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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Use this thread to also continue the best Beerleaguer moment discussion.

I was at the MB site, and their Phillies WS sales stuff is 30% of today. Do they do this everyday? Here's the details:

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Not surprised to hear about the lack of interest in Burrell at this point. I bet he wants a 4-yr deal at big dollars. I doubt a single NL team is interested/willing in giving Burrell 4-years and AL teams are probably learly of Burrell because he has struggled so much as a DH in his career during Interleague games.

Burrell will get his 3 yrs but not at the $15M either some have suggested on here. My bet is that it is an AL team that signs him at around $13M per.

Is Raul Ibanez a type A FA? If so, forget him. If not, he's worth considering.

I am not surprised either about the lack of interest in Pat. I do not see Ibanez as much of an upgrade though either. The issue is unless you want to over pay for Manny Ramirez the free agent market is thin.

Everyone's favorite Phillie Pharmhand Jeremy Slaydon has been left of the 40 man roster and can be selected in the Rule 5 draft.

Cooch was the top TV blooper moment. Shoo the kids away and Google "Cooch", or better yet, Google Images "Cooch"! Our beloved catcher won't be anywhere to be found, however, you will find Sharon Stone and Brittany Spears!

of=off (above)

One of my many favorite memories from the 2008 season is the hilarious shot of Eric Bruntlett standing in left field in the 8th inning of so many games. He was part garden gnome/part Civil War reenactment guy, and you usually knew that they had the game in good shape when you saw that image flash on your television screen.

Now I have my most recent BL moment:
Lake Fred discovering there's porn online.

Raul Ibanez? No thanks. Phils don't need another veteran outfielder who may turn out to be a real clunker.

Lake Fred - check out this chooch gem that clout once linked to:

I've been speculating a 3 year 45 million dollar deal for Burrell from an AL club, but that may not happen. If interest shrivels up, he may have to accept the 2 year 22 mil deal from the Phils or something close to that from another club.

My BL moment is happening right now. It is the Phils grooming Jason Doanald to be the first .400 hitting utility infielder in baseball history. Today he is at SS and just lined a double to raise his average to .416 with one game left in the AFL season.

"Everyone's favorite Phillie Pharmhand Jeremy Slaydon has been left of the 40 man roster and can be selected in the Rule 5 draft."

The other day, someone wrote a post asking what the harm is in having Eaton on the 40-man roster, since we're paying him anyhow. BB just provided the answer. Whatever your opinion of Slayden's prospects, he definitely has SOME value (whereas Eaton has none). Now there's a good chance we'll lose him.

I wonder if the Phillies offer is still on the table?
I would love to see Pat stay for 2 more years. He is streaky , but I don't see the Phils paying for an upgrade.And really - how many free agent upgrades are there?
And with an unproven, GM how strong are the Phils as traders??

They also have 3 spots remaining, most likely, so they can sign a few free agents and/or draft some crappy rule 5 relievers from other teams.

No thanks on Ibanez. LH, nearly 5 years older than Burrell, and will cost a draft pick (he is a Type A per MLBTR). Although he did make significantly less than Burrell last year, so he may be "our" kind of guy.

I know polls are tacky, but the Moment of the Year discussion might warrant one. Grab the top 5 (maybe more) moments that posters are dicussing and give it a vote. It'd be interesting to see.

Maybe a regular season edition, since Game 5 of the World Series is kind of a nobrainer.

bay_area_phan - "Now there's a good chance we'll lose him."

Do you think that Slayden is ready to be on a 25 man roster for the entire year?

Highlander, I checked it out. Taguchi's Coochies? Very funny stuff. clout found this? Was he one of the nine members of the group?

Shame on you Bed Beard! It was purely a Phillies player research project. Wasn't that Pete Townsend's excuse?

Was Lidge warming up seven times in the All Star Game a BL Moment? Or Chase's first broadcast "F-bomb" utterance at the All Star Game Home Run Derby Introductions?

I'd like to nominate the WS Game 4 interview with Blanton and Cholly, and the question of "the spot" on Blanton's hat.

Blanton pulls out the "I'm just a dumb hick that gets dirty and is too gosh 'dern dumb to cheat."

And Cholly backs him up with his own "I'm just a dumb dirty country bumpkin" shtick.


Here is the exchange:
For both of you guys: Were you aware of their concerns about Joe's hat? And Joe, what do you have on that dark spot on your hat?

JOE BLANTON: It's nothing. They rub the balls up with whatever they rub them up with, and you rub it up and get it on your hand and I'm constantly trying to get moisture, and just touch my hat. It's nothing sticky. Anybody can go touch it. It's just basically just dirt from the ball that gets over time, over so many starts, I don't change my hat, it just gets rubbed on the hat.

CHARLIE MANUEL: Actually I didn't know what Joe was talking to the umpire about. If you look at my hat, see right there, it's got the same kind of stuff he's talking about. That right there is the fact that I haven't changed hats all year.

StJoe -- I'm not talking about the 25-man roster. I'm talking about the 40-man roster.

bap - But if he goes in the rule 5 draft, the new team would have to keep him on the 25 man roster for the entire year or offer him back to the Phillies, right?

If Slayden gets picked in the Rule 5 Draft he will probably be sent back at some point in the season. The question is if the Phillies would take him back or just let him go at that point.

BAP: If he is picked in the Rule 5 draft he will have to stay on that team's 25 man roster all year long and I doubt that will happen. However he may be worth a spot on the Phillies 40 man roster over somebody like Harman or Bisenius. And of course Adam Eaton.

What do we do (if by some trick of magic)Eaton pitches great in Spring Training?

We are all assuming, and I am very much in agreement, that he is done.

But baseball does breed some strange things.

I could see a cellar dweller team picking Slayden up and retaining him. At this point, for instance, how could it hurt Washington to have him on their roster for a year.

Seriously, who cares about Jeremy Slayden?!? There's a reason he was left off the 40 man.

well, the Nationals already have about a half-dozen outfielders. although Slayden hits left, so that would at least be something new.

Washington has enough OFers right now, but I get your point.

Another great moment I don't think anyone has mentioned: Clay Condrey striking out the side in the 8th inning of a tie game on national TV against the Cardinals. No one saw that coming.

If Burrell goes anywhere else for 3 years or less... and $40M or less... I'll be very disappointed in the Philles.

I enjoyed watching Bartolo Colon throw his back out attempting to swing (and I use that term loosely) at a Cole Hamels change-up. His helmet almost flew off. That Hamels can be one mean mofo sometimes...challenging AL pitchers with the nasty stuff. Awesome.

Didn't Colon go on the DL the next day?

Jack, Prime Time Condrey was such a beautiful moment. It was the underdog reliever moment of the year (almost matching the "Alfonseca Shuffle" in some big games last year).

To CJ et al: I watched that Baldelli home run off Madson last night and broke it down like Costner broke down the Zapruder film in JFK. I'm not sure of the marvel. He went up there with a specific plan looking for a fastball and hit a waist high, middle in 94 mile an hour pitch that had minimal movement out of the park. He has fast hands, apparently, like Utley. Utley groves those kinds of pitches for HRs all the time.

CJ - Burrell is gone. He was gone the day that Lidge was resigned. Said this months ago and still feel this way.

Plus the obvious fact is that this team doesn't think alot of Burrell to begin with. They supposedly tried to trade him the past 2 years a couple of times but were hindered by last 2 years of Burrell's contract/his no-trade clause. Hell, Gillick made the infamous "30 good swings" comment just 2 years ago and the Phils almost NEVER publicly badmouth one of their guys.

If Burrell is back in a Phils uniform, I would be stunned. No way he takes 2 yr/$22-$24 million deal because this is his last real payday. Now granted Burrell would have had to hire the worst finacial advisor in the world because he shouldn't have to work another day in his life but greed almsot always prevails in sports.

When I hear an athlete talk about his love for the "hometown" will prevail over the final dollar amount, I laugh because in 95% of situations it doesn't happen. Burrell will chase the highest dollars and this means he may end up in a fairly unlikley place when all is said and done.

Slayden has no fuiture in the NL and won't be drafted by an NL team. If I were an AL team, however, I'd scoop him up in a heartbeat. For 25G you get to see if he can hit major league pitching in spring training. If he can't you get half your money back when you return him.

My favorite moment was July 4th against the New York Metropolitans. I was in section 425 with my wife and in-laws and Howard and Burrell hit back to back RBI singles with 2 outs off Johan Santana. This totally flustered a loud mouth Mets fan in the section, turned the crowd against him, and eventually chased him off before the Phillies won in the bottom of the ninth. (The game from that section also offered a great panoramic view of the fireworks from the Schulykill River to Jersey.)

Beerleaguer moment: In mid May, Charlie names Werth the regular starting center fielder and benches Victorino.

Victorino goes on to play 139 games in center field this year and wins the Gold Glove.

Another great moment from the 13 inning mega game against the Mets. Just as Myers had his no swing at bat, the scoreboards on the side of the stadium flashed a traffic report that 95 north of the city was completely jammed. It was going to be a long long night for a lot of surly Mets fans.

Slayden may just have earned himself a Rule V draft pick. He just hit a pinch hit grand slam with two outs and two strikes on him in the top of the 8th to give his team a 7-4 lead in a must win game. The winner of this game will play in the championship AFL game on Sat.

My favorite 'Beerleaguer' moment:

Ryan Howard's September, With the climax being his go ahead HR off LEFTY Mike Gonzalez of the Braves. I don't think any 'platoonable' MVP runner-up ever got more crap throughout the year than Ryan Howard on Beerleaguer. I think my loudest cheer all year (playoffs included) was that HR.

MPN: Well, reasonable people can disagree. I don't think the home run was super-human, but I think Baldelli hit a tough pitch out. And it only goes out of CBP. I think Madson hit the spot he wanted. And I don't think much in Baldelli's season suggested he could take that pitch out. It happens, however. Joe Blanton homered in the WS, after all.

CJ: Absolutely, individual mileage may vary.

Prediction: Jeremy Slayden gets drafted by an AL team, stays on the 25-man roster all year and, contrary what everyone on Beerleaguer and in the Phillies organization seem to think, goes on to have a nice major league career along the order of, say, Eric Hinske.

The Washington Nationals and there OFer obsession/fetish is beginning to look like the Detroit Lions situation with wide receivers and first round picks. Ridiculous.

The thing about the Baldelli HR, is that it was solely due to the split game.

Because of his medical condition, there is little that Baldelli starts a game, and 7 innings later he's in good enough shape to hit that pitch.

Burrell will find himself in a Lohse situation, and will eventually reconcile himself to DH. One hopes he's successful as Lohse in his new surroundings. The guy has class.

One comment on the Utley play from the World Series before I hit my top 5 moments. I agree with those who have marveled as to how great it was. However, I didn't specifically mention it because to me- it was as much about bad baserunning as it was about the play. Bartlett never looks back to see where the ball is. He is head down running home the whole time. My guess is this- where Utley started at Bartlett thought there was no way he was getting to the ball. To be honest, watching it at the bar no one thought Utley was getting to it. Bartlett probably thought he was going to scroe easily so he just kept running. The pump fake may have very well fooled the base coach, but I never saw an angle that highlighted him during the play. I think the base coach was waving the whole time thinking Utley would maybe cut it off in shallow center but wouldn't get Bartlett at the plate. He may very well have been fooled and if I see something that proves that I'll stand corrected. To me though the pump fake just added some flair to a play. The real wonder was how far Utley ranged to field that ball.

5.- July 26, 2008- Phillies 10, Braves 9- Greg Dobbs 3 run homer

The Mets had stormed back on the Phillies erasing an early lead the Phillies had established in the division. Reeling off two losses to them, and a bad loss the night before to Atlanta, Philadelphia sent their ace to the mound to stop the bleeding. Cole Hamels however was knocked around after being spotted an early 3-0 lead and left with the Phillies facing a 9-3 defecit going to the bottom of the 5th.

The Phillies started chipping away at Hampton and eventually cut the game to 9-7 with two on and pinch hit specialist Greg Dobbs stepping to the plate against Blaine Boyer. Dobbs found a pitch he liked and launched a 3 run homer into the right field seats completing the comeback in a game the Phillies would hang on to win. It was another of the many instances where we saw the, "never give up," attitude. It was more memorable to me because it was a game the Phillies needed at the time really badly.

4.) August 10, 2008- Phillies 6, Pirates 3- Jamie Moyer loose on the bases

Down 1-0 in the bottom of the third Carols Ruiz leads off with a walk. Jamie Moyer is called upon to drop a bunt and he does so perfectly. What wasn't perfect was pitcher Jason Davis throw that sailed up the first base line. Moyer rounds first and crashes into umpire Randy Marsh sending the ump sprawling to the ground. Moyer continues on to second where another throw gets away and Moyer just keeps on moving to third, where he settles in out of breath and to a standing ovation.

To me that play symbolizies the Phillies. They are a scrappy bunch that will claw for everything and nothing was stopping Moyer from continuing on in the course of that play. It also makes you appreciate Moyer and what he brings to the team. If a 45 year old wants it that bad then the younger guys have no excuse. Moyer is so incredibly fun to watch and this was a major highlight in his wonderful season.

3.- August 26, 2008 Phillies 8, Mets 7- Chooch at third

Jamie Moyer gets knocked around early and the Phillies find themselves in a 7-0 hole after 3 and half innings. After that our bullpen comes in and throws 10 innings of one run ball. With our bullpen and bench depleted Charlie Manuel decides to run Carlos Ruiz out to third for an inning so he can save Eric Bruntlett for an at bat and he comes through with a game tying double. The Phillies go on to win that game after an even crazier 13th inning that included Brett Myers ridiculous at bat, and a Chris Coste walk-off single. It was after this moment people didn't just say "Trust the Gut," as a humorous aside about Charlie's managing. After that moment people said it and thought, "It always seems to work out." To me, it's when people in the city really started rallying behind Manuel.

2.) October 26, 2008- Phillies 10, Rays 3- Joe Blanton home run

From the moment the trade was made for him back in July, Blanton was met with skepticism from fans. He didn't have the appeal of a C.C. or Harden. He cost us a hihgly touted prospect. People said he was an upgrade over Eaton but probably not worth what we gave up.

In the biggest game all year he would pitch he was great working 6 innings, giving up 4 hits and striking out 7. He kept the Rays off balance and for the most part stayed out of trouble. What will keep him forver in Phillies lore though is his at bat in the bottom of the 5th inning. He had just given up a long home run to Eric Hinske that helped the Rays cut the lead to 5-2. Blanton comes up against Edwin Jackson and absolutely smokes a ball to left field that went over the fence and increased the lead back to 4. The look on Blanton's face was priceless. The Rays after gaining some momentum were knocked down again. More importantly, it was this moment that caused fellow fans to turn to each other and say, "We're gonna win this thing." It wasn't a question anymore of if, but rather when.

1.) September 27, 2008- Phillies 4, Nationals 3- Rollins to Utley to October

Once again our season had come down to the final weekend with the Nationals in town. This year though we controlled our destiny and weren't at the whim of a faltering Mets team. The Mets were throwing their ace that day and that meant a loss in the afternoon almost certainly meant a tie for the divison going into the final Sunday.

Brad Lidge had been great all year but was looking especially shaky in this outing and with every passing pitch, more and more nails were being chewed down. The lead had been cut to 4-3 and Ryan Zimmerman stepped to the plate with the bases loaded. A base hit probably meant the Phillies down 1 and trying to battle back in the bottom of the 9th. Zimmerman smoked a ball back through the middle that saw every Phillies fans heart drop into their stomach. However, Jimmy Rollins dove to his left and made a great play to cut the ball off and at least guarantee one out. He flipped to Utley at second who turned it as fast as he could to first and beat Zimmerman for the game ending, division clinching double play. Even Rollins diving stop wasn't enough to guarantee a win as we needed that third out. Rollins and Utley showcased why they are considered the top tier of fielder at their position. From the look of relief on Lidge's face you could tell he was excited to be bailed out. Without that amazing play the Phillies may not see October baseball and there may never be a parade down Broad Street.

Best memories:
1) 4/25 Phi @ Pit
I live in Pit, so I barely get to see them in person. Howard is slumping so cholly rolls out this line up:

Phils won 6-5, with eaton not able to get out of the 4th.

Memory 2:
5/26 COL @ PHI

Took my girlfriend to this game...I'm trying after 2 years together to get her interested in baseball, but she thinks its boring. The phillies took this game 20-5, clearly a sign that I will win some day.

Memory 3:
9/28 WAS @ PHI

The day after the phillies clinched, Charlie rolled dout all the backups. Starting lineup was:


Marson hit his first home run, and Les Walrond picked up the win.

Favorite memory:

Beerleaguer faithful writing off the Phillies in Game 4 of the NLCS before Shane Victorino (WHAM) and Matt Stairs (BOOM) homer to silence the stunned Los Angeles crowd. The ultimate Fightin' Phillies moment of 2008.

Truth Injection, that was your best post ever. I vote that Jason puts this one of your comments in his publication.

Pops, you are so right. I was away from a computer that night and read the whole thread for that game. What a soap opera of comments from enthusiasm, to despair, back to jubulation. We'll never know if some sadsack stubbled onto BL during the despair part of that game's posting and offed himself! I remember writing a comment the next morning recommending that game thread to be required reading for all BLers.

Have been off beerleaguer for a while but has there been any discussion of Milton Bradley as a replacement for Burrell? And any thoughts on what he would want in years and dollars? When healthy, he is an unbelievable patient and powerful hitter who would thrive in this park.

Tim: There's been A LOT of talk about him a number of threads back. The biggest issue is his mental state. He's had serious attitude problems at almost every stop. His baseball "rap sheet" is long. He's also been injured to the point of exceeding 500 ABs just once in his 9 year career.

The talent is there. And if healthy, and well-adjusted, he could be the best free agent option to take over LF. There's just a HUGE question mark about those issues and general consensus is that the Phils won't even kick the tires there.

I vote NO on Milton Bradley.

My favorite moment of the season (and arguably turning point):

- Vic's homer in the top of the 8th against Wade to tie up the game 5-5. Everybody is going to remember the Stairs' pinch-hit HR against Broxton years from now but that situation doesn't occur if Vic didn't hit his 2-run shot/make Torre go to Broxton an inning too early.

Arguably the most important moment in the entire postseason as the Dodgers were well on their way to winning Game 4 and making it a real dogfight of a series by tying it up 2-2. Instead the Phils went up 3-1 and put a strangehold on the Dodgers when they easily finsihed them off.

Even in that game, I was amazed at how the Dodgers just showed no life in the bottom of the 8th/9th and the stunning amount of fans who let considerign their team was only down 2 runs and still had Manny coming up. Just shows how the LA fans in general come out in droves to support a winner and turn their nose up

It's hard to say what the most important moment of the post-season was, but that game-winning dribbler by Ruiz was pretty critical. Recall that the Rays had come back from a 4-1 deficit & it looked for sure like they were going to win the game, which would have given them a 2-1 lead in the series.

The most important moment of the season is, of course, totally different from the Beerleaguer Moment of the Season -- an award which signifies the most bizarre or unforeseeable events of the season. Things like Stairs' homerun, Utley's great play at the plate, or Victorino's grand slam against the Brewers clearly don't qualify.

Burrell will be back...mark my words. And I'm starting to think he will be cheaper than my 3 year, $40 million prediction of a week ago.

repost from end of previous thread:

One of my favorites was Howard's diving catch of a foul ball near the first base stands. I have no idea what the outcome of this game was, but this was right around end of August/early Sept, and I felt like it was a sign that Ryan had his mind back where it needed to be and was getting ramped up to do something have a ridiculously productive September.

Truth gets my nod too Lake Fred. Probably the most comprehesnive and well-written post so far.

Agreed, very nice post Truth. Really captures all of the surrounding circumstances that were present while the plays were actually taking place.

For the record, when I put up my favorite moment, I assumed regular season. Everyone remembers just about every play of the postseason; I figured Beerleaguer would be all about appreciating the little moments over the course of the season.

Change You Can't Believe In
Why hiring a new coach won't solve your favorite NBA team's problems. (Unless the old coach was Isiah Thomas.)

Cool article in general that sports fans with a numbers-bent will eat up. The article has this to say on NFL and MLB coaches:

In the NFL and MLB, stat geeks and economists have made more serious attempts to measure the impact of similar situational decisions—that crucial call to the bullpen, the choice to go for it on fourth down. But even in the coach-as-deity world of the NFL, a place in which a writer can earnestly pen a tome called The Genius: How Bill Walsh Reinvented Football and Created an NFL Dynasty, there's still no magic data on coaching effectiveness. The same goes for baseball. In his 1997 book The Bill James Guide to Baseball Managers, the baseball writer came up with a makeshift ranking of the greatest field generals of all time but also insisted that there's no such thing as a good or bad manager. Instead, he argued, managers are specialists: Tony La Russa likes the hit-and-run, Bobby Cox loves to platoon, and Sparky Anderson is the king of the intentional walk.

An added note to best BL moment - wasn't Victorino's go ahead triple vs the Braves one of the first really profound "hawaiian handclaps" that he so famously patented in 2008?

One quibble with Truth's post:
"The Mets were throwing their ace that day and that meant a loss in the afternoon almost certainly meant a tie for the divison going into the final Sunday."
That's wrong. We were two up so we would still have been a game up if we lost.

I enjoyed it, just doing some quality control.

Mets are likely going sign a closer (Fuentes), a decent setup man (Cruz/Biemel), and another decent frontline starter (Sheets).

If the Mets do manage that and the Phils only moves are to resign Moyer and a back-end bullpen guy, Phils are going to need another MVP year from their core, continued good health, and someone from their minor league to contribute in a meaningful way next year to have a decent shot at taking the NL East again.

Here's the thing MG: Jroll and Ryno were off for much of the year so its not as if either had career offensive years. Uts was injured and it sapped what could have been a colossal MVP year for him as well. Our lineup had a somewhat off year and we still won the WS. If they all 3 had had career years, we would have won 100 games. The Mets could easily sign all 3 and still not be the better team. I hope they do sign Sheets...he's one of the most injury prone guys in the world and once he has a long term deal he could very well pull a Pavano. Fuentes isn't that great and the rest of their pen still sucks. Trading Fuentes in 09 for Wagner's 08 and its still a net loss for the Mets. They're gonna lose Perez so that counterbalances a potential Sheets signing as well. We'll see about Cruz/Beimal...They could very well get one of them and give up the draft pick to do so.

Fuentes doesn't scare me too much, but he's decent enough. It's a shame(ha ha) that they still are paying Wagner 10million. Guess Gillick was right about that 4th year.

Gillick was right a lot more often than he was wrong. Besides, knowing better than to give aging pitchers long-term deals isn't exactly rocket science. I always thought Wagner was a cancer anyway. Getting rid of him was addition by subtraction anyway. He was too me-first in attitude and he's been the same way in NY with throwing his teammates under the bus.

I wonder if the Giants regret the Zito signing yet?

Brian G. Good catch. I misread the standings on baseball reference for that day.

Thanks for the kind words guys. I didn't know exactly how to differentiate between playoff moments. The Blanton one will always be the highlight to me. I thought about just putting The Playoffs at #1 or #2 because there are so many moments that will live in Phillies lore (the Myers walk, Vic's grand slam, Myers hitting in Game 2 of the NLCS, the 4 run 8th, Vic barking back at the Dodgers, the Utley home run in World Series Game 1, the Ruiz dribbler, etc). That felt like cheating though.

Two more moments that jumped out at me:

April 22- Phillies 8, Rockies 6

Phillies score 3 in the 9th to come from behind. 2 on and 1 out with Ryan Howard hitting .195 at the plate. The Rockies walked him to get to Pat Burrell and he hammers a double to deep left center that clears the bases with Ryan Howard almost running down Chase Utley between third and home. Also put us over .500 for the first time all season after we kept alternating wins and losses through the first 20 games

May 5 Phillies 11, Diamondbacks 4

After his great first appearance everyone was heralding how dominant Max Scherzer was,. Analysts were debating how many strikeouts he would get in his first starting effore. He got 5 but he also got knocked around by the Phillies offense for 6 runs in 4 innings, on the way to a rout.

It was one of the few times I've watched Phillies hitters and thought, "They actually have a gameplan." I also sadi to a buddy. This is a good lesson for Scherzer- he'll understand you can't just be a thrower, you need to be a pitcher. You can't expect to throw fastballs by major league hitters all the time

For those wondering- I watch probably 90% of the innings the Phillies play in a season. The rest of the details I've filled in with basbeall reference game logs.

Ibanez is really puzzling. Do we really need another aging left handed hitting outfielder?

There is a lot of talk that middle of the line free agents might take a hit due to the economic conditions. I guess Burrell could fall into that category OR once Manny signs then another team will get desperate for a big RH outfielder and then Pat will get the contract he wants. I would say there is a better chance he will be back with the Phillies for a reasonable contract now than the day the season ended though.

3/48 or 4/64 for Derek Lowe seems to be the figure.

Does that temper any excitement?

Best BL moment: PhillR's "Vic is actively hurting the team."

Best Phillies moment. Vic's 2-run shot against the Dodgers. I'm pretty sure everyone was doomin' and gloomin' at that point, and Vic's shot turned the whole post season around.

The Ibanez thing to me screams lazy sportswriter making up rumor. "Hmmm...the Phillies need an OF right? I'll just add them into my story"

I hope Lowe enjoys that money...I wouldn't pay him anywhere near that...and I actually like Lowe. I see him going back to the Sox.

Yeah that "Vic is actively hurting the team" has got to be the most quoted line of the season. How many times did that get mentioned?

Best BL moment: PhillR's "Vic is actively hurting the team."

I mean that's gotta be it, right? "Actively hurting this team" is immortal, part of the lexicon.

Actually, it's amazing how many time Vic's name has been mentioned in the "favorite moments" comments.

I mean Howard should have been MVP of the league (that was for you, Klaus), but Vic was clearly the MVP of the Phils.

Vic is the sparkplug...teams need players like Vic to win championships. He's that complimentary player that is invaluable to a team's success. He's not your big gun but he can and will carry the team for a week here and a week there when he's hot.

As an ardent and long-time Victorino Booster, I am ecstatic at his success this year.

we must re-sign burrell.

If we wanted to be jerks about the top moments thing- what series was it where people said we should blow up the team and just give up on this year?

Parker was advocating a package that included dealing Jimmy Rollins and acquiring David Eckstein to be the shortstop because he is a winner- and all Rollins gives you is better stats.

It was late July. It may have been the day game Rollins missed . People were calling for every piece but Utley to be traded and we should start over with the young guys.

It was a huge moment of overreaction even for Phillies fans.

Sadly it might have come on July 28, 2008 when everyone's wish came true.

They say a picture says a thousand words, how much can be be said about this simple transaction:

7/28/08 Optioned RHP Adam Eaton to the Minor Leagues

JB, sending Eaton down, and the trade for Blanton.

I like most fans, don't wish Eaton any ill will, but he sure hurt the team'sw chances of winning when he was on the mound.

Hopefully he can rebound in ST, and maybe the club can trade him somewhere for a useful piece or prospect.

Oh wait......what did I just type?

I know its been said, but the July 4th game against the Mets might have been my favorite. With the 20+ phans from my family in the house, it was a special night. Also "WFC" by Chase Utley

JB - Sending down Eaton and picking up Blanton did make a huge difference as the Phils went 9-4 in Blanton's 13 starts down the stretch. Considering that the wheels had come off Eaton, it is likely him and his replacement (Happ) wouldn't have been able to pitch well enough for the Phils to duplicate that 9-4 record.

My favorite BL moment was the game Eaton pitched at home to the D-backs. After those wheels came off in the previous starts, the team still sent him to the mound out of stuborness. That meatball of a pitch that Randy Johnson tee up on sent Eaton to his final resting place. Remember Eaton rolling his eyes in disbelief? That may have been the turning point of the season, and lead to the Blanton trade and the rise to a strong rotation to finish out the year.

I love these last two threads... What a great year for us Phils fans.

I posted this in the other thread, but then saw that Weitzel said to continue the discussion here so sorry for the double post if it is inappropriate. Here it is:

I ended up going to 16 games at Citizens Bank Park this year so I will limit my moments to those games. I sat through a lot of stinkers and was also at two of the greatest games I ever witnessed. There were games where I wanted my money back, but many more great moments. Here is a look at some for the Beerleaguer community:

March 31st, 11-6 loss vs. Nationals: Anticipation and excitement are in the wintry, wet air as the Phillies kick off their 2008 season. The mood turned to frustration and anger when Nick Johnson smashed one off Tom Gordon in the 9th inning to break the tie. This would earn Gordon the ire of the Philly faithful for the rest of his active season.

April 29th: 7-4 win vs. Padres: It's dollar dog night and Cole Hamels is facing Greg Maddux so the wife and I decide to head over to the ballpark around 6:30 and have a night out (it's nice living about a 10 minute walk from the stadium). No particular moment stands out to me except for the fact that Hamels showed the greatness that would lead us to a World Series win by out pitching the surefire hall-of-famer Maddux on a chilly evening.

May 26th: 20-5 win vs. Rockies: Summer weather is here and now we are rolling. I'll never forget watching Ryan Howard cross the plate on a Pedro Feliz single to score the Phils 20th run. I remember turning to my wife after So Taguchi's double earlier in the game and saying how it doesn't get much worse for Colorado than Taguchi ripping doubles down the line.

June 4th: 2-0 loss to the Reds: With my Jimmy Rollins bobblehead happily in hand I see Edison Volquez baffle Phillies hitters. However, there are two standout moments for me. First, Chase Utley shows the only sign of life on the team with a gold glove worthy diving play. Then Brett Myers gets eight outs away from a no hitter, but loses it on a clear hit causing me to curse since I saw my chance to witness history vanish in a moments time. The history would come later in the year.

July 7th: 10-9 loss to the Mets: Ok, so I just sat through a completely uninspired loss to the hated Mets two days earlier. Now I was ready for some payback. What I got was the Mets jumping out to a big lead and an obnoxious woman sitting next to us ruining our nice 300 level seats. I see the fans below us behind the Phillies dugout start to clear out as early as the 5th so I tell the wife "lets head down and at least make this night a little worthwhile with some close seats." We end up a few rows behind the home dugout and then the fun starts. The Phillies make a comeback. We do a dramatic, over exaggerated kiss on the kiss cam that pops the CBP crowd. Then Pedro Feliz comes through again with a single to make the game 10-9. My Beerleaguer moment was Beltran's throw going wide and then frantically waving Bruntlett to come home from right behind the dugout. The two games I saw that weekend against the Mets would only set the stage for the greatest game I ever witnessed in my life.

August 20th: 4-0 win vs. Nationals: I sit between my wife and lifelong friend with Chase Utley bobblehead in hand and together we witness Brett Myers continue his comeback. He blanks Washington's Triple A team in a rare complete game shutout.

August 26th: 8-7 win vs. Mets: THE GREATEST GAME EVER. You know the story by now. The Phillies pull off what they couldn't on July 7th and finish the job. There are so many Beerleaguer moments and they are all well documented. I will mention two personal ones. My wife is a trooper and enjoys a nice night at the ballpark, but five hours and 13 innings is just too much baseball for her. The moment Shane Victorino stood safely after his leadoff triple I grabbed her and we jumped up and down as I yelled "baby we are going home!" Then there are the moments that you can only experience at the ballpark itself. There is nothing like walking down that ramp from the 300 level with a group of gleeful fans celebrating, yelling that we are in first place and taunting every Mets fan in sight. Those moments make sitting through a dozen Edison Volquez shutouts worth it.

August 27th: 6-3 loss vs. Mets: Ok, so this was a buzzkill from the previous night, but there were two moments worth mentioning. I was one of the few people pregame watching Johan Santana loosen up in centerfield when Pat Burrell does a sprint towards right center. They lock eyes and have a brief, but very intense stare down. The next is hearing the Mets fans behind me groan and complain every time a new pitcher comes trotting out of the visitor's bullpen.

September 24th: 10-4 loss vs. Braves: Now the Phillies ended up going 6-10 in games that I attended, giving me some frustrating nights. This was one of them. To try to make up for it we move down to some seats right behind third base. We are there just in time for Shane Victorino and Julian Tavarez to exchange words in front of us leading to the benches clearing, bullpens emptying and well, nothing else really happened after that. However, it was the first time I was ever at a game in my 35 years where the benches and bullpens emptied so that makes it a noteworthy moment.

September 27th: 4-3 win vs. Washington: Oh yeah, a year of ups and downs are rewarded with the ultimate celebration as the Phillies win the NL East and I'm there to witness history. We all know about Rollins to Utley to Howard so I will nominate Jimmy's incredible basketcatch in centerfield. I knew it was a great one when I witnessed it from my 400 level seats close to the scoreboard, but it just gets better each time I see the replay. I also remember thinking to myself when Pedro Feliz doubled home Shane Victorino in the 8th that it is "sure nice to have this insurance run." It also cemented Pedro Feliz my personal Beerleaguer moment MVP award.

One last thing, my season of going to games ended when Pat Burrell high fived me during the victory celebration. That is my closing 2008 Beerleaguer moment from games I attended.

I highly doubt Rube throws multiple years and 10+ million at Ibanez. It's a rumor, not even close to being a reality. He's a good hitter, but better suited for the AL because he sucks at fielding and isn't going to improve because he's on the wrong side of 30. If we signed him, it wouldn't be terrible, but it also wouldn't make much sense.

Truth Injections post really brought it all home for me. That was an excellent summary of some of the moments that made this an incredible run, thanks!

Also, the "actively hurting the team" comments brought me back to one of my other favorite beerleaguer lines. The problem is, I can't remember if it was this year or last. When exactly did "some dudes" originate?

After some research, "some dudes" originated in December 2007. I guess that is technically part of last season, so I'll have to amend my favorite Beerleaguer moment to be Dave Y's well thought out plea for help via trade...

And another thing that adds on to the Braves game - Wasn't Harry the K already finishing his call that the Braves have tied the game before Victorino's throw even got to the plate?

Dropped popup to tie the game, Victorino's hawaiian handclap after his goahead triple, and a good ol' miscall by Harry - all in one game.

Re the Phils 2009 roster: Something we haven't considered needs to happen between now and the start of the season.

My rough calculation, estimating the arbitration figures, has 20 roster spots accounting for $115MM-ish in salaries in 2009. If we get what we all seem to be hoping for - Burrell at $12MM/yr and Moyer at $6MM/yr - then 2009 payroll is way over $130MM.

That seems implausible.
Something gotta give.

my favorite "beerleaguer" style moment was the game I went to at CBP with J.A. Happ facing Johann Santana. It was the first time the Phillies were facing the man that was going to lead the Mets to the world series and the doomsayers were out in full force, doubly so because it was Happ's first start for the Phillies. While Happ didn't get the win, he did pitch a great game, keeping the Phillies in it until the bats finally awoke enough against the Mets to push just enough runs across the plate to get the W. I remember watching the hit that plated the game-winning run and just leap out of my seat, with every other person in the stadium. I could barely believe it.

In struggling with the logic of signing Ibanez, a lefty with a career OPS of .733 vs. LHP, I'm guess the Phils think he'd be an upgrade over Stairs & Jenkins and cheap enough to leave money for a decent RH platoon mate. Presumably an Ibanez/RH platoon comes closer to Burrell's OPS than a Jenkins or Stairs/RH platoon.

Defensively, Ibanez would be as bad as Stairs in LF and not as good as Jenkins.

Altho he did hit lefties last season, it was an outlier compared to his previous 12 years in the league.

DP, if they let Pat Burrell sign elsewhere, it looks like "somes dudes" will be manning LF at the Zen next season. It is now likely that we'll be using the monicker for the entire 2009 season.

Hopefully, "some" of the "dudes" will actually be able to hit and contribute.

I was talking to some dudes the other day about the prospect of "some dudes" playing for the Phillies next season, particularly in LF. The general consensus of some dudes was that "some dudes" probably wouldn't be able to replace PB's production, and that some other dudes on the team would have to pick up the slack for "some dudes".

At least that is what some dudes do think about "some dudes".

Len, I enjoyed your personal game capsules. You need to elaborate on high fiving PtB. You need to give us the play by play on that one. Was your marriage in jeopardy when your wife got to see "the Bait" up close?

Why would any team give out long term contracts with the state of the economy right now? Makes no sense. No one knows what can happen in these uncertain times.

According to's Joe Frisaro, the Phillies are interested in Marlins outfielder Jeremy Hermida. Hermida could be a more affordable replacement for Pat Burrell. On Friday, Ken Rosenthal wrote that the Cubs and Rays were in on Hermida.

Hermida, 25 in January, hit .249/.323/.406 in 559 plate appearances. He was much better in '07. His defense in right field has been slightly above average. He's arbitration-eligible for the first time, and under team control for three more seasons.

*He still bats left!

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