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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Weird, weird night. Obviously disturbed by our loss, but watching the Mets blow it was just comical. Not that it means anything, but Cool Standings has us at 86% chance of winning the division, Wild Card %s have Milwaukee at 47% and New York at 41%...hopefully the Mets play tomorrow and drop another one.

From Last Thread- I know JW has given a dig to De La Soul, so I thought this song would be appropriate given the current playoff situation...

That's the Magic Number
Yes it is
It's the magic number

Like I said in the last thread, Phills choke and Mets choke harder.

A loss for our 1 and 2 starters on the mound against a weak Braves team at Philly, is un-September like. At a time when they can put the nail in the coffin, tomorrow should be no off day for this team.

Never thought it was going to be a sprint to the NL East title but more of a jog. It would be funny if the Phils lose 2 of 3 to the Nats (still think they manage to scrap together 2 wins to take the East) but the Mets fall even flatter by just splitting their last 4 games or finishing even worse.

Yet again it looks like the East will be won with one of the lower win totals (90-91 games) to clinch a division. Not the NL West either but not exactly like there are been any very good teams in the East either the past 2 years.

Then again it wouldn't be the Phils if they didn't sputter and stagger into the playoffs. Only once in my adult life ('93) did the Phils actually have a little of breathing room at the end.

Tonight's loss really hurts the Mets. Had they won, they would have been 1/2 game back with a shot to tie it going into the weekend. At worst, they would be 1 back. Tomorrow night is a bad matchup for them with Pedro going against Harden. Neither pitcher goes deep into games, but you would think Harden would be more effective than Pedro in their respective 5-6 innings. The Mets likely also have the toughest match-up of the weekend against the Marlins since you figure Chicago, while in no way laying down, at least would not be throwing Zambrano or Harden over the weekend against the Brewers. As bad as the Pirates are, Milwaukee probably wins tomorrow and the Mets likely lose. I don't feel great about the way the Phils are playing now, but I feel a little better after hearing the Mets final score - much better than I would have if they had won.

I guess I didn't break the italics.

For the benefit of everyone, I'll try to close that tag [/I]

Oh, and with the rain tomorrow being a possibility, you've got to consider the fact the Cubs - a team with the playoffs locked up and being at home to start - could conceivably have to come back to Shea to play a meaningless (for them) game the day after the season, which should make for all sorts of controversy and such...just imagine if Houston was still in the race and the Cubs still had to make up that game too - yikes!!

PS - I do NOT think that a Mets rainout tomorrow is good at all for the Phils - make them play and face Harden...

Couldn't watch the game tonight, glad that I didn't.

Really rough game for Myers. Big props go to the Mets for blowing their game big time. Chicago is tough, but losing the way they did has to hurt.

Unfortunately I was at the ballpark the last two nights. Fall is really here as there was a chill in the park tonight. That includes the weather and the team.

I just don't see how you can win your division when both Cole Hamels and Brett Myers lose. You have to take one of those, if not both. At least the Mets are even more inept.

This is like watching two athletes walk backwards slowly in a 50 yard dash.

Why is an offday scheduled before the last weekend of the season?

Tomorrow will be a long day especially with a possible rainout on Friday.

This is odd to say, but I have a slight bit of confidence regarding Blanton starting on Friday. Even though we've all been picking on him since he got here, I think that he's just dumb enough to not think about how they lost the past two nights and go out there and just pitch a good game. Mets loss tomorrow, Phils win and Mets loss on Friday and that'll seal it, let's hope the best laid plans actually work out for once.

I don't understand why this site responds to opening a tag... but not closing it. Weird.

Almost makes me tempted to open a bold tag and an underline tag, just to be obnoxious.

...all'yall better be glad I'm not obnoxious.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure beerleaguer killed the phillies what with the reverse jinx. Thankfully the Mets seem to be jinxed more right now or we'd all be crying in our beers.

Philly sports--is anything ever as easy as it should be?

too bad Vic didn't punch taveras in the face

The silver lining in tonight's game is that even with the loss, we're better off than we were entering the game. Obviously a win would have basically wrapped up the division, but being better off tonight than we were 6 hours ago is a positive. The only way to look at it, without going insane, is that we just have to get through Sunday and get ourselves into the playoffs. After that it's a whole new season and we have as much of a chance as anyone. Anyone who has watched baseball knows that things change quickly, and a team can struggle one week and turn it right around and be hot the next week.

Had to tune out on the game after the Braves scored their 9th run - too painful to watch. I missed the bench clearing" but noticed, at least from the clip I saw, that the first one out on the field seemed to be Burell. That, and the Utley/Howard homers, were about the most interesting things in a nasty game for the Phils.

Don't like the way they are playing at all for the last couple of games, but honestly, the Braves were due for some payback over the way we've handled them all year. The sun doesn't shine on the same dog's rear all the time, especially in the long baseball season. I also have a bit of faith in Blanton to do his job. I also thought Jenkins was a great addition when the Phils acquired him.

I think we all knew in our heart of hearts that it would end up along these lines - down to the absolute wire.

Well, I'm feeling a little better about the Phillies' chances thanks to the events in the Mets' game. By the way, did someone on the last thread really say that the Cubs suck? Their lineup is strong 1 through 8, they have 4 quality starting pitchers, and they have one of the league's best bullpens. I wish the Phillies sucked like the Cubs did.

The steal by Johnson with the Braves up 6 and then the Tavaras (sp?) crap was completely classless, in my opinion. Harry and Wheels tried to justify it somewhat by saying that the Phils came back on the Braves earlier in the season when we were down big to them, so they needed as much of a cushion as possible. I wasn't buying it and thought both incidents were ridiculous. Maybe it will get the team fired up a bit for the next three games. The weather is going to make it interesting though.

b_a_p: I missed that. Who said the Cubs suck? If a 96+ win team sucks, then I sure hope we suck for years to come.

Here is my resolution for the rest of the season, effective immediately: I resolve not to feed Mets trolls anymore. To be sure, it's incredibly hard to ignore a comment as asinine as some of the ones that have been posted from Mets trolls over the last few days. But you have to stop and think about the motive behind such posts. Either the person is just a complete idiot, or he's merely being outrageous in order to try to yank our chains. If the person is an idiot, engaging him in debate isn't going to change anything & is only going to be frustrating. And if he's just there to yank our chains, why allow ourselves to be manipulated? Therefore, from this point forward, I will do my part not to encourage this nonsense. Of course, the Phillies could get rid of the Mets trolls once and for all just by winning the damn division.

I'll go with complete idiot, since it requires a modicum of intelligence to concoct a posting scheme to yank our chains.

Cubs lineup doesn't suck (far from it) I just don't think it is as good as advertised because they don't have that one hitter in their lineup you have to avoid come postseason. Maybe Soriano fits the bill but he doesn't hit in the heart of the order.
Their pen is a bit suspect after Marmol and Wood.

Basically Cubs are a very good team but people are acting like they are some unbeatable juggernaut. Outside of Wrigley they have been pretty mortal at times and this Cubs team strikes me as a very good team but they don't that killer edge in the postseason that soemtimes carries a team.

Not exactly like the NL is going to offer the highest level of competition but I don't think the Cubs are going to steamroll thorugh the playoffs either.

FWIW, Ryan Howard is no longer in sole posession of the major league, single-season strikeout record. Mark Reynolds struck out once tonight, and is now at 199 on the season.

His 199 Ks have come in 75 fewer at-bats than Howard's 196 Ks (526 vs. 601). At that rate, if Reynolds had as many ABs as Howard has this year he'd be sitting on 227 Ks.

There's even a small chance Howard won't tie his mark from last year, and that's pretty unbelievable considering the projections a couple of months into the season.

Ugly performance by Myers and another sleepy offense. Now we get to watch Rich Harden reduce our magic # to 2. In any given outing, the question must be; which Brett Myers will show up?


2008: 89-70 1 1/2 game up

2007: 87-72, tied for first

1980: 89-70, tied for first

I'm normally a die-hard fan who hinges on every pitch, game, loss, etc., but I'm strangely optimistic right now even after two ugly losses.

If there's one thing I've learned after last year and the two and a half months of offensive funk we were in this year, it's that it's a long season and teams usually end up where they belong.

Would I rather be running the table to the end? Of course, who wouldn't, but it's just not realistic. I think the boys would step it up if their backs were against the wall, as they were last year. Fortunately we're in the driver's seat.

Let's put it this way: I'd rather be where we are now, able to rest easy and not have an interest in as many games as last year to know our day's fate. At the end of the day, I think we'll be in and we'll be back to 0-0 with the focus on winning serieses.

Good Morning.

"Couldn't watch the game tonight, glad that I didn't."


We got the proverbial reprieve from the Governor last night, maybe that and a day off will be enough to get the team going.

Of course, the weather could wreak havoc with the schedules, as could two or three way ties.

Much needed off day today. Phils need to regroup and gear up for the Nationals series. No rest for a Phils Phan though, as it's- Root, root, root for the Cubbies. If they don't win it's a shame. For it's 1, 2 games out for the Mets if the Cubs win the game. Rich Harden vs. Pedro Martinez tonight...who's your daddy?

"It wouldn't be the Philly way," shortstop Jimmy Rollins said. "It doesn't matter what sport -- we don't make things easy."

Tell us about it.

In 2006, the Phillies had to sit through a 6 hour rain delay in DC and start a game at 1:30 AM b/c it was the Thursday before teh last day of the year and they had no way of rescheduling it. That should be the plan for tonight in New York.

Mother Nature is going to give a big assist to the Phillies. MLB is dead set on starting the playoffs on Wednesday next week which almost assuredly means if they can get this game in tonight at all they will.

Lots of rain means starters don't go deep, which means a healthy heaping of Mets bullpen.

Considering the chances of rain tomorrow as well I don't think MLB wants to start pushing a bunch of games back to next week. Also, rain tomorrow might mean a doubleheader for the Mets this weekend which again, puts the onus on their bullpen. The only move they could make would be throwing Santana on short rest to try and help the pen out should a doubleheader occur, and they have sadi they won't.

Should be an exciting final 4 days.

"The steal by Johnson with the Braves up 6 "

How many times a year do teams come back from 6 down? Enough that I'm stealing if you let me. These unwritten rules are BS.

I'm not worried today but I am pissed. I still think they'll make the playoffs, but they have blown the chance to get some people rested and set up their rotation. We really need at least one of the challengers to lose tonight.. going 2 back with 3 to play. Bottom line though is Phils need to win their own games. Shouldn't be that much to ask but we've seen how they play against the Nationals.

For today (and late last night too) we are all Cubs fans.

Reading the boxscores like I do everyday and I noticed LaTroy Hawkins has been amazing since joining the Astros, going 22 games, 19 ip, 8 h, 5 bb, 23 k, 2 w, 10 holds, 1 save, and a 0.00 era.

Freakin' Livan Hernandez is 13-11 on the season despite a 6.05 era, 1.67 whip, 257 hits allowed in 180 innings, and only 67 k's. Why can't Cole Hamels get the type of run support?

Did the Mets really leave a man on 3d 5 innings in a row? That's unbelievable. Shades of the Phillies circa 2006. That has to be demoralizing. Still, tehy are very much in it. If they bounce back and get this division, hats off to them and shame on the Phillies.

I could only watch the Mets-Cubs game on ESPN with their occassional glances to the putrid Phillies score. It was ugly early with the Muts up 5-1. Then it was 5-5. With the Cubs up by a run, they walk in the tying run. Then the Muts open up the 9th with a leadoff triple. It was really sucking for me at this point, then Wright,the league's second leading RBI guy, strikes out. The Cubs intentionally walk the bases loaded to set up a force at any base. They get the second out at the plate on a ground ball hit to second, then their last hope whiffs.

The Cubs started their rally in the 10th with a two out single by Theriot, a stolen base, followed by a bloop double by Lee and the homer by Aramis. It was priceless watching all the Muts fans heading for the exit without even bothering to watch their guys come to bat. Great fans!

As a long time suffering Phillies fan, it is good to see that the pain of losing is not limited to Philly.

Regarding Myers struggles last night, there was not a word about velocity in any of the game accounts in the Philly or suburban papers. There was comment about mechanics and location being off (Manuel mentioned it), including this from Myers himself: "Maybe I was just trying to overdo it and the ball was up in the zone. I wasn't working downhill and that's what happens. I know what I did so it's a little easier to fix."

And, referring specifically to his fastball (although the location on his curve was off as well) "When I threw it, it was up. It might have been in the right spot but it was up in the zone and didn't have any angle. When you do that they get hit and that's what happened tonight."

If he knows what he was doing wrong mechanically, as he claims, then this problem should be fixable. He says he wasn't tired and the start on 3 days rest 3 games ago was not a factor in his mechanical breakdown.

I could be mistaken about this, but the only person whose rest is a concern for the playoffs is Hamels. If he pitches Sunday, he can't pitch game 1 or 2. But any other pitcher besides Moyer can go for game 1. Even Moyer, who pitches on the 27th, can go game 2 (Oct 2) on more than 4 days rest.

The key is giving Hamels Sunday off. Still entirely possible. If Myers goes game 1, he'll be pitching on 6 days rest. Obviously even more if he goes game 2. The same is true of Moyer and games 2 and 3.

I'm not going to cry if it comes down to Hamels having to win us a game on Sunday. THat's what you hope for when the season starts. It doesn't appear to be the likeliest scenario right now. Of course, I hope the Mets lose tonight and tomorrow, and our Phils win tomorrow. If not, I'll enjoy the game on Sunday - will be the only one I get to see of teh series anyway.

Sometime during the middle of the game they interviewed Davey Lopes in the dugout. He had indicated that next year it would be a possibility that Shane would move over to right and J-dub to left and bring in a new centerfielder instead of looking for a left fielder to replace Burrell. I just thought this was interesting as he was already forecasting Burrell's exit.

Yikes: Randy Wolf has been pretty good too, 6-2, 3.57 in 12 starts since the Astros picked him up. Not that it will do them any good this year.

The weather forecast might be the scoreboard watching we do most over the next few days. Rain outs and very very late nights are a real possibility for both the Queens Mets and our Phils.
Another thing to worry about- our speciality in the Phila. area.

According to ESPN, Mets are first team to lose 6 games at home after having a 4 run lead since the 1894 Cubs.

Not a bad plan. Planning for Burrell's return is a pipe dream, if you ask me.

Witt: I hope that's not the case since Vic's value drops sharply as a rightfielder because 1. His glove has more value in CF and 2. His bat would be near the bottom of all NL rightfielders. And I don't know of too many high-offense centerfielders available. If Lopes is correct, this team's offense will be even worse next season.

Good morning, what a great morning it is even though we lost last night. We need to take care of business against the nats. But i was wondering, where are all the met trolls???????

clout -
Actually, what Myers says squares with what we saw in his pitches. A cause for optimism, I guess. It is interesting that he is that reflective on his pitching. Not a normal BM response.

I also hope that Lopes' plan is not pursued. Unless that CF can really rake, moving Vic to right is a definite drop off from an offense that declined already this year.

Uh Oh!!

Struggling Mets Combine To Form Carlos Voltron

Metsblog has to be a good read today, don't you think?

FA Center fielders (as per MLB Trade Rumors)

Rocco Baldelli (27)
Willie Bloomquist (31)
Mike Cameron (36) - $10MM club option for '09 with a $750K buyout
Jim Edmonds (39)
Jerry Hairston Jr. (33)
Gabe Kapler (33)
Mark Kotsay (33)
Corey Patterson (29)
Scott Podsednik (33)

I think it'd be safer to keep Vic in Center and look for a corner OF.

"Metsblog has to be a good read today"

They have a post there from one of the bloggers saying "If you truly bleed blue and orange, then you have to believe they will (win 4 straight games)."

How does a team from the nation's largest city have fans that sound so cornier than a junior high soccer coach from Iowa?

Rightfully so, real Met fans are taking that post to task, pointing out that actual Met fans expect the worst.

A better option is to keep Pat the Bat.

Pete Happy: Awesome, thanks!

The best line: "Meanwhile, defending a comfortable 600-0 lead in the top of ninth, the Mets decided to rest up Carlos Voltron by moving him to the outfield and replacing him with reliever Aaron Heilman, who lost the lead and eventually the game after giving up 618 runs to close the inning."

An ugly game all around last night. Starting with the "bomb" scare and leading into the Myers-Eyre performance...

I think I saw a few of them step in front of the LIRR.

Myers is now a junkballer who's pedestrian fastball is so straight you can actually look for the curve ball. Hitters are salivating. It is scary to watch him these days. This does not bode well if we are fortunate to advance.

That being said, the offense has got to step up against 2 pretty good lefties, which means J-Dub re-appearing. When he and Rollins contribute, they win. They need to blow the Nats off the face of the earth, not only to win the East, but also to get their mojo back.

Hopefully the rain holds out for them to play tonight in the 4th game. If the Mets lose, we are sitting pretty i think.

I am praying that storm just stops here, i will take the flood just for the mets to play and ahrden to pitch rain free.

Look at it this way at least they are having their mini slump now instead of games 1-3 in the NLDS like last yr.

From Metsblog:

"In a post to his blog for the New York Post, Costello writes about how the Braves celebrated the Mets loss last night, while watching it from their clubhouse in Philadelphia.

According to Costello, as the Cubs scored in the 10th, the Braves began signing ‘Meet the Mets,’ and mocking the Kevin James Lets Go Mets video from Shea Stadium."

I don't like the Braves...but I like them a little more now. I guess we're not the only team who dislikes the Mets. The Braves almost got into a fight on the field with the Phillies and took two of three against a team that humiliated them at home -- yet they cheer a Mets loss and mock them in the clubhouse. Nice.

Lets say the Phils win the division and Mets get the wild card.. someone give me the pitching matchups for games 1-3 in Phils vs. Dodgers.. with Hamels pitching Sunday, and without Hamels pitching Sunday.

If we play the Dodgers
With Hamels pitching Sunday

Game 1 Moyer
Game 2 Hamels
Game 3 Myers

With Happ pitching Sunday

Game 1 Hamels
Game 2 Moyer
Game 3 Myers

IMO, I love Moyer setting the tone IF we need hime to pitch Sunday and if he doesn't i like moyer over myers because i would rather brett pitch away for less pressure. I think last night he just tried to hard to throw strikes and couldn't work the corners because of the pressure and the umpire not giving him close calls.

I missed the fight, or whatever happened, last night. I couldn't watch more than a few batters here and there. Love the story of the Braves mocking the Mets - a team that plays for pride gets my respect. I couldn't even hate Larry Jones last night. The guy just continues to kill us, year after year, regardless of what's at stake. No quit in him.

RB- I loved the Braves when they were in Milwaukee but since Ted Turner & Jane F. and the chop in Hotlanta I have despised them.
Your story makes me hate them a lot less.

Wow, what a disaster. If Mini-A-Rod gets a ball to the outfielder we're talking about a completely different scenario, momentum, etc.

Thankfully I will never have to go back to Shea. Sometimes it's just not your year, and this is just not the Mets year. I'm not quitting on them but I have no hopes/expectations anymore.

Here you take it, no you take it, I don't want it (NL East contenders with the division)

And I guess the Dodgers would go

1. Lowe
2. Billingsley
3. Kuroda

Len39: "This is like watching two athletes walk backwards slowly in a 50 yard dash."

That was some funny stuff. You're right. I would compare it to the Hollywood Hogan / Ultimate Warrior match that WCW put on us about 8 years ago. Two "athletes" in the twilight of their careers. Neither one wanted to win all that badly.

I was at the Mets game last night. What a disaster. But, I'm glad the Mets aren't the only team Chipper picks on.

BobbyD: Dodgers would go Lowe, Kershaw, Billingsley against you guys. Neutralize Utley and Howard. Attempt to anyway.

I really wish we could have won last night. Seems like once we started smacking reyes around cox took him out instantly. I was shocked how it was almost role reversal once reyes came out i thought we would light up their bullpen.

Everyone hates the Mets. The Braves have hated them for years, and the Marlins took great joy in ruining there year last year, too, especially after Reyes' showboating that Saturday. I think the hatred is even more widespread given the way this is being covered nationally...the Mets have almost always been a very unlikable team (except maybe in the Piazza years).

Best part of that Onion article:

Meanwhile, defending a comfortable 600-0 lead in the top of ninth, the Mets decided to rest up Carlos Voltron by moving him to the outfield and replacing him with reliever Aaron Heilman, who lost the lead and eventually the game after giving up 618 runs to close the inning.

Wow, Rollinsrules is back after giving the old "Goodbye Cruel Beerleaguer" a day or two ago.

Anyway, anyone else think if the Phils end up the WC it might be a blessing in disguise in order to start out playing on the road where they seem to step up a little better than at home?

TK: First of all, Reyes didn't showboat. Miguel Oliva is just a hot head. Reyes was excited that they were in a penant race and actually winning. It was a must win game. It's funny that people think Reyes is out of line with his celebrations, but Pujols gets a pass when he stands at home plate for 5 seconds after he hits a home run. But to each their own.

Mets are a very unlikable? Brett Myers beats his wife. Jimmy Rollins throws the Phillies fans under the bus. Chase Utley curses out the Yankee Stadium crowd (he apologized only after he found out the whole world heard). Your fans are drunk, beligerent, physically intimidating (try to be anyway) twits. But we are tough to like? Be fair.

East- Yeah, me too. After all they play better baseball with thier backs against the wall.

EF- My vote is for the Phils to win NL East and the Brewers to be WC.

If the Phils did what the Mets did in '07 there wouldn't be as much sarcastic, mocking coverage as there is for the Mets. Maybe it's a New York thing, cause I feel like the Giants get the same kind of treatment.

I personally don't give a crap about what Reyes does, but apparently other people do. There seems to be a deeper hatred for the Mets within the division.

Oh, and drunk, beligerent, physically intimidating (try to be anyway) twits perfectly describes your prototypical Mets fan.

I think the Hamels game on Tuesday night affected Myers last night. Myers got all amped up about winning last night and put all kinds of extra pressure on himself. We know he's a headcase. He just can't calm himself down and focus on each batter. I think it would have been a different story if Moyer pitched last night (I know it wasn't his turn). This off day comes at a good time - let the Phils regroup, refocus for the last 3 games. Plus they'll get a chance to sit back and watch the Mets/Cubs tonight. And yes, I think the Cubs will put pressure on MLB to get that game in tonight, likely in a steady rain. The Cubs will not want to come back to Shea on Monday to play a game that means nothing to them and could mess up their playoff preparation. It could be one of those epic games played in really bad conditions when crazy things can happen.
It will be interesting to watch.

TK: Oh, and drunk, beligerent, physically intimidating (try to be anyway) twits perfectly describes your prototypical Mets fan.

Give me a break. Even the most staunch Phillies fan would tell you their fans are d-bags. I have witnessed them start a brawl with security, curse at a child, and get in my face and point a finger in my face for no apparent reason. I'm certainly not describing all the Philly fans, but believe me, it's not even close. Philly is the worst.

Nice city though :-)

Technically, the Astros are 3.5 out of the wild card and aren't yet eliminated. While the chances of this happpening are completely remote, the Cubs aren't totally out of the woods yet in terms of playing that game either. Chances are that Houston will be knocked out very soon, but still...

"I have witnessed them start a brawl with security, curse at a child, and get in my face and point a finger in my face for no apparent reason. I'm certainly not describing all the Philly fans, but believe me, it's not even close. Philly is the worst."

That NEVER happens at Shea. You're right. Even the most staunch Mets fans will tell you their fans are d-bags (I can't believe I wrote "d-bag").

The AL might also have to have a make-up game on Monday. The Tigers and White Sox never finished their series scheduled from Sept. 12-14. Detroit may have to go to Chicago Monday if the Sox are 1/2 game up or down to the Twins after Sunday.

What time is the rain supposed to start in Queens? Anyone know?

R.Billingsly: I was at the game in Shea. Sitting in the Mezzanine level with a group of 20 Phillies fans sitting around me. Just came up off the bus from Philly. The were up the whole time screaming in people's faces (mine included - but i don't take cues from brett myers and beat on women), cursing (at children too), and ended up getting thrown out in the 5th inning. But they didn't just leave. The fought security. I have pics on my phone if you'd like.

JW - I think a certain poster's name here is obscene. I don't think it fits with the spirit of Beerleaguer.

R. Bills: Don't think the rain is supposed to start until later in the afternoon. They say the heavy rain won't start until 1AM. That bodes pretty well for getting this game in.

What are you guys expecting?

UD Hens: Come on dude. It's a joke. No different than if someone went by Meet The Mutts. Only a play on words.

It's supposed to start right at 7 and then get worse throughout the night. They'd be smart to move this game up to 3 or 4 oclock. They REALLY need to get this game in.

As for the Phillies, it's annoying they lost two to the Braves with their #'s 1 and 2 (sorta) on the mound, but crap happens. I'll only be really annoyed if they lose the next one to the Nats too.
That said, if we lose 2 of 3 to the Nats but still back into the playoffs, I won't care. I just want to get in. That's all that matters.

Not a drop of rain in the forecast here clear through Sunday.

Brian G: You're right. Getting in is all that matters.

You would think moving the game up to 3 or 4PM would be the way to go, but that is really unfair to the fans and the players as well. Players have lives outside of baseball and the fans make plans to get to these games in the evening. It's not like there is stadium damage (like in Houston) and destruction. I think they will do whatever they can to get this game in tonight. There is more likely to be a problem over the weekend. Tomorrow night's game is probably in trouble already.

Yinzer: Wow. No rain? I may have to move to Philly.

PtPhils: I'm not denying that it happened to you. I'm not saying that Phillies fans don't act like that. They do and it's embarrassing. But Mets fans are the same way. I can play that game too. I've witnessed fights at CBP where Mets fans "start it," my wife and I have been threatened at Shea and had beers and food thrown on us for doing NOTHING. It happens and it's horrible, but to say that Phillies fans are the worst is a gross generalization. That's the part that bothered me about your post. Fan behavior, in general, is ridiculous. If anything, they're equal.

I'm not trying to start a fight (because that would be highly hypocritical of me), but BOTH fan bases are nuts. I live and die with the Phillies, but I would never consider starting a fight at a game or throwing things at people or threatening people, etc. It's crazy. Takes the enjoyment out of the game for me.

That's why I like Beerleaguer. We can discuss the game and I don't have to go to the hospital or change my clothes afterward. :)

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