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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Thank you, JW. And thank you all of you on here. And thank you, Philadelphia Phillies, your 2008 World Champs.

We are the World Champions.

I just cannot believe it. I've been waiting so, so long. This is the greatest team in the history of this game.

What a fantastic graphic, JW. A perfect end to a perfect game.


The parade needs to be on Saturday. I might drive up from South Carolina just to be a part of it.

What a season, Beerleaguers. Thank you all for a wonderful year. This is the first championship I've seen in my life, and since the Phillies are my favorite of our four teams, this has to be the sweetest feeling for a sports fan.

Thank you to all of you, and thank you to the Phillies.


JW, that graphic says it all.

Wow. I wasn't sure I'd ever see the day. Congratulations Phils, and congratulations to all of us!

Pedro Feliz the WS winning hit.

You gotta love that!!

Oh, and I would officially like to shove the WS trophy up the collective asses of every "expert," "pundit," and "analyst" that consistently picked us to lose throughout the postseason.

JW, great graphic.

Awesome, freakin' awesome. I can't wait for the parade!

Is Selig getting booed? LOL!

Thank You Lord!!!!

This is awesome!!!! I don't even care that Zelasko is giving

LOL they're BOOING Selig that's awesome!!!!

The Phillies Phaitful booing Bud Selig...we're never gonna live it down but damn its just absolutely perfect!

Nice boo for ass-hat Selig!! Way to go Phils! I was born in November 1980, and my daughter is due in early December. Maybe the wife and I should keep this in mind for future young'ns!

World Series Champs. I've never been happier. And thank you JW, this has been my portal for a lot of the games now that I'm living in Atlanta, and this is a phenomenal day.

Dave had a lot to drink...

Brilliant, BRILLIANT graphic, capturing us fans so well. I'm glad it did not go wasted this night!


Yes !!!The Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series Champions!!! , The Last Team Standing, Thank you Phillies, Jason and all of Beerleaguer nation!

Booing Selig is awesome!!! Simply awesome!!!

So I guess we all should stand in Awe of the Gut!!! He's a Philadelphia Legend now.

I CANT BELEIVE IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. Gillick and Cholly going nuts. Really moved. Amazing stuff.

Cole Hamels MVP!!!! Very Fitting.


LOL Hamels stands like such a slouch. BUT HE EARNED IT!

Selig is really Emperor Palpatine...

Change that banner to save "2008 World Series Champions!"

Phenomenal graphic, Jason. Captures the Beerleaguer ethos perfectly. Even though...

This is just awesome. Lock him up now damnit!!!! Give him 300 million if he asks for it.

The graphic does, indeed, say it all.

Unbelievable. They found a way.

What a great, great feeling.

Is it too early and to greedy to believe that this team can pull off another WS victory in the next couple of years?

We've got a playoff pitcher. Let's do all we can to keep him.

When that last out was called, I honestly started to cry. My grandfather, the biggest Phillies fan I've ever known, who watched every game whether it was a 90 win season or a 100 loss season. He passed away 2 years ago on Saturday. This is for every Phillies fan that was for the past 50 years, is, and will be. Thank you Phillies, thank you JW.

Nothing like having a Yuengling, celebrating this WS in true Philadelphia fashion...

Jenkins, Feliz, who would of thought in the middle of summer these two bums would be responsible for the 2 runs to win the 2nd half of game 5 to clinch the WS!!!

Clinching at home though was the best thing especially after the crazy suspension of Game 5.

Congratulations to everyone here, starting with Jason and all the longtime posters who were here even when I got here.

Way back in '06 when we would get a handful of comments a day on Alex Gonzalez, or whether Ricardo Rodriguez could fill in at the back of the bullpen.

Great day for everyone and, never more than now, Go Phils!!!!!!!!!

This team has humongous balls!!

Great to hear Harry K call another WS for he retires in the next few years.

Finally, finally things broke a Philly sports team way.

Who ever though this team would win a World Series during the August doldrums?

Christ that was crazy.

I can't wait to watch highlights all night until I can't even process them.

Jenkins with a huge hit and Feliz with the game winner. That's why this team won the world series.

Jason - a BIG thankyou for giving us this opportunity for enjoying this moment with each other all these years and culminating with this night of nights. The second guessing is finally over...WE ARE THE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!

It was a pleasure to have spent the season and this evening with all of you guys. I wish we were all in the same place right now so we could cheer, hug, whoop and holler. Oh wait, we are doing that together! See you guys at the parade!!!

World Series Champions. Let me say it again. World Series Champions. Unbelievable.

Final pitchcounts: Phils tossed 114 in nine innings, and in an inning less, Rays threw 161.

I Love you Man, and You and You!

Love for everyone tonight!

I almost can't believe it!

Thanks Beerleaguer!

congrats from a mets fan

glad the NL won!

I could get used to this. Like the way it feels.

Campaign Cheer 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got home from class, but despite not seeing the end, the feeling is still just as sweet.

Everybody contributed!

Still kind of amazed. Calls/text message coming out through the wazoo.

I told you all yesterday! They stood up and give us a World Championship!!

Us did it

clout, I love you.


The Philadelphia Phillies are World Champions!

It's just feels great to say it!

The graphic lacks Kendrick.

clout, I love you.

Posted by: phlipper

phlipper - it's time to have the designated driver take you home.

reporting between celebrations, it's bedlam @ spring garden & broad, baby!! fireworks, thousands of people walking south on broad st. YEAH!!

God Bless our wonderful team and our city.

Tomorrow, I drive up to Central Jersey to place an Inky on my Uncle Jack's grave. We did it, Unk!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Beerleguers. You guys made a great season even better with your insights.

Unbelievable. I love this. I'm leaving Boston tomorrow and getting back to Philly for this weekend. It's going to be the best of my life.

Champs!!!!! Unbelievable. Thanks Phillies. Thanks JW.

I love clout and MG and kdon and RSB and Andy and Bed Beard and BAP and phlipper and JW and anyone and everyone else who commented and makes this and every season an amazing one. I love Beerleaguer. I love the Philadelphia Phillies.

Congrats guys, you and the Phils deserved it. When they got punched in the face, they punched back. Congrats

Just booked the ticket home from DC. I am totally speechless. Thanks JW for being our guide through this strange strange journey.

World Series Champs that really sounds weird to say.

Byt he way check out PhillySucks. com

Someone please tell me the parade will not be tomorrow. I have an exam that I cannot miss.

Early Parade Details:

- Starting at Noon on Friday:
1. Starting in Center City
2. Going down Broad St to the Sports Complex

Going to be nuts and I bet a 1M+ plus easily show up.

Thank you Jenkins. thank you Feliz.. thank you Beerleaguer .......thank you PHILS

Pedro !!

Parade announced for Friday 12:00 noon. Can't wait...

JRoll's preseason "100 Win prediction" did come true after.

I told you all yesterday that this was our time, and lads, WE ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!

I was 8 in 1980 and I am 8 all over again tonight. I love the Phillies and love our city.


Too Busy crying and Cheering to POST!
Thanks Jason for helping make this Season so much Fun!


I can't wait until 10 years from now. On a rainy may afternoon. Phillies on a rain delay and I get to re live the story of the 08 philliesnarrated by harry kalas.

Last year my first trip to Boston to see the Sox, the Sox won the World Series.
This May I made my first trip to Philly to see the Fightins' play. They won the World Series!!
I wish I was there now. You are all truly great fans and you all deserve this!! Enjoy it, party all night long!!!!

Phillies are World Series champs!

My first championship! This is sooo awesome!!

Jason, that graphic is so awesome. You sir, are the man.

Congratulations everyone! Un-freakin-believable!

Man I can finally get one of those SI championship yearbook packages this year! I've been waiting for one of my teams to win something for like 12 years now.

Damn, Jason, that pic makes you World Champion of Baseball Bloggers. You, and all you lifers, are completely awesome. Awesome, I say! Y'all have helped me keep the love alive through the years here in the Deep South. Without Beerleaguer, I don't know if it would mean this much to me.
Such a great feeling, now. All of you going to the parade, pour one out for all of us across the country and the world.

I can't believe they wouldn't put the parade off until Saturday. Soooo many more people would come, including me. Stupid midterm exam 10AM Friday!!!

I love this team.

They did it! Is there anyone here who didn't have at least a little tear in their eye? I'm just so glad for the team and for the fans.

Thanks, Jason for all your work in making this season such a special one for us. And thanks to the entire Beerleaguer nation for all the insights which have made this a great year amd made me a more knowledgable fan.

Drinking a toast to the Phils and BL now. Here's to you and thanks again!

Campaign Cheer baby, I want my World Series ring!!!

brad lidge: "Pujol who?"

Carson: Rings are too small. I want a World Series donut.


rex - who?

mmmmmm...championship donuts

I forgot win the Spirit award. Your passion is infectious, and your boy Cole is a good luck charm!!!!

I forgot to mention a Sacramento boy helped with the win, Geoff Jenkins. Great guy, glad to see him part of a champion. The local paper mentioned he's a proud papa again!! He's had an emotional last couple of weeks!!

I've got an exam Saturday morning, so at least there's the possibility of going to the parade...

I'm just so excited tonight. Tomorrow is going to suck at work becasue there will be very little sleep had tonight.

An important lesson this year- you need to stay positive when thigns get bad and not start over-reacting. This team struggled but they were great 25-5 in their last 30 when it mattered.

Easy road or not 11-3 in the playoffs is a pretty nice record.

They are trying to tip over the CBS van!!

haha great graphic JW.

this is so surreal, I can't believe it WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!

and what makes me even happier was top to bottom just about everyone on this roster contributed to this series win. TRUST THE GUT!

Thank Richie that we lost the AS game. Winning in 5 is much better with the home field disadvantage.

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