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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Gonig all out tonight. Broke out the winter jacket, the gloves, the works. Phillies BP: 8.2IP 12/1 K/BB and only 2 Hits allowed. Whereas Tampa BP has 9 BB in 13.1 IP!

I can picture David Price trying to throw that outside fastaball off the corner, and Howard just gently dropping the bat head down and flicking one of his patented opposite field popfly homeruns into the seats.

Cow bell ..Shmow bell.

this is the other reason i'm glad we had tuesday also postponed. i was able to get a full night of sleep last night, and now i'm riled up for tonight's game. now i just have to figure out which watering hole to hit to properly enjoy the experience.

J: Agreed!!! Go Phils!!! :-D

FOX, the weather, Bud Selig, cowbells be damned, this is our night. A win here would cap off the ugliest World Series in recent memory, but we'll take it. Philly doesn't get storybook endings, in fact, this debacle has only united us against everything else. Why not us!?

I feel pretty confident in our pen, so I'm not that worried.

Prediction: Phils 5, Rays 3. Utley hits GW 2-run shot off Price.

Oh, by the way, is anyone else thinking that if the Curse of Billy Penn exists, that Billy Penn is one vindictive, evil bastard?

wasn't william penn a quaker? you'd think a quaker would be able to relax a bit and get some perspective.

oh, and i'm still holding on to my prediction that taguchi will be useful at some point this WS. maybe if he ends up leading off, he'll get that hit i've been imagining, then get knocked in by utley, as per rugbydan's prediction. :)

Seriously. You'd think after 200 years or so, the guy would just, oh I don't know, get the hell over it.

If we somehow blow the series, I'm gonna hire a medium and banish his spirit to St. Petersburg.

I wasn't quite sure if I would reach the same level of hysteria, but the fact that I am shaking and getting chills again at 10:30 AM seem to indicate that I am ready to rock.

- The rain was really making it tough to cheer as much as I might have normally, I appreciate the opportunity to perform under more favorable conditions
- My voice is funny recovered

I have fashioned a cape of my now expansive collection of rally towels. This is going to be the greatest day of my life!!!


Oops. Guess it's only been 20 years since the curse started, but for the love of God, still!

Borrowing from Crazy Bob in the last thread, yesterday was "The Day The World Series Stood Still."

ESPN had baseball tonight, again last night, all fawning over Tampon Bay. There's a difference between tying up a game and taking the lead. The Rays were hanging on to the edge of the cliff, now they're just standing on the edge so Chase can push them off the cliff.

I so hope that the Phils score in the 6th to give Cole the victory.

Deutsche Phan- I want a picture of that cape made out of rally towels, I'll post that on my blog.

If there's any way for the press to spin the story in a positive light for the Rays, they do it.

Lake Fred - Agreed. You would think the Rays were somehow up in this game or that they had more opportunities to bat in Game 5 yet from the coverage at ESPN given the amount of coverage devoted to them. I just don't get it.

Besides some decent appearances from some of their relievers and relatively decent play from BJ Upton, the Rays have been no shows this Series at the plate, in the field, and largely on the mound.

I recommend avoiding ESPN at all costs. If anyone needs somebody yelling their uneducated, uninformed opinions at them, let me know and I'll give you a call. it'll be better for you.

Deutsche Phan -- I'm with Carson, I'd like to see a picture.

If the Phils don't finish them off the Rays tonight though, I don't like the Phils chance of winning the Series. Phils had a tough time picking the ball up in TB and don't particularly like either matchup. I was hoping tonight's game would be rained out too and that way the Phils could use Hamels on full rest if needed for a possible Game 7.

Yeah, I am sick and tired of all the fawning over the Rays. The reason no one is watching is because NO ONE likes the Rays.

It sucks they let them tie it up in the 5th, but it's a tied game, we have an extra at bat, we're at home and our team didn't stay in Wilmington for the past two nights.

Sure I wish Hamels was still our pitcher, but the Phils can't let MLB's screw up effect them. Four more innings to change this city forever. Let's show them who the better team is!

My 13 month old son, Collier Chase, is going as a fisherman for halloween, and his boat is called "Phils Phan" and his license # is PA 2008. Go Phils!

It does indeed look brighter today. Love Rugbydan's prediction. We get three extra outs to work with, a more favorable batting order, and a manageable time frame for our bullpen, which has been nothing short of superb. And cold weather, which is tough on the all the players (and the Phaithful in the stands, who by the way, will be going nuts), but which I think has to be a little tougher on the Rays.

And say what you want to say about the momentum shifting and Pena and Longoria getting in gear. If the Phils do their jobs, these guys may only bat once tonight, in freezing weather. OTOH, have fun dealing a couple of turns at least with Chase, Ryan, Jimmy, Vic et al., Price.

And I'm not sure those hits by the Rays to tie the game would have come so easy if Cole hadn't been slipping off the mound in the 6th and forced to throw only fastballs.

I know they have new life. But the Rays are three innings away from potenial elimination, and even if they do win somehow, some way, they still have a huge uphill climb. They probably feel better now than they did in the top of the fourth inning when they were behind, but they have to know deep down they are in a tough, tough spot.

Plenty of time tomorrow to start fretting, let's keep the enthusiasm tonight. Go Phils!

The spirit is slowing coming back. I was crawling out of my skin on Monday, although I was pretty zen-like by game time. I was down yesterday but the feeling is coming back.

For strategy, what do you do if you are Chollie? He's had two days to think about a PH situation. Here are some of the questions I'd think about:
Can I induce Maddon to remove a rested Balfour from the game without a pitch, shortening the Rays bullpen?
Do I want to risk burning two pinch-hitters and end up with Price pitching to Taguchi? (Shudder)
Do I want to have Jenkins or Stairs hit against Price?
Or if Maddon keeps Balfour in because he wants a righty against Rollins/Werth, does golf-swing Jenkins have any better chance of hitting the high heat than Cole Hamels himself? (Thus saving the bench)

I think I'd roll the dice with Stairs -- think of the boost if he happens to pop one. He'll be patient and take the walk if Balfour starts out wild. I don't think that Maddon wants to bring in Price right away. And if he does bring in Price, I still think I stay with Stairs over Taguchi -- maybe we'll need a 9th inning pinch runner for Burrell. (Athough I still want to see Burrell pop a 3-run HR to go out in grand style)

NYC Phillies fan here, and besides Wogie's, any other good bars to watch the game at?

I'm down here in Florida-if you went to the game live and don't have your ticket stubs (or whatever), how are you getting back into the park? Just curious how CBP is doing that...

Well, after having 48 hrs to cool off, I have tried to come up with some positive thoughts:

As Philly fans, we seem to love the 'us against the world' mentality, and this definitley fits that description. FOX,MLB, Selig, The Gods of Baseball all seem to have it in for us. The persecution complex we all also seem to suffer from has had a little more gasoline thrown onto the fire with this whole mess, so let's feed off of that and be sure to rock the Bank for 3 innings tonight non-stop. I say only 3 because if they do it the right way, we shouldn't need the extra 1/2 inning.

The Rays being so used to the sun and the dome may rail against this cold, damp, windy weather. Maybe Mother Nature has taken some solace on Philly after all and just wanted to prolong the euphoria of our fine city for a couple of more days.

I have a strange feeling that this whole thing may end with an unlikely hero emerging tonight. Someone who has received our wrath all season long but comes up huge tonight against all odds, very fittingly sort of Rocky-like. Actually, almost no one has gone unscathed come to think of it.

Here's a way to raise spirits. Have Hamels come out to bat, as he leads off the inning, and then finish the game. (Roberts pitched a complete game on one-day's reat in 1950 to clinch the title.) This would be a Hollywood ending for Hollywood-type guy.

Oh my God is that JW or Willy Randolph?

Like many of you, yesterday was just a crappy day, but it's amazing what 8+ hours of sleep can do for you.

I'm ready to go!! My legs have not stopped bouncing since 8am and I love it.

For anyone else going tonight...BRING IT!! There is no time to pace yourself in this one. Every pitch is the biggest pitch.

Tonight is the night!!!

The Price is wrong, bi$%#!

I'd love to see Bruntlett announced as a PH against price and homer off him again. I think a gnome walkoff would be the most appropriate scenario.

any word if they're shutting off beer after the half inning?

"any word if they're shutting off beer after the half inning?"

That is what makes Beerleaguer Beerleaguer. Awesome stuff buster!


I think they're treating the beer sales as if it's a new game. They'll be happy to take the $$

buster - Don't worry, they are handling this as if it is the start of a game. If it goes into extra innings, the cut-off would be the 13'th inning. It would be like daylight savings. You'd get the extra half inning to get tanked.

The move I'm interested in seeing from Charlie is, assuming Price comes in the game in the bottom of the sixth, do you walk somebody in the top of the seventh to force Maddon to pinchhit for Price?

jkov, i have watched the game at a few places...would recommend Phebes or Firefly...neither are Philly bars but good places to watch the game and Firefly had 10 projection screen TVs on the game on Monday and the sound turned up really high

"any word if they're shutting off beer after the half inning?"

Agreed with L.A. Jeff. Definitely good stuff. Plus, it sort of gets to the heart of why tonight's events are so weird. It's not all that unusual to resume a suspended game after the fact but, when it happens, the resumed game is almost always accompanied by a second game. Here, the fans will show up, buy their beers, take their seats and, just as they are starting to get comfortable, the game will be over (barring extra innings). My advice to anyone attending tonight's game: don't show up late.

does anyone know of any philly area bars who are playing the radio sound up with the tv sound down?

As for the literal answer to Buster's question, something tells me that the 7th inning beer rule might be waived tonight. Besides, if the Phillies win, it's not like anyone will be driving home as soon as the game ends.

jody mac and harry mays just said on 950 that the aramark people hae informed them that they are treating this as a new game and will serve beer for 7 innings

Deadspin is reporting that three sources are reporting that it was former Cubbie Scott Eyre, not Brett Myers, who made the infamous quote about Bud Selig not being worthy of supervising his poops. The man has been filled with rage since Piniella forgot his name.

Did they officially announce that there is not a travel day? Game 6 and 7 will be Thursday / Friday? Not that they will be necessary, but it would really affect the strategy tonight. You might see Lidge and Madson both ready to go multiple innings if there is no possible Game 6 until Friday.

Thomas, according to MLB's FAQ on the game, the travel day is still under consideration.

I assume you came up with your son's first name after the phenomenal, formerly-great Red Baron/Ottawa Lynx farmhand Lou Collier.

Where did you ever get the "Chase" from?

On a side note, is it bad that I already can't focus and am pacing around everywhere nervously, 8 hours before gametime?

Diggity....i got butterflies and cant wait....

Reading the FAQ made me wonder; Who in their right mind would throw away a World Series ticket?

As Rod Stewart crooned, "Tonight's the night. It's gonna be alright."

Shockingly, Manuel has "revealed" on that he intends to pinch hit for Hamels tonight.

I believe in the Phillies. They're going to win it tonight in Philly.

on ESPN yesterday Selig said he doubts there will be a travel day should the Rays win Game 5.

... but that he has not made a final decision yet.

That Cholly. Always revealing his strategy to the opposing manager ahead of time.

Like a lot of other folks, I have gone from total despair at the end of the other night back to the confidence I had prior to the start of Monday's game. The Phils really should be able to take care of business here. A player or two will have to step up for them - I'm looking at you PtB and at least of the top four guys at the top of the lineup - but I like the chances of that happening. We've been dwelling a lot on the effects of this on the Phils, but keep in mind that the Rays have had extra time to contemplate the fact that they must win here and feel the pressure of that, that the team is pretty young and inexperienced, and that the Philly fans tonight are going to pack 9 innings worth of energy into 3 or 3.5 innings. I like our chances tonight and even in a game 6, if necessary. I'll get back to you about game 7, if it comes to that.

It's not exactly a long trip from Philly to TB, so there isn't much need for a travel day, except for the million to one chance the series goes to 7 games, then the Phils don't have Coleywood available.

Don't know if it's been suggested, but maybe the move tonight is to use Hamels as the leadoff batter to force Maddon's hand to commit to a pitcher. Hamels can then be immediately pulled with a appropriate counter to the replacement pitcher, if one is coming. If Maddon doesn't switch, then pull Hamels and get into the matchup contest.

If the crowd doesn't get into it, they are nuts. And on a positive note, because of weather, I am not not working tonight so I get to enjoy this game without interruption, so hopefully the Phils can bring it home!

A couple of things:

First, re: travel day. Can anyone confirm what the deal is? And if that decision has yet to be officially made, it's another obvious reason that Bud and his Clowns have no idea what they are doing.

Secondly, re: who pinch hits (or really, eventually bats for Hamels). Is it just me or is the 6th inning of a tie game a bit early to be burning a spare bat if you pinch hit for the announced pinch hitter? Maddon is unpredictable so you really can't get go by what you think should be done, rather the opposite. I can almost see if Jenkins is announced, he leaves Balfour in and if Dobbs or Stairs is announced, he comes out. I wouldn't mind seeing them burn through two pitchers with the pitcher hitting fourth in the top of the 7th, although he could always double switch. It's going to be fascinating theater.

s97: That makes no sense whatsoever. How does sending the pitcher up to bat force the opposing manager's hand? It does just the opposite -- allowing him to leave Balfour in the game.

s97: Totally unnecessary. Balfour is the pitcher until a pinch-hitter for Hamels is announced. If Charlie were stupid enough to actually send Hamels up to the plate, Maddon would happily allow Balfour to face him.

I have a question: When Bud Selig wears his Rays cap tonight while watching the game, will he be wearing his garter belt and hosiery under his raincoat?

pblunts: MLB has not yet scheduled games 6 and 7

First thought today upon waking up -
Feels like a good day to win a championship.

I want to hear Freddy Mercury singing....

Surely this must be the most discussed pinch hitting/pitching change decision in the history of major league baseball.

ESPN is reporting that it is official, we will be playing baseball tonight.

FOX will get their precious ratings tonight, proving once again that most Americans prefer controversy, along with entertainment packed into fun-sized doses, above anything else.

I haven't quite reverted to my Monday night optimism, but I've definitely recovered from my Tuesday morning depression.

not really sure what to expect from the crowd's hoping that we show up loud and on time.

Meh, ESPN and their brilliant "pundits" are just slobbering over the Rays because they are trying to breathe new life into the series and pump up ratings.

I recently read an article on MSN Slate that took baseball analysts to task, questioning why there is such a dearth of decent baseball analysts--when football, hockey, etc. seem to have so many (outside of a few knuckleheads). It was pretty spot on in that most try to appeal to the "casual fan," i.e. fan that knows nothing, almost none of them study tape or know stats, and tend to pull all the intangible stuff out of their a** as if that's what really wins games.

It's all horsecrap and the less you watch of it, the better. I remember when SportsCenter used to be good and at the very least, entertaining (the Olberman/Eisen days). Now it's just like watching MTV, vapid and glossy.

I'd love for Maddon to leave Balfour in if Charlie uses Jenkins to PH. Despite his bad season he is still a dangerous hitter who also knows how to take a walk. I'd much prefer that matchup to Taguchi vs. Howell or Trever Miller.

Sorry for posting this once more (I'd tacked the point onto the tail-end of the last thread), but Balfour is even tougher on lefties than he is on righties. Unless the move is to Bradford or Wheeler (which would be unlikely), it seems like it's got to be a righty to pinch hit.

This could be Jenkins' chance for redemption in an otherwise unremarkable season.

Throw the low inside fastball, Balfour. Please.

"Meh, ESPN and their brilliant "pundits" are just slobbering over the Rays because they are trying to breathe new life into the series and pump up ratings. "

Why would ESPN try to pump up the ratings for games that are on Fox? If anything, they'd try to lower them (to make for a cheaper television contract the next time).

Sorry Philly chumps. The Rays are winning tonight, taking it back to the Trop and winning the whole thing!!

At least you have your cheesesteaks!!!

For future trivial pursuit purposes, does the delay make Game 5 the longest recorded World Series game?

Cholly needs to send Dobbs up to bat. If Maddon wants to bring in a leftie, then fine, that means we get Rollins from the right side and then Werth, or he has to go back to a righty for Werth, which means he'll have to burn another leftie for Utley/Howard, and it wouldn't be bad to make him burn through two of his lefties in only the 6th inning of a tied game.
If we send up Jenkins or Stairs, he'll definitely leave in Balfour, who has struck out Stairs all 4 times he faced him, and will probably strike out Jenkins too. I would expect him to leave Balfour in to face Dobbs as well, and Dobbs is our best chance of leading off the inning with a hit, followed by the top of our order.

optimus: Irrelevant. If you have someone who hits righties, that's who you use. To think you'd be better off with Taguchi or Coste vs. Balfour is just silly. Now, if the Phils had a really good righty hitter on the bench who hits righties, it might be a different choice, but they don't.

Brian G: Maddon would love for Charlie to burn his best LH bat off the bench in the 6th inning, especially against a pitcher who's tough on lefties. Dumb move.

stjoehawk: Because the more people who watch the series, the more watch ESPN to see them talk about the series, write columns about it, etc.

It isn't good for them if no one cares about it. Their livelihood depends on people caring about the games.

I disagree with bringing Dobbs up without anyone on base in the bottom of the 6th. Dobbs is one of your best RISP guys in the late innings; why waste him with no one on?

It's gotta be Stairs or Jenkins. Stairs had struck out plenty against Broxton, too, but every once in a while, he can hit it really, really far.

Also something I will never understand:

Why do fans of other teams think it's witty to make jokes about cheesesteaks? The "go eat cheesesteaks" line--or anything of that ilk--is neither a) an insult (they are tasty sandwiches) nor b) funny.

It's like telling someone to go eat ice cream. Neither are very good for you, but certainly aren't any form of punishment (unless you have high cholesterol or are lactose intolerant, I guess).

Joe writes: "Does the delay make Game 5 the longest recorded World Series game?"

Joe, I am recording each game on 6 hour DVD speed. I took out my Game 5 DVD and started to write a label on it this morning that reads: 2008 World Series, Game 5, Started on 10-27-08" When the game's over and I write, "ends on 10-29-08", it sure will look like the longest World Series game to me.

well, officially MLB doesn't consider delays as part of the game. for example, the longest baseball game on record was a 33-inning game between AAA Pawtucket & Rochester. even though the game technically lasted from April 18 to June 23, in the record books it went down as lasting 8:25.

so on that basis the longest WS game was game 3 in 2005: 14 innings, 5:41.

I'm guessing their thinking on the travel day is this:

Option A: Phils win tonight and Selig isn't forced to make a decision (everybody wins, especially Selig who isn't good at making decisions).

Option B: Rays win in 9 innings, game over by 10:30 or so. In this event, I'm guessing they send everyone to the airport and Game 6 is tomorrow night.

Option C: Game turns into 14 inning or so marathon, not ending until after 1:00 am with Rays winning. In this event, Selig decrees an off day at 2:00 am so everyone can sleep in.

There's probably some cut-off time between B and C they have in mind as to how late they go that will determine if they make tomorrow an off day or not.

Let's all pray for Option A so none of this matters.

Please don't bring out that jinx Mcnabb the biggest choke artist in Philly history tonight to announce the lineup! This is Phillies time not Eagles!

clout: We'd be using Dobbs where he's practically guaranteed to face a righty in a meaningful situation. No outs with the top of the order following is a time when you want to maximize your chances of having a guy on base, and using your best hitter does that. Nothing dumb about that. The perfect situation you're saving him for might never happen.

Steve Jeltz, the travel day thing really highlights what a terrible leader Selig is. Isnt it ridiculous that he hasnt announced whether there will or will not be a travel day? I mean, arent there tens of thousands of fans in TB with ticket to game 6 and game 7 that dont know when those games will be played? Of course its moot if the phillies win tonight, and lets hope for that, but still!

Bud should just decide that the rest of game 5 will take place either Wed or Thursday (gives him an out if the weather turns again!), and Games 6 and 7 will take place Friday or Sat, regardless.

That guy is a cesspool of incompetence and a black hole of leadership. Its beyond me how people like him turn out to be successful.

Brian G: If Dobbs comes to the plate, I'd almost guarantee you that Maddon goes to Howell. I have a feeling they'd be fine with Howell facing Dobbs, Rollins (who has no hits in the WS vs a lefty), Werth, Utley and Howard. The only real danger for Howell there would be Werth.

Phillies going down. I repeat down.

Please bring McNabb back too. We loved him when the Bucs beat him!!!!!!!!!!!!

My guess is that Maddon goes right out of the shoot with Price and double switches so the pitcher spot no longer comes up 4th in his lineup. I bet he's going to try to ride Price for 3- innings. He probably has the best stuff on the staff, and has a starters mentality, so he seems perfect in this situation.

Spitz: Who do you replace when you bring in Price? Here are the batters you could replace:

5th Longoria
4th Pena
3rd Upton
2nd Crawford
1st Iwamura

It doesn't make sense to replace any of them.

Lake Fred: Any chance that you could make a copy of the DVD for someone without a DVD-R (actually, it's the way my AV stuff is set up...really long story)?

PH Stairs. Ignore what Maddon does.

Some guy in right collects a souvenir.

Games are available on iTunes for download

PH Stairs or Jenkins. I don't care which one. Either they hit against Balfour of they face a lefty and hopefully work a walk. I'll take either.

I definitley feel the city coming back to life after yesterday. I'm ready.

I like the idea of Stairs leading off the inning with a jack. Get the lead fast and take some of the pressure off the Phils.

Thanks GoPhilsGo...never even would have guessed, with as tight-fisted as MLB is with its content...and, to think, I'm a Mosaic subscriber...sheesh. Thanks again!

Brian G: You're right, it might never happen, but that's always the case. It's never smart to burn your best weapon early.

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