw in person this year was the Phillies July 5th loss (Flash Gordon's last game as a Phillie) to the Mets, so I felt vindicated.

Best moment of the season: Chase Utley's speech.

um...I had a "seat" a few rows from the Mets.

Sorry, previous post had Myers come up in the 9th, it was the xtra innings game, sorry!!!

I don't know if World Series moments really count as Beerleaguer moments but, if so, Joe Blanton's homerun deserves a pretty lofty spot on our list.

i'll second that vote for So Taguchi's clutch hit in the bottom of the ninth at Shea. i was at that game. way up in the nosebleed seats. and when my persistent squinting finally revealed that it was, in fact, So Taguchi at the plate, my heart dropped into my stomach. what could Charlie be thinking? but if i close my eyes i can still see the ball coming off his bat, the Phils fans around me rising in collective anticipation, and that rightfielder going back, back, back... the beauty of that moment, and what defines it as a Beerleaguer moment, is that So Taguchi will never hit a homerun in the 2008 season, but Endy Chavez will always play too shallow to catch that ball. replay after replay. forever and ever.

No votes yet for Tom Mac & Gary Mathews in game hat displays and endless babble.
Very surprised!

Great topic, Jason. The little moments, or "Beerleaguer Moments" are the most fun to remember. The Bruntlett double, to me, was the best. Just seeing him come up, I thought, "no way Bruntlett does anything. He'd need a freakin' double to tie this, and there's no way he'd hit a double!" So what does he do?


But to come up with an original moment: I went to a Phils-Pirates game in August, a game nobody wanted to win until like the 13th, when the Pirates finally scored a couple and won, 3-1 or something. I don't think the Phils scored at all until the 13th.

The next night, with everyone doubting the team, Myers comes out, pitches solid and the Phils score a couple. Manuel comes out to take Myers out of the game in the seventh, and Brett goes buck wild. They both shrug it off the next day. Possibly the turnaround moment of the season, and totally illustrated the resurgence of Myers in 2008.

I am really partial to Chooch at third (and not just because I took that dinky photo of Carlos looking lost out on the field). That was just an incredible moment that showed the entire stadium how fun and unexpected baseball could be. It was a coaching gamble that would do more to show up the Mets than a thousand profane t-shirts or homemade signs. It proved that the Phillies were a genuine team and there was no way in hell they were letting that game get away. Plus, that really capped off a night of drama, twisted stomachs, and genuine laughs (my entire section was chanting the players in the Mets feeble bullpen towards the end of the game).

That mammoth game was also probably may favorite Beerleaguer recap ever. I couldn't wait to get home and see how people were processing that victory.

Also, Moyer knocking over the umpire was a truly amazing moment.

I think a t-shirt that says "Chooch On Third" on the front and "Beerleaguer" on the back would be a huge hit.

Sorry to interject some Hot Stoveness into this great thread... but the Astros are looking to trade Ty Wigginton. Seems like he has Value Village written all over him.

CJ: Wade likes Golson; how about a straight up GG for TW? Presto: a utility guy with year-in year-out OPS+ over 100.

According to Ken Davidoff of Newsday, the Mets, Phillies, and Dodgers have expressed interest in free agent outfielder Raul Ibanez. Ibanez would replace Pat Burrell in Philly, and is a backup plan for the Dodgers if they fail to sign Manny Ramirez. The Cubs and Royals may also get involved, but both clubs face payroll limitations currently.

Interest from four NL clubs means Ibanez could remain an outfielder for his age 37-39 seasons, a dicey proposition. He allowed 18 more bases than the average left fielder in 2008, according to the plus/minus system. Ibanez hit .293/.358/.479 in 707 plate appearances, earning just $5.5MM in the last year of his contract. He should be able to double his salary in '09.

*Ibanez is yet another lefty and is a poor aging fielder. He can hit, but he's just as slow and get some just as few balls as Burrell does. Given the forecast pricetag, I say "pass".

GM-Carson: And given he's a lefty... I especially say pass. Last season, Ibanez actually had a higher OPS vs. lefties than righties. But don't be fooled... in 2007, his OPS vs. lefties was 650 and in 2006, it was 663.

The biggest moment this season was the Myers walk. Just watching the crowd get into it. Somehow everyone realized how big that moment was going to be two at bats later. It was surreal.

How about Sarge asking Alyssa Milano about her tattoos when she was trying to promote her clothing line in the booth?

Thank NEPP for giving Campaign Cheer a shout out, that was a blast for me personally.

On Wigginton- I had the same thought, he's good and comes a decent price, bats righthanded and has learned to play the outfield.

Aside from the Vic grand slam, I was a big fan of the amazing double play J-Roll turned to end the clinching game of the NL East and keep Lidge perfect.

Seems a lot of posters here don't seem to understand that Burrell will get no offers until Manny signs. Makes no sense at all before then.

GM-Carson: Yeah... that and the Vic throw to home were pretty much blown saves on Lidge's part. He was saved by the amazing defense behind him. All through September and the playoffs I heard people say, "Lidge has to blow one eventually." I say he did... but the team wouldn't let it happen.

Burrell's walk-off against Brian Wilson of SF at the Bank.

Andy: Wiggs can't play SS. Good everywhere else, though.

Tim, another Brunlett moment was his homer in the WS. As he's stepping up to bat, I tell my wife, "I don't know why they're letting him bat. He's terrible!" Boom! Home run.

clout: I'm not sure that's the case. I think we'd at least hear about teams kicking the tires on Burrell. Not to mention Boras is notorious for getting his guys signed as late as possible. I'm not sure one guy will end up holidng up the entire OF signing process. But I guess we'll see.

Ty Wiggington isn't good. Donald is our backup infielder.
Why would Houston want Golson if they already have Bourn?

Lake Fred: I did the EXACT SAME THING on the Brunlett AB.

baxter: First, I have no idea if the Phils are actually interested in the guy. Second, Wigginton has shown the ability to play LF. If the Phils were bringing him in, it would be to platoon in LF... that's my guess.

"Seems a lot of posters here don't seem to understand that Burrell will get no offers until Manny signs. Makes no sense at all before then."

I guess I'm in the group that doesn't understand.

If you're a GM, why not make an offer now, before Manny sets the market? If it's a reasonable offer, Burrell might take it (to protect against Manny signing for a lower amount than expected, thereby driving down the market).

"Why would Houston want Golson if they already have Bourn?"

i have no idea why Houston would want Golson if they already have Bourn, but it does beg a question i've been mulling for a little while now... would it be feasible to carry Golson on the ML roster this season and use him the way we used Bourn in 2007, as a late-inning defensive replacement and a pinch runner? i realize that he can't hit a breaking ball to save his life, but could we carry him on the ML roster, use him selectively and build his value the way we did with Bourn? in the process, i'd argue that under Lopes' tutelage, the team would benefit from having his speed off the bench to create late inning runs. an element we lacked last season, even though we did eventually become WFC!

Nominates "stjoehawk"'s post for post of the day...

CJ & LF- How many BeerLeaguer jinxes / reverse jinxes make the highlights list?

I thought the same about Bruntlett HR but , for once, kept it to myself.

My favorite Beerleaguer-type moment, performed by a classic Beerleaguer: Matt Stairs two-run, PH HR in the 8th that gave Phils a 7-5 win over the Dodgers and 3-1 lead in the NLCS.

My favorite Phillies moment, which was mostly ignored on Beerleaguer and remarked on only briefly after I expressed surprise at the lack of attention it got:

7th inning of the final game of the World Series. Game tied 3-3. Bartlett on second base and 2 out. Iwamura hits a grounder up the middle, Bartlett running on contact. Utley ranges wide to his right, grabs the ball, pump-fakes to first, fools Bartlett and the third base coach into trying for home, takes a few steps behind the second-base bag and fires to Ruiz. Ruiz takes the ball on a hop to his left and swings around to his right to tag Bartlett two feet short of the plate. Turning point in the game, the series and the season.

I'm partial to Jenkins in Game 5.2. All that time to debate who should bat, and BAM! there goes a double. My choice would have been Stairs but I bow to Chollie's infinite and immeasurable wisdom.

Your right, clout. Utley's throw to the plate in Game 5 of the WS, may have been the Play of the Year.

Another great moment was Chooch's elevated play in the postseason.

I think the Scouting staff deserves recognition for their pitching and defensive strategies against the much bally-hooed lineups of the Brewers, Dodgers and Rays!

stjoehawk: Why would Burrell accept any offer before he sees where Manny sets the market? Once Manny signs, Burrell is the most obvious fallback choice. The teams who want Manny aren't going to make an offer to Burrell until Manny signs.

I can see Pat now...

Pat: "Manny just signed for $35 Million a year. That means I might be worth $25 Million a year.

Boras: "Hold your horses Pat. I will pitch for $25 Million a year, but you're worth less than what you made last year."

It occurs to me that, if you're going to make a "Beerleaguer's Best Moments" list, Pedro Feliz is the only candidate to be at the top of that list. After all, he was, by far and away, the leading topic of conversation on Beerleaguer this year.

In that spirit, I have come up with my Best Beerleaguer moment. It happened about 20 or so games into spring training when Andy came up with some website that showed Pedro Feliz had only taken 3 or 4 pitches in all of spring training. It turned out to be false information, but just the fact that we all thought it COULD have been true is enough to make this my Beerleaguer's Best Moment.

MyersAtTheBat -- cause you want him at AAA learning (hopefully) how to hit the curve ball.

In favorite moments, for me it was watching a bunch of kids and Dads play wiffle ball on the empty lot at 20th and Market while waiting for the parade to start. Just perfect.

clout - But what about the teams who aren't interested in Manny, but are interested in Burrell? If they wait for Manny to sign, they'll be competing with even more teams. Making Burrell a reasonable offer now makes perfect sense in that case.

I do agree that Burrell probably doesn't sign before Manny (unless he gets an offer which blows him away).

Absolute favorite Beerleaguer moment I have to agree with Clout:

That Matt Stairs HR against LA was just unbelievable, and an unexpectedly clutch smash by a career journeyman who looks like he should be swilling beer with all of us. If I ever run into Matt Stairs, you can be sure I'm paying his tab.

Great re-cap of that Utley play in the WS and it shows what a cerebral player Utley is. Though I'm not a fan of Jeter, it was reminscent of his play on Jeremy Giambi at the plate a few years back. Just a heady, clutch play.

"Brett Myers' walk against CC Sabathia in the NLDS"

This was absolutely the best Beerleaguer moment. I mean, here was our worst hitting pitcher moving around all spastically in the batters box trying to work the count--no way we thought it would work, but we cheered him on anyway. And wouldn't you know it, the most dominating pitcher in the game was completely frazzled by it. That kind of absurd luck or bad timing had worked against Philadelphia sports for 25 years, but this season, it was on our side!

Pete Happy definitely had a number of big hits this season.

One word (thanks to TBS): "Cooch"

on TBS's NLDS coverage...

Nickname: 'Cooch'

i'm not sure i've ever laughed that hard in my life.

Jason: More importantly... Pete Happy had the LAST big hit of the season.

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