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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Why Can't Us???

Go Phillies!!!

brilliant graphic...

...and classy, too...

Let's do this thing !

In my world they already won this game.

Let's go and make it offical!

16th inning Brett Myers walk-off Homerun!

Phillies do it better.

I remember laying on the floor of my parents room the night Joe Carter ended our magical season. My dad was tearing up. I was very young at the time, but I remember between wipping my own tears and gathering breaths as I heeved I looked at my father and said, "we'll be back, Kruker will get us back next year."

He couldn't make eye contact with me, he just said it was time to go to sleep.

In 2000, when the Flyers blew the 3-1 series lead to the Devils in the East Finals, I was sitting in the front seat of the car with my sister in the back. My dad was driving us home, needless to say, we both had watery eyes.

My sister broke the silence, "We'll win the Cup next year."

I couldn't look at her. "Yea, next time I said."

My Dad has been appologizing to me for years for not raising me a New York sports fan. Tonight, I want to get the monkey off his back. I want him to know the hundreds of Phillies, Flyers, Eagles and Sixers games we went to were worth it.

i have 2 hopes tonight...

first and foremost, of course, a phillies victory.

and second, NO POLITICS on beerleaguer tonight.


To LA Jeff: Thanks for bringing those wonderful memories back...

Go Phillies!

Its amazing that we're having a 3.5 inning game and it still wont be over till past 11 pm somehow. Not naming names but maybe if somebody hadnt bought out 30 min of airtime to have a big stupid commercial...

well, my second hope survived a total of 0 posts, so let's hope my first makes it tonight. sigh.

Please......this is it.....let's go Phils...let's go Phils

Without taking any political side here, it should be fairly obvious that the game was gonna start at 8:30 PM anyhow. If you want to blame people the name has three letters and X marks the last spot.

Look at it this way: Obama is saving us the horrors of the Fox Pregame show.

To bathtubhippo: I didnt mention it by name...just mentioned that the game was really late for SOME reason...nothing to do with one side or the other...I could give a crap about that right now.

Go Phillies!

So, now, officially, do these posts get added to the total of 770 from the first part of the game? It'd be nice to know if we have a shot at an all time record tonight.

(Of course, JW probably has a graphic in his pocket waiting for an opportune moment.)

To Andy: Very good point...Fox sucks.

If only he could save us from Buck and McCarver too.

Hi BLer's - I feel personally responsible for this suspended game. I was away on a trip on Monday and Tuesday where I had no access to TV. I listened to the game on an XM radio and was amazed at what transpired. I have been waiting 28 years to see the Phillies win the championship and I would have been disappointed by okay with not seeing it. I just wanted them to win. But the game never ended on Monday. And they didn't play on Tuesday. And now, I am finally home; I have my HDTV ready to go. So by this very strange twist of fate, I hope to see the Phils win it tonight.


From the cornfields of america...there came a man. A man with hope...and that man was...drumroll please

NEPP: Why in the world would you think it takes more than two and a half hours to play 3 1/2 innings?

To clout: Its just pessimism on a couple levels:

1. How many commercials Fox will try to squeeze in.

2. The possibility of extra innings as we are tied.

Living in the MW in a College town after 23 years in South Jersey I am absolutely crazed about tonight! Philly don't ever listen to the negitive comments, the greatest food, an incredible cultural center, pro sports fans that bleed green, red,and black. You don't realize what you have till it's gone. Try finding scrapple and eggs in the friggin MW at 2:30AM! Go Fightin's I ain't scared we win tonight!!!

I am more nervous, excited and sacred than I have ever been in my life. Being in Detroit doesn't help but a win will cure all the pain and angst that has been felt. Being born in the fall of 1983 I want this monkey off my back and to not only call us the city with the best fans but the city of champions!

NEPP: Charlie Manual.

shut up obama lets play some ball!

I really feel whoever scores first is going to win, so hopefully our bats come alive quick. End this in Philly, I mean snowing in Oct in Philly is about as likely as the Phillies winning the WS, and it snowed so why not a parade on Halloween.

Lets go Phils!!!

Seal the deal and make it official. Become the champs!

Obama's infomercial isn't even airing here in the Bay Area. I guess he figures there's no point wasting money for an area where he's already going to get 90% of the vote anyhow.

@BAP - could FOX be airing the infomercial at a later time for the west coast?

bap: the radio coverage had already begun.

/says the guy in the other 90% state (MA)

I think Michigan is still one of the battleground states. I don't really know. i have too much Phillies on the mind.

i would guess Obama is played later on the West coast as the local news is on here in OR

In LA, O is airing after the game.

joe: Could be, although I would think he would want to target the World Series audience, when lots of people will be watching. More likely, he just figures that he's already got California in the bag. I can't say I'm too distraught about missing it.

I am 3-1 predicting the results of this series so far. My prediction: The Phillies will win it tonight.

If I'm wrong: The Rays win both Games 6 and 7.

I HATE Joe buck...Seriously.

sixers losing a bad sign?

Hamels batting leadoff? What kind of lineup is that?

It looks really warm in Philly.

Great Sign at CBP - Tonight's Forecast: Champagne!!

Here we go Phillies!

Fox will be happy. The second we all sit down to get comfortable, Maddon's going to change pitchers, thereby giving the network 5 more minutes of commercials.

Its just gotta happen in Philly.

Phils are gonna spank 'em!

rosenthal always sounds like hes reading off of a card because he pauses mid sentence ALL THE TIME

Clout, I agree they'd be favorites in Games 6 and 7, but only, oh, 60-65% favorites. So the odds are that we'd win one of the two.

alright jenk lets do it

jenkins makes that money all worhtwhile with one swing of the bat.

I have an absolute terrible feeling about this mini-game. I really dont think we're gonna win and then we have to go to Tampa and they're gonna kill us...This sucks.

Same here, NEPP. Same here.

Longest rain delay ever.

this is the first time the radio has not matched up. wtf.

Your turn to shine Jenks

I knew he could do it.

whoooo!!! way to go jenkins!!!!

Are you kidding me??? The crowd's just going to will us to victory.


Nice start!

Jenkins with the huge leadoff double!

Agree with feeling about tonight, disagree about the rest of the series

UPDATE: Jenkins!!!!!!!!!

All right! Now let's drive him in, Jimmy!!!




See what happens when Charlie takes advice from Beerleaguer.

Worth every penny!! I love the enthusiasm.

Nice job, J-Roll. Let's go Werth.

textbook bunt by Jimmy

The Phillies go head on with their biggest weakness in this series in this at bat.

Attaboy Jenks! Another hero? Score him Phils. 90 feet.

its so weird to see a line on a player 5 minutes into the game. lets go werth.

Damn the crowd is so freaking LOUD!

LOL @ Clout.

90 feeet, 2 outs to do it in, comeon phils dont fail us now



That will work!!!!!!!


a F*cking pop fly gets us the go ahead run!!!! yes!!!

I don't believe this.

Aki, Aki, Aki, Oi, Oi, Oi



Must have lost it in the rain!

j-ROLL and utley would of made that play and thats why the phillies are the sh*t


*just sits in front of TV, grinning like an idiot*

The Phillies are focused and the crowd is rocking: this city didn't lose one beat by the two day rain delay!

woo-hoo! Werth!!!

Let's break it open Utley!!

Alright! I hated the bunt, but I love the cheap hit.


Way to go Werth! Cole can win this!! We can win this!!

Banging on the coffee table up here... let's go Chase!!!

Huge at bat by Jenkins. Balfour made a bad pitch to him and he crushed it.

Rollins dropped a beautiful bunt and Werth gets it done. Small ball is nice to see.

Keep it rolling boys.

I am so pumped right now i cant really explain it

Good to get that run back that was rightfully ours.

NCPhilly: this crowd/city hasn't skipped a beat in waiting 25 years.

When Grant Balfour comes home for the off season I will be there at Sydney airport with all my Phillies gear on giving him a mighty welcome home.

Get hamels the win!

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