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Monday, October 27, 2008


Oh, and for those chastising people for counting their chickens--I don't think the Phillies themselves are counting anything and are approaching this game the way they have approached every other game this season--and that's all that matters. As much as we'd like to think so, we don't affect the outcome of the games (other than the occasional Burt Hooten walk-a-thon).

If you can't have a little faith in your team that's won 2 games, despite not playing its best ball--and hammered a heretofore good pitcher in Sonnanstine last night--with your best pitcher on the mound, well, then, I'm not sure when you're allowed to.

Could the Phillies blow this thing tonight? Sure. The Rays are a good and dangerous team and shouldn't be overlooked or underestimated. Truth is, that's what the Rays did with regard to the Phils. They looked past them and saw this series as a formality. Every postgame press conf or interview (even Maddon himself), has them saying something about the Red Sox. They are so focused on having beaten the Sox they forgot they were playing a different team who is focused on THEM. And beating them.

Agree with everyone else RE: lack of concentration...cannot wait for the game to start and end...
Also second (or eighth) the notion PTB doing something big, especially with a lefty throwing tonite.
I said it last night and I'll say it again...I love this team! I was alive in '80 but about 9 months old...I doubt I stayed awake then, but I will damn sure do it this time around!
Go Cole, Go Rollins!
Bed Beard...did you manage to bring back any Vote for Victorino banners?

I can't wait to go streaking tonight (If they win)

Yes, Pat Burrell will get the ovation of a lifetime tonight.

uh has anyone looked outside their window the last 30 minutes at least here in lehigh valley raining pretty good and weather for philly tonight not looking good 90% chance of rain! Please Baseball gods please stop the rain!!! Tugger if you can, please see what you can do!! the momentum is on the phils side!!

I'm now 3-1 in my pre-series prediction of matchups. Tonight's matchup favors the Phillies. I expect to be at 4-1 by tomorrow.


I hope so. Would love to see him go out on a good performance tonight because I do not think he will be back next year.

One of the regular knuckleheads (squatter I think) on the last thread blamed Rizzo for the snarling police dogs on the field for the final game of the series in 1980. Rizzo was neither the mayor nor the police commissioner in 1980.

Hey I just looked at the line for this game, and at least ESPN lists the Rays as favorites with a -176 on the moneyline for them.

Seems a little strange with the way things have played out thus far, no? Do they know something we don't?

Does anybody know how to contact the fox broadcasting team. I would like to beg Joe Buck to let Harry have the call if they have a shot at winning it tonight. Having to hear Joe Buck say it will be bland and dull whereas Harry the K might drop dead with excitement. Hearing Harry call it might just be the sweetest sound in the world.

diggitydave are you looking at the right line? I see PHI -180.

90% chance of rain.

If Cole goes 2 or 3 innings and the game is called, is the burned for the rest of the series?

diggitydave is right, I had the same thought.

Yeah the -176 for the Rays was when betting OPENED on the series. My bad - I thought it was a little weird.

On a side note, it is funny to see all of the baseball "experts" on ESPN come crawling back into the Phillies corner as each game has passed in the series. As I'm sure you all know, 7/10 "experts" picked the Rays to win the series initially.

Far as I remember, only Wojciehowski (spelling?), Gammons, and Crasnick (I think) picked the Phils to win, and none of them picked the Phils in less than 6 games.

Meanwhile, Steven Phillips and the rest of those geniuses picked the Rays in 5 or 6 mostly. Not to mention the biggest genius of all - Jim Caple - who picked the Rays to sweep. In fact he claimed that this series would be like a MLB team vs. a AAA team. What a joke!

tarheelphan, do you have a link? espn mobile on my phone show's the phils are favored... also in vegas:

SirArden: I'm guessing your remark had to do with your contention that Gillick is the greatest GM ever and single-handedly has revived the Phillies after the disastrous Ed Wade era. Or at least that was your argument before you were laughed off the board.

I'll leave you with this:
Players signed or acquired during Wade regime: Howard, Utley, Rollins, Victorino, Burrell, Hamels, Myers, Madson, Ruiz.

Players signed or acquired during Gillick regime: Feliz, Blanton, Moyer, Lidge, Werth, Durbin, Romero, Coste, Dobbs.

Now we ask SirAlden, which package of talent has been more crucial to the Phillies success? The one acquired by the despised, incomptetent dreadful Ed Wade? Or the one acquired by the greatest GM in history, Pat Gillick?

gotcha diggitydave... i was just getting ready to unload on the phils if the rays were really that much of a favorite tonight.

I am in Tampa again this week, anyone know if they will be showing the game at the Clearwater stadium again like they did in Game 1 (or so I heard?)???

Thanks for the advice last week Steve Jeltz...I hit up the Tilted Kilt, it was pretty cool...

rmp: it was on ESPN's game preview, but diggitydave correctly pointed out it was the opening line

In the words of Chevy Chase: "This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy!"

diggity: Opening the line with the Rays favored makes sense because the books are on the hook for 150 and 200-1 payoffs on the Rays from pre-season. They wanted to attract as much Phillies money as possible to soften the blow of a Rays win and couldn't do that if the Phils were favored. Obviously the books are all rooting for the Phils at this point.


Of course the Ed Wade Era. We haven't seen any of the draft picks PG has signed contribute in the bigs yet.

I think the point is that his scrap heap picks ups and trades have been way more successful.

tarheelphan... thanks, i just found what you guys were talking about

ya anyone else look at the weather latley its, not looking great, damn weather people said partley cloudy today wow nice call

Why is Harry not calling the 9th inning on the Phillies broadcast? I'm listening in DC on XM and it's going to kill if he's not calling the final outs.

"But facing elimination, and a million miles from more cowbell, the Rays are all alone with the feet of America's sixth-largest city standing on their throat."


Over management thought: if a rain delay is imminent but MLB insists on starting the game on time, do you send a reliever out there to throw the first few innings? Then bring Cole in once you know the game can continue, if at all?

CY: "his scrap heap picks ups and trades have been way more successful."

Do you have any evidence to support this statement?

"I'm now 3-1 in my pre-series prediction of matchups. Tonight's matchup favors the Phillies. I expect to be at 4-1 by tomorrow."

Who the hell cares? When you started re-posting your Stairs post after his homerun, it really irritated the sh*t out of me. The Phillies are on the brink of winning the World Series and all you can think of is your pathetically Messianic self. After this is all over I hope you check yourself into a psychiatric ward.

Rain update, anybody? Is it going to be bad? It looks like it's predicted for tomorrow, too, so they might as well just tough it out, right? Right?!

If the weather channel is right witch they NEVER are its going to rain for 3 damn days in a row but like i said there almost never right so

Harry will call the 9th if they're winning.

On the radio, I should say.

tonight's weather:

the rain will be too light to cancel or delay the game, and the conditions should be lousy during the game with a steady light rain and cool temperatures. The wind will get stronger as the night goes on.


The Rolen Trade?
Trading Silva and Punto away for Eric Milton?
Trading away Polanco for Urbina?

I suppose the Wagner trade worked out okay... except that Wagner had an uncanny ability to blow the big game. And I suppose the Millwood trade was okay, although he certainly didn't become what we hoped.

Gillick had some bad trades of his own, namely the Abreu trade and the Garcia trade... but he had a lot more good ones including the HUGE Lidge deal as well as deals for Blanton, Moyer, Lohse, Stairs and Iguchi. All of whom have had major impacts on the Phils future.

The verdict is still out on Gillick's draft classes, but it's pretty clear he's been better with trades. It's also hard to ignore his ability to find cast-offs like Werth, Dobbs, Romero and Eyre.

Sounds like a nasty night at CBP. If it does rain like duder says, I would guess that, although unpleasant to play in and to watch a game in, this might give a slight edge to the Phils. Rays don't play as much in nasty weather as do the Phils, and they are probably on edge already and this is one more distraction.

Also, hitting in the rain is tough on both teams, but if Hamels is on his game, he could be almost unhittable in a drizzle. Kazmir will be tougher to hit also, but the idea of trying to hit Hamels in the rain - knowing that if you don't the series is over for you - Ugh.

But as someone else (NEPP I think) said, there is a certain amount of randomness in every game, and the rain probably adds to that as well.

Diggity, Steve Philips actually picked us. Which had me convinced we'd lose the series.

And clout, I'm 3-1 in my Series predictions too! It's nothing to be so proud of... I do wonder though, on the off chance we somehow lose tonight, do you have us losing the Myers and Moyer starts? We certainly wouldn't be favorites in either game.

Yo, new thread.

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