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Friday, November 14, 2008


Re: Brocail...

Would Brocail just accept arbitration if offered? If he is not offered arb then it wouldn't cost us picks.

anyone know why Houston didn't just accept Brocail's 2009 option? it was a $3.25M option with a $0.25M buyout, so I don't see why they didn't just pay the extra $3M. I guess they might save a few hundred thousand by declining, but seems kind of pointless to me.

Jason: Thanks for the "jump to newest comment" button. It makes the site just that much more user-friendly.

I just wondered what the range of salary is for major league coaches like Perlazzo. I do not remember seeing those figures published, but I'm sure someone has.

Actually the Phils have 2 vacancies to fill, because bullpen coach Ramon Henderson won't be back either.

ae: Wade signed LaTroy Hawkins, who is an upgrade from Brocail.

In the last thread, Lekh theorized about Ed Wade trading Carlos Lee 'El Caballo' to the Phillies. Working in Houston, I get the feeling if you took a poll of the fans to vote for their favorite Astro player, the winner would either be Lance Berkman or Carlos Lee. He has been a real clutch hitter and a popular player in Houston. 'El Caballo' won't be leaving Houston for a very long time. (Watch Dildo Wade trade Lee tomorrow!)

thanks clout, I forgot about Hawkins. apparently Wade is still interested however but wants a substantially lower salary. can't see another team giving up a draft pick for him, so the Astros do have a lot of leverage.

meant to link to this story in the above post:

ae: I agree. Given his age and performance, it's worth a gamble to offer him arb.

I'm sure people have floated his name in previous threads, but how much do you think it would cost the Phils to swing a deal for J. Dye. With 1 year left on his deal & a mutual option for 2011 he seems like an ideal fit. He is 35, but the 2 year commitment wouldn't scare me off. I think he has 2 years of middle of the order production left in him.

He is a very capable of hitting either before or after howard & you could certainly plug him into left field everyday.

Would Happ & a prospect (not named Carrasco or Marson) be enough?

Gotta comment on some of the discussion from last thread.

I get amused every off-season at the bold proclamations about missing the playoffs... or just sucking in general... based on a few rumors here or there.

"Well, if the Phils sign Doug Brocail and call it a day, we're going to finish last in the division."

It's the same stuff from last off-season as the Phils "upgraded" by signing Pedro Feliz and trading for a risky closer and calling it a day. There was NO way this team was going to succeed without finding another big bat and signing a real #2 starter. No way at all. That WS trophy is clearly a mirage.

kevmac: There are many on this list who consider Happ (a ML-ready back-of-the-roation lefty starter) as too much for Dye... let alone sending another prospect.

I'm fully endorse Phils going after Dye if it doesn't cost Happ, Carrasco, Mardon, Donald, D'Arnaud, Taylor, Brown or Drabek. I think I got them all...

I'm no fan of Dye, but I'd have no problem moving Happ for him. and I'd throw in more if it meant getting Vazquez.

CJ: I see your point that a LH ML-ready (w/very little service time) is a prized commodity.

But I think if we can't Burrell back for the terms the team will accept, that the Dye deal would be a good move. With the core intact, I think it would be best to put the chips on the table for next year & it’s my opinion that Dye would be more vital than Happ for next year.

Just my 2 cents...

In an atricle titled, "Do Angels have Genuine Interest In Manny," in today's, Tim Dierkes states, "so right now, the Dodgers don't face serious competition (for Manny)." The Dodgers offered Manny $15 million for 2009, $22.5 million for 2010 and an option for $22.5 million with a $7.5 million buyout for 2011. Other recent articles have corroborated this belief, stating that the Angels, Mets and Yankees have other priorities right now. As I continue to review all the other available options for the Phils to improve their club and left-field this year, I am left with Manny Ramirez as a real option for immediate improvement, a few players that maintain the status quo of the team and a whole host of other players that are no improvement over Pat Burrel. If Dierkes is correct and the Dodgers, with their current offer, do not face serious competition for Manny Ramirez, I think the Phils need to give the Dodgers some serious competition fast. The real question that I have for Phils management is how bad do you want to repeat as world champions in 2009 and beyond? If there is genuine interest to repeat as world champs, the Phils need to immediately improve their team, just as all other contenders are currently improving theirs. Manny Ramirez is the one player who can immediately improve the Phils and help the Phils win a few more world championships. He would improve the offense, which on many occasions during 2008, could have used his bat. He would improve the lineup because the batters before and after him would be seeing better pitches to hit. He would improve the entire team because winning is contagious and Manny Ramirez is a proven winner who would be joining a team of young players who have gotten a taste of winning and need someone to remind them of how sweet that taste is. Additionally, he would possibly be an incentive for future Phiilie free agents to resign with the club. I find it hard to believe that the Phils would be unable and/or unwilling to restructure their 2009 budget to acquire the one player who would be a gift that keeps on giving for a number of years. I think the Phils could certainly better the current offer made to Manny by the Dodgers. If the relationship between Charlie Manuel and Manny Ramirez is as tight as advertised and if Manny wants to play in a hitter-friendly park and in a few more World Series games, the Phils might be able to acquire Manny for not much more than the Dodgers are currently offering. The manager of the Phils has been vocal about his desire to make Manny Ramirez a Phillie. I think the front office should take Charlie's advice and sign the one player who can actually make the reigning world champs even better.

The blind optimists on this board (Go Phils, CJ, & NEPP come right to mind) believe that, since the Phillies have gotten the better of the Mets in the last 2 seasons, it must always be so. But this blind optimism ignores some rather key facts -- like the fact that we're going to lose one of our top hitters, with no apparent plan to replace his production. Or the fact that Jamie Moyer is going to be 46 next year, an age at which no major league starting pitcher has ever had an above average season. Or the fact that the Mets have made clear their plans to pursue the likes of Sabathia, Ibanez, Abreu, and Fuentes, while the Phillies have set their sights on Doug Brocail and Kevin Mench.

Fact: Our main competitor has a payroll that is 40% higher than ours & which is willing to make a run at just about every big-ticket FA on the market. The Phillies love to name-drop but they haven't signed a single big-ticket FA in 6 years. Given the gross disparities in payroll, it's more than fair to regard the Phillies as perpetual underdogs in the NL East race.

The Phillies have overcome the payroll gap in the last 2 seasons by making a goodly number of inexpensive acquisitions that turned out very well (i.e., Dobbs, Werth, Moyer, Romero, Durbin, Eyre, Stairs). But, even if Gillick were still in charge, he'd be facing a serious uphill battle in trying to stay ahead of the Mets without spending any money. With Amaro in charge, only those in the blind optimist camp can actually believe that the Phillies are anything but underdogs in this 2-pony race.

"I'm no fan of Dye, but I'd have no problem moving Happ for him. and I'd throw in more if it meant getting Vazquez."

I completely agree.

I think people need to step back and realize that every time they see a name and "phillies" in the rumor mill doesn't mean that rumor is true.

Yo, new thread on World Champion Jamie Moyer...

Phils management has previously stated that strengthening pitching remains their highest offseason priority. Related to that announcement is the continuous thread on many websites that suggest that the Phils could deal J. Happ for a new left fielder. All things being equal, I think the Phils have found their #4 or 5 starter in Happ. I like what I see in Happ and I feel that he has tremendous potential. So much so, that I would'nt consider trading him, especially for a player that does little to actually improve the Phils current roster. Carlos Carrasco has been making quick strides in recent months and has been getting rave reviews from the Venezual League where he currently has a 1.83 ERA. A number of scouts have been quoted as asking why he isn't a major league starter already. So, with Hamels, Myers, Blanton, Happ, Carrasco and possibly Moyer, I'd say the Phils have a starting pitching rotation ready to and capable of defending their world championship. As far as Eaton is concerned, and I am not being facetious, has anyone ever considered converting him into an outfielder? He certainly seems to have the bat, glove, arm, speed and desire to play the position. Unfortuntaley, his pitching records from past few seasons may deprive him of the opportunity to continue in the major leagues as a pitcher, at least on the current Phillies team.

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