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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It begins!


Just to beat CJ to it...

Why can't us??

This has been the longest day ever. And we still have a few hours to go.

Let's go Phils!

F what the rest of the country thinks.

Screw what the 'experts' believe.

KNOW that this team is completely capable of doing their talking on the field.

Tonight marks step 1 in bringing a World Championship BACK TO PHILADELPHIA!!

Go Phils.

--- Coste goes deep...I'm feeling it!

Thanks Mike :-D

Why Can't Us???

The Team To Beat !

Oh I am so excited. I can hardly eat and I'll probably have yet another tear in my eye when the game finally starts.

I am looking to Jimmy to do something very good, very early...

It begins. Let's do this. Go PHILS!

Ok everybody - first time since '93, best Phil's lefty since... Lefty.

We got this $hit!!!!!!!


From the last thread, if Myers wins Game 2, that would really change everything. But the chances of that happening aren't much better than our winning a Tim Redding/Adam Eaton matchup.

I hope the experts keep on rootin' for the devil rays - & the PHILLIES knock the 'devil' right outa them - then we can corredtly call them the rays - but only the ACLS champs because The PHILLIES will be the WORLD CHAMPS!

GO GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!

The Curse of Billy Penn ends NOW!!!

I am a good friend from Hazleton. another from Tampa area....but it is only, only the PHILS....let's go Phils. Phils in 6!!!

The Fark sports tab says that the Rays have a 70% chance of winning, and 17% chance of sweeping. I'm very skeptical of that being true.

Let's go Phillies!!!

I'm pumped!

What's all this "Phils in 6" talk? I say PHILS IN 5!

This wait is excruciating.

I have stayed late at work because I would have been climbing the walls at home.

Time to get in the car and head home, kick back and enjoy (and it's still exhillarating to type this)

our Phillies in the World Series!!!!!!!

Jim Caple, you are an idiot!

I love how David Price is supposed to swing the balance of this series. Dude has pitched 14 innings in the bigs! Too bad Carlos Carrasco isn't on the WS roster - otherwise the Phils would be slated to win!

I love how national baseball like Rob Neyer have probably seen David Price pitch an inning and a third in his whole life, and are annointing him on the same level as Lidge.

Also, who is this clown "Big Game" James Shields? I've seen him pitch exactly once this season (Game 6 in the ALCS, which he didn't win!). Granted I dont watch much AL baseball, but WTF with the nickname!

I've built up an appropriate amount of rage against the Rays.


Ugh touchy feely Rays montage on ESPN. Makes me sick.

Yeah... this whole David Price thing is funny. He's sooooooo awesome that the manager won't name him closer for fear of putting too much pressure on him. Um... yeah... that's the guy I want with the World Series on the line.

Williams (entering dugout) - Chollie, you seem kinda quiet. You okay.

Manuel - Mmmm...

Rollins (entering dugout) - Jimmy, you seen the Coach, he seemed...oh, hey, Chollie. You okay?

Manuel - Mmmmm....

Werth (entering dugout) _ Yo, Coach. Wow. You're quiet today; you okay?

Manuel - Mmmm....

(Utley, Howard, Burrell, Vic, Feliz, Coste and Ruiz enter in turn asking Manuel if he's okay. He says: )

Manuel - Mmmmm...

Hamels - Hey. Anyone seen those sandwiches I ordered for the post game party? There must've been 50 of 'em and now there's only wrappers.

Manuel - {Belches incredibly long and loud} Mmmmm...Those were for afterward? Well. Sorry kid, but at least the Gut is ready for the Big Time.

I only took a few days but I despise the Rays. Thank you ESPN for making me hate that team.

First time in 15 years...this feels so good.

Price is good and when he gets enough experience will be very good. but do you think Charlie hasn't watched tape of this kid from college to show the guys how to hit him?

Here Here CJ.

By the way, in game 7 of the ALCS, Price got JD Drew on a K, walked Bay, got Kotsay on a K, got Varitek on a K, and got Jed Lowrie to ground out. Getting Drew in a high pressure situation is impressive. On the other hand, I think I may be able to get Kotsay, Varitek, and Lowrie on a good day.

I saw bring David Price on against the heart of our lineup in a high leverage situation, and lets see what he can do.

Man I'm pumped right now.

lets go phils!

thank god i bought that nhl center ice package so I can watch the Flyers before the Phils start. I need something or I'm gonna start punching holes in the wall.

Not sure the Flyers are gonna prevent you from punching holes in the wall, given how they have been playing to start the season!

I'm eating the Halloween candy to pass the time.

So close I can taste it. Here we go, Phillies, here we go!


I'm so nervous...

oh man I am so pumped. Why can't it be first pitch now. I might not make it to 8:30

I've got that same sick feeling I had before the last 2 series. But it doesnt feel real yet. Hell, I was 12 the last time the Phillies played in a WS so this is the most important sporting event of my adult life.

Go Phillies, Go Phillies, Go FVCKING PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to add that I'm glad the Phillies seem a lot more composed and poised than I am.

Uh Oh, clout and I almost agreed on something. Either this means a once in 25 year event, or it means that the apocalypse is upon us.

Man, am I psyched about this series.


It's happening! It's really happening!

My hands are actually shaking right now. I've deliberately not gone on any national baseball sites or even this site and other blogs since we won the NLCS...I dont think I could handle a week of buildup. I'm freaking out right now with an hour to go....

This is happening. Haha. I am going to enjoy every minute of this series. I want to tell my kids stories about this team for years to come.

I am going to stay sober for the whole series

Class ends in 15 minutes.

7 minutes to walk to the sports bar on the corner.

I simply cannot wait.

I really hope Cole "Alternative Fuel" Hamels has a good game.

I had a dream that there were 13 runs scored in this game. I'm not going to say how those runs were distributed.

Price is kinda analogous to a K-Rod in his rookie season. In fact, Price went 14 regular season major league innings. Rodriguez in his rookie season? Just 5 and two thirds. And you know what he did in the '02 postseason. Of course, back then Rodriguez had an absolutely unhittable pitch, whereas Price mostly seems to rely on a great fastball.

Just cracked my first PBR to get myself in the mood. Hopefully that will calm me down just a bit.

I actually updated my blog (which was in semi-hibernation). So yeah.

any NYC beerleaguers out there with a good bar to watch the game at? i was going to go to wogie's but my friend just left and said there's no place to sit or stand

This last week felt like a year. Finally, it's here...

Man this awesome. Very excited.

C'mon Phillies, PLEASE win.

How great is this - ESPN Classic is currently re-showing the 1980 World Series and we are about to start hopefully, our second championship!

I'm compelled to get my World Series post in! Let's do this. I've waited long for this moment.

You know that the start time of Game 6 is going to be delayed 15 minutes so Obama can do a half-hour infomercial? I'm voting for him, but he has way more money than he knows what to do with.

I just cracked my first Victory Pilsner. I might be done 4 or 5 before Jimmy gets to the plate. My sons and I are in our Phils gear. We're ready to get loud in Oregon. Go Phils!


Stoked for the start! Hopefully the Phils are patient with Kazmir and are able to come through with some clutch hits and hopefully King Cole continues to pitch like royalty!


I have already seen a couple Phillies banners....I can't stand the wait..get rollins to the plate now!!!

The theme to Glory is the theme of the World Series? Okay.

And this is just bizarre. The two candidates for President, and The American President. And poor McCain is forced to read a Hoover quote.

Cole is going to kick A$$ tonight. No question.

Everyone seems to be picking the Rays. That's no surprise - people expected C.C. and the Brewers to beat us, people expected Manny and the Dodgers to beat us.
We've defied the critics so far, why stop now?

Woohooooo let's go Phils!

McCain and Obama? Really Fox? Really?

~Col. Shaw points at guide-on bearer~


"I will sir." -Thomas

"I'll see you in the fort, Thomas" -Col Shaw.

Look at all those diehard Rays fan. Give me a freaking break. And those cowbells are already the most annoying thing on the tv...other than Jeanie Zelasko.

jeanie zelasko does not know math.

Pathetic. I can't believe they had a political piece with those 2 charlatans. Sell your snake oil solutions elsewhere. Leave baseball out of your scam.

I just put up my 1980 and 1993 National League Champs pennants. Not in great shape, but it'll do just fine!

And it begins...

~slurp slurp slurp~ Tampa Bay Rays ~slurp, slurp slurp~

The Rays have been fighting the Yankees and Red Sox since they came into baseball...It didn't just start happening.

Let's talk some baseball!

Below is the MLB release naming the umpires

Assuming rotations are what they usually are, Fieldin Culbreth becomes a very important person in this series as he would be schedule for Jamie Moyer's start in game #3.

Does anyone know if he's a hitter or pitcher's umpire?

Go Phillies

I already hate the Rays. I'm so sick of the Phillies never ever getting the spotlight. No matter what they do its always another team in the spotlight.

"Everyone seems to be picking the Rays."

If only that were true. The fact that bright bulbs Gammons, Pedro Gomez, and STEVE PHILLIPS have picked us has me convinced that we're losing.

Cowbells in baseball should be as illegal as those fvcking rats the Panthers fans threw on the ice back in the day.

Let's get this going boys!!! Cole Hamels pitches a gem and Ryan Howard wakes up from his October slumber.

Trust the Gut !

Make them pay for the boos JRoll!

I like werth to do something nig game 1

So effin pumped!!! Lets go Phils!!!!!

Chris Coste is still on the team!

I love when non-fan bandwagon jumpers boo an opposing player. This is a joke. If the Rays won, you'd have like 20 people at the parade.

let's go Phillies! Boy, do I hate cowbells now ...

This really should be a great matchup, hopefully our experience trumps their youth!

Gosh that took a long time for Cholly to get out there.

the cowbell thing is so ridiculous

They should have used one of those old bullpen cars to take Cholly out there


What are the chances that those flamethrowers fall over and melt the turf?


I think the key to this one is scoring first. So far this postseason we are 3-0 on the road when scoring first, 0-2 when the opposition scores first.

The cowbells should be banned. Noisemakers are a joke. Its called cheering people. If you had a real fanbase it wouldn't be an issue.

Backstreet Boys...what a joke.

we finally get to see kazmir in a big game. haha the backstreet boys!?! you have gotta be kidding me.

this is so bad. cow bells and back street boys. how embarrassing

doesn't the guy on the end know hes indoors?

gayest national anthem ever.

This rendition of the national anthem is making me sick

This rendition of the national anthem is making me sick

backstreet boys? really? Game 1 thats the best they can do? GO PHILS

The Backstreet Boys? It really IS 1993.

No offense, but that was the gayest performance of the National Anthem ever. Just look at those tiny little jackets.

"""Look at all those diehard Rays fan. Give me a freaking break. And those cowbells are already the most annoying thing on the tv...other than Jeanie Zelasko.

Posted by: NEPP | Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 08:04 PM """

NEPP, those "diehard" Rays fans showed up to the tune of 22,370/game.

Phillies fans showed up to the tune of 42,254/game.

Nuff said.

Wow --- an awful national anthem...

Has to be a bad omen for the home team!

Now I know why Howard Stern calls them the Backside Boys.

Hurry with the bloody game......been waiting to long.

not that this is a big concern but this is the first time this team has ever opened a playoff series on the road.

I don't care but somone on Fox will say something in 3...2....1

The Phillies have never lost a WS game that had the National Anthem sung by the Backstreet Boys.

Rays deserve to lose after that National Anthem.

Truly pathetic.

Rollins lead-off homer coming up!

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