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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Mets fans??? Helloooo??????

We'll see if going home has any impact on the Brewers. They looked dazed and confused in the night game (maybe Myers had something to do with it)

Two thoughts:
1) Keep the pressure on the Mets. Although they face the Cubs six times, the Brewers will have Sabathia and Sheets on the mound in six of their remaining 12 games. They may get a break if the last series means nothing to the Cubs.

2) This series reminded me so much of the Dodgers sweep last month. Saturday blowouts in each second game; Thilling wins in each third game; Myers dropping the hammer in each fourth. I for one didn't think the Dodgers would have recovered the way they did

Amazing what a difference four days makes.

This team looks like they have regained their confidence, they seem to be firing on all cylinders, and they're coming together at exactly the right time.

We've all been waiting for two of the Phillies big 4 (Rollins, Utley, Howard, and Burrell) to get hot simultaneously, and I think we are seeing that currently with Rollins seemingly getting on base every time up and Howard absolutely killing the ball at least a couple times per game.

What a weekend - this is exciting!

The best part there will be no letdown tomorrow. We can enjoy this all day.

With Jimmy, Ryan, and Pat all hitting at the same time, Chase can lay down bunts every game and it would fine here on out.

I think I said before the Brewers series that I wouldn't declare the season over until they played these 4 games. I'm still not going to do that. The absolute best case scenario played out and you're right, Jason, it is really nice.

PHI: 12 games left
6 vs ATL, 3 vs WAS, 3 vs FLA

NYM: 14 games left
4 vs WAS, 3 vs ATL, 4 vs Cubs, 3 vs FLA

MIL: 12 games left
6 vs cubs, 3 vs pit, 3 vs cin

Personally, i'm optomistic

3 out of 4 would have been nice but the sweep essentially allowed the Phils to control their own destiny again in the playoff hunt.

Best thing of today was Harry's call on Burrell's monster shot in the 4th. Vintage Harry.

Man, the Brewers couldn't catch any breaks this weekend, eh? Zambrano threw a no-hitter against the Stros in their park no less...first time a no-no has happened in Milwaukee since 1974...

I think the Brewers are toast now.

The Phillies need to use this momentum to beat the bad/sub .500 teams now, instead of reverting to form by beating the good teams and losing to the bad ones. The Braves are feeling a little confident these days; can't fall into that trap.

It wasn't over by a long shot before the Brewers series. It's nice to see it's a lot less "not over" now. Anyone who counts the Phils out hasn't been paying attention.

You can't count any team out until they're mathematically eliminated (see Colorado Rockies, 2007, or the Phillies last year as well), but I think it's going to be very tough for the Astros to keep contending for a playoff spot at this point. They have a key home series wiped out by a hurricane and then get said series moved to what essentially becomes 3 home games for the Cubs. Then they go out and get no-hit in the first game. It'll be interesting to see if they can rebound, but that turn of events must have an impact on their psyche going forward. Stranger things have happened, but that was just brutal.

With their win in the first game, the Phils clinched a winning season.

Can we double-reverse jinx the Mets and Brewers by tracking their lucky magic numbers? (13 and 13).

GoPhilsGo: I don't think a lot of posters thought it was over, but it's pretty difficult to feel confident in a playoff run when the team is losing series to the Nats and Marlins.

I somehow knew they were going to sweep this series, but my spidey sense were telling me that they would do that and then drop the series to the Braves. I hope I'm at least partially wrong. ;-)

I just saw the probables for the Mets/Nats tomorrow. I guess we have to root for Lannan one more time?

Double H - Agreed. I think a majority were waiting where they stood tonight but were expecting a base case scenario of 3 of 4 which mean at least 2 GB in the WC and NL East.

MG..Sorry I didn't take your bet.

Actually, if you go back and read the posts, I would say quite a few felt the season was over, and certainly very few thought they had a chance in hell of sweeping the Brewers.

Myers has thrown exactly 80 innings since being called up from the minors. His stats in that time: 7-2 with an ERA of 1.80. Even more impressive, he has pitched more than 7 innings in 9 of his 11 starts, including his last 8.

and I thought the Phils were a little tough on Cholly. They've got nothing on Yost including this:

GoPhilsGo - Yeah I didn't think the Phils had a chance to sweep the Brewers and even the most optimistic person had to think 3 of 4 was a base case scenario given Moyer/Myers pitching on 3 days' rest.

This type of late season surge is what the Phillies excel at--so it wasn't any surprise to me that they swept the Brewers. As a matter of fact, with just how badly the Brewers have been playing recently, I certainly thought it was a possibility (especially after they beat Sheets and Parra). What's infuriating about this team is that they do it EVERY YEAR. Last year was the first time they ever built on momentum (although they did need to rely heavily on the Mets losing to help them out).

What I believe is this: this team is talented enough to make the playoffs. But up until these past few weeks, they have been playing flat, mediocre baseball. I can see why some people may have thought the season was over, but they should know by now that as soon as you think it's all over, the Phils pull you back in.

Just so it hurts even more when they fall out of it in the last series of the season.../sarcasm (sort of).

Wow. The Phils were a nice escape from the situation with the Fed and the continued meltdown of the US financial sector. Fed better hope that their morally correct stand on refusing to bail out Lehman Bros outright is the correct call.

Huge win tonight,but i hope history doesn't keep repeating itself and we beat the teams in contention and then go on and lose to the teams out of contention.

What a great weekend! Yes, this is fun once again! The team seems to be clicking just at the right time. Hopefully they can carry this over vs. the lesser divisional teams coming up! Enjoy the day off (cause the Muts surely can't haha)!

That was for all of you who poo poo'd the Phils after they lost to the Mets last Sunday. Frontrunners, hop on.

I'm still upset that Charlie used Lidge in the first game.

And why did he start Burrell in both games?

And picking up Eyre was a really bad move by Gillick.

And, oh yeah, none of those wins count because the Brewers stink.


you forgot the part about how the Brewers were saving CC Sabathia for the Cubs. They sacrificed 2 games for a day off tomorrow, you know. I hope the Cubs kick their asses. Serves tehm right for not caring whether they beat teh Phils, or not.

Looking at the schedules, as I'm sure many have already done, things look to be in favor for the Phillies. I'll be rooting hard for the Cubs when they play the Mets coming up.

Looking at the schedule, nice to see all night games except for Sundays.

Next Sunday we have Phils and Eagles both at 4 though.

It ain't over yet.


I have the privilege of working with 2 other Phillies fans at my work (very rare for Vermont being that its BoSox territory) and as 2 of us are native philadelphians its even better. We had a great conversation on Thurs where I mentioned "all we have to do is sweep the Brewers and we're back in it" They both laughed and I said "hell, after last year, I wouldn't be stunned if it happened.".


Good Morning!

NEPP, that's great that you have other Phillies fans to visit with. I don't work with any Phillies fans (surprise!) but all the Twins fans around here are lovely about encouraging my Phillies phandom. I always tell them I would welcome a Phils-Twins WS.

Have a great day!

Thank you Ned Yost for giving us game 1 with an intentional walk to Howard, who probably would have k'd against Shouse, and then leaving Shouse in to face Burrell...pure stupidity on Yost's part.

Thank you Mets bullpen. I hope to see another choke-job this September by them.

Today is a good day.

Hopefully the Nationals can beat the Mets tonight so we're only .5 games out of the East and still leading the Wild Card.

I know the Phils drive us nuts with their lack of situational hitting, but check out what the Diamondbacks did yesterday- 10 hits, 10 walks, and only 1 run scored. The only run coming from a Justin Upton homerun. How the hell do you only score 1 run with 20 baserunners?

First of all I have to take my public flogging for counting the Phillies out after the Marlins series. I didn't think there was a chace in hell they would take 4 out of 4 from the Brewers. Lets just hope they keep it up. Controlling their own destiny is not their strong point. But if they take 2 out of 3 in each of their remaining series, that should do it.

I almost felt sympathy for the Mets fans this morning, as I read the postings from their blog (hadn't seen it before) as they watched their team self-destruct yesterday.


Yeah the game last night was exciting!!! Would they pitch Myers again on 3 days rest or they gone to give him is normal rest.

If I'm the Brewers GM I wouldn't let Yost fly back with the team. He would have been immediately fired before the 2nd game. That guy has been doing those stupid moves for 3 years now.

Prince Fielder is a fat, lazy, turd.

Simple math with 12 to go...

6-6 = 89 wins
7-5 = 90 wins
8-4 = 91 wins

If the Phils take 2 of 3 in each of the last 4 series, they'll finish 8-4 and get to 91 wins. Absolutely achievable, and that should win either the division or wild card. That just shows how huge the sweep of the Brewers was this weekend. Let's get it done! Go Phils!

Yeah, I gotta admit I thought they were done. But they're not obviously. What they did over the weekend proves my points last week that they should have been doing this all year. There's no way they shouldn't have been. They now control their own destiny. That's great but I wish they've put the division away long ago. Once again, it's worthwhile to have them play meaningful games in Sept. Let's hope they can take it through to Oct. GO PHILS!



Congrats to your team. You guys show tremendous heart and i'm now on the "Ryan Howard for MVP boat." As a Met fan, I'm more worried about the Astros as I think that they are the next team to pass the Brewers by. Anyway, we're in for another fight to the finish, so best of luck along the way whether it be the WC or the NL East.

Updated ELO-adjusted Playoff odds (this is for you PhillR)


Mets - 62
Phils - 38


Brewers - 35
Phils - 29
Mets - 19
Astros - 15


Cubs - 99
Dodgers - 98
Mets - 80
Phils - 68
Brewers - 36
Astros - 15
DBacks - 2

The Astros are a bad team getting lucky. No one should fear them. Randy Wolf as their ace #2? Oh noes, hold me. So they beat up on the Pirates and Rockies. Whatever. 3 more against the Cubs will finish them.

I am not a buyer or a believer of the Astros.

I do think the NL East is back on the Phillies radar now. If the Mets falter against the Cubs it's all our. I expect them to go .500 or a game better here out.

PhillR: Whoa! Is the season over? Or is the last page of your schedule missing?

PhillR: Oh, and one more thing. Do you still think Howard is declining and should be traded?

I haven't been paying close attention to the Astros in months, but they are 38-17 since July 12th. 262 runs scored, 223 runs against. Their numbers aren't earth-shattering, but that's a long period of good baseball.

Also, is Wolf their #2? As I said, I haven't been following them that closely, but a quick look at ERA+ reveals


Oswalt: 29--120
Rodriguez: 23--114
Moehler: 23--102
Wolf: 10--100
Backe: 29--78

In case anyone was interested in the Phils

Hamels: 31, 144
Moyer: 30, 121
Myers: 28, 110
Blanton: 11, 99
Kendrick: 29, 82

Yes I do think Howard is declining, and should be traded this off season. I said that at the begining of the season, while also stating that I expected him to turn around his season at some point.

Its great that he is having a hot streak, as I said repeatedly he was a good player to have this year. Thats why we should trade him sooner rather then later. He isn't aging well.

And the Mets

Santana: 31, 153
Pelfrey: 29, 109
Perez: 31, 101
Niese: 2, 101
Pedro: 17, 76

There's also Maine (25, 99) who's on the DL.

The Phils have been excellent lately. Big game is on Wednesday as that is Kendrick's spot. Kendrick, Happ, and Eaton have all pitched poorly this season, although Happ was good at AAA.

PhillR routinely has the bad luck of dismissing players just as said players begin getting hot. See: Shane Victorino circa July ("actively hurting this team!").

But perhaps, for PhillR's sake, we can trade Howard to Florida, so that the Marlins can then enjoy three or four more years of arbitrated decline to the tune of 40 hrs./130 RBIs--38 hrs./125 RBIs--36 hrs./123 RBIs etc.

"Wow. The Phils were a nice escape from the situation with the Fed and the continued meltdown of the US financial sector. Fed better hope that their morally correct stand on refusing to bail out Lehman Bros outright is the correct call."

Frankly I view with relish the US's transformation into a Russian-style Kleptocracy--where the smack is cheap and the sexual mores lax.

As a Met fan i'm rooting big time for the Brewers to continue to collapse so the Cubs won't have as much to play for when they face us.

Re-postingmy thoughts from last night:

Clout: I'm not predicting anything (about winning the Wild Card). I'm merely saying that if the Phillies do make the playoffs, it will most likely be as the Wild Card team, rather than as the Division winner. Too much is at play to make any predictions though- should be a crazy two weeks.

I know you thought 2 days ago it was more likely that we win the division than the wild card, and I respect that. But has your opinion changed considering today's results (us beating the Brewers twice and the Astros and Mets losing)?

I guess I just don't see how it's more likely to win a race in which you're behind than one in which you're tied for the lead, even with the extra team involved. I think we still have a chance at winning the division, for sure, I just think we have a slightly better chance at winning the Wild Card, mostly because I think the Mets are a better team than the Brewers and certainly the Astros.

Why would playing a 'nothing to play for' Cubs team be easier than playing a 'nothing to play for' Braves team that took 2 of 3 from the Mets over the weekend?

I have to image Happ will start Wednesday, he seems to be the best option over Kendrick and Eaton.

what does into those playoff odds? i don't really understand how the brewers can have a better shot at the wild card than we do, when they have to play the cubs 6 times?

East Fallowfied: The answer is easy. The Braves live to torture the Mets and they always play them tough so it is no surprise that they won the series.

PhillR: When do you think Ryan Howard "turned his season around?"

Since May 10th:
267/347/587, 38 HR, 116 RBI, 113 games

Ryan Howard had a terrible first month of the season. Since then, well, the numbers don't lie.

speaking of pitching on 3 days rest, the Mets will elect to not pitch Jon Niese on 3 days and pitch probably Nelson Figeroa or Brandon Knight (puke). Using a "6th" starter in the middle of a penant race is not what you wanna see but this team has used duct tape all year to piece it together.

wilson -- More factors into the assessment than simply strength of future schedule. Strength of past schedule, strength of play over the last few weeks, margin of victory, home field advantage all factor in as well.

Also, the report uses Adjusted standings. Meaning, the Phils and the Brewers don't even have the same record for purposes of assessing their strength. The Brewers' season looks better on paper (besides the Pythagorean record) than the Phils' does. They have consistently beat better opponents over the course of the season.

CJ: The power numbers are good since May 10th, but overall, because of his OBP issues, those numbers are still below his career averages, and significantly below his 2006 and 2007 numbers.

Right now the Phils look to be a top 4 team in the NL, and despite their struggles this wekend the Mets probably are, too. The Brewers are in deep trouble, and the Astros have a prett steep uphill climb. As for the other teams in the WC race, The Cardinals are pretty much out of it now, and the Marlins would probably have to sweep Houston this week to stay in the conversation. The Phils could very well still win the division, but I don't think that means the Mets don't make the playoffs. Again, I say this because the Brewers look like they are toast. And Ned Yost is the biggest dope not named Kotite that I've ever seen.

This means that two weeks from now, it is very possible that the Phils and Mets would be 3 wins each away from an Armageddon NLCS, which is mind-numbingly exciting and horrifying at the same time. I can't imagine the threads for those games.

Oh, those poor Mets, having to duct tape together a rotation after having bought only one of the 'Best Pitchers in Baseball' over the winter to go along with one of their previous purchases of the 'Best Pitcher in Baseball' and their other three starters. How unfortunate for them.

Maybe next year they can just buy about 4 more starters like the Yanks used to do to make sure they get through the season.

Yo, new thread.

Based on the schedules for the Mets and the Brewers and Astros.

I'm officially a Cubs fan.

Rather than going to a 4 man roatation for the remaining 12 games, I would start kendrick on Wednesday in Atlanta (with Condrey on call) and Happ on Monday in Philly.

My reasons??

1) Kendrick actually has decent career numbers vs. the Braves and might do better pitching on the road.

2) The Braves haven't seen Happ before and I would try to milk 5 innings out of him before a home/supportive crowd.

3) Eaton is the alternartive to either of thiose two and is tantamount to a concession/admission of defeat

Those of you debating Ryan Howard's ongoing value as a player are not looking at the bigger picture. RBIs and home runs are only a part of this equation. As our owners make clear with their every move, the Phillies are a business, not a hobby. Howard is a huge part of the Phillies marketing strategy, and he is very popular with the team's ticket buyers - especially so with the Phillies relatively small but growing African American fan base. He won't be traded unless it becomes crystal clear to management AND the fans that the club will not be able to retain him up the road (which is possible). Bottom line - Unless he pulls a "Rolen," he's not going anywhere.

Does anyone know what Werth's contract status is for 2009 and beyond? He isn't Roberto Clemente, but he throws well, steals bases, covers a lot of ground in RF, and seems to hit in the clutch. In short, he's the type of supporting player who helps a team win.

I personally thought it was over after Wednesday's disheartening loss. My fear is that we play down to the Nats and Braves and the Marlins always play us tough.

Mets pitching is in shambles, so it will be an interesting two weeks.

East Fallowfield: The Phillies have enough money to buy whoever they want. Please, don't insult us. And the Mets didn't "buy" Santana, they gave up 4 prospects for him.

as long as the offense doesn't completely flatline they make the playoffs I think the team is maybe more of a threat to go deep in the playoffs and possibly win it all having the combination of brett and cole at the front of the rotation this could be the year or should i say i really hope it is

Personally, I'm really hoping that we take the mets over for East lead, because they will draw the dodgers in the first round of the playoffs.

A 5 game series against the cubs when their first 3 starters are Zambrano, Harden and Dempster is tough.

I think the phillies can certainly play with the cubs, but I like our odds more in a 7 game series.

Steve, did you even follow the Santana deal?

There were 3 teams rumored to be able to get him-NY Yanks, Boston Red Sox, and the Mets. What do those teams have in common?

They weren't talking with the Pirates or Nats or Royals.

If you think Santana was trading for the prospects and not because of money, I've got an over the hill 2nd baseman named Castillo to sell ya.

Ned Yost fired.

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