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Monday, October 20, 2008


Discuss whatever you want, not just the mag.

Jason: Are you suggesting we've never varied from the blogged upon topic in the past? ;-)

Reposted from last thread...

The Rays do present a pretty formidable LH contingent from the bullpen.

Trever Miller had a 105 OPS+ this year. Lefties hit just 209 off him with a 612 OPS. He's the "easy" lefty.

J.P. Howell had a 197 OPS+ this year. Lefties hit 188 off him with a 534 OPS. Of course, righties didn't fare much better, hitting 197 with a 605 OPS. He's the "tough" lefty.

David Price is the third lefty in the pen, and there's very little book on him other than getting a 4 out save in Game 7 of the ALCS against the defending WS champs. His stuff is sick. It's sicker than sick. That little boost of confidence he got out of the pen against Boston could really hurt us in our series.

Also repeated from last thread - effects of turf on Burrell's achy back?

Burrell on turf is one reason I wouldn't really mind seeing Taguchi in left against Kazmir.

ae: It's a shame Jenkins has fallen on hard times. He could have played RF, moved Werth to LF and moved Burrell to DH for the games against RH starters.

If Charlie used Bruntlett over So as Burrell's defensive replacement approximately 300 times in the season, why would he start So in Game 1 of the Series?

It really is puzzling that So Taguchi is stil on the team. Charlie clearly has no faith in his bat, his glove or, now, his bunting ability. He must be the best locker room presence ever.

BAP: Manuel is already on recoprd as saying Howard will NOT DH during the series.

Don't think Pat will DH either. Remember him saying Burrell didn't handle it well back when we played in Oakland or somewhere.

I don't think the turf will be much of a problem. Remember a lot of the Phils grew up playing on turf either at the Vet (till 2003) and even before that at Lackawanna County Stadium up in AAA (until last year).

Burrell can fight through 2 frickin games on the turf (and hopefully won't have to go back for 2 more).

In late November 1943, the radial engine of Navy SBD flying a solo reconnaissance patrol in support of the upcoming invasion of Tarawa began to sputter and die. The cause would turn out to be a loose fitting on the oil scavenger pump that had vibrated loose and lodged itself firmly in the uptake line, but the reason was academic as far as the pilot was concerned. With the prop windmilling and the wind behind him, he estimated that he could glide for 20 miles from 12,000 feet - just enough to get him to the nearest land. After a protracted, nerve-wracking glide, the pilot set up for a forced landing parallel to the rocky beach. An unlucky wave - the SBD flipped on its back. The pilot, a young lieutenant from St Louis, was dead.

The observer in the backseat, an equally young man from West Virginia, was luckier. Finding himself hanging upside down in his harness as the aircraft filled up with water and sank, he figured it was all over. But, just that quickly, the tail of the aircraft hit bottom, jolting the observer into action. The ocean was but a few feet deep. Jolted into action, he cut away the harness webbing. In a few moments, he was standing on the beach, alone.

After three nights and three days spent nursing a twisted ankle and vainly looking for food, he noticed a whiff of smoke from behind the trees. Cautiously making his way to the source, he saw a lone Japanese soldier, gaunt and emaciated, roasting an anemic wild taro root over a small fire.

Turning to get away, our observer fell over as his swollen ankle caught a root. Within moments, the Japanese was standing over him - the bayonet that had been used to cook the taro root now aimed squarely at his neck.

As anybody who knows about the Pacific War will tell you, 99 out of 100 times, our observer would have been a dead man. But not this time. Perhaps the Japanese was tired of the war, tired of death. He had seen his whole squad wiped out by hunger and beri-beri. His brother had died in Manchuria. What would killing this one American accomplish?

Cautiously, he prodded the American with the bayonet towards the fire and motioned for him to sit. He then sat down himself. broke the taro root in half, and gave it to the American.

Six weeks later, a passing PBY spotted smoke from the island. Seven weeks later, a PBY landed to investigate and found the pair. They were mere skeletons of men, but they were alive.

One would live out the war in a POW camp in Michigan, where, in his ample spare time, he would learn to play and love baseball. This love would eventually be passed on through his son to his grandson, who would eventually go on to play for the Orix Blue Wave of Japanese professional baseball.

The other would spend the rest of the war stateside, marrying his highschool sweetheart and eventually havin a son who would one day also become involved in professional baseball. The father would tell the son of how the Japanese had saved his life, and what an eternal debt he had to the man - if only there was a way.

And now you know why So Taguchi is on the Phillies roster.

Just to clarify from the previous thread. So Taguchi shouldn't get the start in left. I said I could see one big hit left in that 130 pound body of his, but it's not an endorsement to get the start. The idea I actually like less is starting Coste at first, which, as clout points out, is already off the table. The only way it's worth messing around like that is if it's a clear upgrade. Coste has spent close to no time over there and would instill no confidence in anyone, especially the starting pitcher. Game 1 of the World Series is not the time to experiment, and although it's not the most challenging spot on the field, there's still a lot to know. Bruntlett in left and Burrell as DH would be a better use of the DH than Coste at first, Howard DH.

"Discuss whatever you want,"

Jason. Given our predilections, this statement is one of the funniest ever made on beerleaguer.


At the risk of sounding old school, I've never liked the DH and I like it even less now.

Just like the anti-drug campaign - "Just say NO" to Taguchi being added to the World Series roster.

Turf or no turf, it would be crazy to start Taguchi in LF on Wed. Burrell has horrendous career numbers as a DH and potentially giving 3 ABs to Taguchi is very foolish.

Kazmir's fastball velocity has been down in the 2nd half of the season and this postseason (likely pitching hurt or with a tired arm) but he still has enough life on his fastball to handle the likes of Taguchi easily 2-3 times.

As much as people question Cholly's moves, I highly doubt that he will start So. Cholly goes with what has worked for him, so I see him keeping the same defense and using Coste and Dobbs. Whatever he does, trust the Gut!

meet the phillies is on comcastsportsnet kida cool to watch right now

I'd be glad to contribute a discussion about the best Phillies managers of all time. I'd have a very surprising #1. So long as I get the paycheck...

Dear Dickie Thon:

You got the best coke in your day. Your sister was hot. A bit "hard" looking. (She's be advised to not shave off her entire eyebrows, but that was the style of the day.) Hats off to you and your family for promoting the "free love," "anti-establishment" era into the era I lived through. But...

My mother and father lived through the "Jap menace" phase. Aren't we beyond that right now? I mean, they sell pretty good TVs, don't they? And provide us an occastional baseball import that isn't overwhelmed by American talent.

So's problem is that he is too old to play baseball. Much like many lithe, 39 yo, professional pinch hitters, his batted balls don't find the gaps anymore.

It has nothing to do with some welfare system created because, as John Belushi once said on Animal House, (I paraphrase) the Germans DID bomb Pearl Harbor.

Perhaps it has to do with, until this year, So has has had very respectable numbers and knows how to play the game.
Or not.

Totally off topic. but does anyone know the name of the song that is played when the Phillies starting line-up is introduced at CBP?

For some reason I find it so catchy and would love to have it.

Thanks and Go Phillies!

Discuss whatever you want, not just the mag.

Hey, I've got a unique idea. Let's discuss whether Feliz or Dobbs should be playing third base. Does anyone have any opinions on that topic?

philpper, very good.

Not regarding the Mag...

Feliz vs Dobbs does not sell copy beyond Philadelphia. had a good post concerning the Phillies best manager. My vote was for Harry Wright, the only man to be in the Hall of Fame as a Phillies manager.

Mr. Wright took the expansion Phillies from 17-81 doorstops into legitimacy in two seasons. In an era when expansion baseball teams either folded or became de facto minor league teams for other franchises within a few years, we have Mr. Wright to thank for there even being a Phillies team to root for.

What do you all think?

Squonk translation:

- Dickie Thon's post was even more bizarre than my meanderings (posts) and Taguchi is too old and thus washed up as player.

So from a betting standpoint, it makes sense to lay money on the Phils. Vegas is hedging their exposure to the 200-1 Ray WS payout by giving the phils a generous line to encourage action on them. That way, if the Rays win they dont end up getting burned as bad. Basically, the line does not reflect the actuality of the matchup.

Im betting heavy on the PHL

Works for me, Squonk. I was going to vote for Terry Francona.

PGE - exactly. Market tip of the day - fly to Vegas and buy Phillies.

MG: No, the difference is I screwed Dickie's sister... AND YOU DIDN'T.

And Dickie did have great coke, back in the day...

But, yeah, that post by Mr. Thon was a bit off target. But that's what you get with Beerleager, right?


I thought this was a family site. Besides, who cares about naming the guy with the best blow in the day - who's got it now.
Text me, man.

More and more, this series seems like it will be the "Longball" series. Both teams have hit a ton of HRs this offseason and really relied upon the longball to power there postseason runs. Plus, you also have a couple of starters on both teams (Hamels, Myers for the Phils; Kazmir and Shields to a lesser degree) who tend to give up their share of HRs too.

I know it is a bold prediction (not really) but whoevers has the edge in HRs vs starters is going to win this Series and this series is going to be marked by at least one or two dramatic shots that really highlight the Series/what people remember several years down the road.

I guess congrats Squonk for for 15 seconds of fame. As usual, I don't know what to say to your mostly bizarre and inane posts.

Hugh: I have Francona high on my list of best Phillies managers, higher than Bowa, but how can you not recognize the Phillies only HOF manager as the #1 Philies manager.

Harry Wright, #1 Phillies manager. No debate necessary, until someone wins two World's Series title. Stop being a casual Phillies fan and learn your history if you think otherwise.

I'm voting for Connie Mack as the best Philly manager. That's final.

I'm calling for Howard to hit 3 HRs. 4 if the series goes 7, which it won't.

That is something I can actually respond to. Francona as one of the best Phils managers? Please. Even by his own admission before he got hired by the Red Sox, Francona admitted that we wasn't prepared to be a MLB manager. Francona certainly wasn't the worst but he wasn't one of the better ones either although that list is pretty short.

Since I have been old enough to be a fan over the past 25 years, hands down for the worst manager was Nick Levya. Inspired nobody, was a complete bore, and made as many puzzling decisions as a manager could given his limited talent.

Gene Mauch would be their most entertaining.

MG: My 15 seconds of fame was well exhausted at WPVI while I was in high school. I made the egg not break when it dropped.

My two hours of fame got exhausted as an intern working for the City of Philadelphia's Water Department. Imagine explaining how spreading composted Philadelphia sewerage is a good thing to people who have abandoned coal mines leaking metals into their water supply.

I could go further. But...


I agree. Connie Mack is the best manager in Philadelphia baseball history.

These new-found fans of baseball tend to forget the rich and fulfilling baseball history we have, now that the Philadelphia Athletic Club is no longer in, wel, Philadelphia.


But Connie Mack didn't coach the Phillies.

We are deeply unfortunate that we had the wring team go to Kansas City. That act abandonded a lot of history, fame, and recognition.

I've often wondered why the championships the A's won before they left Philadelphia don't count toward the titles Philly's holds.

I mean, they were the Philly A's for 53 years before they packed up and moved to Bever'ly (well, Kansas City anyway).

I prefer Squonk's bizarre meanderings to some posters' rotten arguments. Better off-topic nonsense than on-topic nonsense.

Here's a fun off-topic fact - the girl in the Yellow Book commercial who needs her tattoo removed was Miss Mexico.

I have a cream that I swear will remove that tattoo. Tell her to give me a call.

HH: Why doesn't Philly celebrate the Athletics dominance? (sp?)

I dunno. That is how pro teams keep their statistics. And yes, it screws us. The Phillies did a good job of maintaning the Philly Wall of Fame to include both A's and Phils players... But..,.

Looking for someone to fill in the blanks...

Squonk has made this board tremendous. I can't tell whether or not he's joking, which takes it to another level. Keep it up bro

New thread

"Totally off topic. but does anyone know the name of the song that is played when the Phillies starting line-up is introduced at CBP?

For some reason I find it so catchy and would love to have it.

Thanks and Go Phillies!"

Ricky, if the song you're referring to is a punk song, then it's "Hammerhead" by The Offspring. (Awful album though. Nothing will ever compare to Smash.) :)

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