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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Nice Graphic.

nit picking perhaps, Jay, but doesn't the "vs." essentially mean "at"? i always thought so...

ok, absurdly excited.

and i think that the bench and bullpen will be the key tonight.

Nah, you use vs. when you're not "at" their park...I believe Jay has it correct.

I am starting off with the Victory Storm King tonight. I am going headfirst into the heavy stuff. Go Big Joe Blanton!

How's the weather tonight?

Let's hope for a better Game 4 than Philadelphia saw last time around. I always thought that game was the real crusher, more than the sixth.

Weather couldn't be better. Perfectly clear, should be in the low 50s.

56 currently with light winds out of the clouds.

Perfect October Baseball.

lets DO this!!

Let's Ride the Chooch Train to Victory!

Nickname: Super-Cooch!

Leslie Guidel is interviewing Jim Thome, who's on the field at CBP. He said he came in town to surprise Charlie Manuel and give him his condolences in person for Charlie's mother dying. Man, this guy is a genuine class act. I always felt bad that he couldn't win here.

Jim Thome is one of the good guys in the game. I don't care which team he plays for, he is one guy I will always pull for.

Cliff Floyd was replaced in the playoffs roster with Eric Hinske. Floyd has a bad shoulder.

Bring it home tonight, Phils, and put a Game 5 clincher in Cole's hands tomorrow! Let's go Phils!

Jimmy Thome is a 1st Ballot HoF...Its ashame he's never won it all.

On the never-ending Dobbs vs Feliz argument.

Sonnanstine has a pretty good cut fastball that busts in on the hands of the lefty. Add that to the fact that Dobbs had two of the worst at-bats in baseball history in Gaem 2 and didn't seem to see the ball well, I would venture that is UC's thinking.

Trust the gut

That's a great topic I love. What is everyone drinking tonight? I've got a glass of (Philadelphia Phillies) red. I made a home made roasted butternut squash soup to kill time this afternoon, added a mustard crusted pork chop for some protein. Still got plenty of vino left....

Does anyone know where I can find that gray hooded Phillies sweatshirt that they've all been wearing. They dont sell Phillies stuff here in VT and I can't find it online. Anyone have a link?

Good choice for National Anthem...far better than the backdoor boys.

Injection, Charlie's never given us any reason to trust his gut. Though I guess you'd counter with last night's 9th inning, and the fact that we're in the World Series.

I like that the Fox crew is crediting Moyer with 1 run and completely ignoring the two BS runs.

How about Jamie coming through last night despite his stomach troubles. What a warrior!

Little bit more detail than I needed in this article though!

Yup...that's it. Well, thats $55 down the drain. Thanks!

Moyer is a beast and the last true warrior.

Patti LaBelle > Backstreet Boyz

It kinda sucks that I always have to mute the tv when the national anthem is performed.

OK, maybe we could have done better than Patti. Ouch, this is awful.

Lets go Phils!

Why mute it?

Patti Labelle blew that out of the water.

Wow this is not very good

I hate when they re-arrange the anthem like this.

This is awful. Not a good way to start the night.

Get the Roots up in herre

Well, it blew something, all right.

now THATS a national anthem.

you go, patti.

let go phillies!

Go Patti the Belle!

I spoke too soon...I hate that much improv on it. Just sing it how its suppsoed to go.

Patti sucked. But I love GEICO cavemen commercials.

Let's go Bulldog!

Time to sack up boys! Let's get good wood on it early.

Got a pretty good feeling right now. Pretty good feeling.

Buck still has some white stains on his jacket from his 9th inning BJ of Joe Maddon during the 5 man infield decision.

TV on. Radio: on Harry. Beer: in the glass. Patti LaBelle: killed the anthem.

Let's play ball!

Would love to see The Roots do the National Anthem, but it would be 1/2 hour long.

Truth: Dobbs' 2 bad at-bats had nothing on Feliz's 4th inning at-bat in yesterday's game. That was truly the worst PA by a Phillie this year.

But, as I said before yesterday's game, I'm going positive now. I've got a hunch that Feliz is going to have a good game tonight. I can't believe anyone would second-guess Cholly's decision to start him.

Is anyone else creeped out by the kids in this super slim camera commerical?

Lets go Kentucky Joe!!

GoPhilsGo - that's longer than Bleeding Gums Murphy's rendition, I believe.

man, the acorn fell pretty far from the tree here in the kalas fam

He sounds more like Scott Graham than Harry the K.

Todd Kalas, you bastard traitor!!!

?uestlove doing a ten-minute drum solo at CBP as fireworks explode overhead would be the awesomest thing ever.

I'd still take that guy over T-Mac.

Joe, I think you're right.

RP, with a solo by Tuba Gooding, Jr.

ha ha, radio guys making fun of Patti LaBelle.

"65,000 plus on their feet here at Veterans Stadium. The Tugger needs one more...Swing and a miss! Yes, he struck him out! Yes, they did it! The Phillies are world champions! World champions of baseball! It's pandemonium at Veterans Stadium! All of the fans are on their feet. This city has come together behind a baseball team!...Phillies are world champions! This city knows it! This city loves it!" -Harry Kalas

SeaSon=not over!

jill scott would probly bring the house to tears

Here we go.

USA National Anthem - The Roots, featuring Malik B, Dice Raw, PORN, and Mercedes Martinez

Pat the Glove.

Wow...the ball is carrying.

So what's that stain on Blanton's cap...looks kinda odd.

For his first pitches of the series, Joe's hat is awfully dirty.

Way too many okayplayer nuts on this site. I never would've guessed it.

Whatever it takes dude...whatever it takes

Sit down Melvin!

cookie monster not wasting any time tonight

Good start, baby. Good start.

Jill Scott--fantastic choice.

Sweet start for KY Joe.

1 2 3

that's a nice start.


crowd noise sounds louder on the broadcast must have fixed things.

I remember Blanton had the same stain on his hat during the Dodgers series. Some people were speculating then....I'm guessing he just doesn't wash it. Maybe a lil' "Kentucky style".

Elder Kalas to announce the Phils lineup?

Hard to find fault with that start.

Nice inning, Joe.

NEPP - Fox's mix in game one was awful, at times you couldn't hear a thing that Joe and Tim were saying. Actually, scratch that, Fox's mix in game one was pretty good.

Ryan "Gentle Giant" Howard. haha.

That's how its done son.

"...we call him bait"

love ya harry

I wish you would do that now Buck

God, I miss your voice, Harry.

TBS was much better in all aspects of the broadcasting. You could really hear the crowd noise with them.

Aki worked a good count and then Upton and Pena came up with some really bad free swinging at-bats.

For those drinking and watching have fun. I was camping last night and our whole camping group- along with many other pockets of people- were drinking and partying til 3 am. My head still hurts so it's aspirin and Gatorade for me tonight


Very encouraging start.

Jimmy's back.


atta boy jroll!

Jimmy's def hot right now.

No one complaining about enthusiastic strikeout calls by the ump tonight?

Leadoff double. Nice bounce off the wall. Here we go again with RISP?

Come on Jayson...we believe!

Well, at least it was a productive out.

well done jimmy, jay

I'll honestly take that. At least it advanced the runner.

Productive out.

would sure be nice to get a RISP hit early here.

Good sac there, Werth. Probably good to keep him off the bases, anyway.

How is it a "cheap" run? McCarver needs to shutup.

Cheap run? What does Tim think of the Ray's offensive production this series then?

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