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Thursday, October 23, 2008


For TK, the Daily News special section cover...

Rays don't have problems? Their offense was worse. You don't need one hand to count their baserunners in the second half of the game, you can just use your nose.

love all the story lines this morning about Hamels' "balk" on the Carlos Pena pickoff. Yahoo!, which is always among the most hyperbolic of news sources, even went so far as to claim that the call might have cost Tampa the game. Pleae. The next batter struck out, the batter after that grounded out to second, and the next 2 guys after that were a combined 0 for 6 on the night. It requires an incredible imagination to posit that, if the slow-footed Carlos Pena had gotten to second base, Tampa's hitters would have managed to drive him home. The "balk" is a complete non-issue. Besides, what on earth were these guys doing sending Carlos Pena in that situation -- a guy who has 2 stolen bases (and been caught twice) in the last 4 seasons? Why isn't THAT today's story line?

C'mon Philly, I know you have a good memory - so why is everyone acting like they just realized that Ryan Howard can be the worst MLB player in the entire world at any given notice for any given period of time.

When he's off, he's worlds away from mlb talent, and when he's on, he's the best offensive player in the league. We all know this, so why the confused and outraged comments?

Jeez, that Fox Sports article is as much of a downer as you can get after a victory. That article was either written by a totally deluded sports writer or a dyed in the wool Phillies fan.

I know old habits die a slow, painful death, and even thought I promised myself not to question the Gut in the WS, I was shocked when Burrell came out. Granted, he didn't look great at the plat, but he proven time and time again that he can come up with the clutch hit. With a lead that small, we don't need Bruntlett. However, Cholly has put a lot of faith in Madson/Lidge to hold leads, and can you blame him?

The balk is a non-issue.
A bigger issue, if I'm a Rays fan, is that they looked like crap offensively (not to take anything away from Cole)and contrary to the baseball wizard Ms. Zelasko, they didn't blow a lot of opportunities, they didn't get many to begin with.

The Phils have a lot of players that can make things happen, so when the Rhodes scholars at Fox say, "Can you believe the Phils can win without Ryan Howard's bat?" the answer is, yes.

Good god, that game was just horrible. Cholly made terrible decisions.

Rollins and Howard would be better replaced with little leaguers.

Feliz got a coupla hits, but it's only pure luck when that happens, and he actually misplayed that double play ball but the ball took a bad hop right into his glove.

If the Rays hadn't swung at pitcher in the dirt, Lidge would have been hammered.

Madson's body was clearly invaded by some alien pod.

And the umps handed to game to the Phils on that outrageous balk call.

Did I miss anything?

Hope for rain on Sunday so that Hamels can started a Game 7 if needed!

EF: In fairness, the Rays have hit like crazy in this post-season, but they ran into an incredibly hot pitcher last night. Howard and Rollins' problems have been present throughout the entire post-season (actually, the entire season, excluding September). I'm pessimistic that either is going to snap out of it. Rollins COULD come back and have a big game tonight or later in the series, but usually when he gets into one of these funks, they go on for a good 30 to 40 days. As for Howard, I would be delighted, but shocked, if we get anything out of him this series, other than errors and strikeouts. He simply can't hit good pitchers -- or mediocre left-handed ones -- which is all he's going to face for the rest of the season.

If the Phillies are going to win this series, it will fall on the other 23 players to win it for us. Er, make that 20, since Bruntlett, Taguchi, and Coste don't count.

phlipper, you forgot Utley's homer. That wouldn't have been a homer if was hit to center field in the Polo Grounds against the New York Giants, so it doesnt really count.

If the Rays hadn't swung at pitcher in the dirt, Lidge would have been hammered.

that's kind of the point of a slider...

BAP - There was no balk and yeah completely overlooks the utterly stupid decision by Pena to try and steal there (still think he took off on his own that pitch and just took off about 3-4 seconds too early).

It's the same story all season:
Cole Hamels = no run support

and postseason:
Score early, leave too many on, Lidge saves it.

reminds me - I have to get the Maalox refilled...

I know this isn't an immediate issue but how would you rather have the Phils lock up for the immediate long-term at this point - Hamels or Howard?

One other point - one thing that has been completely wiped out with this postseason that Hamels isn't a "big-game" pitcher. If he wins another game this Series (and maybe even 2 if there is a rain out on Sunday and Hamels can pitch Game 7).

Howard looked rusty. He had 3 hits in the last LCS game, so I think he and JRoll will be OK.

Love "the slider from hell" phrase re lidge from the fox story. That works.

Not to take anything away from Hamels, but I think the real reason the Rays hit so poorly last night is because they were so flustered by Pedro Feliz's defensive presence at third base.

In all seriousness, Feliz had an excellent game and, even though hits 2 hits came against a left-hander, the Feliz backers can point to that DP as a game-saving play that Dobbs might very well not have made. I've been a Feliz detractor all year, but even I am almost inclined to say that Cholly should start him again tonight & let Dobbs play DH. Of course, I do have ulterior motives here, since I picked Feliz to be Series MVP & I would like to see my prediction come true. If I didn't have those ulterior motives, I might not be so gung-ho on the idea of starting Feliz tonight.

what i love about hamels dominating last night is that is takes away any sort of momentum the rays had coming out of the ALCS. i was a little scared about their offense, but now theyre just a glorified Dodgers team!

On the balk call, it looked to me like Hamels started the move towards home, but threw to first when he saw Pena take off. You'll notice that Hamels was off-balance as he threw, with his weight shifted so he could go home.

But here's the question - say my analysis is correct; if a pitcher is going home but sees the runner take off, is he required to just go ahead with the delivery home? He wasn't trying to deceive the runner with his move towards home - he responded to the runner's actions.

If a game is postponed this Series, do they push every game back? I just assumed they didn't get an off-day between travel.

MG: That's not even a serious question. Cole is 24, fulfills a need that is almost impossible to fill, and could be good for another 15 years, barring serious injury. Howard plays one of the easiest positions to fill, is under our control until he's 32, and already shows signs of diminishing skills.

I'm over my idea of trading Howard. When he's on, he's like no other player in baseball & the plain fact is, we would never be able to replace his overall run production. But I'm not for locking him up either. Hamels must be Priority 1.

phlipper: haha, he misplayed it but a bad bounce made the ball go into his glove? I thought was a funny joke, but it looks like you were actually serious when you wrote that post.

I'm not convinced that the guy who hit 7 HRs in the postseason and 9 in the regular season is going to continue to hit HRs at his postseason rate and not at his more normal rate.

And I'm not convinced that if Howard and Rollins hit poorly in some postseason games that that will mean they will hit the same way the rest of the series.

What would be interesting is what would happen if Saturday's game gets canceled.

I would then start Hamels on Sunday and he could then come back for a game seven start. However, I doubt that Cholly would juggle his rotation regardless.

Last point before I get to work:

Game 1 of NLDS: Phils win 3-1
Game 1 of NLCS: Phils win 3-2
Game 1 of WS: Phils win 3-2

Seems like this kind of offensive sputtering is just what the Phillies do in their first game after a long layoff. The fact that they've won all 3 of these games is telling. Your offense can't be on all the time -- especially against good pitching -- and championship teams must be able to win games in which they score 3 or fewer runs. Past Phillie teams were completely unable to do this.

I thought was a funny joke, but it looks like you were actually serious when you wrote that post.

Nope, not serious. Just poking fun at all the BL negativity. No team ever wins a game where some players didn't have a poor outing. Sometimes Philly fans seem to expect perfection, and are dissatisfied with anything short even if the team wins.

A postponement due to rain would eliminate Tuesday's off day.

And Tuesday would be an afternoon game? House has to be on Fox methinks.

there is absolutely NO way that any of these games are postponed barring a natural disaster or the stadium blowing up they are playing these games on the scheduled days. FOX/MLB have too much money involved for it to be otherwise.

Phils are in trouble. There's no way they can win in the playoffs without meaningful contributions from Rollins and Howard.

(Presented merely for contextual purposes: The Phillies are 8-2 in the postseason and have not trailed in any series despite having little in the way of meaningful contributions from Rollins and Howard.)

Bay Area Fan -- Dobbs deserves a shot but Burrell must DH. Then you don't have to think about taking Burrell's bat out, and Jenkins or Stairs can play the OF.

The Inquirer deals with this: Cholly: "A lot came into play (in the decision)"

"Manuel considered having Bruntlett play LF and having Burrell DH. But if Manuel would want to PH for Bruntlett during the game, he would have to play Taguchi in LF - something he has tried to avoid."
Huh? First of all, you'd have Bruntlett batting 8th or 9th. And why can't Taguchi play LF?

We see now why he didn't hit for Bruntlett late in the game. Taguchi played 38 games at LF with 2 errors -- but again, if they don't have enough confidence in him to play the OF, he shouldn't be on the roster.

michael: There's actually a solid chance of the Saturday night game getting postponed. The current forecast calls for rather constant rain all day Saturday with periods of heavy rain and thunderstorms.

that is absolutely ridiculous. if Taguchi can't play left and can't hit, he is literally useless.

@ EastFallowfield: Where did you find the image of the Daily News Special Cover? I was looking all over for it this morning?

Do you have the wrap around cover?


ae: You stole my thoughts on Taguchi. The guy hit .220 with an OPS of .580, and our manager doesn't trust him to play the easiest defensive position on the field for 1 inning. So why exactly is he on the team? And (as a rhetorical question for our manager) what is wrong with bringing Jenkins in on defense & moving Werth to LF?

MBToole-Can't find anything but what I've linked to here. Daily News pretty good at hiding it if it's online.

Here's where I found what I found.

Phillies, Eagles, and The Who at the Spectrum all in one day on Sunday. For those who have tickets, good luck surviving that bunch of drunken lunacy!
If somehow the Phillies end up sweeping, I fully expect all 3 arenas to be burnt to the ground

Apparently Taguchi is on the roster to pinch hit in bunting situations, his failure to lay down the bunt a few games ago notwithstanding.

There's Bohn and Golson if Taguchi can't play the field, or pick up somebody. Unbelievable.

EFF, once again, thanks for posting that Daily News cover

Would it be out of character for me to say some serious optimistic things?

Here goes.
The only concern I have about the balk is that the umps may be all worried about poor Mr. Madden and bad press later on in the series and may call one on Hamels that really isn't there. The squeaky wheel, etc. Otherwise, hey, one call, good or bad, shouldn't stop any team from winning. The Rays either needed to make more chances or use the ones they got. The anti-Phillies press corps needs to stop whining.

The Phils beat the Rays best LHP. What did we expect from Howard against Kazmir anyway?

Now that they've all seen a few of Balfour's fastballs (which were pretty fast, incidentally), do we really expect him to have the same kind of success against the Phils' line-up the next time out? Throwing virtually all heat?

In re: the offense - Well, it's the World Series. It's always about the pitching. If Myers comes through and the Rays can't figure Moyer out, then our pitching will be better. Frankly, after last night, I am optimistic about Philly's chances to score enough runs to beat the amount the Rays score.

Lastly (for now) I was much calmer last night than I ever was in 1980. Save the Maalox. The Phils beat them last night.

Dobbs should have hit for Bruntlett than Jenkins comes into to RF and Werth moves to LF. It was really rather simple.

Tonight, I anticipate Feliz at third base and Dobbs at DH. Especially after Feliz got two hits, Charlie will think he's "locked in." I'm not going to be nearly as upset because Dobbs might have more trouble at third on the artificial turf.

The problem that creates is that we're sure to see Feliz in Game 3 vs. a RHP because the Phils will be pitching Moyer and Manuel believes you must start Feliz with Moyer on the mound.

the storm will likely (at this point) blow over before the game on Saturday night.
whether or not the Saturday game is "moved" to Tuesday is irrelevant for Hamels, who will be pitching on Monday whether it is considered game 4 or 5, making him unlikely to pitch in Game 7.

If the game is moved to Tuesday, the Phillies will have an interesting decision whether to skip either Moyer or Blanton for Sunday's game, and then have the guy who doesn't pitch, pitch a potential Game 6, and then the Sunday pitcher would pitch Game 7. So question is, do you pitch Blanton or Moyer twice, with the guy pitching twice pitching Game 7?

Just a quick comment on Bossman Junior's performance last night. Few things are as sickening as watching a player insult the game, the fans, and his teammates the way he did on those two grounders. There may be some coincidence that his actual initials are M.E.

If we miss the opportunity to start a MEL-VIN chant when this series heads our way, I will feel incomplete.

added weather comment: temperatures are supposed to drop into the 30's next week with chances of flurries on Tuesday.

Thanks, EastFallow.

They sure due bury things on the website. I mean why would anyone want to see the covers today? ;-)

Jimmy was right. We won our 100th game last night.

I understand concern about the offense, but they won, and really that's all that matters. Who gives two squirts of piss if they win three more "ugly wins" like that? I hope all of you are okay with a win despite it not living up to glorious expectations. Take what we can get, and we got the Game 1 win, that's huge!!!

The Who are still doing tours? To be sure, they are one of the great rock bands of all time. But for these guys to be doing concerts now is about the equivalent of Jamie Moyer starting a World Series game -- in 2018, that is.

Food for thought from

Andy: To answer your question: Yes, it would be out of character. But all this giddiness makes us do funny things. After all, I picked the Phillies to win in 6, with Feliz as MVP. If I were keeping in character, I would have predicted a Rays' sweep, with Feliz going 0 for 16.

Not so sure this game on Saturday gets played.

I see heavy rain starting mid-afternoon and continuing till the early hours of Sunday.
If I had to bet now, i'd say, no game Saturday.

MG: I said it in the last thread but to answer your question. It's obvious you lock down Cole. As I said- that needs to be priority number one this off-season.

Also philpper- as I said earlier- what Cole did is technically not a balk. Pena was going on first movement but he left too early which let Cole adjust what he was doing. There was nothing in Cole's move that deceived the runner.

I'm with GM here- I'm worried about the offense but they won the game. They've done that a few times this off-season. I think the bats will be betterand if they are not I think are pitching has proved they can do more than enough to keep the opponent off the board. That is the main difference between this Phillies team, and the teams in the past. Our pitching can make up for hitting outages.

from victorino's blog...

"Oh, and on my trying to score on that shallow fly ball. That was a miscommunication between Steve Smith and myself. I heard, 'go.' He said, 'No.' B.J. Upton made a great play and has got a great arm. I don't know why I tried to test him there."

mark: That's interesting.

I didn't mind the move. It ended up being a pretty close play and it was a perfect throw. We were up 2-0... and I think being aggressive was appropriate. Sometimes they make the play.

mark - Yeah. Love Vic but he makes his share of bone-headed mistakes out there too.

Oh... I haven't said it yet... but Madson and Lidge? Wow.

I didn't think Vic should have gone there, but I respect his aggressive play. Sometimes it just doesn't work out.

True, but what's Steve Smith doing using words that are so close in a loud environment? Maybe he should change his vocabulary to "Stay" and "Go"...

What's Hawaiian for "Don't run"?

On the "Balk": IT WASN'T A BALK!!!

The rules state that the pitcher must step towards home with his plant foot for it to be a balk in that situation. Thanks to Fox, we all got to see the replay about 1 million times and Hamels (despite his balance) stepped directly to first in keeping with the rules. Did he intend to throw to first when he raised his leg? No, of course not but he saw Pena start and he went to first instead of home. 1st Base umps use an informal 45 degree angle when calling a balk on a throw to first. Hamels didn't even come close to that...nor did he fake home. It wasn't a was a very good pickoff move that pushed the very edge of a balk...that's what a good pitcher does.

EF, thanks! Was that what showed at newsstands today? Sucks to be out of the area for this...

@GPG -- Aloha, i think?

Because that stands for both Hello and goodbye?

Oh, so Vic running on that throw was a mistake. So I apologize for cursing you out, Steve Smith. That ball was way too shallow to chance it.

@NEPP -- exactly that is the correct ruling. Maddon however was arguing a separate point. He said Cole was not a "READER", which is like Jamie Moyer where he holds his leg in the air. Like Carlton used to, who probalby had the greatest move I ever saw.

But Maddon has to realize that Pena went on first movement. He went ridiculously early. So Hamels had no choice to do what he did. Even if he stepped past the 45 degree angle, I doubt he would have been called for the balk because Pena was halfway down the line by the time Hamels foot was planted.

The Balk is and always will be a judgement call, like balls and strikes. The rule is about "deception". Pena's jump removed any deception. Maddon should have known that. And he should have been tossed (which he mentioned) for arguing a balk call , which is typically an automatic toss because it is a JUDGEMENT call.

Was Welke the same ump who Chase argued the balls and strikes with? where the ump said, "I thought it came back."

Mike, does it also mean "peace" ?

What kind of Busch League third base coach would use rhyming words, "NO" and "GO". Given the insane noise level in that dome, I can't how you would even entertain using either of those two words.

To Cunningham: I agree with every word of your statement. I'm just sick of every national media personage going on and on about Hamels' Balk...its ignorance at its finest. If you don't know the correct rule (Hey Timmy McCarver I'm looking in your direction) SHUT THE FVCK UP.

@CJ -- agree, staying agressive will win baseball games more times than not. If it was 0-0 or 1-0, it would not have been as acceptable.

I think vic was doing Smith a favor there, taking the heat. If Vic doesn't slide late or goes in head first, he's safe. The bounce required a high tag, Vic's late slide kept him upright longer allowing the high tag to be called. If Vic was on the ground he would have been called safe...

I say we sign Hamels to a Mike Richards type deal and a lifetimes' worth of corrections from Probe Chiropractic.
Rollins, Myers and Dobbs will come up big tonite, not necessarily in that order.
My heartbeat will be at 120 bpm again around midnight.

As usual, the coverage is slanted towards the Rays, so if they don't win the game, which of course they're supposed to, there has to be a reason, and the "balk" is it.

@NEPP -- the greatest/worst moment in broadcast history was after they showed Maddon arguing the call, and Joe Buck notes the "READER" comment, which he didn't know what it was. So he appropriately sent it to the guy next to him, who has been around baseball for 50 years. McCarver stumbled over his words and tried to re-explain the "balk rule" ("it's about deception, etc") and was so flummoxed that even Buck couldn't save him.

I had to wait until Baseball tonight to get Eric Young to explain the term READER and he failed miserably as well.

It wasn't until I watch the re-run of Post Game Live to catch Mitch Williams explain the Jamie Moyer Leg Kick, when I understood what "READER" meant. And he explained that even though Hamels doesn't hold his leg like Moyer, because of Pena's jump he had to go to first. And the first thing you do is get your right foot on the ground.

mike: Yes... I think Vic is taking heat for Smith regardless of whether he was sent or not. Vic stands up like that.

I love reading the "agony" of victory posts on this site.

My take:

The Phils were rusty, their ACE came through and shut down a very hot team.

The foxports article and Rosenthal's comments that the 0-13 were "troubling" really wreak of a tremendous double standard.

Why is it not equally "troubling" when the Phillies hitters go 0-13 with RISP, and the supposedly superior Rays only send 30 batters to the plate in the game, get only 5 hits, and GIDP a couple of times in key situations.

They give credit to Hamels for getting out of trouble, but no credit to the Rays pitchers.

Geez, it must be the Phillies hitters' fault?

Last I checked Scott Kazmir and the Rays other pitchers were supposed to be pretty good. Weren't they highly touted coming into the series, especially the starters? Aren't the TB starters thought to be better than the Phillies'?

How come they don't get credit from Rosenthal for making good pitches when they had to?

How come they don't get credit from a lot of you BL'rs?

Gee whiz, the Phils come in after a long layoff, are obviously rusty as their timing was off (in case you didn't notice they were all late on fastballs at one time or another last night - even Werth's two 2Bs were to RF), and face a pitching staff that was good enough to win the AL East.

The reaction from ostensibly knowledgeable pundits like Rosenthal is to find the 0-13 "troubling".

The reaction from many of you here is righteous indignation, disbelief, and a verbal skewering of the home squad.

Me, I'm not "troubled" at all. The Rays have some pretty good pitchers.

The rust will have been shaken off the Phillies tonight, so let's see what they do.

The Phillies may not win this Series (I, obviously, hope they do), but if they don't, and their hitters struggle, I think it may have something to do with the quality of the opponent's pitching, no?

Do the Ray's hitters stink because the ACE shut them down last night?

So, I'll stick my neck out and say that with the rust shaken off, and first game jitters cast aside, I expect to see much more from the Phillies hitters.

Let's hope it's enough to win this thing!

I'm feeling kind of sick after reading so many complaints after a WORLD SERIES victory. You guys are miserable! 3 More wins!

Collin - Yeah but wouldn't be Philly otherwise but people just pointing out that offense left a ton to be deserved and unlikely to get that kind of starting pitching dominance the rest of the series except maybe when Hamels takes the mound again in a possible Game 5.

Felt really bad for Costey. I'm sure that was his one shot at the World Series. I was pulling for him to put up a better showing.

AWH: Here, here!

Listen... it wouldn't be beerleaguer if we didn't bitch and moan after a World Series win. No reason to change things up now. As Charlie seems to believe... if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or maybe it's dance with the one that brung ya. Or some other cliche.

We're all estatic that we won Game 1. Many said it wouldn't happen because we were rusty or because we were on the road or because we were facing a tough lefty starter, etc.

Despite it all, we won with the same formula we've been using. Strong starting pitching, a couple of timely big hits and a shutdown bullpen. If we can repeat that three more times, we'll have accomplished the unimaginable.

Sct: Coste was partially responsible for our win. In his second at bat, he managed to hit a grounder behind the runners and move them to 2nd and third. Ruiz then knocked in our 3rd run on a grounder. Not glamorous, but it got the job done.

Good point CJ. We didn't have a natural fit at DH last night and at least Coste contributed that.

I wish it was 8:30 already, I can't concentrate on anything else!

I don't know what the Daily News looked like today. I'm an outoftowner at this point too, which is why I spend so much time trying to find the front pages online.

ESPN's endless Sportscenters love to show the front pages now too, and that DN one is on the loop today, along with some Florida paper with their TB headline.

I've already prepared my post for the moment after we win the World Series. I'll just post it now to get it out of the way:

I guess I'm happy for the win, but if this isn't the worst World Series winner of all time, I don't know who is. The hitting was atrocious throughout the entire series and the pitching, except for Hamels, was not much better. Howard and Rollins were absolutely pathetic and Feliz, after having an ok first game, was a complete disaster. Fortunately, the Rays are a young team that wilted under the pressure of playing in their first World Series. They lost this series far more than the Phillies won it.

It's a good thing Gillick's leaving. He should be embarrassed for assembling a group that performed so disgracefully in the World Series. This team is a bunch of choke artists that needs to be completely blown up in the off-season. The fact that they got lucky and won one World Series means nothing now. I'm not one for living in the past. I'm glad they won. I enjoyed it. But one World Series win should not paper over the fact that this team has huge problems going forward. Even though the result turnedo out ok, I am disgusted with their performance this post-season.

I like how the Phils won Game 1, and still get no respect.

After being off for a week, we played the champs from the CLEARLY superior league against a team who almost never loses at home.

And yet... we were the beneficiaries of bad umpiring and a good starting pitcher. Nothing more.

Bah... screw them.

bap: I couldn't have said it better myself. We suck.

even though they left a ton of guys on base last night, i really liked what i saw out of them they played a very aggressive game. for a team that hasn't played in a week they came out playing like a team who badly wants to win this thing. watching them turn that first double play comes to mind for me, just how crisp and fast they turned that showed me how focused these guys are.

bap: You left out "Look at them jumping all over each other in the infield like they actually accomplished something. They make me sick."

@bap -- you also left out the obligatory shot at the frontoffice and ownership who will now use this success to continue their business as usual tactics.

Gillick and Chollie are doing great overall! I for one am doing stathead second guessing. Speaking of which --

It's great that Victorino is taking the rap for the out at home, and agree that they need to get their voice signals worked out by late October. But I don't think it's necessarily a terrible play to run in that situation with two outs... because what are the chances that Upton makes a perfect throw?

Half or more of the throws in that situation, even by a good CF arm, are off line. There's a 60% chance that Werth is going make the third out anyway. Now, if Werth does get a single, that's two runs. But running on a shallow outfield fly with two outs is sort of like a sacrifice hit: it's optimizing your chances for one run. This is a lot of Stratomatic - Pursue the Pennant - Diamond Mind talking.

I agree that he should have held, especially in hindsight, but it's not a terrible play because the chances of scoring one run may be actually better than letting the next guy hit.

Last nights Camara shots :

Manual = 2

Madden = 97

Do you think if Manual wore trendy black rim glasses, he would be on camara more?
I mean geez! I dont know bout you guys but I am sick of seeing Madden's grill on my TV screen !!!

On McCarver:
1st inning - phils up 2-0
Bottom 1st play by Howard fumbled....Tim Mccarver says "not a good start by the phillies"
WHAT THE ? followed by a GIDP. No comment by McCarver. I hate that Phukin guy. He is such an anti - phillies announcer its not even funny !!!!!!

One more thing-
Is Akinori Iwamura this year's Kaz Matsui? - Please say no !

BAP. You forgot that the only player who performed well for the Phillies was Dobbs, who actually had more hits than he had plate appearances, and who was nominated series MVP because of his Brooks Robinson imitation at 3rd base.

I guess you must be off your game - do to the cognitive dissonance caused by the Phils actually getting this far into the post season?

BAP: I'm right there with you. ONE World Series?! Anyone can do that. The MARLINS have two, and you know management isn't gonna shell out for a repeat. Everything about this team sucks.

I agree with others that liked him being sent (or going). They forced Upton to make a great throw and I agree that Vic could have still been safe with a better slide.

I like sending Vic also. In fact, I think if Vic had done a proper slide, he would have gotten in under the tag.

Anyway, being aggressive on the basepaths will be a net positive for the Phils in this series - even if it results in a few outs.

Showing a proclivity to run often forces the defense to rush things. I like being aggressive, even when it sometimes doesn't work.

I agree with BAP and others. I want to vomit whenever Chase hits those pop-ups deep over the wall at that Tropicana bandbox. What an overrated ninny.

You know what made me smile, though?

Mike Schmidt doing the intros for senseless Fox, followed by those darling, heavily-favored underdogs that have adorable cowbells because their owner is 31 and they have a new name and play on felt even I could read on a miniature golf course doing their own.

Or something.

b_a_p, please post what you prepared in case the Phillies lose. Or is it exactly the same?

Only Shane would make that close, though. Upton was so shallow in center. I'm all for aggressiveness, but not when it replaces rationality.

Joe Buck sounds bored, and McCarver is wrong about 90% of the time.

I'm all for being aggressive, but sometimes the line between aggressive and reckless can get blurry. My rule of thumb is that, if I am yelling, "What are you doing, you idiot?" at the moment the play happens, it probably falls on the side of reckless. I believe those were my exact words at the time Victorino left third base.

In hindsight, though, I can see the counter-argument. Victorino is maybe even faster than I gave him credit for and, if Upton had made anything other than a perfect throw, Vic would have been safe. With 2 outs in the inning, maybe it's worth the risk. With the way the Phillies were hitting in key situations last night, there is no doubt in my mind that we would have come up emtpy if Victorino had stayed put at third base.

MG- I know I'm a little late on this comment (I just checked in) but Hamels has to be the priority. Last night showed you his value to the team over Howard's.

Phan Bro - I am with you on that. So sick of seeing madden on tv. I said that during the very first inning last night. Can't imagine how I will feel after a few more games.


I found myself saying the same thing to the friend I was watching the game with last night. It had to be a *perfect* throw, and 2 outs made getting him home from third much less likely.

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