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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Mike is also looking for Berks residents with tickets for the games in Philly. Let me know.

Is it possible that Charlie's locution is the way it is because of the fastball to the jaw? [I kid because I love!]

I enjoyed the Japanese article on Cholly. From there I read his Wikipedia profile. He won AAA Manager of the Year titles and won AAA championships. He may be a better manager than we think! The gut goes on.

do we have to wait until 7 PM tomorrow for the DH announcement? i want to nitpick/complain now!

myno - I think it's fair to extend the Bush doctrine. You are allowed to whine pre-emptively. Pick a target (Coste? Gnome? So?) and have at it.

As long as you strictly follow the lead post of the thread, anything is allowed.

It's still just sinking in, and probably won't completely until 1st pitch tomorrow, that the Phils are in the World Series. This is a dream come true, and I plan on loving every second of it.

@Thon -- Yesterday @CJ posted this from Jayson Stark regarding pitchers in the post season on 3 days rest:

From Jayson Stark:

"Finally, let this be a warning to all talk-show hosts who call for a manager to start a pitcher on short rest this time of year: Over the past 10 postseasons, we've had 50 games in which a team started a pitcher on short rest. Those clubs are now 11-39 in those games."

I'll take the four man rotation.

Philsin5- I am certainly having a hard time wrapping my brain around it myself

Did you read the story on the Phils in today's Inky:

"Get the rubber duck out of your butt."

Never heard that one before. Leave it to Chase.

From the previous thread:

""" Give Hamels three starts.

I'm having trouble understanding why people aren't pushing the idea of giving Hamels 3 starts here (1, 4,7). There'd be three rest days between each start and it seems to be an acceptible risk given the alternatives.. or..does somebody have info on Hamels starts after short rest that I don't know about?

Posted by: Dickie Thon | Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 08:45 AM

Dickie T,

Hamels personally doesn't like going on short rest, so I guess Cholly doesn't want to upset him and run the risk of future harm.

Posted by: Dave P | Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 09:08 AM """

Dickie T, one of the writers on either or had a stat you would find interesting:

In the last 50 starts by a pitcher going on three days rest in the postseason, his team is 11 - 39.

Yes, that's 11 - 39!

Normal rest for all the starters is the way to go.

Trust the Gut!!!

damn, someone comes into my office to distract me and cunningham beats me to it.

Why Can't Us???

Is anyone else bummed that Myers won't get to hit in this series? Kind of a shame I wanted to see if he'd keep it rolling. :)

In one of those long extra inning games, when Cholly looks down his bench for a PH, he'll see So and Brett as his last warm bodies and he'll say, "Brett, grab a bat."

...then, he'll turn to So and say, "Get the rubber duck out of your butt."

Rex: I thought about that too, given that he'll be only pitching in Tampa. It'd be great to give him another shot to swing the bat, but I'll take two complete game shutouts and Myers not getting tired running the bases over a good laugh and a better story. It's better that Moyer doesn't have to face the DH in his first (and hopefully only) start anyway. My guess is that if Myers gets two starts, one is a gem and the other is a dud, in true Myers fashion.

Love the respect for R-Phils, best AA team there is.

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