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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Killer graphic, Jason. One of your best. Right up there with the final game of '07!

That definitely fits the bill of a quality graphic. We'll see if the correlation (causation?) persists.

That graphic is awesome Jason. Lets hope the phil's can do it some justice.

Good luck tonight, everyone!

Side note -- I said good luck to a Phils fan just before Game 2 in front of my Mets fan friend (I know, I hate myself too). My friend said "good luck? What for? He's not on the team." The sad thing is, he wasn't trying to bust my chops, he really didn't understand why I said that. Some people just don't get what we Phillies fans go through and how passionate we are.

That said...


Anything wrong with purchasing a few bottles of cheap champagne before the game? My brother is giving me crap about it. I don't like to get cocky, but I think its worth having around the house...

The "Hollywood" graphic works GREAT.

The Phils Bring "Hollywood" Hamels to Hollywood tonight.

Can't wait.

Will be checking in, heading out into the sea of Philadelphia sports fans to watch the game...

Good luck to EVERY ONE!!!




Can't wait to see Hamels tonight. Hope the bats show up and this one is over quickly for the Phils (with us winning of course).

Go Phils!
Send LA home!

From last thread:

We played 6 road interleague games this year. Here they are:

vs. RHP, Jenkins DH, Feliz 3B (Loss)
vs. LHP, Howard DH, Bruntlett 1B (Win)
vs. RHP, Jenkins DH, Dobbs 3B (Loss)
vs. LHP, Howard DH, Bruntlett 1B (Loss)
vs. RHP, Dobbs DH, Feliz 3B (Win)
Vs. RHP, Dobbs DH, Feliz 3B (Loss)

What does past history tell us? Not a whole lot. I'd guess we'd see Dobbs DH, Feliz 3B against a RHP and Howrd DH, Bruntlett 1B agsint a LHP. But that's just from looking at what Manuel's done in the past.

They may have Manny; but we got "Hollywood" Hamels.


How does Cole get his leg to do that?

Yeah...I'd defintely want to get Bruntlett's bat in there...thank god for the DH...


~starts puking~

CJ- Could we entertain the thought of Dobbs in left, Burrell DH?

I wonder if they would consider adding Marson to the postseason roster in place of Taguchi should the Phils advance.

That way, they could have Coste DH against a LHP.

enough with the dh talk... we need to get there first.

you know hamels is thinking about pitching a no-no. he wants it!

kdon - Most insightful comment on the subject yet. However, I would also peg it up there as the most unlikely judging by number of AB's the kid got in September...

Love the graphic, may be the best I've seen.

Dan, the idea of Dobbs having to handle a curving, sinking line drive in left from Manny, or chasing down a ball in the corner and making an outfielder's throw to second is a little scary.

kdon: If the Phillies make the World Series, there will be three games w/o a dh. The Phillies right-handed bats off the bench are pretty weak, and I don't think the team can afford to give up a bat for what would essentially be an emergency catcher.

Jason, your graphics never cease to get me pumped up for games. I think our Hollywood comes up huge in their Hollywood tonight.

I was working in the Far East in '93. I had to keep up with the games during the work day considering the 12 hour time difference. Some games were shown later in the evening on crappy cable. This current run has been a true pleasure, especially sharing it w/ family, friends, and Beerleaguers.

That graphic is full of win. Let's hope the Phillies are also.

Just wanted to thank the NYC Beerleaguers for the tip on Woogies. Was in Manhattan for work this week, (on Long Island tonight) and was able to catch the game and a Wiz with at Woogies in the village Monday. Was an awesome time, great crowd and a pretty decent steak.

One more guys .... one more tonight.

Heading off to the game in an hour!!!!!!!!!!!

No Game 6. Lets go Phils!

They need to end this tonight. As much as I'd love them to clinch at home, I'd be way too nervous heading into Game 6 or 7.

Shut 'em down, Cole!

Be careful out there, LA Jeff !

Game 5


Rollins, ss
Werth, rf
Utley, 2b
Howard, 1b
Burrell, lf
Victorino, cf
Feltz, 3b
Ruiz, c
Hamels, p

why isn't Dobbs starting tonight????

I did not have a good feeling going into Game 3, and posted such on the thread.

Tonight, in usual Phillies fan fashion, I am cautiously optimistic for two reasons:

1) As good as he's been, Cole Hamels still has something to prove - he has to prove he can be a shutdown pitcher in a clinching game, like Carlton in 1980 (I remember an interview with the catcher who caught Lefty's warmup session and said he knew Lefty had "it" that night and indicated it to teammates by singing "Turn out the lights the party's over" before the game), and like Jack Morris.

2) As good as Billingsly is, and he's capable of turning it around and shutting down the Phils, they have seen him twice before this season, and that is usually a good indicator for Phillies hitters.

Here's hoping for a big offensive explosion from the the team from the Zen........

Burt, this your first time on Beerleaguer? ;-)

Looking forward to the game in two hours. Going out to pick up restaurant food for my wife's birthday to sit by the TV and watch a dull game as Cole shuts down the Dodgers and the Phils jump to an early lead and then the bats go silent. Typical Cole game, ahead. Let's clinch tonight!

I feel Cole's first two innings will be the key to a win tonight. Torre is going to have his team get after it right out of the gate like they did against Jamie. The Dodgers need a good start to fire up what fans will be there for the first couple of innings. If the Phillies can set an early tone, that Ravine will be empty by the 8th.

I knew Cholly couldn't bring himself to start Dobbs two games in a row. How many games in a row do we have to win with Dobbs in the lineup before he figures out that maybe there might be a relationship between the 2 events?

I like how EDGE typed "Feltz" instead of "Feliz"... first thing I thought of was Steve Jeltz, which is oddly appropriate

I thought maybe Manuel was reverting to what worked in Game 1, hence the start of Feliz, but in that game, Vic batted 2nd and Werth batted 6th.

In 2008, the team is 25-22 when Dobbs starts.

I haven't posted for a few months, but I have been a loyal Beerleaguer fan. Jason, you have the best sports chat site I have seen ANYWHERE on the web, and it's thanks in no small part to the passion and knowledge of your readers.

First, great graphic. Cole's leg looks freakish. Nice!

Second, who stole Tim McCarver's brain? He used to know something about baseball and have something intelligent to say from time to time. Wha' happened? I wouldn't mind the bias if I actually learned something from listening to him. I thought the TBS guys were bad, but ugh! Mitch Williams had the best suggestion -- let the country hear Vin Scully when we're in LA and Kalas when we're in Philly. That goes for all the other local announcers too. I'll gladly accept the bias.

Third, GO PHILS!

In 2008, the team is 63-43 when Feliz starts.

2008 Record with
Dobbs starting: 25-22
Feliz starting: 63-43

Well, in the playoffs, those records are 4-0 with an average of 6 runs scored per game when Dobbs Starts; 2-2 with an average of 3.66 runs scored per game when Feliz starts.

Vegas: I think its more importnat for the phils offense to start hot than Cole to start hot. Lets see a crooked number in the first of second inning - that will take the life out of the dodgers and force Torre to go back to a already shaken pen.

Come on Phillies - let's finish this!

Anyway, there are numerous confounding factors at work here. One that springs right to mind is that Feliz always starts when Moyer pitches, and Moyer just happens to have won the most games, and had by far the highest winning pct., of any pitcher in our starting rotation.

I agree with BAP about starting Dobbs, I just figured I'd share the numbers since I looked them up.

JJ and Jim:

Do believe this team is better off with Pedro Feliz hitting against Chad Billingsley than with Greg Dobbs hitting against Chad Billingsley?

And, since we've done this a million times, I'll stop after that question.

Anyone watching Sports Center? I started watching and they did a report from LA. They asked a question about how the feeling was in the Visitors club house, and they start talking about how optimistic the Dodgers were... I turned it right off...

In 2008, the team is 63-43 when Feliz starts.
Pesky facts.


Feliz? God damn it. Have we learned nothing after 170 games?!

Game 5

la Lineup

Furcal ss
Ethier rf
Ramirez lf
Martin c
Loney 1b
Blake 3b
Kemp cf
Dewitt 2b
Billingsley p


The Phils have a better record this year when Jamie Moyer starts than when Cole Hamels starts.

Who do you want pitching tonight?

CJ, as I said, I'm all for Dobbs starting, I just posted the numbers because I found them. I'm just trying to figure out Charlie's angle - perhaps this is it.

Jim/JJ: Charlie's angle is simple. When a lefty starts for us, Feliz plays third. It's stupid because there isn't much of an increase in chances at third when we have a lefty on the mound vs. a righty... but Charlie is stubborn that way...

Don't worry. I'm fairly certain you will see Dobbs at some point in the lineup tonight.

Some shmo on ESPN thinks the Dodgers have a better chance of coming back than the Sox.
Cole is going to shut them down tonight.

"The Dodgers were a couple of Derek Lowe pitches away from winning." What the hell does that mean? That's the problem with 24 hour sports talk. You have to come up with something to say, no matter how pointless.

CJ stole my question, except I was going to use Kyle Kendrick and Brett Myers. We were 18-13 (.581) when Kendrick started; 10-18 (.357) when Myers started.

I heard a theory on the radio that Feliz is in due to defense (duh) and becaues he's a good fastball hitter and Billingsley should throw a bunch of them especially if Vic is getting on base in front of him...made about as much sense as anything else.

I had no problem purchasing a couple cheap bottles of champagne before this game, yea maybe i'll feel stupid if it doesn't pan out, but it'll save me a trip to the liquor store if we lose and i fall into a deep depression

NEPP: It's true, Feliz is a fastball hitter. Of course, so is Greg Dobbs.

EVERY major league hitter is a fastball hitter. Saying a guy is a fastball pitcher is like a back-handed way of saying he can't hit anything but fastballs -- which, in Feliz's case, is dead-on accurate.

NEPP: It's true, Feliz is a fastball hitter. Of course, so is Greg Dobbs.

I left out that I never said it was a "good" theory. Brilliant analysis as always by a talking head.

NEPP: Yeah, I wasn't jumping on you... just the insanity of their comment!

LOL...I didn't think you were CJ. Its great comments like that that justify my XM subscription...It was a Rob Dibble original BTW.

Although I will say... XM radio is awesome. Even with the large number of mindless talking heads.

It is addictive...I would go nuts without my XM subscription.

(Jimmy Williams enters Manuel's office with a sheet in his hand. Manuel is sitting at a desk munching on some french fries.)

Williams - Coach, I was re-thinking the idea of bunting Vic last night and...

(He looks slowly around the room. It is littered with various take out containers from Donut shops, Chinese Restaurants and Fastfood joints)

Williams - I was thinking that, you know, if we were home, playing for one run might be a good idea, but since we were...

Delivery Guy - Here's your burrito, hombre, extra hot sauce.
(Chollie grabs the bag and tips the boy generously.)

Williams - Since we were away, I looked at this Run Expectation chart from kbless and it kinda indicates...

(Williams pauses as Chollie rips into the burrito like Matt Stairs into a Broxton fastball.)

Williams -um, well, we'd probably have better luck getting a second run in that situation if we let Vic hit...

Delivery guy - Here's your pizza! (He drops it on the desk as Manuel pulls out his wallet. It's empty.)

Manuel - Jimmy, can you tip this guy? I'm a little short.

Williams - Uh...sure. (He pays the delivery guy and tips him.) Ummm, Coach?

Manuel - (Chewing a slice of pizza) Yush?

Williams - What are you doing?

Manuel - Filling out my "line-up card," Jimmy. Why?

Williams - It looks more like you're filling out your Gut.

Manuel - (pauses and looks at Williams kind of incredulously) Is there a difference?


Here's to the Gut and a fine win! Go Phils.

Jim: All wins and losses are decided only by Dobbs and Feliz? Wow!

XM is especially great if you live outside of Philly. I could always listen to the home broadcasts.

CJ: Dobbs got the start off Billingsley in Game 2 and went 2 for 3.

CJ: Dobbs started Game 2 vs. Billingsley and went 2 for 3. Cholly thought he should go easier on Billingsley tonight, hence the Feliz move.

(Try two on a dialogue killed by the filter.)

Williams (walking into Manuel's office with a paper in his hand) - Chollie? I've been rethinking having Vic bunt last night...

Chollie - {belches: his desk is littered with take out containers and fast food wrappers)

Williams - I know that the run expectancy for a single run in that situation calls for...

(a delivery guy comes in and places a fat burrito on Manuel's desk and he commences to chow down)

Williams - Ummm...but since we were away we probably should have been looking for more than one run and the chart I got from kbless is pretty clear...

(Another delivery guy comes in and drops a pizza on the desk; Manuel leaves half a burrito as he jumps on a pizza slice like Matt Stairs on a Broxton fastball.)

Williams -, um, Vic has been kinda clutch and Feliz is not the best hitter against right-handed...

Manuel - {belches loudly}

Williams - What are you doing?

Manuel - (as if it's obvious) I'm fillin' out my line-up card fer tonight's game.

Williams - Looks more like your fillin' out your Gut.

Manuel (pausing to look increduously at Williams) - There's a difference?


Go Gut! Go Phils! Beat LA!

Okay. Now I'm sorry for the double post. I guess everyone gets two versions.

If the Phils get to Billingsly early tonight he will be as good as done. Really, really need to step on their throats in the 1st.

It's been a good series so far...Monday's game was one of the best playoff games i've seen in a long time...too bad we lost...Good luck tonight..may the better team...Go Dodgers

Hope this isn't a duplicate post...the other one didn't show...If it does sorry

Good series so far...Last Monday's game was one of the best I've seen in a long time...too bad the results didn't go in my favor...good luck tonight...Go Dodgers

Let's go Phillies let's go!!

Is TypePad breaking down?

well, apparently this is a must-win game for both teams. that's...interesting.

Woot! Three beers in now! Lets go Phils! Good luck all and enjoy the game!

lets go phils!

also, ae, apparently Billingsley has Roger Clemens stuff, and we can expect him to go deep into the game tonight.

Let's go Phil-lies let's go!!!

I have to love that we are still underdogs according to the national media. We always will be the underdog and I love it.

This can be one of the most amazing nights of our lives if the Phillies can win this game. It is not very often you get a chance to watch your team potentially advance to the World Series. Let's enjoy this one.

Is TypePad working?

Simply stated:

BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!
BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!
BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!
BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!
BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!
BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!
BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!
BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!
BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!
BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!

WOOT! Lets go Phils! Drinking some crown to calm the nerves. Good luck all!

Is TypePad working?

Some technical problems tonight that I hope clear up for the game.

Let's do this thing!

Third time's the charm...

Let's go Phil-lies let's go!!!

I'm hit'n the bottle too, gota take off the edge.

Yeah, I'm sure the fans are late due to traffic. That's it.

DAVE ROBERTS SON!!! I think..the weather guy on ABC

.118 Jimmy...ouch.

Here we go gang - one win away!

Did I miss the keys to the game???

omg there is no one there

I know they are a late-arriving crowd. I know a ton of tickets were still available. I'm still shocked how empty the place currently is.

Shut up, Cheesesteak heads. Manny be Manny!

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