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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I wonder if this was the news release baseball had in mind when they sent me a free copy.

I saw this on sale in the grocery store today, but this is on my Christmas list, as is the Phillies collector's edition.

Pat Burrell on LAA's radar, according to Rosenthal. That's all it says, so no point in posting it.

Hmm...I suppose he would be a good contingency plan for them if they can't resign Tiexiera.

Utley went under the knife today. All done. 4-6 months.

Delmon Young on the block as well (Phillies mentioned as a possible fit) Hmm, a no power LF. No thanks.

it still hasn't really sunk in. i still feel like i'm going to wake up any minute.

Young showed power in the minors - 20 HR in 330 AB as a 19 y.o. in AA is legitimately impressive.

to ae: Yeah, I just looked at his minor league numbers. My first reaction was based on having him on my fantasy team in 08. I wonder what they'd want for him. Donald would be a good starting point probably.

On Utley's hip: They trimmed his labrum and a bony lesion on his right hip (4-6 months).

Burrell is everybody's backup plan. Once the big guys like Manny & Tex sign, his agent will be busy fielding calls.

Burrell is the tom-boyish, less popular friend of the perky cheerleader..... not as flashy for arm candy purposes, but turns out to be a lot more attractive than advertised

That was a very disturbing analogy for Pat Burrell.

I was at that DVD premiere last night in University City. Ryan Madsen was the only player there. Also in attendance were Harry Kalas, Larry Anderson (with a 20-something woman), Scott Franzke, Milt Thomson, and David Montgomery. The DVD is a pretty cool way to relive what happened. It's mostly about the World Series but has quick highlights of everything leading up to it, starting with spring training. There's also a funny segment with Howard and Rollins doing an off-the-cuff freestyle rap version of Take Me out to the Ballgame.

Also news that the Reds are talking trades with Chicago about Jermaine Dye (who evidently has 6 teams on his no trade list and they are all in the NE) and the talks are starting with Homer Bailey PLUS another player. Bailey's stock has fallen, but still that is a big price.

Bob: When I came home from Iraq me and some friends went on a road trip following the Phillies to DC and Pittsburg and we encountered LA on each stop, and let's just say that if you see LA at a bar and you even say hello to him when he is ordering his cranberry and Stoli and you don't have youngish (20-30yo) female genitalia, well then you are just an annoyance to LA.

Can anyone tell me if the DVD will play on european (region 2) DVD players. I want to order one but no point if I can't watch it!!

"it still hasn't really sunk in. i still feel like i'm going to wake up any minute."

michael, I think most of us feel the same way.

I keep saying it to myself.....

"the Phillies won the World Series"....."the Phillies won the World Series"....."the Phillies won the World Series"....."the Phillies won the World Series"..........

and every once in a while, I look at the copy of the Inky just to make sure.

Jason, if you want more free DVDs, you better make a more upbeat post next time they send you stuff.

Sometimes I forget that we actually won the World Series. It so weird to be a winner.

Here's something I never thought would happen: The Brewers have reportedly inked reliever R.J. Swindle to a major league deal.

How about Michael Cuddyer for LF? He's probably on the block as the Twins would likely rather use his salary to concentrate on other needs...especailly now that Denard Span essentially took over RF from him.

He's under contract until 2010 with a club option for 2011. He'll make $6.75 million next year, $8.5 million in 2010, w/ a $10.5 million option for 2011 or a $1 million buy out.

He's 29, plays okay defense, and is a career .268 avg/.344 obp/.441 slg line. His numbers are better against lefties where he has a career .812 OPS.

Something to consider I would think.

~reads clouts post~

I'm sorry, WHAT?!?

Honestly, good for Swindle. I hope he gets a legit shot to be a LOOGY.

He's also wears #5 and is right handed...would we even notice if he and Pat switched places?

Interesting note: Its been confirmed that the Phillies are on Jermaine Dye's no-trade list.

Well FU Jermaine...FU Very Much!!!

Rosenthal says the Chisox will not deal Dye unless they get a good young starting pitcher and prospects back.

Even if you assume that Happ meets the Sox definition of "good young starting pitcher" (which I doubt) you'd still have to give up "prospects" plural.

Bad trade.

NEPP: I heard Cuddyer on MLB XM Radio. He apparently co-hosts a show there. Seems like a really good... and knowledgable guy.

Say good bye to Swindle, R.J. signed a big league deal with the Brewers today. There goes my dreams of seeing his 54 mph eephus curve striking out lefties for the Phils.

I guess they liked his line from the Venezuelan Winter League (3-0, 3.18ERA, 17IP, 17K, .88 WHIP). Watch he'll turn into Ziegler II now, but I highly doubt it.

ChiSox wanted a good young starting pitcher and additional prospects for Dye? Talk about a hefty asking price.

You can find all the stats for Phillies' players in the respective Winter Leagues here:

I really like the Cuddyer idea (being that it was mine helps). The Twins have an OF of Young, Gomez, and Span already. Though there have been rumors of Young being available that make it sound as if they might want to keep Cuddyer, but financially it makes more sense to get rid of Cuddyer.

He hits LHP pretty well, would be better off in a LF defensively (in RF he's not so great defensively...the only guy with a worse +/- from 05-07 is ironically Jermaine Dye). In LF in CBP his numbers should improve dramatically. I looked at his 05-07 numbers as he was injured most of last year so he doesn't have enough chances to make it worth it.

The problem would probably be their asking price.

Last off-topic post on this issue, but JW, I am curious as to why you didn't post the other handles used by the imposter that posted under my handle earlier today.

Do you have a reason? I have to wonder if it might have been because it was a favored poster who did so. I mean, I would think that posting under someone else's handle would be a cardinal offense at any blog. I seem to remember you banning previous posters who did so.

I would appreciate a response, even if it is only to tell me why you won't reveal the imposter's other handles.

NEPP: The other problem is this:

Burrell OPS+ 125
Cuddyer OPS+ 92

That's one helluva gap and the career gap isn't much smaller.

The Great Rock n Roll Swindle is gone...shameful. Truly can't believe the Beersters inked him to a MLB deal...silly.

phlipper, it was me.

It's intended effect - to make fun of you - also had additional benefit, which was to obviously bother you all day.

Now, it's time to be a grownup, untangle the panties that you have in a wad, and the next time you get in a debate with someone, answer a question directly and don't obfuscate, parse words, and in the end play the victim and resort to name calling.

Anything else?

clout (or should I refer to you as a small ferretous animal), would Cussyer be a good platoon partner?

i.e. what are his splits?

Regarding something in the last thread. I don't want Michael Costanzo anywhere near a bat rack in any level of the Phillies organization.

Maybe he could pull a reverse Rick Ankiel though and become a successful pitcher.

That's cherrypicking the numbers a bit clout. Cuddyer was injured for most of 08 so you can't really take that OPS+ for what he'd do next year. His numbers for the 3 years before that are a better guide most likely

2005 - 97
2006 - 124
2007 - 111

I'm not saying that he'd come in and we'd forget about Burrell but that he'd be a decent stopgap solution...especially if he was benched against really tough rightys.

Cuddyer career splits:


RHP - 96
LHP - 108


RHP - .772
LHP - .812

errrr, Cuddyer.

Prediction, RJ Swindle will make the Brew Crew as a LOOGY, and will face Utley and Howard back-to-back.

He will K at least one of them.

Unfortunately, the Phliies play the Crew next year in Sept. at Miller Park.

clout, what makes any Dye deal doubly bad is that he's a one-year rental.

Maybe Kenny Williams thinks he can extract from some desperate team as much as Colorado got for Matt Holliday.

At least we don't have to worry about overpaying for Dye as we are on his no trade list.

I just finished watching the DVD, I highly recommend it. Its worth the price just for the opening sequence and the closing coverage of the parade. Getting to hear Terrence Howard (the narrator) say "Chooch" was just a nice extra. Get it now!

Is it me, or is AWH easily the biggest prick to comment on BL? In fact, there isn't even a close second. And no, this isn't phlipper. Just someone who reads BL, doesn't comment, and thinks AWH is a douche.

I scored the DVD at Blockbuster last weekend for $16.99. Best moment is when Chooch and Lidge give the final pitch ball to Charlie. I'm waiting for the season highlight DVD. More regular season stuff.

just about everyone from team is interviewed on the DVD with one notable exception-Pat the Bat

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