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Monday, October 27, 2008


Weitzel, did we really need this piece of (bad) news clouding up an otherwise amazing morning?

Just harassing ya, Go Phils!

Enjoy this while it lasts, because under Amaro this team will go down the toilet. They've got far better choices, No. 1 among them Mike Arbuckle. He's the one who drafted Howard, Utley, Rollins, Burrell, Hamels, Myers, Ruiz, Madson -- all the key pieces to this team. What has Amaro done? He's a lightweight.


(I think that's my identical post, however, to the signing of Blanton; so take it with a grain of salt.)

I guess the question is: Is Ruben Amaro Jr. an Ed Wade or Pat Gillick protege?

From the end of last thread:

Good morning!

1) Blanton was hitting his spots. If I hadn't seen the game I would worry that Hallion had been giving him a wider striek zone as a make-up. But the zone, surprisingly, was consistent. TB was not hitting it.

2) My 7 year old daughter Helen called the Blanton HR. He came up to bat against Jackson with two outs and I said something like He'll probably strike out here; he's just a pitcher and this guy throws very fast. She looked at me and said, "Would you be surprised if Blanton hit a home run?" Couple pitches later- BAM!

3) Howard's got his swagger back. He walked to the plate against Miller like he had secret knowledge.

4) I watched Blanton with his cap. He sweats like a pig out there, is constantly wiping his face and then he dries it on his cap. THAT's why he has a spot there. So would anyone of us if we did that. Our argument was ridiculous in Oakland; and their's is now. But hey, if the Rays want to concentrate on whether the Phils are "cheating" let them. That way they won't be focusing on baseball.

5) I want to see Lidge pitch with police horses. I don't know if they'll do it, but it was a thrill in '80.

Amaro is an imcompetent company man. Tonight will be the high and under Ruben's leadership we will have 10 years of hardship. It is the best of times and it is the worst of times.

Not that I'm a huge Pat Gillick fan...too much "gut," zero statistical analysis. Gillick's already emphatically made his case against the stat guys. And here we go again with another safe, insider selection to helm this franchise. Maybe we should give Ruben a chance before lashing out, though. He's got a lot of work ahead of him when this series is over.

For anyone who missed it, this was just posted:

I can't imagine a better soundtrack to my day.

Pretty in Pink?

The Phillies picked a good time to leak *that* particular bit of information. Everyone's so happy right now that Bill Giles himself could probably walk down the streets and get showered with confetti.

Andy- you probably won't see horses in the ninth. The brothers and sisters control the city now, not Frank Rizzo.

By the way, the Rays' suspicion about Blanton is anything but ridiculous. Blanton takes the notion of habit to an uncanny extreme by smearing his fingers on the bill of his cap constantly, either before or after rubbing his forehead or running his fingers through greased/gelled hair. Why can't he just wipe his hands on his uniform if he wants to get rid of the 'moisture'? At the very least, he and the Phillies have to be aware that it's legitimate grounds for speculation.

Still trying to figure out how Tampa Bay became the "team of destiny". Sorry, Rays, you'll just have to wait.

After years of having to put with Eagles chants at Phillies games this story made me happy -

If the Rays were winning, they wouldn't be worrying about Blanton's cap.

I wish I could fast forward to 8:30 tonight and get this party started already. I'm so stoked, if the Phils win I won't be able to sleep, I'll just roll into work Tuesday all glassy eyed and cheerful.

RSB: He does it because he likes having the grime up there. The whole point is to have it in a concentrated place.

I agree that the suspicion is not ridiculous. Seems like the only people it bothers are fans. Maddon and Manuel both seemed fine with how things played out.

If anything, it's a benefit to Blanton. If the players suspect, even slightly, that the pitcher has an edge ... then the pitcher has an edge. Just not the one the hitters have in mind.

Jayson Stark stole my nickname for Blanton! Granted, I was using the very obvious "Joltin' Joe", but I definitely hadn't heard that from the media in any way until today.

Thanks King Myno. I'd heard the Eagles version, but never knew there was a Phillies version. Great stuff!

Can't believe this is the thread that was started on a day like today. ugggggggg.

Lets go Cole! come on boys, it is almost here! Tears of joy tonight

I read somewhere where Blanton said it is the same hat he has used all season with the Phils which is why it looks like it has some miles on it.

Sorry Joe but the WS logo on it might give that excuse away unless they sewed it on his existing hat.

It might not show up on the ball but it certainly would help his grip.

Personally it think it was Hershey's chocolate.

Amaro needs to be given a chance but the farm system is in better shape and the confidence of getting to the WS will be in his favor despite some contract issues to address.

Serious question:

Does anyone here know what role Ruben Amaro Jr. has played in building this team? And if so, where did you acquire this knowledge.

JB: They do, in fact, sew it on the existing cap. Even Manuel pulled his off in the press conference last night to show the stain he has on his bill. He says it's because he's had it all season.

Where's the best place in Philly near the stadium to watch tonight's game without tickets?

JB: We covered the cap thing in the previous thread.

An article on Dan Wheeler in the NY Times talked about his beat up old cap and how they put the WS logo on it.

They can all keep their caps, add the patch and their superstitions are intact.

Yeah, I find it pretty hard to believe that they would just sew those logos onto hats that were being used all season instead of providing new hats. But, whatever.

RSB: You really find that hard to believe? Manuel specifically showed off his season-worn cap at the press conference last night. And especially with the superstitious nature of players... I'm sure there are plenty who wouldn't want to give up their hats. Does that mean none of the caps are new? Of course not. But I'm sure many have the logos sewn on.

I have the same question as Verdeforce - any recommendations anyone?

I think any bar you're going to will be packed. I'd recommend finding any place that will provide a good view of the game, with close proximity to either Center City or South Philly.

Me? I live in SP, so I'm just having folks over.

Great! Win a World Series and then back to the Ed Wade era! Sigh ... I guess even a blind squirel finds a nut every now and then.

And since that post was pretty general, some specific suggestions --

Cavanaugh's is the best choice in West Philly. South Philly has Chickie's and Pete's of course, but good smaller bar options include Pub on Passyunk East and South Philly Tap Room. Center City has Oscar's for an intimate atmosphere or Champp's/Fox and Hound for a bigger one.

I'm sure others have good spots to recommend. I think a lot of it comes down to what part of the city you want to be in, and if you want to be in a big bar or a small one.

Seems that Brett Myers also appreciated the Phils chants at the Link: "I went out to throw a bullpen today," said pitcher Brett Myers, a man who has dreamed of this night for seven seasons. "And I heard one of the greatest things I've heard in a long time.

"It's 4:15 in the afternoon. The Eagles are playing across the street. There's 2 minutes left. And I'm hearing Phillies chants. And that's weird, man. I'm used to hearing Eagles chants all these years. So to hear that, it gave me chills. It told me, 'These people are ready to go.'"

RSB: You find it hard to believe that a baseball player would insist on sticking with a certain piece of equipment/clothing in the biggest games of their lives? Have you not been watching the same weird ballplayers I have all these years?

Last time I ask -- if there are any folks in the Boston area gathering to watch the game somewhere, please drop a note to your whereabouts.

What about Chuck LaMar? He's the GM that built this Rays' team, and he's now with the Phillies.

Has his name been mentioned?

Yo, new thread

@Joe G
interesting point about LaMar, though he was widely perceived as a failure in Tampa (i believe because of his washed-up-vet-offense signings, like canseco, boggs, and mcgriff, etc.) but he certainly did have an eye for young talent. seems a better fit for scouting, but interesting call

Why don't we let Amaro have a chance? And go from there.

I hate Amaro, let's hope he doesn't become the GM... let's just enjoy the World Series right now!

* Does anyone here know what role Ruben Amaro Jr. has played in building this team? And if so, where did you acquire this knowledge. *

I think when Amaro was first hired, they told him to go over in the corner and play with his erector set. You know - learn how to build. But he was instructed to listen with his ears wide open and learn the nooks and crannies. When he became Eddie Wade's advisor, he told him the Curt Schilling deal would be a great one. I mean you get 4 for the price of 1. And in the Rolen deal, man, they got Polanco Placido, the great Gazoo. That kept that mediocre guy named Utley in the minors and on the bench until they could figure out if he was any good. But alas, Eddie and Ruben got it right when Utley's dad called them and was perturbed that Chase was in AAA. Then they knew he was ready. Also, he saved them bonus money in the deal by losing the 2nd round draft pick by signing Ding Dong Bell, who kept the franchise stagnant, er, I mean on an upward path.
You asked where Ruben acquired this all this knowledge? It's simple. Just go to and look up Ruber Amaro Jr. and read his quote.

Young Ruben- Task #1 Re Sign Moyer
Task #2 Re Sign Burrell
Await further instructions.

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