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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Any word on a startdate yet?



Your evidence for why Dobbs shouldn't play more is that he didn't play more in Seattle? I thought there was some bad logic going around tonight, but that takes the cake!

9:30 is what I heard.

This will most likely turn out to be a rainout thread.

Nah...I think they'll get the game in...unfortunately for the pitching matchups.

bap: I doubt it. Once this rain passes, there's nothing behind it, and it seems as though MLB is committed to getting this game in tonight. I can't imagine this game NOT starting by 9:30pm ET.

So, depending what happens in this game, our evening can only turn out one of three ways: very good if they win; very bad if they lose; or very boring if they're rained out.

Fox will make sure this game isn't a rainout if it kills them.

Fox is currently constructing a temporary dome over CBP to make sure the game gets in...

CJ: Ok, I'll take your word for it. You would certainly know better than I would.

Bad weather conditions definitely work to the Phillies' advantage. I can't really explain why that's so, but I swore I was going to be blindly optimistic tonight.

From the previous thread:

Agreed about McCarver, BAP.

And no, I've never seen Dobbs look that bad. But it looked to me like he just couldn't pick up the pitches and was fooled by Shields' changeup - not that the background had anything to do with it.

Sorry, I think Major League Baseball should be ashamed of itself for having this get to this point. Cancel and back the games up a day. If need be drop the off day.
It isn't fair to all the people who spent big money on tickets. Did I just see lighting?

phlipper: I don't know if it was the background... being rusty... or just having a bad day. None of it, however, should preclude Dobbs getting a start tonight. Feliz has looked rather dreadful against RHP all season long, playoffs included. Besides... Dobbs got a hit last game, didn't he?

I am in Radnor and I am getting thunder and lighting

I'll try again, CJ.

I'm saying that the BL Dobbs lovers overstate the case with the upside of starting Dobbs over Feliz. My point was that if Dobbs was as good as BL Dobbs lovers seem to think, he would have had significantly more platoon ABs in Seattle. Once again, I think that if he was so vastly superior, as the BL Dobbs lovers seem to think, it would be obvious to the managers who have watched him play day in and day out for years.

But yeah, you're right. That opinion is just ridiculously illogical.

I don't think delaying the game for an hour is the end of the world, especially on a Saturday night.

Remember Channel 6 has Penn State vs Ohio State

i just heard thunder in narberth. great.

I don't see how postponing the game will alleviate those problems. Some people with tickets tonight might not be able to attend the game if it gets pushed back. Its really a no win situation, but I think having it delayed is probably their best option.

Now you're really reaching, CJ. Yes, Dobbs had a hit. Are you saying that he didn't look absolutely pathetic, and that his hit was a weak bloop single which doesn't negate that observation?

Yeah, I was just about to mention that the PSU game is on...something to do till the start at least.

to much thunder and lighting, i am logging off

MLB wants to try and start the game between 9 and 9:30 per ABC's bottom line.

Lets get this game started, I think Id rather see the Phils losing than watch Till Death

Is the main reason they want to get this in because they don't want a potential Game 7 pushed to a Friday night?

It's only a 2 hour flight so they could theoretically eliminate the travel day but I think that's a B.S. thing to do in the World Series just becaus they're worried about TV ratings.

This is a kick and go comment.

Can't Fox find better programming that this cr@p? I mean, this is the World's Series, right? Something men watch? And what do they put on during a rain delay, but a chick show, full of degrading male stereotypes.

They'd be better off showing repeats of Ken Burns's PBS show "Baseball." It might have nothing to do with their current programming, but at least it wouldn't piss off their target audience for the scheduled show.

phlipper: Are you suggesting Dobbs is the same player he is today as he was three years ago in Seattle? As someone mentioned, that logic would dictate we dump Victorino and Werth since the Dodgers didn't want him. It's just stupid. Argue all you want about Feliz's magical defense. But these other random arguments simply suggest you have no idea what you are talking about.

Good call Squonk, Id watch any Ken Burns over 95% of Fox programming

If this game was postponed, games 6 and 7 would be played as scheduled. The only change would be that the off day on Tuesday for travel would be eliminated.

Thank you, Mick. Now back to my wife, explaining to her that she really looks beautiful, reminding her that the bra was invented by a homosexual male and that it has no real purpose, that men don't look better with age, etc.

Christ. I was hoping to enjoy this evening with some good TV. Instead, I am back to my husbandly duties.

Thank you FOX for f-ing up an otherwise great evening of TV viewing.

Misc. point:

Even if you aren't a baseball fan and could care less about the Series would you be at least curious to see what a 45-year old pitcher does for at least a couple of pitchers while flipping around the TV?

Technically almost a 46-year old pitcher as Moyer turns 46 in a month.

MG: I could care less about anyone who does not like baseball, so I do not understand how anyone would not be watching tonight's game. The basis for your question mystifies me.

That is the one reason I am down on bring Moyer back next year for more than anything that is a 1-yr deal. Ideally, the Phils can sign him to a $4M deal and back-load with with incentives for IP and GS like this last deal with the Phils was.

MG: If people knew about him...

MLB doesn't know how to properly promote stories. Jamie Moyer is an AMAZING story. But I doubt most people have no idea who he is or why he's so special.

BTW, MG. I am so pissed off at FOX's programming, I am "kicking the dog," so to speak. Sorry for you getting stuck in the crosshairs.

That leaves out a big slice of the American populace Squonk but somewhere that wouldn't surprise me that you could care less what others think.

CJ - Yeah. Jack Quinn in 1930 at 47 was the oldest man to start a World Series game but you have to figure you would at least have some passing interest if you weren't a baseball fan at what a middle-aged man could do against men half of his age?

MG: I don't care. If most of America doesn't like baseball first, then they are missing life in general.

I tell people this all the time, but seriosly, football is a great distraction between the World's Series and Spring Training. The great thing about the Daytona 500 is that means pitchers and catchers report within the week.

I mean, why wouldn't one's life revolve around baseball? Baseball certainly revolves around life, so why isn't the converse also true?

CJ: My understanding from FOX is the official storyline for the 2008 World Series is the Rays are a Cinderella story.

Can't veer off message.

I play in a basketball rec league and I have a hard time sometimes at 31 keeping up with the guys who are 22-23 when we play full-court. You just don't have the legs.

Everybody talks about how Moyer can do what he does because of his lack of velocity and control but you typically don't hear about his fastidious training and diet regimen. Really the key to how long Moyer has been around and I bet you any money that this knowledge has been passed to Hamels over the past 2 seasons and helped Hamels to stay healthy. One of those indirect things in baseball you can't possibly measure.

So, says it'll be 30-45 minutes after it stops raining before the game will start. I'm starting to doubt this will played, but MLB seems pretty dead set on playing...

Seriously though, Fox doesnt have a "Best of WS Moments" tape they could put in or a Road to October highlights of both teams Just in Case of Rain delay to use? This is pathetic.

Isn't this rain delay show on FOX exacly like that bad show that was on the WB? You know, the one with the newscaster from the movie Twister? And wasn't that an even poorer remake of the show King of Queens?

I think Fox is still trying to figure out how they can play up the Manny Boston angle.

this is a disgrace. they knew for 4 days this game was gonna be a wash out.

One last point while this rain delay plays out - For a team with a couple of high-profile players like Utley, Howard, JRoll, and Howard, isn't it funny how you don't hear much about their off-field lives? Really seems that they all keep a pretty low-profile including Hamels who seems to live a pretty sedate life as a married man in West Chester.

Out of curiosity since Cole trucks it in from West Chester for games...where do Howard and Uts reside townwise?

Considering that I thought "Everybody Loves Raymond" to be one of the dumbest shows in existence...a spinoff with the dumb brother is just "fantastic"...and now back to PSU.

Thank you NEPP. I have already told my wife how the bra was invented by a homosexual man. How men like women their age. How men don't get better looking with age (think 40s-50s man boobs, ear hair, receding hairlines, etc.)

I am giving up way too much feeling, when all I should be caring about are our 2008 National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

FOX needs better rain delay programming than this.

PSU 3 - OSU 0. Fun game so far.

well i fit wasn't for this rain delay... i wouldn't have known that "Til Death" was based in Philly.

Shots of Willow Grove Mall. Philly cop cars. And Lorenzo's on South Street.

Huh? They are playing college football while the Phillies are in the World's Series?

Travesty. Absolute travesty. Don't these people have priorities?

Somebody PLEASE tell me when FOX puts the game on. My wife is forcing me to watch Tremors on Encore 4 for the 3rd time this week.

Nothing wrong with that--at least the first time--I'd do Reba. But...

Til Death takes place in Philly? Maybe it's not an accident then. Maybe they can play an episode of Boy Meets World next!

I know we all have the internet and remotes and all, but couldn't Fox get their local weather idiot to come on and show us the radar and give us a little info? Hearing Joe Buck tell us he doesn't need Doppler isn't really helpful.

Mike: Till Death is based in Philly? What I dont believe is you were able to watch long enough to find out.

If they play this game it will be a travesty. It's 9:23 and it's still raining pretty hard in NW Philly. It really pisses me off the way that TV controls the game.

Agreed on "Everybody Loves Raymond." Weak show and Ray Romano would count as one of the 3 or 4 worst comedians I have seen live (got free tickets from a friend and just didn't think his schtick/material worked at all in front of a live audience).

Tremors is one of the top five movies about giant worms that starred Kevin Bacon ever made.

Fun Fact: Joe Buck was born in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The Office is on NBC at the moment (for those not watching PSU)...there are options out there.

If they ever play this game, it could fall into two legendary game categories: Black Friday's followup game OR something along Mitchie Poo's game winning hit game at 440 AM.

Ugh. Just cancel the game already so I can get back to finish my work already.

@Mick -- I forgot about the PSU game... and got hooked with the hot chicks from the bra shopping episode... and JB Smoove who was classic on Curb... what can I say.

Plus I was waiting for Buck to do the obligatory "Well, I guess it really isn't always sunny in philadelphia" joke.

Squonk's official weather forecast... Rain over in 30-45 minutes. It took about 2.5 hours after the main front passed through for the rain to clear out here. The main front went through CBP at about 7:45, so...

On a positive side, this could be the most posts on beerleaguer ever

Personally, I'm rooting for a rain out. First, I don't think I'll be awake when it ends if they play it. Second, I'm stuck in a hotel on Tuesday night with nothing to do. Baseball on Tuesday would be a savior.

1st pitch at 10 pm EST according to Fox...Absolute Travesty.

It's Jeannie... game on. tarp off.

@Mike JB Smooth was real good on the last season of curb

MG, i used to work at a dog boarding place where jroll leaves his 2 dogs during the season when hes away on road trips. ive met both him and his girlfriend and they are very down to earth and friendly.. very normal people. puts into perspective that all these players are just real people like us.

I was actually at the Mitch Williams game in 1993 in that ended at 4:40 with my uncle and cousin. Actually showed up on the PRISM broadcast at one point. Just remembered being incredibly hungry and basically running out of things to talk about with the various guys sitting next to us.

Man this downtime sucks.

Looks like it's still raining pretty hard down there.

NEEP: I nearly threw up, I was laughing so hard. Great "Tremors" comment.

I second the applause on the Tremors comment.

This is a joke...they should have cancelled the game. Its still pouring and the tarp is off. The field is gonna be a deathtrap. The WS shouldn't turn on a fluke play due to a wet field.

Does mlb want fans to watch the games?

Play ball. I guess it's whiskey and women on Tuesday.

10 ET start for a World Series game. Great decision Bud. Ugh. Absolutely no reason why a World Series game on the East Coast should ever start later than 8:05.

No problem...that's what I'm here for.

Steve Jeltz: For those few of us (maybe just me) that cares only about baseball, what is there to watch?

I agree, I am in "kick the dog mood," but ...

Tremors update... It just went off Encore 4. Ask my wife if you want an update on when it will be on next.

Oooohhhh... PREGAME...

Thank you for telling me y'all...

Graboids, Nepp. Not giant worms. I might be the only human being alive who has seen all 4 Tremors movies, the last 3 of which were all direct-to-video.

Fun Fact #2: Joe Buck admitted on July 2, 2008, that he no longer enjoyed broadcasting baseball like he used to, and that the game takes too long to play.

And this is the World Series announcer?

Fox Pregame vs. Tremors . . . tough call.

Jeninne Galasko (sp?) is a great talent. I mean, she got hired by a local LA station because of her small frame and huge, pendulous boobs. She got promoted to Fox Sports because she has huge, pendulous boobs and married a Fox executive.

I love a woman who looks good and puts out to get "a head."

I saw Tremors 2 but not the other 2 after that....and I only saw the 2nd one because I worked in a video store in HS. The original was a decent (if far fetched) movie for the time it was released.

Joe Buck shouldn't be announving. I read that comment too (its on his Wikipedia page) and was disgusted.

I have seen every Tremors movie multiple times. My kids are huge graboid heads.

Penn State is the obvious secondary entertainment for local viewers. But since it's halftime, time to grab the ax for a little Guitar Hero.


Zelasko looks like a trannie...

I'd watch Tremors over Fox Pregame personally.

"Burt knows his bombs"

Ive never seen any Tremors movie all the way through and Im glad we are talking about this over Fox broadcasting

Wow PSU-OSU is 3-3 at half. Like a Big Ten game from 30-35 years ago. Would make Woody and Bo proud.

I thought about breakign out the Guitar Hero but I'm on here and looking up classic SuperNintendo games on Wikipedia instead...and drinking...definitely drinking.

I hope the Phillies can fvck Matt Garza as much as he fvcked my fantasy team this year.

I'm rooting for the Buckeyes tonight and every other Saturday, it's everyone else who plays Penn State.

So to summarize Beerleaguers' preferred Saturday night viewing options:

1. Game 3 (duh)
3. Tremors
4. The Office
987. Til Death

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