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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I just finished watching the DVD, I highly recommend it. Its worth the price just for the opening sequence and the closing coverage of the parade. Getting to hear Terrence Howard (the narrator) say "Chooch" was just a nice extra. Get it now!

Is the DVD a 'year in review' or is it just the post-season?

Have to admit I was fascinated by Swindle too but I wonder if the Brewers (or any team for that matter) really has the luxury of having a guy on their pitching roster who really is useful in select situations. Plus, you will almost always have a manager to the the righty PH bat off the bench if he can against a guy like Swindle.

The DVD is really just the playoffs, they run through the season in about five minutes. There is also a few minutes given to the Rays regular season as this is the MLB playoff video.

Thanks Ribbies...

I'd like to get my hands on a DVD thats more of a full season recap that also carries through the playoffs. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? Thanks!

I imagine the Phillies will be coming out with their own video at some point (ala "Goosebumps" from last season). I haven't heard when something might be coming out.

"phlipper, it was me."

Boy, there's a shock - considering that AWH's false flag comment was mixed in with a string of AWH's posts.

I never called you a name, AWH. I've only referred to clout as a weasel because he laughably claimed that he didn't insult people in his posts. Hey, if insulting people is your style, go for it. But just don't be a weasel and claim that you're not doing what you're obviously doing.

As for my exchanges with you - they speak for themselves. There's not much point in rehashing them, but without a doubt you continuously said that I said things that I never said. That, clearly, is an indication that you don't believe that your arguments can stand up under reasonable scrutiny. The fact that you'd then resort to posting comments under my handle is only further testimony to your own confidence in your ability to make a valid argument.

"phlipper, it was me."

Boy, there's a shock - considering that AWH's false flag comment was mixed in with a string of AWH's posts.

I never called you a name, AWH. I've only referred to clout as a weasel because he laughably claimed that he didn't insult people in his posts. Hey, if insulting people is your style, go for it. But just don't be a weasel and claim that you're not doing what you're obviously doing.

As for my exchanges with you - they speak for themselves. There's not much point in rehashing them, but without a doubt you continuously said that I said things that I never said. That, clearly, is an indication that you don't believe that your arguments can stand up under reasonable scrutiny. The fact that you'd then resort to posting comments under my handle is only further testimony to your own confidence in your ability to make a valid argument.

Sorry for the double post. And btw, AWH - I admire that you're willing to undermine your own credibility to stick up for your BFF clout.

Like everyone else, I was intrigued by Swindle and his incredible minor league splits. The intrigue wore off pretty fast, though, when it quickly became apparent that he couldn't get a right-hander out if his life depended on it (and he didn't look too hot against left-handers either). I wouldn't at all be surprised if Swindle goes on to have a long and successful career as a reliever -- but that long and successful career will be at the Triple A level. If he makes the Brewers' opening day roster, I'll be shocked.

The season DVD is called "Perfect Season", narrated by Brad Lidge, comes out mid-December.

Too much animosity on BL lately. Listen people, we're World Phucking Champions and it's the Holidays...repreive from the bickering please.

AWH just showed that he is bigger loser than his boyfriend clout.

Swindle looked completely overmatched when he appeared for the Phillies. Heck, Les Walrond was better.

Thanks, Carson. Let's all get back to business a little bit.

RJ Swindle will be my defense in court for child abuse after I break my kid's right arm to turn him into a LHP. I mean, seriously, is there a better paying career field than Left handed relief pitcher???

as others were mentioning, I am much more excited about the "The Perfect Season" video than I am about the postseason review.

The postseason is burned into my memory already, its the 162 other games that tend to get lost in the mind.

I'm hope they have a part of the DVD that shows them going into low points of the season and not just all highlights.

Season low for me: I ended up with great seats, sec 101 row 2, right next to the bullpens and where about 80% of utley's HR land. They lost 2-1 to the astros on a 2run Michael Bourne HR off the right field foul pole. Sickening. Booing /Geoff Geary as he warmed up just didnt feel as good as it should have since the Phils lost.

NEPP: NFL Kicker.

My kid will be kicking FGs before he can take more than 2 steps.

NEPP- "I mean, seriously, is there a better paying career field than Left handed relief pitcher???" Not sure if better, but equivalent- NFL place kicker or punter, defensive players in NHL, really tall guys in NBA, and Tom Prince.

Phaithful- seems great minds (or perhaps stupid minds) think alike.

Carson: haha nice list. I'm 100% dead serious though about making my kid a kicker. To be a kicker, ALL you need is repitition. NO physical traits are required. height, weight, handedness, nothing. Leg strength would help, but that can easily be acquired.

Biggest Risks: you accidently turn your kid into a soccerhomo or he becomes Ray Finkle.

Biggest Rewards: college scholarship, million dollar kid,free tickets.

If he has some physical size NEPP, long snapper in the NFL can be a very, very long career. Get paired up with a good kicker and you can be set for life.

Too bad about Swindle, his 15 seconds of fame was like an informercial at 3am on a Tuesday.

If the Phillies were not handicapped with so many one dimensional players they might have given this one dimensional player more of an opportunity to prove himself.

Also - I read J. Dye had 6 teams that were on his no-trade list on the Phils were one of them.

Not sure if it was an East-coast bias but hopefully with the team's WS victory it brings the Phils back to respectability in players wanting to come here to play.

Maybe the reputation of the fans is something we can put behind us and all that built up frustration is gone.

Actually being a kicker in the NFL is really tough because your margin of error is so little now. Unlike NFL 20-25 years ago, it is expected that your will convert at a pretty high clip from 40+ yards.

Plus if you miss one or two kicks that decide a game, there is always potential you will find yourself looking for work after the next game. Doesn't happen in baseball.

Backup catcher has become one of those everlasting occupations, as Carson mentioned with Tom Prince. Look at a guy like Sal Fasano, for example. Fasano has almost no skill or athleticism at all will be invited to spring training forever and ever.

Nuts nuts nuts nuts nuts
I came back to this discussion ready to make my real contribution and Weitzel beat me to it. But...I can add to the argument. If you're kid's a back-up catcher, aside from not needing to either hit a lick, or really catch and throw that well (a back up needs to do one of those) (oh, and batting lefty kinda helps, too), he'll be able to get you into ballgames free.

My wife's cousin is Jerry Narron, who was the catcher for the Yankees the day after Thurman Munson died, because he was the back-up catcher. Along the line we got some really great seats in Yankee stadium for free because the Rangers (when he was the bench coach there) were in town.

I'd say: Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys - make 'em into back-up catchers.

I love guys that put up big stats, but I LOVE baseball so much that I hold on to even the most marginal of players like Tom Price, Sal Fasano, Chris Gomez, or Jesse Orosco. I love that players can seemingly hang around forever, that's why I've come to really like Jamie Moyer. Luis Gonzalez is another guy that comes to mind. Their careers span generations.

MG: true, put its such a simple repitition that if someone were to do it from such a young age, they should be able to excel, without needing any special physicial ability or high level of intellect.

Backup catchers still need to hit at one point to get into the league in the first place, which is always said to be one of the hardest things to do in sports.

I recommend clicking into this article, not for any news, but because it has a GREAT photo of Jamie Moyer.

Andy, don't you know how to embed a link?

Carson - Nope. I'm a freaking dinosaur. But I learn quickly; how do you do it?

Hey JW-
How about running a baseball blog?

Carson had the right example. Tom Prince played five years in the majors before even seeing a minor league AB. During those five years as a back-up with the Bucs he played in 84 games (about 17 a season) garnering a grand total of 179 ABs. His 32 hits in those five years work out to a .179 BA. I think, with a little bit more attention to the study of what's really important in life, I coulda done that. Maybe.

Nahhh. I wasn't even good enough to do that.

But Prince's career is what should keep the dream of baseball alive for so many little league right-fielders for many a cold winter night.

Type- <, followed by the letter a, then type href=", then ">. Copy and Paste the URL. The type a word such as link, then put <, followed by /a>. I had to type it weird like that or nothing would appear.

Bubba - Don't wanna jump in for Jason, but I doubt he's gathering up a ton of coin from maintenance of this site. (In other words: don't give up the day job.)

hey bubba how about you pay for a subscription? until then i wouldn't complain.

Okay here goes:

Why, thanks, Carson! I love learning new stuff.

BL is so f*****g informative!

Andy- it didn't work, but at least you got the standard blue hyperlink color on the link itself. For some reason the word "then" appeared, and that's probably the reason for the error.

I believe this is the link Andy was trying to share with all of you- Tom Prince

<, a, href="URL">, <, />

scratch that last one-

forgot the last a.

<, a, href="URL">, <, a, />

After this I will not clog up the page any more.

Thank you for the HTML lesson.

Incidently, I took Bubba's question as being a continuation of the sports related occupations available to the common person.

Thank you Andy- that was the intent.

Bubba - Hot Stove is ice-cold. Probably doesn't begin to stoke up until after the holiday.

Carson: Jesse Orosco may have stuck around for a long time, but he was hardly marginal in his Mets years of the `80s. He received MVP and Cy Young Award votes in 1983 with an ERA of 1.47 (ERA+ of 247) for 110 IP (13-7, 17 S).

MPN - Yeah. It is kind of funny how everybody always remember Orosco as the quinessential LOOGY but he was a really key stalwart of the Mets; pen for nearly a decade.

Remember when we had "clout day" when we could start talking about minor league stats?

I propose we have "bap day" when we can start b*tching about the Phillies not making all the off-season moves we want them to make. bap has set that day at Dec. 17th, I believe. :-)

Do we have any medically oriented BLers that can explain in layman's terms Utley's surgery? I needs to know!

CJ - I agree with BAP. With many 1 or 2 minor exceptions (guys signed to minor league deal who might make the team as the 24/25th man), next year's roster is going to be set by mid-Dec.

I love what Moyer has done for the Phils but the reports of him wanting a 3-yr guaranteed deal are nuts. What GM in their right mind would sign a 47-year old man to a 3-yr guaranteed deal at north of $5+/year?

So Dye doesn't want to be traded to the WFC Phillies??? What a dunderhead! Why not play for the WFC where all the players seem to enjoy playing for Cholly? Let Dye go to Cincy and play for a last place club located in the middle of the hinterland.

MPN- I know Orossco was once a top-notch talent in the bullpen. I was referring to the years he simply hung on as a LOOGY. Trust me, I know my baseball.

CJ: I like it! To have a Beerleaguer day officially named after me (or, at least after my fake BL handle) would be like a scientist winning the Nobel Prize. I really can't think of a greater honor in life. And December 17 sounds like about the right date, depending upon how much fre agent activity there is in the next few weeks. So far, it's an unusually slow-moving FA market. If that's still the case come December 17, we might have to put the date off by 2 or 3 weeks.

At least Dye also has the Mets on his no-trade list, and apparently most or all of the 4 other teams are also in the NE. Is it the pressure from the fans that scares him?

The guy I think of when I think of the term LOOGY: Dan Plesac in his Phillies days.

From fangraphs...

"...Historically, this player type gets paid very well in free agency. Guys like Carlos Lee and Jose Guillen have cashed in the last two winters, and their teams have simply not benefited from their presence as much as they expected, because this is probably the single most overrated player type in all of baseball. The good hit/bad glove corner outfielder is simply not an impact player, and almost always commands more money than they are worth."

Best humor of the day from the Daily News wire services:

"Two New York City Council members say that Citigroup should acknowledge a federal bailout by sharing the naming rights to the new Mets ballpark and call it Citi/Taxpayer Field. The naming-rights fee is $400 million over 20 years."

Just call it Bailout Park and be done with it. The Mets have bailed out over the past two seasons.

MG, you got that right.

WHERE do they get these guys?

2009 - 1.
2008 - 1. R.J. Swindle 2. Les Walrond
2007 - 1. Kane Davis 2. Anderson Garcia
2006 - 1. Adam Bernero 2. Julio Santana
2005 - 1. Aquino Lopez 2. Pedro Liriano
2004 - 1. Paul Abbott 2. Jim Crowell
2003 - 1. Valerio de los Santos 2. Hector Mercado
2002 - 1. Doug Nickle 2. Eric Junge
2001 - 1. Eddie Oropesa 2. Ed Vosberg
2000 - 1. Kirk Bullinger 2. Tom Jacquez

MG: bap may very well be right on that... I guess we'll have to wait and see. I just figured that since clout day was such a success, that bap day would be as well.

Dave X, I beg to differ with fangraph writeup you posted. In Houston, they love Carlos Lee and his contributions to the team. He and Lance Berkman are their biggest stars.

Fans come to the park to see the big sluggers ply their trade. When's the last time you've heard a fan utter, "I can't wait to get to the park and see the LF shag flys!" ????

"2002 - 1. Doug Nickle 2. Eric Junge"

I assume the scouts overthought that one. Thought they were getting Eric Young, but went with the more German/Austrian pronunciation.

bb - Is getting a Nickle 2 1/2 times better than getting your 2 cents worth?

On b-a-p day do we (east coasters) get to report to work three hours late? (phargo and LF only get to go in an hour late, I believe.)

MPN- yes, I predicted 82-80 prior to the season, but I also said I would never write the team off again and throw the towel in on the season. The 2 seasons prior to that I came within 2 wins of predicting the won/loss record. If you're trying to start a verbal internet spar with me, I'm taking the higher road. In the past I would have dove right in and started attacking things you've said, but I'm trying to change my ways. So, whatever personal grudge you hold against me, please let it go...Oh and by the way, just because I predicted 82-80 doesn't mean I don't know my baseball. I just happened to be wrong there.

flipper: I recommend psychological help. Seriously. You are unbalanced.

I'm glad no one is buying into the reports that the Phillies contacted Burnett and Lowe.

Dave X: Yeah, good point. The Dodgers didn't benfit at all from Manny Ramirez. Good field, no-hit is the smarter way to go in LF. Maybe we can get Roberson back.

btw- Its no longer fair to call ourselves "America's most heartbreaking franchise".

baxter: The Phils were also mentioned in connection with that young Japanese pitcher who's likely to sign wioth the Red Sox. I wonder if the Phillies lead the league in mentions.

Hey JW - sorry if this is frowned upon, delete if you must...but completely true story and am no way affliated with the site

i just got a Brad Lidge World Series jersey for $38 (price + shipping) off of this website and its literally identical to my $200 authentic Utley jersey I got for my birthday two years ago. same quality, everything hand stitched, and the 08 WS Patch is sweet.

A friend passed it along to me and thought i'd pass along the good find to fellow BL'ers.

Again sorry if this is frowned upon, I know soem people aren't a fan of Ad type posts, but this is literally the coolest thing i've ever seen.

I haven't seen the video but can someone tell me if Utley's great pump fake play to Ruiz in the final game of the series is on there?

Amaro pulled the old "leave a couple messages in hopes of saving $300,000 in ongoing negotiations" trick.

baxter: The Phils almost certainly Burnett's and Lowe's agents. They apparently reached out the agents of 25 or so different free agents. It never hurts to ask. I just don't think anyone honestly belives they are pursuing FA starters of this caliber.

willy: Great list! In looking over the names they were almost all failed prospects who'd kicked around Triple A. Maybe once in 100 you get lucky with a guy like that. Brian Mazone falls into this category. Mazone and much of the rest of what passed for pitching at LV last season is gone now, but if they're still around, John Ennis and Steve Green are my 2009 faves as failed-prospects-who-get-some-big-league-time-with-the-Phils-and-do-nothing candidates.

Just read the Marlins' new ballpark is delayed until 2012, that could be a big reason why they looking to unload a lot of arb. eligible guys again this year, a little sooner than I would have predicted.

If both Burrell and Moyer walk, and the Phillies don't sign anyone else, they might actually consider Lowe or Burnett. More likely Lowe, because Burnett wants 5 years. Regardless, I can't see them adding over $15 million to the payroll.

Carson: That was not the appropriate response. Here is what you should have written, "Oh God! I am so ashamed! Please forgive me."

And MPN's appropriate response to that is, "Never!"

anyone know where you could find a list of all active MLB players? I tried espn, but it only gives you players by player's last name (a-z)? Curious, I havent found any yet.

Andy: It's better than that. On BAP day, you get to work out of your house and screw around all day writing posts on Beerleaguer (provided, of course, the posts are suitably fatalistic in tone).

carson: I was pointing out your statement on Orosco, because you hadn't put on the necessary caveat until ex post facto. 82-80 was a bit catty on my part, because you did seem to jump off the bandwagon in August along with others, in response to your snarky "I know baseball" response, that's fair. But I have no grudge against you.

Funny (to me) work related story...

One of my employees is due some retro-active pay and it's been held up for some unknown reason. He sent me an email saying he retained Scott Boras to help him get it back. It was obviously a joke... well, obvious to me. When I inquired to some higher ups, I mistakenly left in his email and they started freaking out that my employee had retained an attorney.

Phaithful, most of the Phillies stuff on that site are sold out. How do you know what size you are? What's size 54? Where's the stuff come from? Taiwan?

Andy, I'm two hours behind the left coast, so I'll get to work, two hours late...and get fired...on BAP day!

clout has it about right, which is why he's always a .850 OPS+ poster.

Lake Fred: Yeah the availability on the site is pretty crappy. I picked a size 48 because i knew from my other jerseys that was my size. I'm 6' 190lb, with more of a gut than I should, and 48 still fits fine. Unless your bigger than normal, a 48-50 is fine.

It shipped to my apartment in 4 days straight from Shanghai, China. There is a link that says "booking" under sold out items and you can make requests to the site. Although I have a request for Utley's Grey Road jersey, and its been soldout for the past month. I've checked back about once every day or so and finally the Lidge jersey opened up, so guess i got lucky.

Thanks, I'll look into it more over the weekend. We need to spend more money on Chinese goods in order that they can buy more US Treasury Bonds to finance the bailout used to help finance the new Mets Citi-Taxpayer-China Bailout Field for the WFC Phillies to play in and beat the hated Mets! The money to China gets the old baseball rolling!

The more I think about this Chinese stuff, it's probably made by the same manufacturer that the MLB uses. This stuff is overruns. etc. It shows what it really cost to make.

LF: The jersey had the MLB Authentic Tags, the Majestic Hologram tag, and everything on it. The only true difference was that my lidge jersey had cheaper looking buttons, but thats about it.


Thanks! My son has outgrown his Utley jersey and just informed me that he now wants a Lidge jersey instead. He still likes Utley but is awed by the job Lidge did this year (who isn't?) and says "Everyone has Utley jerseys."

You may have helped solve part of my Christmas dilemma.

bob: thats exactly what my xmas shopping list will look like too!

I should have taken a look at the site before posting, i didnt realize about 90% of the phillies jerseys were sold out. Be patient though, and e-mail the site and let them know there is demand for a certain jersey and make sure to check back daily.

I want to give thanks today to my team, The Phillies!!!! WORLD F'ING CHAMPIONS!!!!!

Thanks to Brad Lidge, Jamie Moyer, Jeff Blanton, Ryan Madson, Brett Myers, CJ Romero, Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, Chasey Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Pedro Feliz, Pat Burrell, Shane Victorino, Jason Werth,
Carlos Ruiz and the rest. It was a great year!!!!!


(I'll never get tired of saying that).

clout: the Utley fake pump play is indeed in the video. I've watched it 3 times already--was able to buy it early from Modell's on Saturday--and I really like it.
I think it would make a great companion piece to the Perfect Season one coming out (which should have more on the regular season...I hope) being produced by the Phillies.

"Just read the Marlins' new ballpark is delayed until 2012, that could be a big reason why they looking to unload a lot of arb. eligible guys again this year, a little sooner than I would have predicted."

The reason they unloaded the 4 arb-eligible players they did is that those players are mediocre at best and therefore best traded now, when their price is going up.

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