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Sunday, October 26, 2008


The Little Squib that Did!

Hey, Ryan Howard hit a home run tonight!

7am here in the uk. What a marathon! Go Phillies!

Ha, Mitchie Poo is ripping the umpire for blowing the call at first. I love Mitch, he's great.

I will die, and this World Series will be the cause.

Nothing like enduring a 4 hour heart attack.

If Ruiz keeps this up, would it be possible for him to be the WS MVP?

Two wins in one game, F these Umps and down with the Rays!

Ew, apparently there some Tug McGraw spread across the pitcher's mound.

I just love the hate on the Mets blog. This is eating them alive.

I honestly think that Chooch is setting himself up to be the MVP of the World Series... He's played amazing so far. But Moyer was amazing too. Chooch though... Simply outstanding.

Breaking news from Leslie Gudel:

Tim McGraw delivered the ball to the mound ofr the first pitch. He reached into his pocket and spread something onto the mound.

He sprinkled some of the Tugger's ashes onto the mound.


Seriously, Bruntlett and Ruiz bashing need to be outlawed at BL until at least the 4th inning of the next game.

Why do I get the feeling that the media and everybody still treat every single game as must win for the phillies like they are expecting the rays to win and the phillies are just delaying the inevitable.

That ninth inning was absolutely amazing. Totally makes up for the blown call.

Well, if Chooch hits that a little bit harder, it's a 5-2-3 double play and no run scores.

Mets fans are still up? I wouldn't be watching them play at 2 AM if they ever get back to the WS.

Sarge postgame . . . Great option to recap EXACTLY what happened.

Moyer's play at first was seriously one of the best plays I have seen in a long time...he dived and threw it perfectly with his glove! to first.

Breaking News: Phillies hitter makes contact with runner on third!

JR, lol. Was that scored a hit or fielder's choice?

Victorino had the best play of the game by somehow someway getting out of the way of that pitch that Bruntlet went to third.

Ruiz hitting .500 in the series???!!!

I'm pretty sure I saw Vic lying spread-eagle in front of the plate during that play.

Been cruised over to MetsBlog and the Phils won tonight just because the Phils "are the luckiest team on Earth" because the wind held the Longoria FB and the bottom of the 9th inning or the wide strike zone for Moyer. Forget to mention that the Garza got the same wide strike zone and no mention whatever so ever of the jobbed call on Crawford. Typical.

the 9th inning can be summed up to one thing: Baseball gods smiling upon the phillies for the previous bad calls, solid pitching, and Charlie's dedication to putting the gnome in for defense and sticking with Ruiz through all the bad times. they were rewarded.

still can't believe those replays of the Longoria flyout. I'm still expecting it to go out of the park.


"and typical bloop nothing wins the game. hey charlie manuel, ill piss on your dead k*nt mother’s grave."

Stay classy, Met fan. (I just HAD to take a peek after it was brought up; I'm too satisfied with our own team, however, to continue to worry about those losers.)

(I added the asterisk in there, too)

Jamie is so articulate with his answers compared to everyone else on the team lol.

I can see why they would replay a fly out to left field. Fly outs to left field are rare.

Anyone think the Rays should have pulled in the 1B and 3B in closer? I mean, a decent bunt to first scores Gnome, right? He has enough speed. Can't help shaking the thought that Longoria would have made that throw had he been in about 10 feet

we really didn't deserve to lose that game, but I'm not sure we deserved to win it either. It's unreal that you can execute as infrequently as the phils have and still have a series lead.

Sanz - Agreed. No many naturally-gifted speakers on this team in post-game interviews.

re: metsblog mouth-breathers. What the hell sort of loser hangs out on the blog of a team that isn't even in the postseason until 2a, making nonsensical, nasty comments about a team that (a) beat them in the division during the regular season, (b) rolled right over both playoff series in the NL, and (c) now holds a 2-1 lead in the WS? That's right, you Long Island jaggoffs and other equivalent dog turds: the Phils are here only by sheer luck and, of course, the fact that MLB has this ridiculous policy of playing 9 inning games, instead of the 7 inning games that would allow the True Champions of the World to show their awesomeness. Look little, stupid man: go put on a Joe Satriani CD, hop in your Bondoed IROC, and drive yourself right into a concrete pillar just off the Southern State Highway.

All 5 of ruiz homers this season has tied the game or gave the phillies the lead.

Jaime will make a fine manager someday if he so chooses.


Who the hell cares about Metsblog? Honestly why even bother reading it?

We're in the WS and up 2-1 baby!!! We earned this one and God knew it. There was no way we were gonna lose despite everyone in the world trying to keep us from winning so their little cinderella story could come through.

You know what else? I just looked at that replay a few times, and that ball sure looked like it would've went foul if he let it go.

The Phils are now 2-30+ with runners in scoring position, but neither hit left the infield.

Maddon should have had the other 2 outfielders in the infield. Why bother having guys in the outfield?

Howard called him Chooch!!!!!

So much to absorb from that late late show. Some rough, lingering impressions:

1. What happened to the Rays' power?

2. Rollins definitely had some mojo back tonight.

3. Utley's power has resurfaced.

4. Howard still hasn't hit a ball to left field this post-season.

5. The most significant offensive contributors in this series have been Utley, Ruiz, and...Bruntlett.

6. Ruiz deserves all kinds of credit for making contact off Balfour. Even if he didn't hit it hard enough for a force at home.

7. Baseball should be completely embarrassed to have a regulation World Series game end near 2 am. But nothing will be done about it.

8. Moyer was fine.

9. 'Small Ball' aside, the Phillies hit three solo homers and have scored six of their ten Series runs on longballs.

10. One of the best subplots in this Series is both teams' speed vs. both teams' strong-throwing catchers.

11. Tonight was a pivotal game. The pressure swings back to Tampa in a big way for tomorrow. It looked bleak after the eighth - seemed a certainty that Hallion's call and Werth's pickoff would go down in infamy. It was a huge game not to lose.

12. I still think that mocking 'fish' song during the intros was uncalled for and unprofessional. No one mentioned it on the telecast, though.

Ya i didnt like the fish song on the intros either..seemed childish

As JW said, the Phillies were trying to play the Rays game and it wasn't working.

Ultimately, the Phillies won because the Rays out Phillied the Phillies. They made all the blunders that I had come to believe only the Phillies could make in their continued effort to deprive me of my hair.

Agreed about the Fish song, as well as the "Eva" chants.

What fish song? I missed it.

Sure, this was "Phillies baseball" but it was also a game about karma. First, you get Tim spreading Tug's ashes on the mound for the rites of purification. Then the a combination of the umps and luck goes the rays way. Then karma steps down and personally delivers the phillies a win.

Jamie will make a fine President of the United States of America someday, if he so chooses. Moyer - Chooch '24.

What fish song?

I think the Fish song was OK, and if the Phils can find a way to win tomorrow, they got this series

@Matt: I noticed the same thing in the bar where I watched the end of the game after comcast's feed died right before the Utley, Howard homers in the sixth.

Thing is, is there any way, as a fielder, you could have taken the chance on a semi-slow roller like that?

What's wrong with the "Eva" chant? Pretty pedestrian considering what alot of players get from opposing clubs. Consider teh treatment Jeter gets in Boston for example and yet they're simply passionate. And whats teh big deal with the Fishy song...who freaking cares. If you have that thin a skin as a ballplayer than you're in the wrong profession.

Oh and watching the replay, I really think that ball would have kicked foul considering how Chooch hit it and all. Longoria should have layed off it but again he's a rookie and trying to play hero. That's the upside of playing a young team.

And yes we deserved to win since the score should have been 4-2 going into the 9th, not 4-4. We played good enough to win despite some blunders. That call is made correctly and they reshow it about 1.4 billion times like that Elway Dive in his first SB victory...I've sure we all remember that.

@RSB -- regarding Utley's power, i know it was talked about at the time. I figure that the "layoff" benefitted 26 the most,

Nice breakdown.


Ruiz' roller was scored a single. I'd say fielder's choice, but who cares. He made contact.

We've been bashing Werth alot lately and granted he's made some big bonehead plays (2 crushing mistakes on the basepaths and a painful error in Game 2) but he's batting .364 in the WS so far. I gotta think he'll come through big a few more times to make up for it.

I'm betting they had Utley in intense physical therapy, oxygen chamber type stuff for the full layoff to help heal his hip as much as possible. He's looked like a totally different player from Sept till now. That HR swing tonight was his old swing from the 1st Half.

Moyer pitched very well tonight but the Phils made a lot more mental errors/execution mistakes than the Phils.

Still hasn't been a game in this Series that has been very crisp play even though all of the games have been close. heart is still pounding and I'm just now getting tired after that adrenaline. Got to hand it to the guys for not folding when adversity hit, and doing what was needed to win this game. Huge win. According to ESPN, the winner of Game 3 when a series is 1-1 wins 70% of the time.

Glad to see Rollins back on track tonight, Utley and Howard with the power, and wow, Moyer, what a performance. Criminal that he doesn't get the win.

Gotta come back later today with the same intensity.

Oh, and the Eva chant is just like the Garza chant, which is just like every hockey chant ever. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it at all. If it throws them off, good, do it more. And I truly think the Fishy song was only on the Fox broadcast, but maybe someone who was at the game can confirm.

We had someone who said their Dad was at the stadium and there was no Fish song there. Considering some of the chants I've personally been a part of at CBP and the Vet, the "Eva" is pretty low-key.

Agreed, I think Longoria would have had a better shot at seeing if the ball goes foul rather than trying to make the impossible play. I'm kind of surprised that the FOX announcers didn't say anything about that.

I am drunk Phils win wooooo

To Kris - Fox announcers question a decision by their home team Rays...yeah, somehow I dont see that happening.

I'm still freaking from that hands are litterally shaking from the game still.

How would it have looked if Longoria waited and the ball didn't go foul?

Really really bad but then he had no chance on that throw...even if it had been a good one. Chooch chopping into the ground (intentional or not) made sure of that.

Yea, I think it was a lose-lose for Longoria on the play.
Nice AB, Chooch!

RE: longoria and letting it go foul.

1. Since it was the first game at CBP for him, it makes sense that he wouldn't know what the ball would do...

2. That is an instinct type of play. And even with the infield in, it would have required a play of Jamie Moyer caliber. You could armchair 3rd Base if you'd like, but if you guess wrong, you didn't leave it out on the field. You gotta attack and make that play... You can't sit back and hope it goes foul. No major leaguer would do that.

aside... my apartment is on north broad street... near Spring Garden cars are still streaming up, beeping their horns.


Chooch has had an okay WS so far in all aspects of the game defensively and offensively.

If anyone's wondering, the song was "Fishy, Fishy, Fishy" by Sandi and Stevie. Song sample here:

Not really, Ruiz has been hitting and doing so sharply. I'm sure Longoria was anticipating a hot ball, not an Ichiro style base hit. The game was over when the Brunt got to third with no outs. It was all over but the cyrin' If Ruiz doesn't get it done you can bet Stairs would have got it deep for a SF. God that was a hell of a game!

To Mike Cunningham: I think you're misunderstanding. I'm not criticizing Longoria and I dont think anyone else is either. We're just pointing out the irony that it looked like the ball was going foul anyway. He made the best play he could in the split second he had to react. Bruntlett was already halfway to home before Longoria even got to the ball...not exactly alot of time to debate the fielding aspects of an unfamiliar field. I dont think you can criticize Longoria for his effort on that ball. I also dont think we should criticize Burrell for going all out on that flyball earlier in the game. He got his glove on it and almost made a spectacular play...its playoff baseball you gotta be aggressive to win.

well goodnight gentlemen. Its been a hell of a day and I need some sleep.

2 to go.

Goodnight as well. See you all in 17 hours.

@nepp -- cool.

off to dream about winning a world series game in the bottom of the 9th, like every night.

This time, the homerun... will be replaced with a 15 hopper to Eva Longoria.

Yes. Eva. :)

in HD moyer actually looked younger than garza

just got back from the game, my brother got tickets from the lottery and took me and my girlfriend. it was just wild out in RF. we all knew they had to have this one...and oddly enough, we had a strange sense that eric "i just want my kids back" bruntlett (google arrested development homeless dad if you don't get the reference) was going to make something happen in the 9th. which sort of came to pass, in a way.

for what it's worth, my girlfriend was probably the only person in the ballpark wearing a carlos ruiz jersey, and, boy, was it a good night for it! he's making up for all those pre-all star game struggles now.

From the other side, the Rays continue to struggle against left-handed pitching. Hamels, Moyer, Eyre, Romero: Success, success, success, success.

The question is did anyone in the crowd tonight have an Eric Bruntlett jersey? Now that would truly be a shocker. Probably as random and unlikely as a Taguchi jersey I guess.

JW - Good point. Everyone has talked about the Rays lefties out of the pen but the Phils have some legit lefty options of the pen.

I still say that the most under appreciated part of this entire game was the 1 1/3 spotless innings from Romero. Besides the "W" in the box score people will not really remember it in the context of the game.

Bad night for my Internet to die on me. But it did help me keep my pre-game pledge of no negative posts.

That was definitely one of the crazier games I've ever seen. Moyer was terrific, and really made only one bad pitch all night -- the fly ball to Longoria. The Phillies got a huge break with that play; without the wind, it was a no-doubt-about-it homerun. Then again, the Rays got their own huge break on the Crawford bunt play. Those two breaks basically cancelled each other out -- as they were both worth 2 runs. Of course, I wouldn't feel that way if the Phillies had lost. Losing 2 runs because of the natural elements is not quite the same thing as losing 2 runs because of an umpire's patently blown call.

I confess, I have not read the 1,400-post game thread. I only read the posts from the 9th inning and after, in which a lot of people described the win as "ugly." Didn't seem that way to me. Sure, the last couple innings were a little sloppy, but up to that point it was a tight, well-pitched game that was played on a high level. And what could be more ironic than winning the game on an infield hit against a 5-man infield (a defensive move that I thought was very smart, by the way -- even if it didn't work)?

If the Phillies win this thing, tonight was definitely the game we'll all remember.

Yo! Weitzel! Just checking out your blog again. Quite the game tonight! Watched most of it after the PSU/OSU game.

Just a wild game. It's amazing how situational hitting has frustrated this team, how good their pitching has been, and how the Rays manage to eek out runs.

Ruiz has had a good second half (I recall an argument on Beerleaguer a few weeks ago where I said he'd been "great" in the second half and was instructed not to say that again) and an unbelievable - so far - postseason. But if the Phils do this and a pitcher isn't the MVP Utley is the man.

BAP - I wouldn't call this game ugly either. Phils left men on base (Howard left someone on in the first), Werth committed another baserunning gaffe due to over-aggressiveness, but otherwise a solid game. My memory is probably hazy at the moment. I'd say the Rays played an uglier game. Just go back and look at their run production in games 2 and 3: lots of bloopy hits, steals, close calls gone their way, and productive outs.

Not that their isn't a skill in that. If the Phils hones that skill they would have won 101 games before the end of September, but I like the way the Phils are hitting and pitching and playing defense more than the way the Rays are doing those things.

Yo, What's Up, Cunningham. Nice night to be Phillies/PSU fan. What's the scene tonight in Happy Valley?

Oh, one more thing. Given the great win, I'm not really in the mood to say anything negative. But there is just one thing I can't let go. 3 ABs and 10 pitches seen by Feliz tonight and not a 1 of those 10 pitches was a ball (in fact, the only pitch he took all night was the one pitch that was right down the center of the plate). And that 4-pitch AB where he swung at 4 straight balls and ended up striking out on a ball that bounced 2 feet in front of the plate was easily the worst PA by a Phillie this year.

I just got back from spending the last 12 hours in South Philly (Wachovia center for the Flyers game, then over to CBP for the Phils game).
First off, what a game! Unbelievable!

Throughout different parts of the game, I'm pretty sure we felt depression, hope, jubilation, despair, fearing-the-worst, and then finally elation. I mean you can't get any better than that!

What an incredible start by Jamie. The fact that he could come back after his mediocre start against Milwaukee and horrendous outing in LA and silence the critics with a phenomenal outing made me so happy for the old man.

I also had a question for anyone who was watching the game on Fox: did Buck and McCarver make any mention of the incredible fact that VIRTUALLY EVERYONE in the ballpark stayed not only through a 1 1/2 hour delay, but until 2:00 AM? I literally saw young kids and elderly people alike, staying there cheering and screaming until the winning run was scored.

Gabe Gross' sacrifice fly in the second inning made it five straight runs the Rays have scored in this World Series on plays in which they also made an out. Sounds like a World Series record to us. The Rays have now scored seven runs in the Series -- just two of them on plays in which they didn't make an out. --Jayson Stark

diggity, cheers my friend. An amazing double-header today. Hats off to you all in South Philly who represented this city.

I like the Rolling Stones reference.

just got back from the stadium. holy crap i am exhausted. that was a crazy game.

i have nothing else to say because it's 4am. sheeeit.

Secret of the series so far: The Rays have played great small ball, but that's all they've played. They have one home run and only two or three extra base hits. I know all the media types like to slobber all over "productive outs", but I'll take our home runs, good pitching, and a 2-1 lead any day of the week, our bad avg with RISP be damned. Power wins, and we have it.

diggitydave: Yes, Buck said at one point about how late it was, but how practically no one had left. I'm not sure when, exactly, but it was late in the game and coming back from a commercial, I think.

Just got back from the game, and I haven't read the game thread yet, but that was the craziest anything I have ever been to in my life.

I think winning on that little swinging bunt from Ruiz was fitting given the crazyness of the Rays' scoring. Also is Ruiz the MVP of this WS so far? Sure feels like it, he's on fire.

Longoria and Pena have the highest SLG on the Rays. Longoria is 0-12 in the WS and Pena is 0-10.

Going into tonight, Iwamura was hitting well, but Moyer put him in literal tangles.

Weitzel, you're absolutely right in your last sentence, proclaiming this to be the only time that the whole Bruntlet/Burrell saw has paid off. I watched the game with my dad, and I was CURSING Cholly when I realized that he had made that move, feeling that I haven't seen one play all year where Bruntlett got to a ball that Burrell wouldn't have.

But could you imagine what would have happened if the same situation played out tonight, but with Burrell running the bases? He probably would have been out by 30 feet after that wild pitch. And even if the ball had gotten away from the second baseman, as it did, there would be NO PRAYER of Pat advancing.

Of course, The Gut showed me again tonight why I should never doubt it.

Not only did it seriously hurt the Phils, the blown call robbed Moyer of the glory of making what was probably one of the best defensive plays by a pitcher in Series history. In one of their rare bright spots, Fox did a good job highlighting it by showing closeups of the ball in Howard's hand and Crawford's foot not yet on the bag.

Regardless, Moyer was awesome (except for popping up on a sac bunt attempt) and if god forbid he's gotta go again I am totally confident he'll own it like he did tonight.

Front Page

Eva said after the game that imagine the grief he would get if he let the ball go and it stayed fair...

Good Morning!

Yesterday I asked J Roll and Jamie Moyer for a special birthday gift.

Thanks, Guys!!!

I am so happy for Jamie to get a win in Philly in a World Series game. Did you see how much charity work he does?

Oh, yay.

And may I introduce, Ladies and Gentlemen...Mr Carlos Ruiz.

Oh, this is so fun. A win is a win.

Go Go Go Phillies!

Ruiz, unquestionably MVP to here. And Jamie Moyer for the NL Cy Young!

Cliche alert...a win is a win. However, that win was freakin' awesome! The Phillies are now just 2 wins shy of being World Series champions. Hold up, let me reverse it, and play it backwards like Judas Priest first did- snoipmahc seireS dlroW.

But then Hallion looked at the replay.

"I tried to get the best angle on it," Hallion said. "And it wound up being a great play by Jamie and Howard. I really didn't get a sound [of ball hitting glove] to be able to judge it. It winds up being a great play. And looking at a replay here, they just got him."

Had the Phillies lost the game because of that call, what would have been the implications?

"Thirty years from now Philly fans would still be talking about it," Phils shortstop Jimmy Rollins said.

Incredible win last night! Chooch continues to impress. I don't think any of us saw his offense coming, but those are the type of things that lead to Championships (don't worry, I knocked on wood).

Nice to see Moyer pitch like himself again and it was awesome to see Utley and Howard go back to back.

Btw, what is it with these umps? Are they trying to give it to the Rays? I am glad we won last night. That would have been a very tough loss to overcome.

Finally, screw Tampa's generic equation 9=8, how bout 80=08! Two more wins and 80=08!

Big Mets fan here... I'm not jealous of you guys at all... I'm pulling for the phillies to rep the NL East ... you guys deserve it ... you are better than us... no jealousy or hate here.

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