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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Oh happy day!




Good stuff, Jason.

One more.

this is happening.

So that Blanton trade is working out I think.

They are going to win.

So if waking up next to a 2-1 lead felt good, what's this gonna feel like tomorrow?

Are we really here? Did that really happen?

It *did*.


RSB: headache, dry-mouth, and oh-my-god-it's-noon?

That is the greatest paragraph I've ever read.

Weitzel - Awesome job as always! Please put up a great graphic well in advance of the game tomorrow night, not a delayed Manuel blowing gum graphic since that seems to be the main jinx on this team.

I can't wait since I will be in Philly for the game and I want to celebrate our first championship in 28 years at home with the rest of the city!

This is just unreal. Totally unreal.

Tomorrow could be my best sports day in 28 years. Hands down.

Can't wait to read what agony of reading about it the next day y'all can come up with in the wee hours. Goodnight, and good luck.

And ESPN is trying their damnedest to make an issue about the "smudge" on Blanton's hat.

If any of these mediafucks had bothered to watch anyone other than the Yankees & Red Sox all year, they might've noticed that it's always there.

The reporters are crying about the "blown" call and the spot on Blanton's cap right are the ESPN folks..

Can't let us have anything, can they?

Unbelievable. One win away.

People now talking about Blanton's cap. Funny. We were complaining about that thing during the Phils-OAK series in June.

Yeah...the Smudge thing is getting WAY overblown.

Man, what's to complain about at this point? Burrell? Even he had an RBI walk tonight.

Tampa math- 9=8

Philadelphia math- 80=08

I don't want to hear jack sh*t about blown calls. We've gotten jobbed multiple times this postseason with crappy calls.

Cry me a river, Tampa Bay.

That call was a pure karma makeup call for us getting bent over in Game 2 and last night...they need to shut the hell up....all 12 Rays fans that is.

I've spent two and a half decades reading about 1980...enviously wondering what it could have been like to know the Phillies were going to win that Game 6 with a Series lead and Steve Carlton on the mound.

Now I know.

One more boys and tomorrow will be the happiest day of our Lives!

Blanton in the postseason: 2-0, 17 IP, 18 K, 6 R.

It was a good game, but all those homers - especially the ones by Ryno - sucked. And those crummy RBI to boot.

So is tomorrow the last game ever at CBP for Pat the Bat as a Phillie?

Any rumors of when a parade would be if we win tomorrow? If tuesday, I am heading up to Philly afterwork.

Dan -- I'm going to guess that you're correct, though I think there's probably an outside chance that he's back.

To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about it. A lot of it would depend on who they replace him with.

But you know what? We'll worry about that later. Tomorrow's kind of a big day...

In the top of the 9th when Howard failed to pick Romero's errant throw to first I thought, "Man... if we make a few more errors this inning we will still win this game handily and be up 3-1 in the World Series."

I am pretty sure that epiphany was the best sports moment of my young life.

It's a cliche, but I, like the rest of you, cannot believe this is happening.

And to top it off, the team seems happy, but still serious and on a mission. Mitch Williams was talking about the focus the team has and how they never let a bad day get in their way of winning the next day.

Tomorrow could be absolutely unbelievable. I think we probably need bay_area_phan to give us a dash of Phillies ice cold water in the face to wake us up. It cannot possibly go down this way, this is Philly and these are our cardiac Phils.

Hey did that ESPN guy just diss Manual when he said "Manual and Madden both speak the english language but they sound verrrrry different."

New guy posting here. This is my favorite Phillies blog.

I was 15 in 1980 and was so nervous my parents made me watch the Series on a small, black and white, portable TV in my bedroom. Even so, it was pure greatness.

This year actually seems better because of the makeup of this team. I loved the '80 team, especially Schmidt and Tug, but this year's team is just flat-out filled with good guys who play their absolute hardest on a daily basis. I can't wait for Game 5.

I gotta imagine Pedro Feliz's two-out RBI took a little pressure off of people. I'm hoping it's an "open the floodgate" kind of at bat.

10 runs. THAT'S the kind of offense we've come to know and love.

Mantra - One more . . . just one more . . .

I can't even believe this is real.

Clinching in Philly would be sweet though and avoid some very high levels of anxiety in the Philly area if the Phils have to return to TB for a possible Game 6.

RSB - It is a GOOD FEELING too.

well if I thought last Wednesday was going to be my least productive day at work.. I can't imagine how little I'll get done tomorrow..

t-minus 20 hours till Cole can lead us to the promised land.

I can't stop tapping my leg. I feel like I'm on speed. Is this really happening? This is only the 2nd time in my life that I will see a day where we could win a championship, the 1st being the Superbowl against the Pats. I was born in August '83, I've been waiting for this day my entire life. Wow. The only problem is that I'm in Chicago. I may have to fly in for a parade should we finish out. Wow. I won't be able to sleep tonight and will be wearing my jersey to work tomorrow.

This is amazing. One more! 20 hours and we can ride the Cole-train to a championship.

27 outs left and I am still not too confident, but I can barely contain myself.

On Burrell: just a hunch but I believe there's a good chance he'll return. He obviously likes the area, and his free agent value has diminished somewhat since the early season "Manchine" era. Plus he's old, slow, has injury history, and isn't helped by the 7th inning substitutions. Simply put, I don't think other teams will offer enough over Philly to make salary the deciding factor.

Kudos to the entire team tonight.
Top honors, in my book, go to Chooch Ruiz.
He's been calling great games, but today's was a masterpiece.

Posted by: tarich "I was 15 in 1980 and was so nervous my parents made me watch the Series on a small, black and white, portable TV in my bedroom. Even so, it was pure greatness."

I was 13 and I'm feeling the same way - mostly because I've got an 11 year old son and I see in him what I remember feeling myself when I was his age.

Here's the difference - the late, late games. I think it's nuts that these games are on so late that a kid can't stay up this late to watch them. I woke him up for the 9th inning of the NLCS to watch them clinch and I'll let him stay up tomorrow night to see the Phils win it all. But MLB has got to do something to get these games on earlier.

bob: I second that.

Chooch has been masterful behind the plate. How often have you seen pitchers shaking him off? It happens occasionally, but it's often followed by a trip to the mound so they can get back on the same page. After the game, Blanton credited Ruiz with getting him in a rhythm.

Watching him handle Madson was great. He told Madson to shake his head "No" even though they were sticking with the fastball and it may have caused the hitter to think off-speed pitch. Crawford swings early. Strike Three. Sit down.

Chooch is our starting catcher next year. Anyone want to argue that one?

Whelkman -- but given all that, I'm not sure the team tries to get him back. Takes two to tango and all that.

CJ- no agruement

I want to stay calm -still 1 game to go-

The Phils will, as always, take this season 1 day (game) at a time; Collywood will pitch with a purpose; and suddenly, if the everything follows script, it's 1980 again -except my hair is thinner & grayer and now I have a 17 year son who will witness Philadelphia greatness for the 1st time in his young life...

no joke, i want them to put a C on chooch's jersey next yr.

Twenty-eight years ago, after Game Five of the '80 series, Pete Rose said that we will win Game Six and the World Series because we're home with the best pitcher in the world on the hill.

On Monday night, we will win Game Five and the World Series because we're home with the best pitcher in the world on the hill.

I almost wet myself tonight. Not really but you know what i mean. The excitement I have for tomorrow is virtually unparalleled in my sports watching life.

I was in the second grade in 93. I am so glad I am more aware of my surroundings now.

According to

Blanton has not lost a decision since the Phillies acquired him from the Athletics on July 17 in a trade. The right-hander is 2-0 with a 3.18 ERA in three post-season starts and 6-0 in 13 starts overall.

I was at Game 6 in 1980 and it was a truly amazing night. Unfortunately, I won't be there tomorrow. I've never given up on this team, but I didn't think I'd have to wait this long for another winner. Now, we're one game away.

Blanton kicked a$$ tonight, no question.

For all the nay-saying and complaining in the beginning of the season... this just shows that anything can happen.

This is up there with when they put a Flyers jersey on willey penn in 97.

I must admit when the trade for Joe Blanton was made, I wasn't that excited about it. He wasn't CC or Harden, but man has he pitched well down the stretch and it didn't get any bigger than last night. He's not known for being a shutdown pitcher, but he had the Rays on lock-down mode in game 4.

Great job Joe!!!

just let my heart hold out for one more game, jesus

a silly fan

I haven't read all the posts from the game, but I have to wonder what sort of reactions people gave Clout after Pedro Feliz's clutch single in the 3rd inning.
Besides Howard's 3-run shot off of Sonnanstine, in my opinion that was the biggest hit of the game. Can you imagine the momentum shift if the Phils have men on 1st and 3rd and get NO runs across in that situation?? To get at least Utley across the plate in that situation was absolutely enormous.

On a side note, did anyone notice that Blanton was almost out of breath during his run around the bases? I mean granted that's probably the most exercise he's had in years but STILL - come on man! ;)

I hope Burrell gets a hit tomorrow (second to the Phils winning, of course). I don't want history to remember him going oh-for the series.

Fellas. One more. One more.

I had a feeling the offense was going to explode tonight. Told my Dad after the Eagles game.

I can't really describe the thoughts about what the stadium was like. The ebb and flow from jubilation to consternation to contemplation back to jubilation could give one seasickness.

The range of emotions, checking them and pocketing them for another inning. Saving the energy for the release. Then realizing, wait a minute. We have one more game.

I was standing with a buddy near section 324, my Package C seats. And a "kid" came up to me in a jersey and phillies pajama bottoms. This was during the half inning after Blanton's homer. He stood and stared at me. As if he knew me. He grinned and said, "we're doing this? Can you believe it? We're actually doing this." Just then a guy walked up from 324 and screamed "What a CITY! What a COUNTRY!". My seats in the front from of section 310 were a stadiums length from my season ticket buddies. To my right a man and his 8 year old son. On my left an older married couple. Strangers. But by the end of the day friends. The kid was lucky not much older than I was in 80 jumping up and down on my bed as the phillies were winning in game 6 before my parents brought me down to the watch the end. He was lucky because he got to be here. He kept telling me, "This is my last game here this year!" And he asked his Dad, "What do you think Pedro Feliz is going to do here?" with 2 outs and a runner on third. Dad says, "He's gonna get a hit." And wouldn't you know it. The kid called Jayson Werth's bomb too. I had a feeling about Ryno's first blast. The second one shook me out of my seat.

One word. Madson.

Behind me a group of mid 20 somethings were my high five partners as the game was getting close. After the game ended, one of the fellas said, "Dude, you were quiet most of the game, but you came on in the end, you were like the Silent Assassin."

Another word. "Chooch".

The series is not over. And this is Philadelphia after all. But the walk down the ramp was just like the roller coaster during the game. Cheers of 1 more game, 1 more game. Followed by normal conversations. As you reached the next level, the cheers would begin a gain, then back to normal conversations.

One more time. "Eva."

I'm so beat tired. It's been a long playoff run.

I can't wait to feel what it's like tomorrow. I hope my voice can take it.

Paco, I'm with you. We were rooting for him tonight, and hopefully he'll get the big hit tomorrow.

Watching Blanton round the bases was classic. A brilliant World Series moment.

people are truly losing their minds if they think Burrell is coming back and Chooch is going to be the captain next year!

This year has been magical and it's going to have a happy ending tomorrow night in South Philly after king Cole makes history with his 5th post-season victory and brings a World Series title to Philadelphia. Go Phils!

Yeah, I wouldn't rush to make Ruiz the captain.

Blanton for pinch hitter tomorrow if game goes into extras.

It would be fitting if Cole went CG shutout w/10+ K's.

What do ya'll think?

I have a hunch unless Cole is pitching a no hitter, Cholly will bring in Lidge in the 9th. I'd love to see a CG, though.

I found this Phillies song humorous. Link below.

I came back to Philly on Saturday. my flight is scheduled for 6:30 pm back to Detroit. I'm 25 and there is no way I'm not in Philadelphia for tomorrow. This is a moment I have waited for my entire life.

Tomorrow can make all of the torture and losing all worthwhile.

bob: No cold water from bay_area_phan tonight. I think tomorrow THe DUDe will be able to type the words "Season = Over" and no one will jump down his throat.

How improbable,
Once in a while, we see,
Destiny, played out.

Win together today, and we walk together forever.

The smudge thing concerns me a little bit. Blanton claims its the same hat, but the hat he wore in regular season and the prior playoff series did not have a World Series patch on the side. So unless it was sewn on to his old cap, I think there might be something there.

Have the Phillies ever had a captain? I don't remember one in my 15 years following the team.

I don't even know what to feel and how to act. But I do have to keep reminding myself that there is truly one more game to win. And it could be terribly difficult to do. But, boy, the rays are sure making it feel easy. So quiet. Cole the Bowl on the mound makes me feel so confident - and they'll probably be really pitching around Dad Howard tomorrow. Does burrell have it in him to knock some people home? I hope so. One more game. I can't believe it.

on the doesn't feel real yet? i feel like Cole Hamels...

never knew what this day would be like and here we are. feels so be a Philly fan...and WINNING.

please, please, please let's do it at home. it would be so frickin' cool.

I saw the video of Blanton’s homer — awesome — beyond description. He hauled off and ripped it. Looked like Luzinski. I can't believe that rip. These guys are gonna this thing! Wow!

My fiance works for the Mayor. If the Phils win tomorrow, the parade is expected to be on Thursday, just so you know.

Ben: They sew the patch on their regular caps. There was a story on someone on the Rays that mentioned their beat up hat, and wrote that the only change to it was the patch.

If I wasn't exhausted I'd googlenews it to find the story.

"I've spent two and a half decades reading about 1980...enviously wondering what it could have been like to know the Phillies were going to win that Game 6 with a Series lead and Steve Carlton on the mound.

Now I know."

RSB: You should have seen it in color.

Here's the quote, from a NYTimes article on Dan Wheeler:

Wheeler is also superstitious. He wears the same cap all season. By now, it is faded and stained with sweat. The only thing fresh about it is the World Series logo, which was applied to the left side before Game 1.

People love a winner and Beerleaguer has seen a big jump this Oct. Plenty of old stalwarts but a ton of new posters too. Phils' success helps but quality of the blog/discussion is what really has sustained and driven it.

People Paper Front Page

Can't find the "Joe the Lumber" page online-you can see it on TV though.

Good Morning.

Oh My Dog.

One to go.

Damn am I tired. This whole weekend has been an emotional roller coaster.

The FOX announcers actually had a point when they said some credit needs to go to Phils scouting. Between excellent scouting and Ruiz's pitch calling, our whole rotation has had every Rays hitter's number this series. Pena and Longoria a combined 0 for 29 with 15 Ks? Amazing...

I love that both two-homer WS games are ours. Those Howard homers were tasty...they ought to be enshrined in the mmm hall of fame.

The one and only thing (besides the melancholy in the markets) that could have brought me down a bit:

"Phillies Notes: Amaro expected to be named Phils' GM

By Todd Zolecki

Inquirer Staff Writer
General manager Pat Gillick's three-year contract with the Phillies expires Friday, a day after a possible Game 7 of the World Series.

His replacement?

In recent days, several team insiders have said that assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. is expected to get the job, and that an announcement from Phillies president David Montgomery could come within 24 to 48 hours after the conclusion of the World Series or after Gillick's contract expires.

The general managers' meetings begin Nov. 3 in Dana Point, Calif., so the Phillies likely want to have Gillick's replacement in place before then to begin working on next year's roster."

- Better really savor this WS because Golden Boy is going to be the GM and the Phils are going to hit season tickets holders over the head with a really hefty increase in this offseason too.

One prediction:

- Winning this WS is going to put an immense pressure on Amaro that he won't be able to fill and my money is that he become as reviled in this town as any GM/owner of the past 25-30 years in the next 18-24 months.

Game Thoughts:
*Since the Phils are destined to win tonight, meaning it will be the final game of the 2008 season and likely Pat Burrell's Phillie career, I hope he goes deep for a memorable World Series moment.
*For as much that has been made out of the Phillies woes with runners in scoring position, the combination of Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria is now 0-29 with 15 k's.
*If the Phils win tonight who is the World Series MVP? Candidates- Carlos Ruiz, Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, and Ryan Madson.

Phils win the WS, Gillick's roster moves have paid huge dividends down the stretch and in the playoffs, and he walks off into the sunset a winner and remembered incredibly fondly in Philly sports history. Some guys just how how and when to make an exit. Gillick is one of those guys.

Carson - If Hamles dominates tonight again, it is easily Hollywood as the Series MVP unless Howard has another crazy night at the plate and launches another HR or two. Potential 5-game series where you ace might have dominated in 2 of those games and been one of the few pitchers in postseason history to ever win 5 games.

Thing I am most looking forward to:

- Moyer in the parade. Man I wish I get back to Philly and go down with my old man.

All I can say was, I was there.

Last night was an incredible experience I'm still amazed I was able to share with over 45,000 insane, crazed Phillies fans. I lost my voice by the time Blanton got through the first, what a night.

Tonight we're going to see history, get ready.

I want to give everyone a hug this morning.

I always wondered what Babe Ruth would have looked like waddling around the bases in bloodstripes. Last night I got my wish.

Anyone have an extra ticket for tonight? Or know a good way to sneak into the Bank?

This is exciting beyond belief. My dad was at 1980's Game 6 with his dad. I'll be at Game 5 tonight with my dad, who will be wearing my grandfather's Phillies jacket. Wish you could be there, Pop-Pop!

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