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Monday, October 27, 2008


Great graphic of Hollywood

Fantastic graphic...I feel better already.

Anyone hear Ryan Howard call him "Coleywood"?

1) Iwamura, 2B
2) Crawford, LF
3) Upton, CF
4) Pena, 1B
5) Longoria, 3B
6) Navarro, C
7) Baldelli, RF
8) Bartlett, SS
9) Kazmir, P

1) Rollins, SS
2) Werth, RF
3) Utley, 2B
4) Howard, 1B
5) Burrell, LF
6) Victorino, CF
7) Feliz, 3B
8) Ruiz, C
9) Hamels, P

SeAson=over Tonight!

still can't figure out why I was labeled as a spammer on all my computers back in August. But not at my parents house

Is it bad that "Cole" shot to the top of the list of potential names for my yet to be conceived son?

Over at DRaysBay, a Tampa Bay Rays blog, they seem to be rationalizing the loss by saying they don't really care about the World Series because they won the AL East and beat the Boston... and they don't really hate the Phillies anyway... and the Phils just got hot at the right time.

Um... yeah... whatever helps you sleep at night!

whiskey: Just Cole or are you going to go the whole way and name him Colbert?

Can't believe we are this close. Getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Pop'd open my first DogFish of the night.

Close it out Coleywood.

Going to be a raw night at the ballpark . . . hopefully Phils get out to an early lead because that crowd will be loud all night long regardless of the temp/weather if the Phils are up.

Nothing else to say at this point except a simple...Go Phils.

Ah hell, I should be sentimental and say all the great posters here have made watching the Phillies from far away (Belgium) a hell of a more fun!

Thanks Jason, and thanks regular posters.

Cant everyone argue about Feliz or splitting up Utley and Howard. It doesn't feel like its real!

Should the unthinkable happen... should the Rays pull this game out tonight... I'm not going to be overly concerned. I'm not even sure I'll be worried about the eventual outcome. We are on the precipice. We have 3 games to win just one. We have Hamels-Myers-Moyer and the most fearsome lineup in baseball.

I like our chances no matter what happens tonight.

Manuel is an idiot.

How can he continue to bat Utley and Howard back-to-back with the lefites Tampa has??

Because we're winning and its working? Why move someone in the lineup (Howard) who has been absolutely crushing the ball the past two games, or mess with a lineup that put up 10 last night?

Thank you, CJ.

I think Manuel is smart to go with 2 hot bats it doesnt make sense to go with Burrell even though I smell a monster night for "the Bait."

CJ: Utley has a 1st inning OPS of 5.000 against Kazmir this year. Your old school strategy clashes with those FACTS. Charlie would be negligent to risk not getting Chase a 1st inning at bat with the max percentage chance of runners on in front of him.

smandel: Sorry... your sarcasm detector must be broken. I have no problems with tonight's lineup. I posted that for old time's sake :-)

TBex: I really, really hope PtB has his moment tonight.

Brian G: I will submit to your superior logic. Especially since you've managed to cite the smallest sample size in the history of Beerleaguer. My hat's off to you!

I'm watching the Rays pre-game show and Todd Kalas is trying his best, but man, that is one depressed group of announcers and players. Especially the players. They all just seem so defeated. And cold. Not that I'm complaining.

The nasty truth is that Cholly's hasn't done a great job of managing this Series. Been all about the stellar/solid starting pitching and a bullpen that has been lights out.

A Phils team built around pitching - it has had me pleasantly surprised for most of the year.

NLDS Game 4: Rollins leads off with a homerun & the Phillies go on to a stress-free 6-2 victory to clinch the series.

NLSC Game 5: Rollins leads off with a homerun & the Phillies go on to a stress-free 5-1 victory to clinch the series.

World Series Game 5: I'm calling a Rollins lead-off homerun and the Phillies going on to a stress-free 7-3 victory to clinch the series. Hamels wins Series MVP. For the 24-hour period following the win, Beerleaguer is like a scene out of John Lennon's "Imagine," with everyone singing Kumbaya and getting along beautifully. The Phillies then announce the hiring of Ruben Amaro and the vitriol begins anew.

This is it. This whole postseason run leads to this. It sure seems like destiny. Why can't us?

Cameron misplaying Utley's double. Myers' 9 pitch walk. Vic's grand slam off CC. Blanton dealing and Jroll with the leadoff bomb. Utley and Burrell going yard off a cruising Lowe. Brett going 3-for-3 and knocking in three. Vic tying it up in the 8th and Stairs sending it soaring into the LA night for the lead. Utley with a home run in his first WS at-bat. Ruiz with the Squib Heard Round the Delaware Valley. And then last night, Howard carrying us while Blanton and Werth added some for good measure. Why can't us?

The emergence of Madson. The resurgence of Ruiz. Hollywood Hamels turning into the ace and big game pitcher we always needed. Lidge continuing his perfect season. Howard finally getting it going. Rollins and Burrell, the two old timers, each coming up big at times. The solid pitching. The excellent defense. The offense doing just enough to win. Why can't us?

Now is when that all comes together. A World Series clinching game at home, with our ace on the hill. Why can't us?

Win it for Manuel's mother. Win it for Vic's grandmother. Win it for Gillick. Win it for Cholly. Win it for the fans who never got to see a championship. Win it for those under 25 year old's who have never seen any Philly sports team win it all. Win it for the kids who got their first taste of postseason baseball the last two years. Win it for all those fans who have supported this team during the down years, of which there were many. Win it for this city. Win it for us.

Now it is our time. NOW it is OUR time.


One thing I am sick of hearing from some coworkers is how Phils just were lucky they didn't play a great team during the playoffs. Who cares. Did they catch some breaks by playing against the Brewers in NLDS and the Dodgers in the NLCS? Sure.

But they buried both of those teams and are now an imposing 10-3 in the playoffs. Nothing cheap about that and if they win tonight they went 11-3 in the playoffs lost 1 game each series. Nothing cheap about that.

What exactly is going to happen to this blog when we win the World Series? All this talk, dreaming, and waiting for this Championship has had me prepared to get to this point, but nothing past that.

Never had to. Should be interesting, it's been a fun ride gents.

Lets go Phils!

Would love to see this team break with its season-long tradition and throw a lot of run support behind Hamels.

Is it game time yet?

Go Phils.

let's finish it, boys.

here's hoping for an occasion to raise a glass to pat tonight, too.

All I can say is that if it should be close, late, and the Rays bring in a LHP from the pen, Cholly doesn't PH for Feliz with Dobbs. Surely, that would cost the Phils the game.

(No, I don't really feel that way, but it's my last chance of the season to provoke clout to call me an idiot and then claim that he didn't.)

Go Phils.

Still amazed by the Rays pregame show--they interviewed Joe Buck, who actually stuck up for the Phillies fans and said we get a bad rap. Then everyone agreed that Phillies fans need this win more than Rays fans do. Or in the words of Todd Kalas: "If the Rays lose this game, their fans will still go to the beach tomorrow. If the Phillies lose this series . . . well, you'll need a lot of psychologists in this town."

This is unreal.

All my life I've waited...all my life...And now I feel almost unprepared.

Admittedly, all of this caught me entirely off-guard.

That feeling in the pit of my stomach is a classic case of nerves, thanks to years of conditioning as a fan of all Philly sports. I am scared to death that to many fans are acting out of character, as if they already won this thing. I am not sure that I like the over-confidence, however I can't tell if it's strictly superstition or just a case of unfamiliarity on my part. I am so much more comfortable questioning Cholly, complaining about Feliz and Ruiz and the black hole in the bottom of the order, Howard's strikeouts, Burrells hot & cold streaks, JRolls commitment, mental blunders, ripping the Front Office, bad trades that were made, worst one's that weren't made...just to name a few, LOL, the list goes on and on.

However, if the miracle occurs tonight, the second WS win in 125 years (both in my lifetime) as my father hangs out to witness the event with me and the family, I will no doubt be celebrating with the rest of the Phillies-Nation, while quietly knowing that all of you here on BeerLeaguer are enjoying the 'I Can't Believe It Finally Happened' moment with each other, after witnessing so many games together over the years. Here's to hoping and praying. With all of you.

Just adding the obligatory GO PHILS!

BAP - "For the 24-hour period following the win, Beerleaguer is like a scene out of John Lennon's "Imagine," with everyone singing Kumbaya and getting along beautifully. The Phillies then announce the hiring of Ruben Amaro and the vitriol begins anew."

Thanks for that classic LOL moment. This is the night we've all been waiting for. LET"S DO IT!!!

I think I'm about to puke...

rain not good.

flipper: Nothing I can post could possibly make you look dumber than your own posts.

NEPP: The game will be played tonight even if it rains frogs.

MG: Even worse than that is all the people at my work who keep telling me, "I can't believe they came out of nowhere like this." Being that I watch pretty much every game of every season I want to scream. Us true fans- including many here- have seen the signs of this team for a few years now. They were just maddeningly missing some pieces.

I'm watching this game with my Pop tonight and hoping for the big win. Let's do our best to avoid arguments and cheap shots, and early pronouncements.

Savor this game, especially if we win.

The fan in me is cautiously optimistic right now. I said, if we are meant to win this series I won't believe it until I see the 27th out recorded.

clout, that's not why I'm on the verge of puking...that nervous impending doom feeling is stronger than ever.

Cole becomes a living legend...TONIGHT.


The middle guy on the Fox telecast reminds me of Robert Palmer.

The lights are on, but you're not home.

I'm gonna miss Burrell. You can really tell from the comments that he LOVES playing in Philly.

Maybe this has already been said; I confess, I haven't read through the thousands of game posts. But I heard last night that Cole has a chance to be the first pitcher to ever win 5 games in the same post-season.

Remember the lame 06 Cardinals, who limped into the playoffs with a lousy record and ice cold. The Mets and Tigers sure were lucky to get to fact them.

b_a_p: First pitcher to win 5 starts in a single postseason, yes. K-Rod had 5 wins as a reliever and Randy Johnson had 4 wins as a starter and 1 as a reliever.

I'll take that over Patti Labelle any day of the week.

p.Red: Ok. Thanks. I was half asleep when I heard the comment, so I wasn't sure if I had it right.

Nice job, Mr. Oates.

Before this game starts...Thanks, Mr. Weitzel, for the heart, soul, and brains you've poured into this blog. I've been a loyal reader for three years, and Beerleaguer is as much a part of my Phils life as the games. All of the Phils diaspora need what you do, and do so well. Thank you, and all you great commenters on this blog.
Let's win this effing Series! GO PHILLIES!!!

Now right Now!

Let's Go Phillies!

Darn, McCarver ain't there yet...maybe he'll get lost on his way to the booth.

First pitcher to win 5 starts. K rod won 5 games in relief and johnson won 4 and then 1 in relief.

Not to get ahead but with the money that is going to flow in next year how bout we open up the wallets and make a dynasty out of it :) Should finally be able to lure in all those big free agents who want to play for a champion!!!

Want to play for a winner, come play for the Phillies! wow.

T-minus 27 outs and counting . .. .

Nuts. McCarver found the booth.

Knew it was to good to be true. The laxative brownies didn't do their job.

He's twice as good as when he has Hall with him. Nice link to 1980 though, which is when they were most popular.

Guys, I have good news. I went to the store to grab a 24 case of Yuengling, wanting to savor the more local flair for this ultimate game. I go up and what is my total? 19.80 regardless of how irrational it is - I believe it to be a sign from the baseball heavens. That sign is the taste of victory.

Good thing they haven't run this "Vacation" commercial into the ground.

NEPP: I'm ready for the Poltergeist commercial spoof again

I feel a victory bender coming my way...

......and breathe....

And it begins...

26 outs to go....

One down, 26 to go.

Damn Rollins has a great arm!

JRoll with the nice Elmer Fudd hat going.

did somebody say 24 outs to go yet?


Ata boy Cole!

That was quick....
That's what she said...
That never gets old.


Can we get the bronze statue of Jimmy outside the stadium now...or do we have to wait till he retires?

Bang-bang play that broke the Phils way. Hopefully Phils keep it up!

That was easy.

Maddon should bench Crawford for not running that one out...he-he.

David Bowie is rolling around in his grave after that commercial...

Let's get it going now, J-Roll. Give us another series-ending leadoff HR!

David Bowie's dead?

david bowie is dead?


AHH...Donovan McNabb?!? We seriously couldnt do better?


Time's up let's do this!

Come on, that was the coolest lineup introduction ever.

The bowie thing was a joke...

I think the crowd is so loud that Jimmy is wearing the ear flaps down.

It is such a big game, Donovan McNabb threw up on the field after delivering the starting lineups...

Hamels' hair is so feathery

Too bad Jaworski's doing Monday Night.

What was with the sunglasses though?

Yeah Will Smith should have done it to shame the any attempt the Rays had of 1upping us.

nice 1/2 inning now swing the bat jimmy and lets get this thing rolling!!!


David Bowie died?

Oh nevermind that was a strike.

Oh, Nevermind

Anyone else think that was gone for a split second?

Jim, Will Smith has betrayed Philly by supporting the Lakers. No time for him. I'd much rather have Mac & Dennis from It's Always Sunny do it.

i heard the crack and was like oooh, d'oh.
so yeah i thought it was gone haha

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