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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It seems simple enough. A chance to shine. Sorta like being thrown a meatball.
This one is ours !

Lets go Phil-lies !

I want to see a play at the plate, Victorino sliding in just before a late tag, third base coach trailing behind him - the city of Philadelphia collectively holding it's breath.

Since the final give-a-way opportunity would obviously tonight, wouldn't it be great if each fan was handed out a rally towel with Bud Seligs face on it with one of those circles with the slash through it? It would never happen, but it would be pure Philly.

Of course it would have to be a throw away towel, or one we could use to 'wipe' with.

SI's Jon Heyman reports Game 6 will be played Thursday if needed, with no off day.

Is it just me or does this article on basically say, "Stop whining Philly and play the game."


"Monday, sure, the game could have been called before five innings, and we'd be starting from scratch. But Philly still wouldn't have Cole Hamels.

They could have called it after five innings, and we'd be left with a resumed game that conspiracy theorists would vent could have been a 2-1 rain-shortened final followed by a trophy presentation to the Phillies on a back-door technicality. We all know that wasn't going to happen, and so did both teams' managers and front offices.

They could have not started Game 5 at all, and you'd have Tampa Bay pitching, say, true ace James Shields instead of Scott Kazmir against Hamels tonight. And guess what? People who are prone to be mad on both sides would be mad. Jimmy Rollins got hit by the pitch. Cole Hamels balked. Wah, wah, wah.

Speculation in hindsight is an irrational yet you-have-every-right pastime. In passing the time during this Sixth Inning Stretch, the mother of all in-game breaks, that same looking back has made what's ahead even more intensely interesting.

Going forward, moaning, besides, does not set the vibe of victory. Never has. Get over it. The teams have."

I still believe we win tonight, but I don't see Burrell doing anything of consequence. He looks awful.

The goal with pitching tonight should be to avoid the longball, whoever hits one likely wins.

Rick: It's not only Philly who has been whining. And someone always has to act above everyone else and tell you "It's just a game."

Those people will never really understand what being a "fan" really is. It's short for fanatic. If it was just a game, would we be on here discussing everything ad naseum?

a pat the bat cameo tonight would be oh so nice

Attn national media, "Go to hell. We will take this ugly step child of a World Series win home tonight, then you can go back pumping the Cowboys, the Lakers and Brett Favre. You want to know why this may end up the worst Series ever? Look in the mirror. One run, nine outs, our night."

No melodrama. I'm seriously not sure I can watch the rest of the series if the Phils don't win the last 38.8888888% of game 5. I've got a ton of leaves to clean up this weekend and, if things go south (literally and figuratively), I would probably be too tempted to pour gasoline in my backyard and throw a match. Like I said, no melodrama.

Given the way this series has gone so far, I see the Phillies loading the bases in the 6th, 7th, and 8th, but failing to score any of the runners. Then, with the game still tied in the 9th inning, Ruiz reaches first on catcher interference, advances to second on a hit batter, goes to third on a wild pitch, and is awarded home on a balk after the pitcher goes into the windup, is attacked by a swarm of bees, and then stops his windup to swat one the bees away.

I just read the Gammons article. He actually wasn't wrong on a lot of his points in how this whole Series has been handled. However, I disagree with moving the Series to a neutral site. This isn't the Super Bowl. It would also totally negate the ASG with no home field advantage to play for...people having to buy vacation packages on top of the already outrageous ticket prices? Absolutely ridiculous.

The sportswriters and press just want it as another way for them to vacation while they are supposed to be working.

bap, I would not bet against your forecast.

I don't forsee the return of The Bat tonight. I think this postseason is going to cost him millions. Some percentage of which may be redistributed to Carlos Ruiz.

doubleh: I agree, I can't even understand how Gammons could give lip service to that abominable idea. Fans in warm-weather cities can scarcely sell out venues when their own teams are in the post-season, for one thing. Partisanship probably constitutes 90% of interest in baseball, if not more. Can you imagine the Phillies playing tonight's game in front of 15,000 fans in San Diego? That's as obvious non-solution as you'll ever hear. The idea he touched on to shorten the schedule to 148 games makes worlds more sense.

would love nothing more than a ruiz or bruntlett walkoff hit tonight. philadelphia deserves nothing less than that kind of ending.

I officialy guarantee victory tonight.

BAP - one of the best posts of the year.. because your scenario is much more likely than something normal.

Start the season in the first full weekend of April. End the season on the third Sunday in September. Eliminate a few in-season off days. Eliminate the long breaks during the playoffs. Finish this thing out long before November rolls around.

Gammons idea to shorten the season makes more sense than playing in a neutral territory, but they're still both horrible ideas. He's just pissed because the Sox (or some other "big market" team aren't playing).

I would like to see more doubleheaders during the season like there used to be, but that won't happen again thanks to TV and $$$.

it'll still rain in September if there is a cold front moving in! It'll rain in june and july too. Its the fking weather people, there is no universal answer to make sure it never rains again unless every stadium gets a dome or we play above the Earth atmosphere every October.

Yes it sucks, my monday nite was ruined, sht happens. But i'll go back down dressed in my winter attire, watch the Phillies win the World Series and tell everyone who thought it sucked: Yea well my team is better than urs!! no matter who they peice of crap team the other guy is a fan of.

Ryan Madson will be the phillies pitcher in the 7th, per SR950.

Bed Beard: That's probably the best way to go. In fact, should it go well in the 7th, I see him starting the 8th and JC coming in only if Madson gets in trouble and there's a lefty up. Madson can pitch multiple innings if needed.

RSB,from last thread

I hear you, but sadly that is the way it will probably always be for a Philly sports fan, particularly the Phils.

As I remember, the Cardinals got very little respect even after their gutsy win over the anointed favorite a couple of years ago.

I subscribe to Sports Illustrated and am already waiting for a cover story along the lines of "The World Series No One Cared About". Or maybe even a sidebar on another cover dedicated to college football.

That's the way it has been and probably always will be. But if the Phils win, they can't EVER take it away. And this team will enter the ranks of the legendary 80 and 93 teams forevermore, and I think that's what counts most.

Not to get too far ahead, but if the Phils win...2 MVP awards the past two years, maybe a 3rd? Chase capable of an MVP any year. Cole Hamels a potential Cy Young candidate for years to come and fodder for debates as to whether he or Hall of Famer Steve Carlton are the best lefty Phillies pitcher ever.

That's plenty of bragging rights for me, and if it doesn't work for the national media or anyone, well #$%&* them!

Spartanburg, sorry, I just have a cheap DVD burner bought at WalMart. I know that with the right equipment you can make exact copies. I don't have the equipment.

Its going to be cold out there. Wouldn't want to get jammed or hit by a pitch tonight. I wonder what the coldest game in world series history is.

Tonight Ryan Howard can become our Joe Carter.

I'm sure some of you have that pennant from 1980 that has all the last names in a scroll down the left side?? I would kill for one of those with the names: Utley, Howard, Burrell, Taguchi... They better sell one if what better happen happens.

AMEN Bob. i was thinking the same thing earlier.

tonight we can win the world series - rain or no rain, joe buck or no joe buck, with the rest of the country watching or not - when we win ain't can't no one take that away from us.

Dead on, Bob. I could care less what people outside the area think. If this goes well, this city and region will be on a year long high and that's all that matters.

Winning the "worst" World Series ever will not diminish our feeling during the parade down Broad St.

I know this is not what we want to hear but being a huge baseball fan tonight is going to be good for the sport.

The big gripe on baseball is always that it is too slow moving. Tonight people can see a 3 inning game that could determine the champion. It should be over around 10- 10:30 at the latest which gives ample time to postgame stuff and mens there are probably a lot of kids who can see the end of the game.

Hoepfully that game ends with our boys raising the trophy. I'm nervous but I have a good feeling about this tonight.

Best possible ending for game: Victorino steals home.

So Madson's pitching the 7th, huh?

a walk-off dramatic win would be fitting and erase all burned memories...

but i don't care if it's a phillie on the mound or a scrum at homeplate after a walk-off...

i want the victory....

let's hope the 46000 that will be there tonight... will be able to take 9 innings of energy and burn it all for 3.5 innings.

Let's do this!

Most fitting ending: The homeplate ump loses track of the count, insisting that the count is 3-2, when in fact Burrell has struck out. After the Rays throw a fit, the game resumes. Burrell then homers on the next pitch. Ugly enough?

Let the second guessing start: does anybody else question UC revealing three hours before the game that Madson is pitching the 7th? Or am I overthinking this?

Our favorite broadcasters, Timmy and Joey, are about to speak on PTI! Maybe they'll tell us how the rain screwed the Rays and made it so hard for them to play their base-stealing game!

pblunts: You're overthinking this. The Phils were bringing in a RHP no matter what. It's just a question of whether it was Madson or Durbin. Navarro is first up and his a righty. They'll likely pinch hit for Baldelli. Then it's Bartlett, a righty. Then they'll pinch hit for the pitcher either that inning, if a runner gets on, or the next inning.

Oh my, that was even worse than I thought it would be. I'm paraphrasing a little, but Tim was asked if he thought the Phillies were cheated, and he says,

"I don't think the Phillies were cheated any more than the Rays would've been had they not scored that run in the top of the 6th... think of how unfair it was for B.J. Upton to have to steal second base in the rain, and then score from 2nd on that rocket from Pena."

Yes, think of how unfair it was for Upton to have to score a run in the rain. He really got cheated on that one. Maybe if it wasn't raining he could've run around the bases twice.

give us something we'll never forget, while making us forget about everything else matter what he does tonight, I have a feeling some people will never forget that photo.

Although, I personally prefer this one.

Breaking News:

Bud Selig endorses Barack Obama. In a related story, John McCain guarantees victory in Pennsylvania.

Tray - I do not remember that, when he worked as a Phils' broadcaster, Tim McCarver was such a tool.

CJ - Navarro is a switch hitter.

I think Cholly had Beerleaguer in mind when he announced ahead of time that he'd be using Madson. He just wanted to give everyone here something to criticize so we would not go crazy waiting for the game to start.

Andy: Hmmm... perhaps I misread However, he's much better against lefties, hitting .312 from the right side vs. .257 from the left side.

Ravich on ESPN just called Dobbs a 'defensive replacement'

I forget who said it earlier today but this sums it up best,

1 run, 9 outs to glory.

Let's do this.

Andy, doesn't the fool realize that Upton never would've been on base if not for the rain messing with Rollins's fielding?

I think Chollie's Gut has an inkling that this'll be a three pitcher game for the Phils - Madson, Romero, Lidge. Even with the 18 run lead they'll have by the ninth.

So, do they sing the national anthem again tonight, or not?

Tray - I think, after tonight's win, that we need to all send him that second picture of Burrell from the game against Boston in 2007.

And you misspelled "tool."

Hall comes in to sing the national anthem tonight. Actually, I think they'll have a video on the big screen with a taped rendition of Barack Obama singing the Star Spangled Banner. They contributed campaign money to the Phillies free agent pool for next year.

So we shouldn't count on that Matt Holliday signing then, Fred? I'd have to imagine that he's a staunch right winger.

Why hasn't Lauren Hart sung the national anthem in this series???

BAP: The bees died at the first freeze. It would have to be Lake Erie midges.

I'm back for Game 5.61111 as I had to leave Philly and go back to work eventually. I have champagne (bottle) on ice and my victory cigar all ready to go.

Let's get these final 9 outs and score some runs and end this Series!!!

Let's go Phils!!

Pat Burrell ends his drought with a memorable home run.

From an out of towner... should I have a reason to drive five hours south to Philly to uhh... visit the city and 'hang out' with fellow Phillies fans... is there any word about when I should be planning such trip?

Shouldn't be an anthem singing. Just "batter up". Another weird scenario: 7th inning stretch less than an hour into the game.
Please let it happen tonite!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daryl Hall will sing the anthem.

@ Clout- well the midges can come, because there is no Joba on this team, and we know how much he hates them.

Madson will officially start tonight. This will allow him to face the right heavy bottom of the order in the 7th.

No anthem tonight.

Anyone see the ticket stubs on sale on Stub Hub? Cheapest ones were like 700 bucks a pop.

Bases loaded bottom of the 9th. Vic is up. Rays pitcher accidentally throws at Vic's head. He becomes so incensed he points to his hip, his head, then rushes the mound, not realizing the Phils just won the WS. (So scores on the HBP)

Gammons' article is ridiculous. He didn't even mention the obvious solution: schedule the playoffs to conclude as soon as possible. Rather than setting a schedule a year in advance, adjust on the fly. This is how it used to be done. Despite all of their kvetching, FOX wants the MLB playoffs -- guaranteed eyeballs seeing the ads for all of their programming.

Yo, new thread

The way I see it, whoever's most prepared for these three innings, mentally, will be the winner. The Phillies haven't had to do much other than wait for the rain to stop, whereas the Rays have been flustered, running from hotel to hotel, trying to find a place that'll take them. So they just might be stressed enough to be off their game.

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