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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


18 games over .500.

Phils are 12-2 against ATL and have outscored them 89-62.

Right now ESPN is giving the Phils a 90.7% chance of making the playoffs (69.7% div, 21.2% WC.) I know these odds aren't the be-all-end all, but it is encouraging and a sign of how much things have changed in the past week +.

Ok, now can Chipper take tomorrow off? He only played once against the Mets last weekend, it's only fair.

BAP: Re: your post to squonk on previous thread.

You forgot to mention quantum mechanics.

After a lot of worry, there didn't seem to be much mention of how well Happ did. I only saw his last inning, so every inning may have been as fortunate as that one, but still.. 6 shutout innings and only 3 hits! That's HUGE!

Brian G, he kept throwing strikes which is what we needed. Great to see Lidge and Eyre get some sleep.

Doubleh - doubleh - hey do you like the Flyers as much as the Phils? If so let's go on a date! My email is

BTW I have season tickets to the Phils and playoff tickets - feel free to use me - hee, hee!

Considering the way Kendrick has been pitching, spotting teams early leads, Happ kept them off the board and made pitches. Just one walk. Considering his inexperience and having been thrust into a playoff race, that's outstanding.

@brian g -- agreed. I would have thought there would have least generated some good old fashioned KK discussions!

Slocs: I'm flattered, but don't think the hubby and son would like it. ;-)

Actually, I love the Flyers. Loved them before I ever loved the Phils. I grew up in Central PA where hockey and soccer are God and used to watch the Bears (to young'uns here, the Hershey Bears used to be the Flyers minor league team) religiously. Met Ron Hextall once when he was playing there. Good times.

my biggest concern is the mutts schedule against the cubbies. there is gonna be no incentive for the cubs to put out their best players as the season winds down. we need to win out. no matter wat

WHy is no one concerned about Marlins? They keep winning and are no further out than we were last year. We haven't done to well against them. Anyone know the pitching matchups for the series?

They seem more formidable than the Mets. Powerful young lineup and now pitching to match. Hope they are not jelling in time to frustrate our efforts.

clout, quantum mechanics? Is that what you use to evaluate talent?

Sophist, I don't know if you've seen this site, but they calculate playoff odds as well:

RK, let's worry about the Marlins AFTER tomorrow night's game.

One game at a game at a time.

@Rk -- don't worry... most folks are worried about them...

but they are 5.5 games out after 150 games played.

Last Year, the philies were 2.5 games back with 12 to play.

AWH - Haven't been there, thanks. I usually grab them from, but they don't update til the morning.

RK -

Myers v Johnson
Blanton v Sanchez
Moyer v Volstad

I don't think the Marlins are going to be in the race this year, but that doesn't mean I'm overlooking them. They've outplayed the Phils head-to-head this year.

RK: Do you know what happens when you look past your current opponent and focus on your next, seemingly more formidable one?

Ask the Brewers. Better yet, ask Ned Yost.

strike that... it's 11 to play for the marlins. We were 1.5 games back after game 151.

J A Happ? Well, the Phils are 3-3 in his appearances this season, but 3-0 in games that he STARTS.

Hmmmmm, will he be in the rotation next season?

If Ja Happ started instead of Kendrick for the entire 2nd half, the Phillies never would've dropped out of 1st.

If Howard wins the MVP, we'll have two of the weakest MVPs of all time in consecutive years.


Shoot me an email anyway I have extra Phillies playoff tickets anyway, Love to offer them to you and your hubby cause I think it is important that real fans go to games, not just people that think it is cool to games.

Happ did great, he should only be used as a starter.

No way Happ starts next year, I'm sure "The Real Deal" will make the rotation Bawahahahahahah!

Well, I heard Vincente Padilla and Kevin Millwood were looking to come back.

Unfortunately for them, our ballboys have been on top of things this year, but the cotton candy guy in 213 f@*# sucks.

Slocs I'm a real fan too.

"If Howard wins the MVP, we'll have two of the weakest MVPs of all time in consecutive years."

Well, I'm not going to argue J-Roll, even though I disagree with you. But I would agree that Howard '08 would be a travesty MVP pick. I still don't think it has any chance of happening, so hopefully it is a moot point. The media will try to build the case (ala ESPN and CSN today), but when it comes down to it, I don't think they'll be able to pull the trigger.

Happ pitched like he has as a starter most of this year, whether he has has been at AAA or the bigs.

Was pleasantly surprised at his command. After not starting a game in 3 weeks, to only have 1 walk in 6 innings, is impressive. Getting this win, with a rookie pitcher who had only started 2 major league games all year, against the Braves best starter, was a BIG one.

I was able to see the Braves post-game show tonight, and Smoltz was on as a commentator (he is very good BTW). He was very impressed with Happ, saying he reminded him a little bit of Hamels, the way he kept hitters off-balance with the change-up. He said his delivery was deceptive (the way he turns his back to the plate) and for being that tall, was very smooth in his mechanics. Mentioned that he pitches up in the zone, which might be a problem in CBP, but was very impressed with what he saw.

Smoltz also made the comment, that the Phils lineup can score runs in any park. The Braves have been one of the main "whiners" about CBP and the production some of our hitters have, because of the cozy dimentions. Of course, those that actually know what is going on, realize that the Phils have actually scored more runs on the road this year, then at home (I think this is still the case) and the HR totals, are not much different. But, it was nice to hear Smoltz actually give an informed opinion for once.

Standings are the same,
J.A. Happ's first career win,
And we didn't burn Lidge.

Has anyone else noticed that Ryan Howard is in danger of losing his strikeout record to Arizona's Mark Reynolds? Reynolds is just one behind him with 70 fewer at bats.

PhillyBlunt: Good point in the last line, lol! Who thought poetry could be insightful?

It's a sign of the times that Durbin and Romero are coming into games with five/six-run leads rather than one/two-run leads. Romero needs to get his act together if the Phils are to head to the playoffs; who knows how much longer the Phils can count on Madson?

Misc stat:

+113 (run differential on the season). Last at this time, the Phils were +54 despite having scored fewer 86 runs to date (833 in '07 vs. 747 in '08).

The bigger issue is that the pitching staff has ALLOWED 145 LESS RUNS to date (779 in '07 vs. 634 in '08).

In '07 to date:
Runs scored/game - 5.55
Runs allowed/game - 4.98

In '08 to date:
Runs scored/game - 5.13
Runs allowed/game - 4.17 (on pace to allow just 676 runs).

That frankly is a see change of difference in the Phils are on pace to allowed the LOWEST AMOUNT OF RUNS IN A FULL SEASON SINCE 1985 (673 runs).

That frankly is the reason why I think the Phils have have excellent chance if they make the playoffs of actually making a run to the World Series.

While the Phils have generally had teams with some offensive punch over the past 20 years, there pitching usually has been below average/piss poor depending upon the year. Even in 1993, the Phils allowed 740 runs on the season.

Its funny that we have complained about Kendrick, Eaton, and Myers (well first half Myers) but this one can make a valid argument that is one of (if not the best) Phils' pitching staff of the past 20-25 years.

Blunt - Love the haikus. Really creative and something new.

Not to mention that they've won 6 in a row all of a sudden. By my count that's their longest streak of the year.

2008 SP: 53-44, 905.2 IP, 4.23 ERA, 455 R, 117 HR, 1.358 WHIP
2007 SP: 61-50, 938.1 IP, 4.91 ERA, 536 R, 141 HR, 1.422 WHIP

2008 RP: 31-23, 446 IP, 3.29 ERA, 178 R, 34 HR, 1.381 WHIP
2007 RP: 28-23, 520 IP, 4.50 ERA, 285 R, 57 HR, 1.498 WHIP

Phils are also a pretty good defensive team too. Yeah they are much more advanced stats but two quick ones even the most traditional fans with agree with:

- Tied for 4th (with SD) in the NL with 83 errors (average team has made 93 errors and remember the Phils this even more impressive when you consider who atrocious this club was defensively the first 5-6 weeks of the aseson).

- In 3rd place in the NL with only 45 unearned runs allowed. Right behind the Cubs at 41 unearned runs and the Cards with 43 runs.

Basically, if you look at the Phils have a bunch of the criteria necessary to win in the playoffs this year including a decent bullpen with a dominant stopper, two frontline starters pitching very well, and a generally a sound defensive team.

On MetsBlog - you get "Reyes sucks a$$ and shut the hell up Wright or fire Minaya"

On Beerleaguer - All kinds of decent sidebars and conversations with a nice mix of stats and observations.

Those 2007 numbers I posted were for the whole season.

Phils in Sept: 10-5
Mets in Sept: 8-6

Neither team is "choking" at all. Phils have played just a bit better so far but my bet is that it goes down to the wire just like last year.


Phils are 5th in the NL in defensive efficiency, which is the rate at which balls in play are turned into outs (1 - ((H + ROE - HR) / (PA - BB - SO - HBP - HR)).)

Cubs - .715
Mets - .709
Brewers - .706
Astros - .705
Phils - .704

Hamels has ended two of the Phillies longer win streaks this year.

After May 30th, the Phils had a 5 game winning steak. Hamels was up against Nolasco: 5.2 IP, 7 ER and a loss for Hamels.

And on July 31st, the Phils also had a 5 game streak ended on a Hamels start against the Cards: 6 IP, 4 ER and the loss.

@erich I was sure you were wrong, but it actually looks like he's passed Howard at this point. Jack Cust is right there, too, with 50 fewer at-bats than even Reynolds.

Arizona is up against Lincecum tomorrow, too. If Reynolds is in the lineup it's almost a sure thing that his total will go up by 2 K's or more. (He's struck out 4 times in 7 career AB vs. Lincecum.)

If Howard were to win the MVP award he would have the lowest batting average ever. That's assuming he doesn't surpass .267.

However, Howard has 2/3 of the MAJOR LEAGUE triple crown. And he has the lead in both by a decent clip (8 HR, 10 RBI). He had a terrible April to mid may. But since May 7 where he sat at .163 he's batted around .272 with an OPS of .943 with 39HR and 120 RBI.

I'm not discounting the first two months of course, i think pujols should be the mvp, but Howard would not be a weak choice. There have been some on this board who suggested CC Sabathia or Manny Ramirez as MVP candidates. Both deserve votes for sure. But would they be candidates had they stayed in their respective leagues? Probably not. If Ryan Howard was traded to the Phillies on May 7th. Would you know the difference??? I don't think so.

Writers will give greater weight to Howard's second half performance and rightly so. The case for Manny is stronger when you compare his numbers to howard's since aug 1.

Since Aug 1:
Manny has 14 HR and 44 RBI with .401/.481/.745

Howard has 15 HR and 41 RBI
with .273/.366/.640

For Howard he has matched his aug production in half the time with 8 HR and 22 RBI in Sept batting .396/.448/1.000!!!

In september Manny has 5 HR 19 RBI batting .373/.426/.765

Now how have the teams fared during that time:
Since Aug 1 (Sep 1):
Phillies 26-18 (10-5)
Dodgers 25-19 (12-3)

Manny has been otherworldly for 2 months. Howard for just 1. Their teams records are about the same. But the dodgers play in a weaker division. Some of the shine has come off Ramirez and Howard's steam is rising.

But to suggest that Howard would be a weak MVP is just really not accurate at all.

@theory == the suggestion that the Media will try and build a case and that it won't work, doesn't make sense, because well... the award is given out by... um... THE MEDIA. Please look at how many people at ESPN have mvp votes. Also, please consider the case of Jimmy Rollins. ESPN had a lot to do with that award.

If I was to vote it would go like this:
1. Pujols
2. Howard
3. Manny
4. Delgado
5. Berkman
6. Wright
7. CC Sabathia
8. Chipper
9. Hanley Ramirez
10. Lidge or Utley

I probably missed someone there from the Cubs?, Soto? Aramis Ramirez?

I know the Phils had token interest in Manny (and let's be real in that the Phils' didn't have the piece to make that trade work unless the Phils were willing to part with somebody like Werth or Vic at least) but man it would have been fun to see a killer top of the lineup:


Phils wouldn't have had those offensive doldrums in August that really hurt them and my bet is they would have cruised to NL East pennant with 95+ wins.

Bottom line if Howard gets 49 or 50 HRs, he gets MVP easily. Guys still love homers and that will mean he'll hita ton in the last month in a pennant race but if he doesn't it is Manny, even though I agree, Pujols deserves it. With no Pujols, Cards are 10-14 games under .500

Go Phillies. Keep the beat going! Great Job J.A. Happ!

10 games left. remember, the Met's final 7 games; 4 with the Cubs, 3 with the Brewers.

For the Phils, IMHO 7 or 8 of 10 takes it!

Blunt: I dig the haiku, too, but technically the second line is off since I think J.A. isn't pronounced separately but rather as Jay. And I think the last line is over by a syllable.

Also, I can agree that Howard wouldn't deserve the MVP, but his shot the other night that put them ahead and into first was an MVP blast and I think what would be wins him the award.

That said, I don't even care about MVP. I was too young for 1980 and too dumb/naive to appreciate 1993 (in high school), and so all I can think about is how amazing it would be to get back to the Series and win it.

Alright Phillies we got 10 games left and now lets take care of business and get to the playoffs...We need Hamels to pitch us a gem tomorrow to make in 9 in a row down there in Atlanta and to take the sweep.

I'm worried about the Marlins as well because their playing good ball right now and have already said if they aren't making the playoffs they plan on doing everything they can to play spoiler.

Good Morning.

Way to go Happ!

A bit late, but I enjoyed the Reading Phillies pictures and update, too.

Have a good day.

Good work by Happ but like I said in last nights thread, let's not get ahead of ourselves with the anointing oil. Its one start and he did well.

You don't worry about the Marlins, you worry about winning your own games at this point in the season. The Phillies just need to keep winning and they'll be fine.

Question = if Phils and Mets tie is there a one game playoff or does Mets get champion because of more wins in season series? I remember Yanks and Boston tying a few yrs ago and they gave Yanks the champion cuz of wins against each other.
By the way has Marlins lost a game since they played the Phils in Philly?

Mets win, no sweat.

Brewers win, who cares.

Phils win, all that matters.

Jayson Werth swiped his 18th bag of the season and is 2 short of a 20/20 (homerun/stolen base) season. Not bad for a guy considered nothing more than a platoon outfielder at the beginning of the year.

Regarding the tiebreaker: If the Mets and the Phillies end the season tied and both make the playoffs (one as the division winner and one as the wild card), there will be no playoff. The Mets get the division based on the season series and the Phillies get the wild card.

The tiebreaker of season series only comes into play if Phils and Mets tie and both are ahead of any other wild card contender.

If a playoff spot is at stake they'll determine it on the field.

If the Phils sweep the season series in Atlanta, do the Braves fire Cox?

Rightly or wrongly, it's hard not to look ahead a bit. There is the tendency to think in our heart of hearts, that with Cole on the hill, and with the Braves beaten down already in two games, tonight's game should be under control.

That's dangerous thinking, sure, and if the Phils are thinking that way, they can lose. Taking care of business tonight in a game they should win will give them at least a tiny bit of breathing room coming into a tough series.

But it's hard not to worry about the GD Fish.

AWH: You must've missed the thread on the off-day. There was a discussion of physics and quantum mechanics.

Freddy Garcia pitched 5 innings for Detroit yesterday picking up the win allowing only 1 unearned run. So in 1 game he's already matched his win total with the Phils from last season.

And Happ matched Garcia's win total a heckuva lot cheaper.

From what I recall, they will skip the playoff game if both teams would make the playoffs anyway. So if the Mets and Phils tie, but there's no once else close enough to win the wildcard, then they just go to head-to-head records.

Okay, I found something to confirm this. I'm guessing it hasn't changed since 2003.

2003 Postseason Tiebreakers

denny b: "Happ pitched like he has as a starter most of this year, whether he has has been at AAA or the bigs."

Your posts are usually pretty sharp, but you're dead wrong on this one. While his effort last night was indeed like his starts in AAA it was NOT like his two other big league starts this year.

Against the Mets on July 4, he had a strike/ball ratio of 54/46 (56% strikes), which is bad for a finesse pitcher. He walked 4 and gave up 3 hits in 4.1 IP. Against the Cardinals on July 9 he was slightly better, strike/ball ratio of 60/45 (57% strikes), but again he walked 4 and gave up 5 hits in 6.1 innings. He was lucky to allow only 2 runs.

Contrast that with the 52/34 (61% strikes and that's still not as high as it should be) ratio and only 1 walk and 3 hits in 6 IP last night. He had way more command, was moving the ball around in the zone and seemed far more relaxed. I'm hoping this is the Happ we see the rest on the way.

Maybe Happ did better against the BrAAAves because the ballpark was a little friendlier to flyball pitchers? (Even though CBP hasn't been as homer happy this year, I'm guessing the players don't know that much about that).

clout, on Happ, I was at the July 9 game against the Cards and was pretty impressed with his rookie performance. I watched most of the game on the tube last night and was again impressed but I didn't have those stats you supplied. Thanks for the added perspective. Value added from Beerleaguer.

Just a thought since the Phils got off this list finally in 07 - the list of teams who have never made the playoffs in the wild-card era.

Tampa Bay
Kansas City

With Tampa all but clinched, 2008 marks the third straight year that a team has made the playoffs for the first time in the wild card era. Detroit did it in 2006 and the Phillies in 2007. Obviously Milwaukee could also come off that list if they win the wild card in 2008. As for the other four teams (Washington, Pittsburgh, KC and Toronto), it could be a long while until they end their streak. Toronto is obviously the best of the lot, but their difficult division makes their road hairy.

updated ELO-adjusted playoff odds


Phils - 67 (avg W 91.2)
Mets - 32 (avg W 90.1)


Brewers - 44 (avg W 89.4)
Mets - 34
Phils - 20
Astros - 2 (avg W 86.2)
Marlins - .37 (avg W 84.4)


Hamels is on the mound, so I assume Ruiz gets the start. Al Reyes is a LHP, so we'll see the better probabilities for Feliz and Werth.

Just found this interesting, since there seems to be a fair amount of concern here about the Marlins:

Front page of the Miami Herald this morning actually had a blurb about the Marlins' chances of making the playoffs. The Marlins sometimes won't even make the front page of the sports section in the Herald, but there they were, front-page news. Don't know if this means someone thinks the Marlins are that good, or the Dolphins are that bad.

And yes, if both the Phils and the Mets make the playoffs with identical records, head-to-head record determines who wins the division and who has the wild card.

Right now I'd rather have Ruiz in there than Coste...he's faster, better defensively, and is getting on base. He's doing what he's supposed to do. And he can play 3B in a pinch apparently.

Here are Reyes splits (106.3 IP, 75 ERA+, 1.618 WHIP):

LHB: .250/.309/.357 - 3 K/BB - 1 HR
RHB: .307/.380/.498 - 1.26 K/BB - 13 HR

He's thrown 46.1 IP at home (10 starts, 2-5) and has a 6.41 ERA. Most of the good in his numbers is from March-June as are all of his wins. His OPS against by month after that: 1.114, .834, .905. He's 0-2 against the Phils with a 7.56 ERA.

"who knows how much longer the Phils can count on Madson?"

I don't understand these sentiments that pop up from time to time. Madson is a darned good RP. Yes, he gives up runs, like all pitchers do, but at a rate lower than most.

He's got a 141 OPS+ this year, for goodness sake, after a 151 last year. He had one bad year, when he was tried as a starter.
Review his record at

Whaddya say me and you go on a date...have some chicken...maybe some sex. See what happens.

2nd rate city with a second rate blog=Philly... This blog updates once a day?? Theres no comparison with this and Metsblog..Its actually a joke to read some of the comments on here for the first time. Ive heard good things about this blog but is nowhere near metsblog in any way shape or form.. Pujols is MVP hands down. Im a met fan and even I know Delgado shouldnt even be close..Neither should Howard..Just lettin trashy philly fans know the truth..feel free to respond with more idiotic commments

MetsBlog is a broke man's version of this blog. And it's mainly because of the idiots like you that post there. The content there is pretty good, but the posters suck. You don't deserve to post here.

Edmundo - I think the idea is simply that RP can be streaky, and Madson just got through with a bad streak. Otherwise, I completely agree. It surprises me how quickly some jump off (and on) the bandwagon with relief pitchers.

Apr 22-Jul 20: 41.4 IP, 9 R
Jul 23-Aug 28: 17.2 IP, 12 R
Aug 31-present: 8.2 IP, 0 R

Metsblog and BL are different. Jason is the only person who runs this site and he does so as a part-time job. Metsblog is a full-time gig now, and has many contributers.

In the comments, there's no comparison. Metsblog commentators convey no knowledge of baseball and lack insight.

does anyone know why Sunday's game is at 4:10? Seems like they scheduled it just so that it would be on at the same time as the Eagles...

Do Mets fans hate us so much that they have now resorted to fighting about which team's blog is better? Back in my day, we used to just fight in the parking lot about our teams. Now people are attacking blogs? It's gone too far now.

They start early don't they?

Really, is there a single person who posts to Beerleaguer on any kind of regular or semi-regular basis that trolls over to Metsblog to blast the blog, the participants, the fanbase, and the city?


its all the same, at the beginning of the year my close philly fans wanted to trade Howard and sign Burrell, now its reverse. Both us(mets fans) and u (phils fans) have idiotic fans, as well as, well thought out i said ,last week when u guys were in a panic, this should go down to the last weekend, but its feeling like the Brew Crew may open up a slot for both of us.....and hopefully we both make it to the LCS cause it would be a memorable series......

Never been to metsblog to post and I dont plan to. I like talking about my favorite team...not trolling other teams blogs to bash them.

Whole thing is kinda silly.

just to add, to the poster above me, not sure how much time u've spent in new york but its certainly not a sad city, whatever that has to do with baseball.........

Who is pitching for the Braves tonight? says it's Jo Jo Reyes and Yahoo says it's Hampton....

Cholly's Brain: "Okay, gut, you were right about Happ last night. I think pitching Hamels tonight is a no-brainer."

Cholly's Gut: "You're right, brain, it is a no brainer. No use breaking the string and giving the brain any credit as you've been managing from the gut all season."

TK - ESPN says Reyes as well.

Anyone else hear that Hanley had a shoulder injury last night?

Fantasy players gasped as Ramirez left Wednesday's game with a shoulder problem. The danger is that the Marlins, now out of the playoff race for all intents and purposes, will shut Ramirez down, though he is hoping he won't miss any time. According to Ramirez, the strain happened on a diving play on defene, and then became increasingly sore until he was removed. It couldn't have been that bad, since Ramirez hit a home run both before and after that defensive play, and the second might have gone further than the first. Ramirez is well acquainted with shoulder problems, coming back this season after off-season surgery on the opposite joint. It's impossible to get a read on how this will play out; certainly the calendar and the team's record will play into this, but overall it's not a huge worry. says it's Reyes.

The other day, late at night, there were some posts (including my own) about how sports announcers love to misuse the word "irony." There are 4 kinds of irony. One is called "dramatic irony," which is when the viewer/reader knows some key piece of information that the character in the story doesn't know. So, what does this have to do with the Phillies? Here's what.

This morning I visited MetsBlog for the first time and I found several posters whining about Wagner's injury. It immediately struck me: here we have an example of dramatic irony. When Wagner was a FA, the Phillies let him go because they didn't want to give a large, multi-year contract to a guy in his mid-30s who had a recent history of arm troubles (instead, they signed a guy in his LATE 30s who had a recent history of arm troubles . . . but that's a subject for a different post). As it happens, Wagner actually turned out to give the Mets 2 1/2 excellent seasons, but then comes down with a season-ending injury in the third. And when it happens, the Met fans whine about it, as if the Baseball Gods have cursed them in the most unimaginable way possible.

So, to sum up: the viewer (Phillie fans) knew all along that Wagner was a huge injury risk; the protagonist (the Mets) signed him anyhow and got far more useful life out of him than anyone could have reasonably expected; and when his arm finally gives out in the last 1/2 year of his contract, the Mets fans whine about being snakebit. Granted, it won't be cited in any literary encyclopedias, but I believe this scenario meets the definition of dramatic irony.

Hey Florida, the only responsible thing to do for your franchise is to sit Hanley down. Sit him down!

BAP - I also think Wagner has one year left (2009) and a club option (which most likely most be exercised) for 2010. He's due $10.5M next year.

From Yahoo:
Wed, Sep 17 SS Hanley Ramirez his two home runs Wednesday, then left the game after four innings with a strained left shoulder. He was listed as day-to-day. "Hopefully not even one game," Ramirez said when asked if he might miss any action. "I'm going to be day-to-day, hour-to-hour. We'll see how I feel (Thursday) when I come to the back."

locatastic - sit him down this week, bring him back the last week of the season for the Mets.

Sophist- You think the Mets will pick up Wagners option for 2010? I say no, especially if it's a club option. I think they are going after K-Rod.

CSN last night said Hampton and Yahoo says it's Hampton, but and say Jojo Reyes.

I'd prefer Reyes just for the reason that Hampton pitched pretty well against the Mets last weekend I believe.

And Sophist - I hadn't heard anything about Hanley, but that would be absolutely HUGE for him to be out this weekend, as we all know what he does to the Phillies. Keep us posted if you hear anything..

I, for one, am not sure that Florida is done. While they are 5.5 behind the Phils, if they beat Houston tonight and the Phils lose, it is down to 4.5 games. So they would be facing a similar situation to what the Phils faced last weekend, they could cut it to 1.5 with a sweep. Do I think this will happen, no. But, so long as Hanley won't do permanent damage, I'm not sure how quick I am to shut him down for the year.

@dwr -- the game is probably at 4:10 because the Dolphins play the Pats (in NE) at 1pm.

If its difficult to get people in the ballpark on a normal day. Imagine when you are playing a division rival like the Patriots.

Yeah, I was mostly kidding. I just don't want to see him this weekend.

I feel terrible for Kendrick, he's going to have to battle in spring training for a spot. I was a big fan of his last year, I was on the edge of getting his jersey. Somewhere this year, he lost his composure and his command.

Does anyone know if Happ can get added to the post-season roster at this point? That's been closed off since early September, right?

Vonderful - No, I wouldn't bet on it. I also wouldn't bet on the Mets getting K-Rod.

Hey - isn't everyone happy we didn't get Bedard!

We've faced Jo Jo Reyes twice this year.

May 13: 6.2 innings, 5 R 11 H Phils win 5-4

July 27, 2.2 innings 5 R 4 H 4 walks

Hamels has pitched a complete game and a near complete game against the Braves this year. But he also had his worst outing against them on July 26 in that crazy game where the Phils came back from 9-3 down to win.

loctastic - MLB rules require Happ to be on the team’s active 25-man roster or on the disabled, bereavement, suspended or military lists before midnight on Aug. 31.

Happ was called up on July 30th and optioned back on August 9th. When was he called back up?

Yeah, it looks like Happ wasn't called back up until August 31st.

Forgot about Bedard. Great point. That would have been an absolute disaster.
Back to K-Rod, I think the Mets will go after C.C. and get outbid by the Yanks and then they will go all in to sign Rodriguez. I don't see how they go into a new ballpark without at least one major signing. Even the Phils spent when they moved. (Thome, one year earlier I know, but they spent due to the new stadium)

yo, new thread

I don't see a new thread

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