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Monday, October 13, 2008



Let's do this! Go Phils!

If we can get at least 6 innings out of Blanton I feel good in this one...

Jimmy is due to break out of his slump today...I bet he got some extra work in off the tee, he'll be fine.

Let's do this!

The Phillies know how Lowe is going to pitch them. They should be prepared and I look for a big game from the 1-2 hitters tonight.

With Lowe on short rest, the hitters need to be patient and make him throw a lot of pitches. Having Werth in the 2 hole and Dobbs instead of Feliz should help that strategy.

My big star of the night: Greg Dobbs. I feel a big big hit from him tonight.

Lowe has done well on 3 days rest

A road win tonight will be huge, this is still a must win for LA

Obviously, the Phils are going to get crushed tonight. Sure, Dobbs will go 4 for 4, but those will be the only hits they get and Blanton will be knocked out before he retires a batter. The emotional shock will be so great that LA will win the next two games by an average score of 13-0.

(No, of course I don't believe any of that, but I'm trying BAPs reverse jinx/expect the worst so you won't be disappointed approach).

In Lowe's only other appearance this year on three days rest, he gave up 7 ER on 10 hits over 5 innings. However, lifetime he's 12-1 on three days rest, so yes, he's been good on three days rest. Just not this year.

Let's hope that continues.

K T: Actually, in 4 career starts on 3 days rest, Lowe has 5.09 ERA.

This is the Live Blog I was talking about earlier...need to check it out..pretty nice

Thats ok. Only Phillies blogs for me.

I'm excited for a fresh start tonight. Last night was a what can go wrong will go wrong for the Phillies and vice versa for the Dodgers...Tonight will be a battle.

Imperative to not go 1-2-3 in the first. even if we dont score, need to get some runners and make him work that arm

Let's go.

No Phillesphan...I wanted you guys to check out the's refreshing of the page...comments update automatically

let's go phillies!
beat l.a.
take this game.

lets go phillies

refreshing the page helps my A.D.D. when its a right ball game.

I'm predicting a breakout game for J Roll and Howard.

I'm really hoping for one, anyway.

Franzke said that in five career starts on 3 days rest for Lowe, he's 3-1 with a 4.30 ERA.

If they get to Lowe early, what chance does LA have to win the series, would they really go with him again game 7?

Hey, there we go!

I have the flyers on audio and phillies on visual...way to get out of that slump jimmy.

Solid Start

KT - that actually sounds awesome

its odd seeing jimmy on base early..its nice to have to watch a pitcher work.

Let'gs go boys! Come on Phils!

just check it out don't have to post to observe

I'm not sure who here reads Simmons but I'm hoping for a few Derek Lowe Face appearance tonite.

hmm Tight zone around the plate tonight?

Rollins slap into the outfield grass. Now we need to steal 2nd. Martin has an awful arm.

Good hit and run.


good job boys...getting the runners moving.

Perfect the gut had it right

Looking good so far!

Here we go baby lets get on top early

nice way to start the game there.

KT - I can post about what I want. Thanks for the advice though. Next time I wont acknowledge your comments.

perfect start - way to work that count jayson

Need the two lefties to come up big here.

Wow, get to Lowe early


What a Start!

aight chase!

There we go philly

What a start indeed, Buck, what a start indeed.



Big lovable bear up next

now thats how you start a the big guy needs to come up big here.

that is just what the doctor ordered

does the job

PP...I didn't meen it that way...i only took your comment from before saying you only posted on Phillie blogs...didn't meen any disrespect or anything else...good start by your team though

good out howard. good out.

Good AB. Hit it on the right side, score the run, and move the runner over. Thank you Timmy Mic for stating the obvious.

hey, good fundamentals at least...

Kt - Ok sounds good. I didnt even know u were a Dodgers fan, I thought you just found a Dodgers blog.

Just put one deep Pat, one more run

could ryno have made it if he had busted out the box from the get-go?

Just hit a flyball, Pat.

patience would still be good here...get as many pitches out of lowe as possible..pat isn't listening

SEVEN straight sliders? WTF?

pat's listening now.

Keep working it, Pat...

Make him work early, these are all great AB's

The bat is one of the better Phillies at not chasing shitty sliders in the dirt

huuuuuge hold there pat

haha wow...I'm pretty sure pat went there...but I'll take a call for us.

Neither can Joe Buck believe the call

Nice sell job by PtB on the check swing.

Rattling Lowe in the first inning. Might be good news.

Howard should be at first 0 outs

Good call PTB knew he went and threw the bat quick

Damn.... I guess two is OK.

ouch vic, ouch.

not a very good job by Vic.

hmmmm fox might be using the rocky music a few too many times...give me some B2M or patti labelle or the boss

Blanton needs to step up and shut them down this inning, keep the momentum

Makes up for that steal call in yesterdays game

phils haven't scored first in awhile lets see how they handle it

2 runs are not could have been a lot worse

how about some hall and oates or some hooters Matt B? ;)

How about some hustle Howard? Maybe you make it.
And Burrell, bust up that DP, don't veer out of the baseline.
This is playoff baseball. Only 1 run from that. Not good.

Blanton will do well. I see three up, three down.

wtf was that?

so is mccarever saying its dobbs fault that furcal put down an awful bunt?

wow, doesnt get much luckier than that

Man, bad luck there.

nothin dobbs could do there

Nice bunt single


aww derek's upset

he's done that many times before

An experienced third baseman could've gotten to that ball. Genius, McCarver.

Lowe is such a baby

lol Lowe Emo'd out in the dugout

Whoa, see that clip of Lowe knocking around the cooler? What the hell is wrong with these guys?

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