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Thursday, October 23, 2008


If you're a fan of the game and enjoy watching good pitching, I don't think you would find Hamels performance in game 1 boring. Perhaps not edge of your seat exciting, but not boring.

I'm not sure why we even bother having a DH, because Greg Dobbs and Chris Coste have been atrocious. Dobbs watched 3 strikes zing by with a runner on 3rd with 1 out, then swung at 3 balls out of the strikezone to k with a runner of 3rd with only 1 out. Brett Myers would have put in a better effort than that. Hell, Jim Abbot would have given a better effort than that.

GPG: Hamels pitched well, but he certainly didn't pitch well enough to generate a "Wow" factor. His first game against the Brewers was a brilliant pitching performance. In this one, he seemed to be pitching behind in every count from about the third inning on. I'm not denigrating the performance. It's obviously to his credit that he got such good results without his A game. I'm just saying that it was your garden variety solid pitching performance and wasn't really enough to elevate an otherwise dull game between two teams that look like deer in headlights.

Dullness is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose, so there's really no sense debating the issue. As a Phillies fan, of course I don't really find these games dull. But if these games had been played between the RedSox & Dodgers, I would have found them deadly dull.

Bad calls, bad situational hitting, errors, bad base running, bad line-up order, bad star alignment. Good to get all the crap out of our system at that crap park. Take a day off and fill our next three days with joy.

Am I the only one who thought Myers outpitched Shields tonight? (I haven't read the threads, so I'm not sure.)

Werth's error in the first cost the Phils at least one run and maybe two (if Pena's grounder becomes a GIDP instead of an RBI ground out).

The umps mysterious out... um, no walk... call cost Myers a run.

The Rays scored 3 runs on outs so Myers allowed only one run on a hit.

Myers gave up no extra base hits. He only walked 3 (actually two, Baldelli's was a K). Few of the singles he gave up were hard hit balls. And he finished the 7th strong.

We let Shields off the hook. He couldn't get out of the 6th inning and three times we left a runner on third with less than 2 outs.

I actually feel better about the series after last night's game. We need just one win out of Moyer, Blanton and Game 7 because I'm pretty confident that we'll win Games 5 and 6.

bap: You are in the clear minority if you don't believe Hamels' pitching performances in the playoffs have earned the "Wow" factor. But you're generally in the minority when it comes to positive feelings about the Phillies ;-)

We lost the game because we went 1-15 with RISP. Plain and simple. The bad umpiring shouldn't have made the difference in the game.

When the leadoff guy gets on base in 6 of the 9 innings and only scores 1 time, you're not gonna win many games.

Myers pitched very well. If Werth doesn't make an error, it's 1-0 after the first instead of 2-0. The run in the 2nd shouldn't have counted due to the strikeout-that-wasn't. Myers outpitched Shields, but our bats couldn't hit when it counted. That's why we lost.

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