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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Speaking of Jayson Werth, I loved switching him and Victorino in the lineup yesterday.
Especially when Feliz starts, having a bottom half of the lineup of Burrell, Werth, Pedro, Chooch, pitcher was atrocious, and a right-handed pitcher's dream.

Having Shane as a "second lead-off hitter" in the 6-hole is beautiful, as he can start rallies off with his clutch hitting and speed. Also, Werth tends to struggle when he gets a good combination of hard fastballs and junk, but if he remains in the 2-hole he should consistently get a healthy diet of fastballs assuming Jimmy gets on base, and with the heavy hitters that follow Werth in the lineup.

Agreed Dave. Not only does he serve as a nice '2nd leadoff', hes been the man you want in a game changing situation, which is likely to happen with Howard and Burrell getting walks more often than others.

"Baseball Prospectus calculates that the Phillies have a 84.9 percent chance of winning the series and a 37.4 percent chance of winning it all."

So I guess that would mean they give us about a 45% chance of winning the World Series, should we make it?

Utley's NLCS: .462/.611/.846 (18 PA)

Sophist: thank god for that, he was one more series away from becoming a fraud. My collection of his jerseys are now saved.

84.9% chance of winning the series seems low to me.

I wonder what percentage of teams have won after achieving a 3-1 lead with one away and two home games left to play? My guess is the number is greater than 84.9%, but I don't know.

Tray, I ran those numbers and it is 44%. This most likely gives the AL the nod due to home field advantage. 3 of 7 games at home represents 43%, so the oddsmakers must like the Phillies slightly more than the unknown AL team.

Luckily the homefield advantage doesnt matter as the Phillies had a worse regular season record than both remaining AL opponents...otherwise, wouldn't you be pissed if something that important was determined by a meaningless exhibition in the middle of the summer?

Dave: Except when some idiot asks him to bunt.

clout is nothing if not consistent!!!

Interesting, David Murphy has reported on High Cheese that Brett Myers was down in the bullpen for the 9th last night in case Lidge got exhausted from the 4 out save.

What was the Phils' record this year against the AL? It was pretty abysmal, wasn't it?

Matt: The Phils were piss-poor in interleague games this season, going 4-11 overall.
Bear in mind, most of the interleague schedule happened during their most prolonged slump of the season, but still:
vs. Anaheim: 0-3
vs. Boston: 1-2
vs. Toronto: 1-2
vs. Oakland: 1-2
vs. Texas: 1-2

4-11 vs the AL I believe, but one could also argue that the team the way its playing now resembles that mid summer version in name alone

Phils also got crushed by the Rays in Spring Training, IIRC. Which is much less relevant than their record against the AL in June (which itself probably isn't all that relevant.)

MPN: That is interesting. I was thinking last night that if the game had to go past Lidge, all we had left was Condrey and Happ, and that we might want to consider using Myers, since I assume this would be his normal throwing day anyway. Good to see that they were thinking about that as well.

MPN: That doesn't shock me. It could be considered his side throwing session and he could easily be ready to go for Game 6. And the only other options in the bullpen were Clay Condrey and JA Happ. Neither were appealing in a closer situation.

Utley was giving the opposing pitchers a very intense look each time he came to the plate last night. He's been locked in and ripping the ball at will. I would not be surprised if they pitch around him for the rest of this series.

FWIW... I lost all respect for Mary Hart last night. She stuck out the Dodgers win until the bitter end. Last night, she departed after the Phils took the lead with the Dodgers having 6 outs left to tie or win.

It just goes to show you, there are two kinds of statistics: lies, and damn lies.

Especially in a short series and, yes, a 5 or 7 game playoff is a short series, the variabilities one sees throughout a season are HUGE.

That's why baseball is a team sport, and not about the individual. For reference, see how Manny doesn't know where to run once he gets on second base. Or how the LA Times is now wondering if the Dodgers are smart commiting $100-M to Manny when what they really need is pitching.

By the way, to pass along a note I know none of you care about--but is theraputic for me nonetheless--my 15 yo pet died about an hour ago. He died in his mommy's arms, but didn't give it up to the ghost until he saw me one last time. If there is one constant in my life these past 15 years, it was Smokey. I'm glad there is not a Phillies game today, because there is going to be a lot of self-medicating with Dr. Gin and Nurse Tonic tonight.

It seems that death is the theme of this series. Great to win, but bittersweat in the long run.

Sorry for your loss Squonk. As a sign of respect, I won't quibble with your overly reductionist views.

"Also, Werth tends to struggle when he gets a good combination of hard fastballs and junk, but if he remains in the 2-hole he should consistently get a healthy diet of fastballs assuming Jimmy gets on base, and with the heavy hitters that follow Werth in the lineup."
Posted by: diggitydave

"Dave: Except when some idiot asks him to bunt.

Posted by: clout"

Who's been asking Werth to bunt?

Thank you Sophist. I appreciate your thoughts. If there was one constant in my life over the past 15 years (actually, Smokey's 15th birthday would have been next Monday) it was Smokey. We're talking 2 marriages, 2 kids that I love, one ugly divorce involving abandonment, and me learning that, at least under Virginia law, possession of the kids is 9/10 of the law.

And I don't see me remarks as being reductionist. They play 162 games for a reason. They play 5 in the LDS. They play 7 in the LCS and World's Series. How do 5 or 7 games compare to 162?

Dr. Gin hasn't taken affect yet, so thank you for distracting me a bit. I am only slight intoxigatoried right now. I need something to distract me.

When I truly start not making any sense, I am sure those that know me e-mail address will tell me. Either that or I will pass out.

Damn, death has been the theme of this series.

Having lost a kid of the canine variety before, sorry for your loss sucks really really bad.

On Manny, I honestly still wouldn't want him on my team just because of those little things that he does stupidly. Not taking third last night, not running out balls, his weird moronic routes in LF, his lack of concentration will drive you nuts eventually. I hope the Dodgers waste $100 million on him this winter. He's not gonna hit .396 next season when he's not playing for a new contract. In fact, he won't give a damn and he'll half ass it every 3rd day like he did in Boston during the 1st half.

So I went back and looked at the Stairs trade thread here on Beerleaguer, and it just so happened that it was on the heels of a bad Ryan Madson outing. My favorite quote from GM Carson:

"Never, and I repeat never, should Ryan Madson be used in crucial situations like that. I don't give a crap about stats in this case, my eyes tell me he screws up far too many times in situations similar to that last night."

That is some serious Reverse BL Jinxing going on!!!

Thank you NEPP for giving me something else to think about. Crying had been the central theme around here until I started hitting the blogs and dispatched my wife to the town council meeting to bitch about pedestrian safety.

I hope the Dodgers DO, in fact, waste $100-M on Manny. They are already setting themselves up as Mets-west. I mean, Andruw Jones, anyone?

They are starting to look like my home team, the Nationals, who paid eight times the payroll to people not on the team than they did those that actually played the game.

In the meantime, as a native Philadelphian, GO PHILLIES!! I'd like nothing more than for Philadelphia to kick another, bigger market team a$$.

"84.9% chance of winning the series seems low to me. "

It's low in the sense that you looked at it. In terms of other teams up 3-1.

However, Baseball Prospectus figured we would win the first two games, then lose 4 in a row. So, Games 5 and 6 they still have for the Dodgers and statistically speaking they probably don't see reason to get off of that. Silly, sure.

It was great to be down in Philly for the first 3 games of the series. Its an absolutely electric atmosphere in the city right now. Watching the games with a bunch of Phillies fans was great and it was great to see a ton of people wearing Phillies gear. Oh and it was nice to get a real cheesesteak, hoagie and some tastykakes...and go to I miss WAWA.

Good catch CJ...I remember that post actually. Funny.

So how smart does not starting Hamels on 3 days rest look now? Now we get a fully rested Ace to pitch a possible close out game and their "Ace" is smoked after 2 starts on short rest and can't pitch till game 7. Because of the 4 man rotation, we get good pitching matchups for games 5 and 6...though hopefully there isn't a Game 6.

One thing I am sure you all scoffed over is the fact that I met June Manuel. In fact, any of you, with due respect, could have met Mr. Manuel's mom by just showing up at her house, talking nice about "Charles," and she would invite you in for coffee.

June Manuel had great coffee, BTW. And her homemade oatmeal cookies were awsome.

And she could spill a good yarn. Her sentance structure wasn't all that good. But she was good people, much like my wife she could put you in your place in an instant. Much like her son.

NEPP: Ah, the Wawa diary store. I remember when the only sold milk, Amarso (sp?) rolls, and lunchmeat. Their milk processing facility was right across from the Franklin Mint, about 10 miles from my home.

We are stuck with Shitz (oops, Sheetz) down here. They have Wawa's on the major interstates, but living out in the middle of (secondary roads) we don't seem to get Wawa's attention.

The Shitz 12 inch hoagie down here is acceptable (not enough meat) and costs $5.99. How about up there?

We have neither Sheetz or Wawa in VT and it is a dark dark place devoid of real convenience stores and hoagies.

BTW--you all... has the odds of the Phillies winning the NLCS at 90.7, and the chance of winning it all at 42.2.

As an aside, why are we arguing this point. All the Phillies need to do is get lucky on a few, choice at bats and we win the NLCS.

I have a WaWa not more than 200ft from my house. We can walk there. And it's a brand new Super WaWa so it's huge.

Made to order electronic kiosk 12 inch hoagies cost about $5.

WaWa is the best thing ever.

Sorry to hear about your loss Squonk. I've lost many a pet unfortunately and can sympathize.

NEPP: It is good that we are talking about things, anything, other than baseball right now. Big picture, we should be gloating.

Not that all that is warrated. We have all plenty of things to worry about but...

But does anyone really need to say how much of a favorite the Phillies are right now?

Thank you HH. Dr. Gin is starting to do his therapy, but I do think I can still type well enough.

Shitz (sp!) used to have decent (not great) hoagies for $3.99 after 4PM. Now they are $5.99. My thought was, when I learned about the price increase, was "huh?"

I mean, of course I can order the ham and cheese for $3.99. But what about the Italian with hot peppers?

At least they aren't like some people down here. I once ordered an Italian hoagie, and they asked me "if I wanted katsup on that... Mayonaise..." It took me 15 minutes to explain to them that a good Italian hoagie has oil, no vinegar.

Such are the problems us expatriates have.

You can't get a real Italian hoagie outside the Philly-NY corridor. The basic reason is a lack of Amaroso rolls outside that small area. Without those rolls, there's no point to even trying. Also a real Itlian Hoagie should have capicola and provolone on it...I usually like salami on it as well personally, not pepperoni and American cheese (which is what they think goes on it in the Boston area).

I'm a big fan of the hot pepper paste (that red stuff you can get) on a hoagie. Banana peppers are also a good add on.

I took full advantage of the WaWa ordering kiosks (love those things and its honestly the biggest thing [Wawa] I miss about living in PA.)

Rays already up 3-0 B1. Wow.

While the Stairs and Victorino home runs are getting a ton of play, and rightfully so, there is another aspect that is being overlooked it feels like.

The play Utley made with the bases loaded to snare that sinking line drive and then beat Furcal back to the bag for the double play. Just superb defense from Utley and I think him and Victorino are going to be real good candidates for NLCS MVP if they win.

There have been two big bases loaded scenarios for the Phillies in this postseason defensively.

Game 2 of the NLDS and the Brewers let Myers off the hook in a game they needed. The Phillies took the momentum and put the Brewers in an hard to overcome 2-0 defecit.

Game 4 of the NLCS the Dodgers load the bases in a game they absolutely need. A base hit there and it doesn't matter necessariyl what Victorino and Stairs do. Utley makes the play and the Phillies eventually turn the game around and go up by anotehr hard to overcome 3-1 defecit.

To me if we get to the World Series and possibly win it- those two scenarios will be the biggest momentum swings to me.

DC has great rolls, in all fairness. Otttoman rolls are made my Amaroso (sp?) but your point is well taken...

THE F-IN BUN ISN'T ROLLED. It's exuded from some metal form, and sent into an oven.

A good roll is, truly, rolled. I mean, look at any roll you get in Philly, look at how it was formed. Does anyone else understand this point, or is Dr Gin taking control?

BTW--glad we got off the topic of the Phillies. Today is an off day. We will have enough things to worry about tomorrow. I told you all how I need a "mental health day." But really, we all need to decompress, celebrate where we are, and worry about tomorrow when it gets there.

You all can go ahead and call my pet, Smokey, any name you want. (Death seems to be the theme of this series.)

Right now, I want to see how well my wife performs before the town council. If Dr. Gin doesn't take charge beforehand.

Good night folks, and do me a favor. Talk about something other than the Phillies?

Utley should be MVP of the NLCS. His home run was the hit that got the whole series started for us, and his play last night was just an incredible defensive play, that in all likelihood saved the game, and possibly the series.

I wrote, "talk about anything but the Phillies". What I meant to write is "think about anything other than baseball."

We all need a breather. It's been tiring, exhausting, ...

Grab a favorite beverage and have great s%x with your wife. How does that sound?

Natives getting restless in Boston. 5-0 now.

Tampa is kicking their arses. Um, I'm not so sure we wouldn't rather play the Sox at this point should we make it to the WS.

NEPP - was home in South Jersey over the weekend and took advantage of Wawa, oh how I miss it here outside Boston. A cheesesteak shop just opened up in the town I work, Maynard, called Philly's Willies that I've been meaning to try. Perhaps tomorrow.

/forget to bring some Yuengling back with me, d'oh!

Actually it's Willy's Phillys according to yelp.

Also was in Worcester today and spotted a few separate guys sporting Phillies caps.

squonk - sorry to hear about your pet. that is the worst. i've had many pets over the years and i know how it is.

I don't think anyone has mentioned this, but does it make any sense whatsoever that these teams need an off day in the middle of a 3-game home set in L.A.? The off day clearly serves no other purpose except to allow MLB to get an extra game into the prime time slot, rather than the mid-afternoon/early evening slot. In practical effect, all this extra off day does is to give an undeserved advantage to the team that doesn't have enough pitching depth to use a 4-man rotation in the playoffs. Thanks to the extra off day, the Dodgers will now be able to have a fully rested Derek Lowe in the event this series goes to 7.

Sorry, it took me a few minutes to finish my Yahoo News, and my sife's TMZ, and D-Listed gossip fill before I fully closed all the tabs and quitted IE.

Yuengling is a great beer? Back in the 80s, it used to sell for nthe same prices as "Hamms" and "Red and Blue." $3.00 a six at a bar.

You folks need good beer up there. We used to drink Rolling Rock, not because it was better, but because it wasn't Miller or Bud. Now that I have a choice, I drink Dominion Lager when I have money, or Natural Ice when all I need is a buzz.

I mean. Great beer? And you are talking Yuengling?

I used to live near Maynard (in Carlisle about 15 min away). The steak and cheese (stupid name) at D'Angelos (local Boston chain) is half decent but its still not a real cheesesteak.

Squonk - never said it was a *great* beer. It is a mediocre brew, but a strong reminder of home.

"sife's" should have been written as "wife's".

Dr Gin orders me to bedrest.

I can get Yuengling if I really want it (they sell it across Champlain in NY) but I basically drink Irish Stout so I dont really care. Yuengling on tap is very good beer though...Squonk's objections not withstanding.

Personally I think Vic is the NLCS MVP right now...we'll see what happens by the end of the series.

To BAP: You nailed it on the purpose of the off-day...its purely a marketing thing for MLB.

BAP: I also think it interrupts momentum. I'd prefer we played today, but it's nice for our relievers to get some rest, too.

And MLB and the major networks are messing with a good product too much if you ask me. Start times are prohibitive to children, there's more concern over "major media markets" getting into the WS than wanting the best teams to play one another, and everything is portrayed as a GD soap opera instead of a game.

I really hate these 8pm or later starts...I'm sorry but I have to work early in the morning and they are too damn late...especially for a playoff game that will almost certainly be 3.5-4.0 hours long.

As mentioned, I like that hte off day rests our bullpen which is helping us far more than the possibility of Lowe pitching a possible game 7. Its great to be able to throw a fully rested Pen out there tomorrow including Lidge who throw a bunch of pitches last night with his 4 out save.

do you guys think the in house drama from game one between billingsley and martin could spill over into the game tomorrow?

sorry i meant game 2

jl: I actually think Billingsly might have had a point after last night. Some of the pitches Martin called for were questionable. Anything can happen--personally, I think Billingsly's numbers against the Phils will spill over if anything. You know he'll be thinking about it. Can he beat Cole Hamels? Yes, but I wouldn't call it a matchup that favors the Dodgers.

Chad is supposed to be better at home however.

Stouts are a favorite of mine to. Favorite New England stouts/porters:

* O'Reilly's stout, Paper City Brewery (Holyoak)
* Coffee House Porter, Berkshire Brewing Company (South Deerfield)
* Geary's London Porter, DL Geary Brewing Compay (Portland)
* New fav: Mayflower Porter, Mayflower Brewing (Plymouth)

I'm a wine girl myself. Am self-medicating right now with a nice Malbec. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a tasty, cheap red option that isn't too heavy and isn't oaked to sh*t as my husband and I are fond of saying.

Some of wine producing countries have been hit hard this last year with droughts and other famines and Argentina is one that was actually spared so its wines are still relatively affordable and good.

For beer, I drink mainly Murphy's Irish Stout, Beamish Irish Stout and sometimes Guiness when I'm in a traditional mood. O'Hara's Celtic Stout is also pretty good.

On wine: there are some pretty good Chilean Reds out there as well. I used to hate Cabernets but they've grown on me over the years.

6-1 Rays now...I really dont want to face this TB team in a potential WS. I'd honestly rather play the Red Sox. TB has that buzzsaw quality going for them right now and I'd like a chance to see the Phillies win. Also, I hate florida baseball teams.

People seem to be forgetting about Hamel's lockdown performance in Game 1. If Hamels really puts down the clamp on the Dodgers' offense in Game 5, he is the NLCS MVP.

NEPP: I agree. They have that Rockies look to them in that they just won't be denied. But at least they haven't swept the Sox, so that's good.

Rays look very tough. Sox look very tired.

If the Rays do win, I am sure at least several hundred long-suffering fans will jam the strees of Tampa/St. Petesburg for the parade route.

On a more Beerleaguer-oriented note about the 2008 draft:

Good news: Phils signed 36 players this year and spent $6.7M to do so which was a big increase over the miserly $4.2 in the 2007 draft

Bad news: Phils only rank 11th in money spent on picks and I still get the sense they went for the "all or nothing" athletic guys with their early picks.

Anyways, we won't even know how this draft even begins to pan out until probably mid-2010 at the earliest and that is quite a ways off yet.

not surprisngly - all of pundits outside of phl - think billingsly wins tomorrow -- hamels or no hamels... (except for the krukker - who now has seen the light...

i hope the phils pile a 1/2 dz runs in the 1and 2nd inning tomorrow and hamels locks the door and throws away the key...

"NEPP: I agree. They have that Rockies look to them in that they just won't be denied. But at least they haven't swept the Sox, so that's good."

They do seem reminiscent of last year's Rockies. The team that LOST the World Series.

Of course, they do. The guy who owns the Dodgers owns Fox, so they are kissing some butt to a certain degree.

All the people on First Take and Jim Rome thought the Phils were going to wrap this one up tomorrow if that's any consolation.

Only bad thing about the Stairs' HR - LA basically ruining the play-by-play call of Franske by acting like a bushleague homer with the clapping, etc.

It is a shame because I think Franske did a solid job otherwise and LA's outbursts are going to dampen the quality of the audio of this replay in the future.

Do we have a choking situation in Boston here?

The wheels off the Red Sox bus spotted rolling past Faneuil Hall.

Great post from metsblog after last night's game:

Comment by D-Day
2008-10-14 00:33:18
with every phillies win i fall deeper and deeper into depression. would somebody PLEASE beat this team. dodgers aint up to it so hopefully the rays/redsox will beat the CRAP out of them in the ws cause i swear, i pennant is bad enough but if they win the whole thing we will NEVER hear the end of it! im getting sick even thinking out it, goodnight all

It's nice to finally matter enough in this league that people care enough to hate Phillies.

NEPP- Love your stout picks. I went to Ireland this summer and drank everyone of them heavily. Guiness tastes a little different there so you should buy a case of the Irish domestic.

A tired topic, but I still can't believe how bad the TBS crew makes the FOX bozos sound. It's like the difference between talking with an adult vs. a delusional child.

Great mysteries of life #401: why are the 'soft' pretzels at Wawa so bad?

Not that I care, but a Phils vs Rays World Series will be the lowest watched World Series since Phils vs Blue Jays.

Ira: I think thats Fox's worst nightmare.

That's the price they pay for parity and the wild card.

The lowest rated World Series was last year's World Series. The '93 Series actually had better ratings than any World Series from 1997-2007.

I actually think a Phillies/Rays series would get decent ratings, because neither team has been there in a while/ever and the Rays are a story.

Fox's worst nightmare was last year's NLCS -- Colorado v. Arizona, instead of Chicago v. Philadelphia.

The Rays are a good story, but they have no fans outside of a 50-mile radius of their stadium (which isn't a big market to begin with). Random people may tune it to Game 1 for the "good story" but they don't have the diehards that will plan their schedules around watching games.

Fox won't be very happy if it's Phils-Rays, but their real worst case scenario when the playoffs kicked off was Brewers-Rays. At least Philadelphia is a big city. Despite what Bill Giiles may tell you.

AFish: I was referring to this year. They'd rather have Bos v La than TB v Philly. I think they would take Bos v Philly too.

Looks like it's going to be Philly-TB. Probably not the best series in terms of national interest, and I couldn't care less

So long as it's Philly in the mix, I don't give a flying duck's a** who our dance partner is. You gotta be in it to win it.

I actually think Boston Philly would be better than LA Boston.
LA fans are, well in LA. Phillies fans are more spread out over the country. Not like NY but they are out there. It's an old franchise people move around.
Plus from a marekting standpoint you have incredible ways of marketing the series with Boston and Philly.
I would envision for sure the Patriotic angle (boston tea party v. declaration of independence, Ben Franklin v. Sam Adams;not the beer) both are huge markets with 4 pro teams there's a lot to work with leading up if you were going to go that angle.
Both franchises struggled with futility for most of their existence (until recently in Boston)
Honestly the only thing going for LA was the manny angle if not for that who'd of cared?
Though it looks like tampa phillies right now. Which I'm torn on.
I have some friends who are both Philly and Boston fans (the one i rag constantly for bandwaggoning :) ) I'm not sure if it would be better to have the phillies bosox for the bragging rights if we win cus then theres the reverse of that.
Tampa Philly I dunno what angle you run on that. Tampa is for sure the feel good underdog story of the year and Philly played scrappy in a tough division race two years running.
Honestly though I think Philly Boston would draw higher ratings than LA Boston. Maybe I'm off but I just feel that the LA fans are just the LA fans. Plus that's the only team LA has.
I know a lot of non baseball philly sports fans excited about baseball.
Then again Like I said that's prolly not in the cards right now.

These Tampa kids moved into Fenway and act like they own the place. Impressive. Meanwhile, the "diehard" Sox fans were hitting the street in the 6th inning.


So sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. I lost my almost 15 year old dog not too long ago and it still hurts. They are family members. Hang in there.

I thought Boston would be a tougher matchup, but the way Tampa's hitting, I don't really want to see them either.

Dickie Thon: I'm with you, I love soft pretzels, and it is hard to mess them up, but really don't like the ones Wawa has. I don't get it because I think the quality of their other stuff (sandwiches, hot dogs, etc.) is pretty good. They probably get them for some vendor who charges them $.02 cents less per pretzel than the Philly Soft Pretzel Factory near the Italian Market would charge them.

Boston would be tough, but they may be a little fat and happy. It could be their year, if they did get to the series, to just not have that little extra edge. On the other hand, I still have bad memories of the Phils/Rockies series, running into a scorching hot team like the Rays that seems to be peaking.

If the Phils do play the Rays, the media angle will be all about the Rays' miraculous season, which will be old as the hills after a half game. Phils will get no respect. I'm starting to hate them already.

This is amazing, actually talking about WHO THE PHILLIES MIGHT PLAY IN THE W/S. Time to go to bed. Way too far ahead of myself, and sorry for that. Take care of business tomorrow night, Cole!

The off day definitely benefits the Dodgers. Let's finish this thing off tomorrow night. I want to see Rollins take the first pitch at least once. He needs to get on base.

I'm sitting here in Torts class currently, ironically discussing injuries in the sports arena and who has liability in certain situation, and it's just hitting me now:
In 12 hours we will be playing for the right to play in the World Series. How's that for a "good morning"?

"I want to see Rollins take the first pitch at least once. He needs to get on base."

By my count, Rollins has had 18 plate appearances during the NLCS. He's taken the first pitch 15 of those times. My guess is that you'll see him take the first pitch a few times tonight.

From on the LA fans:

"Tickets for [today's] Dodgers-Phils game are going for $18.00 (!!!) on Stub Hub. Great sports town out there." . .

Well they do have Fox rooting for them anyway.

There were lots of empty seats the other night, and there will be more tonight.


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