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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


That's beautiful, man.

Great graphic, Jason!

I love it Jason!!! The colors, the banner, the program. Unbelievable.

Just 4 wins to go...

You Gotta Believe!!!!!!!!!!- The Tugger!!!!

I love this team.

Yes!!! Wooohoooo!

Love this team - business as usual interviews from Howard and Rollins.

Lets keep it rolling guys!

Perfect banner.


Hey, I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you guys. (Well, the Phillies.) They deserved it, they outplayed my Dodgers in this series and will hopefully do the NL proud in the Series. (Though if it's the Rays I enjoy watching them, too.) I'm bummed out of course but am proud of my team, had a better season than I frankly expected in what I thought would be a transition year. I look forward to their future. But meanwhile for you guys the future will wait, the present is still fun. Congrats and enjoy the ride. Hope it's a good series. Best.


Awesome job with the background.

Beerleaguer forever. Wooo hooooo!!!

Back in the red.

Whoa....Jason. Nice.


That is all.


Congratulates Phillies! Just 4 more wins!

Congrats Phillies!

Nice graphics beerleaguer

I'll be in Tampa for game 1

wa hoooooooooo

I'll buy a program! Hell I'll buy one of everything!

Stand up guy, Pat Gillick giving credit to Ed Wade - the most important trade he made for the Phillies was giving us Brad Lidge for those magic beans this off-season - Thank you Ed!

Hamels is the MVP...fitting.

I got goosebumps when I saw the new banner. Absolute amazing team.

Nice one Jason . Any chance for a link to a higher res pic of the one at the top?

Beer has never tasted this sweet.

I think we know who is finally getting his first opening day start next season! So do we go Hamels, Myers, Blanton, Moyer in the Series?

The female ESPN reporter just basically humped Vic's leg. The only way she could have been LESS flirtatious would have been to rip her top off.

Life is sweet.

Our sixth pennant! Will we get our sixth opponent, after the Red Sox, Yankees, Royals, Orioles, and Blue Jays? I say bring on the Rays, but I wouldn't mind a rematch of that epic 1915 battle if that's what it takes to get our second ring in 125 years!

This is awesome...I'm going to bed happy. I dont care that I have to get up in 5 hours for work...We're in the WS, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was incredible. Mrs. tarheelphan and I just popped open some sparkling grape juice (we're expecting, so the real stuff is off-limits, unfortunately). Here's to four more wins.

I second that request for a hi-res version of that graphic, please. That's my new desktop wallpaper.

I'm so freakin' stoked right now it's not even funny.

I LOVE THIS TEAM!!! This is the end game of watching them come ever so close and just gradually work up the ladder.

Where are those people who were deeming the season over in July, August, and September at certain points.

Also, all those "experts" who want to bash Cole and keep saying he's not a big league game pitcher and shut up. He has been great.

Total team effort from Cole down to Matt Stairs- this feels like our year.

What a night!

So what are the odds of having 6 WS appearances and managing to face all 5 AL East teams?

I just came... twice..


I'm beginning to hope that when Jimmy said "100 wins" that he meant a minimum of 100. We're now at 99.

I'm sitting here literally stunned. I just don't know what to say – I wanted them to win, I expected them to win, but it's almost surreal that we're going to the World Series. I've been waiting for this moment to come again for so long. This team, which can be so frustrating, is so very, very satisfying to root for.

And Gillick was a total class-act there. Not many guys would've done that.

I should also mention that I'm very happy to hear everyone speak about unfinished business.

NEPP: the thing that scares me is we've lost to every team in the AL East,minus the Rays... though the win against KC came before the divisions were created....

Five words Jason: Graphic. Cafe. Press. Coffee. Mug.

Nice job, guys. Make the NL proud.

amazing, god I love this team

Beautiful redux of the 1980 World Series program, Jason. Awesome work. 4 more wins.

i am in's just awesome. we are 4 wins away from making history!!

AMAZING! Need to figure out where in DC is the best spot to watch the WORLD SERIES! This isn't real, especially not being at home. Wow. Just wow. Here are we go!

Helicopters up in the skies over South Philly. Thankfully they don't sound like Blackhwaks, Kiowas, or Chinooks! Go Phillies!

question of the night: what organ(s) am I going to sell to get WS tickets.

Domination of the 2 post season series', this is a great feeling...i can remember 93 barely, but this is much better, we're back, BABY!!! Go phils.

Eff McCarver at the end of the first saying the Phils should be worried about the way Cole looks...effin idiot...

Lets go PHILS!!!

I'm in DC too, but not sure where is best to watch. If I hear something, I'll post it.

Hey, cheers to everyone. Congrats to the Phils. This is awesome.

I'll be in DC somewhere watchin the World Series. Hopefully I see every DC Philly fan out somewhere.

Go Phils.

Jroll's already adjusted his prediction to 103 wins...

If Rays hold on, we will be the first team to face all the teams of one division of the other league in WS's. Hard to believe, Harry.


Truly amazing. Great series played by a great team. On to the WS !

DC posters: I hear Capitol Lounge (@ the Capitol South metro stop) has been hosting Phillies fans this series. couldn't make it myself, but I expect to do so during the WS...

Jack I'm in the same spot you are in but living in Detroit. I book my flight tomorrow to come back for games 3 and 4.

congratulations! phillies. you guys were the better team this year. now we(the mets) will be the underdogs in the NL EAST for quite a while. good luck in the WS.

mets fan

Unbelievable - feel like I'm a freshman in high school again (1980). Jason - tremendous work and the site just keeps getting better. 4 wins to go! Anybody catch the embrace by Rollins and Burrell on the field after the game? Gotta feel great for them hanging in this long with us diehards.

1.23 era for hamels in the playoffs is big payday worthy.

in DC, cap lounge, if i remember, is a PIT Steelers joint, so I can see them inheriting the Phils. I am actually in Tampa too for the next few ironic. hey, lets catch up!!!

@michael jack - definitely post if you hear of anything - I thought I heard about something in Capital Hill area... I have a handful of Philly people in my grad program and we're thinking of trying to get a group together!

I remember '93 but I can never get enough of this. This '08 team is really special.


Anyone in Boston / Metrowest area looking to meetup for the Series drop a note here.

In '93 I was 10 years old and didn't understand what I was witnessing. I feel as though we as fans have earned this NL Pennent. I am just soaking this all in and enjoying every minute of it.

Yeah, Capitol Lounge sounds like the spot. I'll see everyone there Wednesday night.

Sheckey's is the Phil's bar in NYC, right? Anywhere else good?

I posted here a bit at the end of the 07 season, haven't been here at all this season, but had to come by tonight. Woo hoo beerleaguers!

p.s. I'm in Florida now, two hours from Tampa, and if they win tomorrow, I'm definitely going to be looking into getting tickets.

I can hear those helicopters over Broad and Shunk...

OK... Ticket Announcement: I have some and can't use them unfortunately! Here is my dilemna. I have an event on the 25th that has been planned for a year and simply can't go to that game. If there is anyone reading this that has 4 tickets on the 26th and can't use theirs I'd trade or pay the difference. This isn't about me selling mine. This is about me trying to be in attendance! My tickets and parking pass are section 145 in consecutive seats. If you can help, I am at

As I think back to frustration posts after the Rockies rolled over us last year, how sweet it is!

Harry the K said the last championship was in 8-0 and this is 0-8. Go Phils!!

By Sheckey's I meant Wogie's. Duh.

I was there in 1980, and hopefully I'll get to a game this year.
Love the banner, Jason.

Great work Jason!

Congrats to you, and the other longtime posters and regulars, and to all the other Phils fans out there.

It's going to be hard going back to talking about the Rule 5 draft and minor league free agents after this.

I'm seriously thinking tickets in TB plus cheap airfare might be cheaper than paying scalper tickets in Philly. too bad the lottery hates me.

Cheers Jason, fellow Beerleaguers, and Phillies fans everywhere.

This is one to savor.

Hamels pitched in Game 1 of the 2008 NLDS against the Milwaukee Brewers, going 8 strong innings, with 9 strikeouts, while notching his first career playoff win. With the clinch in Los Angeles on October 15th, which Hamels won, he was named the MVP of the National League Championship Series.

That wikipedia is quick.

wow. seeing that program cover brings back lots of memories. I just woke up (i'm six hours ahead of Philly) and am watching the game on Even though I know the outcome, I'm speechless. Go Phils!

Great as this moment is, I'm predicting Beerleaguer will still be business as usual tomorrow -- which means lots of arguing about Pedro Feliz's horrendous performance tonight

Let's clinch the next one on home turf!

Would love to think they would go with Hamels in 1, 4, and 7 but that's not in the cards anymore, is it.

bay_area_phan: some things change but being a phillies fan will always be the same unless we win 4 more games.

Happiest moment of my life (don't tell my wife). We will win this thing!

If Southwest flies into Tampa I'm there too. But I realy want to be at game 3 in Philly. That place is going to shake!!

B_A_P, what took you so long?

GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the background!

I love this team. I love Charlie Manuel. I love Victorino and Dobbs and Utley and everyone. This is one of the best days of my life.

YEAH!!! Awesome. Speechless, really.

See the freaking hordes of people down on Cottman Ave? I shudder to think of what happens should we win the whole thing. They might have to bring in the Nat'l Guard.

So, Furcal or Martin for LVP? I can't decide.

PHILLIES!!!!!, does any one know when they phillies leave LA? want to go to the airport tomorrow

Right now Richie Ashburn, Tug McGraw and The Pope are smiling down on the Phillies.

Sam, great idea. I wonder where you would get that info?

Hello sweetness.

But more work needs to be done. I'm happy, but man, I want more!!

HH - LVP is Martin, by far.

HH, I would say Martin, too, although there were many. Manny is the only one who really showed up

gophilsgo, i know its going to be sweet as hell if you find anything tell me and vise versa

Russell Martin needs to calm the f@%$ down. I hate him.

But I love this team. I love this.

Billingsly, too, maybe. He did not pitch well. Didn't make it out of the 3rd once.

Ah, I shouldn't be bringing the conversation down with negativity. Tomorrow we can discuss such things.

F YEAH!!!! WOO, HOO!!!! Gotta go buy my new jersey tomorrow. I've been holding out until we made it to the series.

Greg Dobbs was hilarious in narrating Leslie's dousing. Fun stuff!

HMMM not bad...a collection of passionate neighborhoods...i kinda like it

Moyer looks like he's been crying...I love Grand Pappy. I wish he had pitched better this postseason...

Moyer will come through in the WS

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