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Thursday, September 04, 2008


"If the Phillies play at a .500 winning percentage for the last three months than they did blow it."

.500, .600, it doesn't matter. If the Mets keep up their pace we won't be winning the division.

And considering Taguchi's "lost year" perhaps a fellow countryman would give So the boost we need from him.

I just wonder if my Dad will figure out which is which. I think it took him until the middle of may, before he realized that SO was not Tad.

From the last thread. The Angels' payroll is $20M higher than the Phillies'. That's a lot. I am not suggesting this is the only reason for the Phillies' perennial also-ran status. Clearly, teams can and do build playoff teams with less than $95M payrolls, & Gillick bears blame for failing to do so. But, at the same time, it's not like the Gordon & Eaton mistakes just surfaced this year. They had already happened and, coming into the 2008 season, literally every poster on Beerleaguer knew that Gordon was going to get injured & Eaton was going to be a disaster. By sticking to its $95M payroll, ownership made a choice. They chose to forge ahead with the 2008 season, knowing there were two big problems on the roster. Had they really been committed to turning this team into a true playoff team, they could have spent an extra $10M to actually fix the problem. In other words, they chose an extra $10M profit over fixing 2 known problems.

Can't hurt, and he was a HUGE part of the historic run of last year. I'm believer in team chemistry and he was key element.

Gillick is a fan of nostalgia acquisitions. Occasionally these nostalgia acquisitions work out, as in the case of Moyer. More often, they fail (i.e, Ryan Franklin, Freddie Garcia, Arthur Rhodes). Iguchi has been terrible this year and, save for a one-month stretch in which he happened to be playing for the Phillies, he wasn't very good last year either. I suppose there's no harm in picking him up, as the Phillies have an overwhelming need for a right-handed bat off the bench & he can't possibly be worse than Bruntlett. But those who are expecting a thrilling encore performance are very likely to have their hopes severely dashed.

If the Phillies want to make a nostalgia acquisition, here's my suggestion: sign Bobby Abreu in the off-season. Burrell is very likely to leave and, out of all the available FA outfielders, Abreu & Milton Bradley are the only ones who can approach Burrell's OBP. Abreu no longer has the power that Burrell has, but he's a better hitter, has the ability to steal bases, and is better defensively (though still not very good). If Burrell walked and they resigned Abreu on say, a 2-year contract, the team wouldn't lose THAT much in overall offense.

Give it a rest. they suck and they always will. Most losing Franchise in all of sports?

Tough Guy with Romero T-Shirt

While getting Iguchi is nice, wouldn't adding Donald give you similar or better results???

All-Time Win PCT

Phils: .469
Mets: .480

Division Titles since 1993

Phils: 2
Mets: 1

Worst Record since 1962

Phils: .378
Mets: .250

Sophist Nice Stats:

They are more worthless than your playoff appearance last season.

Mets World Series Titles 2

All Philly franchises combined 0.0

way to go ace. By the way sophist means wise fool and I think you just proved it.

PP< what do you mean, "all philly franchises combined 0.0" ?

Sophist, just curious, why pick 1993?

championships of any kind.

Barring a huge spam purge of these mets losers, it may be just as well to not be on here this weekend.

TK after this weekend you wont have to worry about baseball until next spring so relax, it is ok.

Christian Guzman

PP, go away dummy.



Just use Donald already...he's better than Iguchi at every aspect of the game and is free.

Really know your stuff huh, Phillies Phanatic?

1980 - Phils won World Series
1966-67,1982-83 - Sixers won NBA title
1974-74, 1974-75 - Flyers Stanley Cup
1948, 1949, 1960 - Eagles NFL Championship

I know it's not impressive, but at least get your facts straight.

TK, I agree.

See you all on Monday.

I was aiming for re-allignment but I just checked and it looks like 93 was the last year of the old divisions and not the first. I should have never engaged.

PP - You know nothing of sophistry, its history, or the purposes of monikers - clearly.

ya got me.

NEPP - I was wondering the same thing. I suppose Tad has a history of MLB success which Donald doesn't (not that he has any history in the MLB whatsoever.) They just don't seem interested in bringing up Donald.

A guess as to the reasons?

clout: To answer you from the last thread, I would have started Vic and hoped he bounced out of his slump. There is no one else on this roster worth chancing on. Same goes for Burrell, slump or no slump. It is too late in the year to sit him unless the player you put in his place is hot. After all, what's the point of replacing a slumping, typically above average, player with a slumping, typically below average, player? Who has a better chance in any one game of breaking out?

Billingsly: you forgot all of the Phila. A's WS championships.

This Phillies season has been a game of "Which two important players are in a major slump this month." Now that Rollins and Utley are hitting, Victornio and Burrell are not.

Tad Iguchi sucks Monkeycock. Lets go Mets!!!!!!!!

bay area phan: interesting thought on Abreu. I would love to see the manchine come back, but I don't harbor much hope, especially now that he's come back to earth a bit.

BobbyD - Rollins is hitting the cover off the ball.

.463/.520/.732 in the last 10 games.

The Phillies season went from great play all-around (to mid-June) to no offense (to late July) to good offense and SP but a glaring hole in the 8th inning.

If we're gonna bash Gillick (and rightfully so), someone should make the point that the Eyre acquisition is working out great. Think where we'd be without him the last two weeks.

Shot in the dark: Gillick walked in on Jason Donald with his niece??? It almost seems personal at this point. Almost everyone in baseball other than the Phillies FO seems to think Donald is a decent MLB ready player.

I'm with TK and Billingsly.

JW, I'd suggest some way to get this site back under control if you don't want it to become yet another Mets cesspool.

See you all Monday, if I come back at all.

Without Eyre we'd likely be in 2nd place at least 3 games out of 1st...oh wait.

Phils are 12-7 since Aug 15 and have lost 2 games to the Mets in that time. In 5 of those games the Phils lost the game in the 7th or 8th inning.

NEPP - Could it be a money thing? They weren't worried about starting the clock with Marson. Would about a value concern? That he wouldn't play well and they couldn't trade him for as much in the winter?

Back to the Cole Hamels argument, here are some quotes that I'm sure the anti-cole crowd will ignore:

"I said, 'Are you ready to go Sunday?' and he said, 'Yeah, I'm all set,' " Dubee said.

And from
Young King Cole

"That's the way it was in high school, when you have two pitchers and one is your main guy, which is what I was," said Hamels, (12-8, 3.01) who has thrown a career-high 203 innings. "The main guy when it's the playoffs, the championship, the big division rivalry. That's what I want to be, and that's what I've been able to learn. Finally, I get that time to step up to the plate. I definitely know I'm ready for it."

Boy that Cole Hamels is a pansy and doesn't say the right things. What a punk. Doesn't care about the team and only himself.

"Boy that Cole Hamels is a pansy and doesn't say the right things. What a punk. Doesn't care about the team and only himself."

right all the anti-cole idiots will still try and spin this. morons.

"Division Titles since 1993

Phils: 2
Mets: 1"

Playoff appearances since 1993

Phils - 2
Mets - 3

"1974-74, 1974-75 - Flyers Stanley Cup"
1980 - 1983 - Islanders won Stanley Cup

"1980 - Phils won World Series"
1969, 1986 - Mets won WS

"1948, 1949, 1960 - Eagles NFL Championship"
Giants - 2008, 1991, 1987, Giants won Super Bowl

To the Mets trolls ( and I think you know who you are):

There are a lot of Phils fans who post regularly here on Beerleaguer who really value this site. People can follow their favorite team and exchange ideas with like minded fans. Most BL posters probably rarely visit Mets' sites, even more rarely post anything, and if they do, it is probably some type of polite informed comment or question.

I for one welcome Mets fans who post with something reasonably informed to say or with a question. But the ones whose dialogue consists of juvenile profanity, or "Phils suck" or something similar are not contributing anything at all here. I think you know who you are, and am simply asking that you find another site to pester. No one here is paying attention to those comments. All you can "accomplish" is to make some Phils fans give up and leave the site, or for JW to have to place some type of anti-spam blocker in place, which will in turn make it harder for fans to use this site.

You have to have better things to do with your time don't you? Just go away and leave BL alone and blog with yourselves or on other sites.

A civil request made in the spirit of adults talking to one another.

History Lesson: most Met fans are typically Jets fans. which I'm sure most switched to Giants fans in Jan 08 and then back to Jets fans in August 08.

Michael - Sorry, you are incorrect. That is a perception that is not correct in reality. Many Mets fans are Giants fans and have been for quite some time.

But, since you insist:

Eagles Super Bowls won - 0
Jets Super Bowls won - 1

I mean, it is only fair to compare from when the Jets have been in existence, no?

Anyone who roots for Brett Myers is a terrorist!

Sophist: That's what I said:

This Phillies season has been a game of "Which two important players are in a major slump this month." Now that Rollins and Utley are hitting, Victornio and Burrell are not.

Oop. Sorry, BobbyD. Just last thread I listed three Phils who are hitting well in the past week+ -- Howard, Rollins, and Utley. I cited the wrong one.

History Lesson: maybe in North Jersey? I dunno, because in Queens they go hand in hand. but whateve, why debate it.
it is only fair to compare from when the Jets have been in existence, no? exactly.

"Anyone who roots for Brett Myers is a terrorist!" yet the mets faithful still will fall at the feet of Stawberry and Doc Gooden any chance they get..

Man, Mets fans are truly proving what a degenerate bunch of illiterate trolls they are. We don't even have to say it anymore. They prove it themselves. Do me a favor guys, open up your windows and breath in some of those lovely toxins coming out of the north Jersey swamps.

Tad Iguchi sucks Monkeycock. Lets go Mets!!!!!!!! - avinsash

Anyone who roots for Brett Myers is a terrorist! -fufil

This is insightful stuff. I'd say the first post is from a 12yo who only likes the Mets because they're blue and orange.

The second post is from a 32 year old living in his parents' basement.

These off days really stink.

While the players get to rest... we have to deal with Mets trolls.

No rest for the weary on beerleaguer...

Phillies Phans root for Brett Myers because they relate to his constant wife beating.

Whats wrong with Blue and Orange. It's better then blue and red with a big fat cow in front of it.

Brett Myers is a wife-beating S.O.B who starts bitching after his manager takes him out of the game.


I agree. Well-said. As Phils phans, we always have enough to deal with, let alone Mets phans. Philly sports phans are the greatest phans on the planet, no question.

Even though the Phils are the losingest team in major sports history, we still support them. We anguish when the lose but what a feeling we get when they win. I've been a phan over 40 years. It hurts when we see and know what could have been, but in reality what is. That's what makes it so tough for me right now. I'd love for this team to just 105 miles an hour and just win the whole thing. But clearly, that doesn't appear likely.

But we as phans continue to endure and one year (hopefully soon) it'll be our year. When and if that happens, what joy there'll be in Philsville! Gillick or whomever the next GM will be and the FO should listen to the people who pay all the bills. We happen to know a lot more than given credit for as phans. Let's hope that some day, they phinally get it rightphinally get it right!

Nepp: I don't buy your theory about Gillick's niece, and here's why. Jason Donald is an upwardly mobile young man, who will be making a lot of money in the next year or two. I would think that Gillick would actually be quite pleased if his niece had a thing going with Jason Donald. My theory: Maybe Gillick walked in on Jason Donald with his nephew.

I'd rather see Donald up here (and I think we will soon, once Gillick can man up the courage to tell his good friend TJ Bohn that he will be taken off the 40 man roster) than Iguchi. I wouldn't mind Iguchi thought, but only as long as Donald is up on the big league team as well.

Philly Phans aren't even the best in Pennsylvania. They're the opposite of the best. They're unintelligent and loud a terrible combination.

Might I suggest that Burrell returning to earth (i.e., his career norms) is a blessing in disguise for the Philly phaithful. Unless some moron (like Ned Colletti) decides to give him 15 mil a year for 6 years, it makes sense for the Phillies to resign him for 3-4 years. Will he put up the insane number he was putting up earlier? No, of course not. But his career numbers easily make him one of the top corner OFs in the game, and with the possible departure of Howard, I'd say it's actually not a "bad" thing (except that he's contributing badly at the moment) that Burrell is not having an Adrian Beltre-esque contract year.

YouSuck: "They're the opposite of the best."

I think the word you're searching for is "worst." I know these opposites can be tough sometimes.

wally: There's no question that Burrell's slide has at least somewhat hurt his value. Could it have brought him back within the Phillies' price range? I doubt it. I still think some team will offer him at least 3 years at $15M per year. I don't see the Phillies matching that, although they should.

Why do you guys even respond to the alleged Met fans who give real Met fans a bad name here? The more you respond, the more they'll post. As far at Iguchi goes, as long as he joins the Phils AFTER Sunday night, I don't care if you sign him. He hurt the Mets in Philly last year. The Mets don't do well against any of the "uchi's" Tag or Ig!

Do you really think Burrell will get 15 mil? I kind of thought those days had gone by.

Interesting stat in Jason Stark's latest column on ESPN:

Pitchers who've recorded the most 1-2-3 saves in 2008:
Joakim Soria 21
Jonathan Papelbon 18
Billy Wagner 18
Francisco Rodriguez 17
Mariano Rivera 15
Jose Valverde 15

No Lidge?

I'm not normally for censorship, but I wouldn't lose any sleep if Jason was extra vigilant in purging moronic posts this weekend.

wally: We'll see. In the last couple years, I think teams have become a little more judicious about lavishing huge contracts on marginal players (i.e., Adam Eaton contracts). But for the top players, salaries will always go up. When you factor in age, Burrell & Milton Bradley will be the top two outfielders on this year's FA market. I expect both to cash in quite handsomely, and Burrell will likely cash in more, because of Bradley's reputation as a trouble-maker.

Look, Burrell will be an expensive resign. A certain team with a new stadium and money to burn is dying to get their hands on a right handed corner outfielder.

We need to be in the negotiations if for nothing else then to drive the price up.

What if the Yankees decide to throw a boatload of money at Burrell and forgo Abreu's services? Given the three (Abreu, Burrell, Bradley), Abreu might be the best option. Then the FO could say they were spending money, even though they'd have gotten a cheaper player.

Phils need a righthanded power hitter more than anything though.

Bradley 172
Burrell 128
Abreu 121

Abreu is by far the worst option of the three. He is also the oldest by far at 35 years old. Bradley has injury concerns, but holy crap is he awesome when he plays.

On a team with an already strong offense, I take Bradley. If I need to be sure of 150+ games, Burrell. Abreu shouldn't get more then 1 year, and as a corner outfielder is pretty average at best.

Abreu is also a LHB, FWIW.

PhillR - In terms of OPS+ for an corner OF, Abreu is as average this year as Soriano (123 for Soriano, 121 for Abreu.)

A 121-123 OPS+ places a corner OF right in the top 25 or so among players with at least 400 PA this year. That sounds solidly above average to me. Burrell, for instance is roughly 15th on the list with a 127 OPS+.

PhillR, you continue to have counter-intuitive notions of average.

Here's the top 23 by OPS+ with their age listed.

Manny Ramirez: 157 - 36
Ryan Ludwick: 152 - 29
Carlos Quentin: 149 - 25
Matt Holliday: 146 - 28
Carlos Lee: 143 - 32
Ryan Braun: 139 - 24
J.D. Drew: 139 - 32
Xavier Nady: 137 - 29
Raul Ibanez: 136 - 36
Nick Markakis: 136 - 24
Adam Dunn: 135 - 28
Jermaine Dye: 133 - 34
Jason Bay: 131 - 29
Brad Hawpe: 129 - 29
Brian Giles: 127 - 37
Pat Burrell: 127 - 31
Johnny Damon: 126 - 34
Vladimir Guerrero: 125 - 32
Magglio Ordonez: 124 - 34
Alfonso Soriano: 123 - 32
Luke Scott: 123 - 30
Jack Cust: 122 - 29
Bobby Abreu: 121 - 34

Abreu is 11th out of 22 AL corner outfielders in OPS. Yankee stadium is a hitters park, so OPS+ would probably drop him a notch. He practically defines the mean.

*thats with 400 minimum PAs btw.

sophist: Good point about his being left-handed, although he does hit lefties pretty well.

PhillR: The thing about Bradley is that, besides being very injury prone, you really have to ask yourself whether this year is some sort of lasting breakthrough or just a career year. Unless you count last year's 144 AB stint with the Padres, he has never had a year remotely close to this one in terms of OPS. He had the one great year in 2003 (until he got injured) when he had a .923 OPS. Other than that, his OPS has been unspectacular for a corner outfielder. Burrell may not have Bradley's upside, but at least you can be pretty sure about what you're getting, & pretty sure that he's going to stay healthy.

Bradley is a monster talent who has been hampered by injuries and temper issues. His ability to produce like this has never been in doubt. I would try to take advantage of the questions that swirl about him. Worth the risk.

PhillR - OPS+ is park-adjusted. lists Yankee Stadium's multi-year park factor for hitters at 100 -- dead average.

He's a tad above-average this year. Not worth getting into a long-winded debate over it, though. 400 PA may not be a good cut-off anyway. I mean, each team has 2 corner OF, more or less, and there are 14 AL teams, so there should be more than 22 OF under consideration. At the very least, he's better than a corner OF who isn't getting enough PA.

Yeah the nephew theory with Donald does make a bit more sense.

On Burrell, honestly his fall back to earth probably puts him in the 8-10 million a year range again. He's a DH in the AL or a below average defensively LF who has a good but not great bat...also on the downside of his career at 31. That said I'd love to lock him up for a 3 year 30-33 million deal

Pat Burrell Post AS Break:

.213 AVG, .303 OBP, .709 OPS with 7 HR 20 RBI in 155 AB

In other words, he's been killing the lineup since mid July now.

PhillR - I know it was. But when you have ~60 guys playing a corner OF spot every night in MLB, and 28 in the AL, it seems strange that someone ranked 11th in OPS would be "average."

It doesn't really matter. It's pretty clear where he ranks in terms of OPS+ regardless of what anyone wants to call it.

Thanks for the link. I've read that multi-year ranks are more helpful than single-year ones, however. Also, based on the ranks you linked to YS only ranks significantly offense-friendly for triples

1.000 for HR -- dead average
.982 for H -- slightly pitcher friendly
1.005 for 2B -- virtually even
.995 for BB -- virtually even

Abreu's only hit 3 triples, so the park doesn't seem to be helping him much. Although I do wonder about this ranking. From watching the HR Derby it seemed that YS is shorter in RF. I'd be interested in seeing if YS is more HR friendly from one side of the plate than the other.

I thought Yankee Stadium was known for its short right porch...I have no idea if statistics back it up but that's what I've always heard.

NEPP - Same here. I don't watch a lot of AL games until the playoffs. ESPN ranking has YS dead even for HR, but I wonder if a more difficult LF distance is compensating for a short RF distance. I have no idea.

Sophist I did find this on YS:

Yankee Stadium's still-spacious outfield favors pitchers, even though it has little foul territory and a close right-field corner that is extremely inviting to lefthanded sluggers. (In fact, in 2001 it had the highest LHB home run factor in the AL). In addition, the long backstop means that a lot of popped-up foul balls end up as outs.

LHB HR-factor. Makes sense.

That was from BTW

NEPP: Back when Burrell seemed like he had transformed into one of the top hitters in baseball, I told myself that he's an incredibly streaky player and the day would come this year when he went into a horrific tailspin. I also told myself that, when it happens, I'm not going to overreact like I always do, and declare that he stinks or is washed up or is too inconsistent. It has taken some discipline, because he has been really terrible lately, but I'm sticking with my vow.

To use the expression that everyone hates, Burrell is who he is. He doesn't hit for great average. He doesn't hit 40 homeruns. He's slow as molasses, a poor defensive player, and guaranteed to have one maddeningly long slump per year. So, given his wild swings between being red hot and ice cold, it's fairly remarkable that his stats always seem to wind up in almost exactly the same place after 162 games. He hits .255 to .260 -- never less, and rarely higher. He draws right around 100 walks. He hits right around 30 homeruns. And he slugs right around .500. It's tough to argue with those end results. And the fact that he has never missed any extensive time with injury is also a huge plus -- especially for a player who's starting to get up there in age.

There are plenty of players who are better than Burrell & many more who have higher upside. But, when you're throwing big money at a FA, you have to weigh the player's upside against his downside risk. Burrell is about as risk-free a player as there is. You know exactly what you're going to get from him, year in and year out. How many Phillies can you say that about?

I am still wondering if there are studies on how streakishness (or volatility) impacts the players team. Does the .260/.390/.900 #s work better if dispered evenly as opposed to Burrells (and 2008 Utleys) severe plate bipolarism where they goes on tears and then brutally tank?

BAP - But it is likely that in the next two years, Burrell's power is likely to erode. Given his other limitations you mentioned, Burrell hitting only 20 HRs a year during a full season likely gives him with a SLG pct of .430-.440 suddenly becomes alot less valuable.

Basically it takes him from a very good OPS+ player (125-130) to one who is only slightly above league average (105-110).

Plus, this doesn't take into account his further erosion in the field. Basically Burrell is either going to be at 1B or a full-time DH in two years if he signs with an AL team.

So the question is this - does an NL team give Burrell a guaranteed 4-year deal? I don't think so. An AL team well might because they can move him to the 1B/DH spot primarily his last two years of the deal.

Frankly, when all is said and done I would be pretty surprised if Burrell is back in Philly (his desire to play here is largely crap just like most athletes) and he will sign where he gets the most years and thusly dollars which means an AL club.

Where is this notion that Utley horribly slumped? Yeah, he had a few relatively "average" production months this year but I don't know if I would call them a slump given the normal production teams get from 2nd base.

Utley's likely gonna end up with a line of around .300, 35 HR, 100+ RBIs this season...he's done okay being only the best 2B in the game for the 3rd straight season.

On Burrell and Philly: He DOES love Philly and living/playing there. He's vetoed multiple trades to stay even when those trades had him going to better teams. Its unfair to say that he is being full of crap. He easily could have left already but hasn't.

MG: Why do you think Burrell's power will erode in the next few years? Power tends to be the last thing to go and Burrell will only be 33 next year. Once his reflexes start to go, I could easily see Burrell turning into a very low average hitter (i.e., .230 to .240ish). But I think he'll continue to hit 25 to 30 homeruns every year and draw lots of walks. I agree with you on the defense, though. 4 years would be a hard pill to swallow, for that very reason. I would go 3, without batting an eye. Maybe even 3 years with a team option for a 4th. 4 years straight-up would be a bit much, but I think some AL team will give it to him.

Pat Burrell Worst Case Scenario=Geoff Jenkins

Granted Burrell is a superior player at all points of their career but that could easily happen to Pat too. Though I personally doubt it.

Has there been no mention of Stark's column today?

I just read on MLB Trade Rumors that, according to Stark, the Phils don't want to exceed 2 guar. years with Burrell. He also says that we shouldn't expect the Phils to make a big FA move if Burrell does sign somewhere else.

Which means no more Pat Burrell after this season...What should I do with my Burrell jersey.

Stark has always seemed to have a pipeline from the Phillies FO...he's probably correct. God forbid we lose Burrell and actually try to make a run at Sheets or Sabathia and have a legit playoff team.

I can almost guarantee we wont hit 3 million+ fans next season.

I'm having a hard time figuring out how we make up ground without an unlikely sweep at Shea. We've got 6 left with Flordia who plays us tough and 4 with Milwaukee who is not looking to get swept again.

Mets, on the other hand, have Washington and Atlanta until facing a Cubs team that will have it all wrapped up in the final week.

Here are the remaining schedules...

3 @NYM
3 @ ATL
3 @ FLA

4 @ WAS
3 @ ATL

Everyone makes excuses for 4 months of subpar Rollins and Howard, saying these aren't there true forms.

Burrell has ONE bad month and 4 awesome ones, and everyone assails him as returning to his normal ways. Thats just absurd. PtB is consistently a 120+ OPS+ man, often going way way above that; .900 OPS or higher is normal if not frequent. I expect that more often then anything else, and people should layoff considering he carried this team for 4 months. More then you can say for Utley, Rollins or Howard.


Actually, Atlanta has played the Mets tough this season and are 7-5 against them. Also, remember it was Florida and Washington that did the Mets in last season and Chicago is not going to take the final week off.

PhillR- Refer to game logs and you will see that Burrell has been tanking since the break. In the past when his bat was quiet Burrell at least drew a lot of walks. He isnt even doing that these days.

Sophist: I never expect them to make a big FA move anyway, and I assume this year will be no different.

Heck, we don't even know who the GM will be for the '09 season.

By the way, in case no one's reported it here yet: one-time Phillie Todd Cruz found dead at age 52.

"PhillR- Refer to game logs and you will see that Burrell has been tanking since the break. "

Fails. July was his second best month, OPS of .973. His SLG didn't start to decline until August 5th, 1 month after the break. Since then he has been having trouble, but its been less then 1 month.

Passes. I am not referring to the whole month of July, but from the break onward. He has tanked, not just slumped. TANKED

ASB was 7/16.

From 7/16-3/31-
BA .311
OBP .403

So, no you are absolutely wrong.

*thats 7/16-7/31

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