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Saturday, September 27, 2008


How sweet it is!

Season.Not.Over. !!!!!


Where are all the Mets trolls?

Just popped the champagne cork with my girl


Go Phils!! Now give us the Dodgers so I can go to the game here in L.A.!!!

i like the relaxed approach to the celebration in the clubhouse... THIS AINT OVER.

how awesome is brad lidge?

answer: the awesomest.

For the Mets fans:

The champagne tastes sweeter when you actually win a division... you know... like the Mets have done twice in a row.

er... have = haven't

Lovin' the goggles, Werth!

J-Roll Out of nowhere!!! i just started laughing!!!!!!! Thank you Jason and all of beerleaguer nation lets keep it going!!!!! I think i just aged 10 yrs!!!!! '08 N.L. EAST CHAMPS!!!!! Like jroll said why make it easy its not philly style!!!!

use Eaton tomorrow

No tears this year. We gotta do something with it this time.

"Where are all the Mets trolls?"

Funny, you clinch a division yet the first thing you think about is the Mets. The inferiority complex never ends in Philly.

wow. this is relief and celebration all at the same time.

But, I will be spending a night with a Mets fan, and I plan to make it very clear which one of us supports the division champs.

did just cut the audio?

Haha hey, it's a Mets troll. Lame, you are lame.

jimmy sealed the deal for his '08 gold glove to end the game with that DP.

just like last yr with his tripple in the final game for mvp.

You know, if the Phils weren't so lucky, the Mutts would have clinched back in April.

And if the Mutts didn't SUCK, they wouldn't be battling for the WC.

Teared up last year. Today, feeling relieved.

BACK TO BACK CHAMPS!!!!! WHAT A GREAT FEELING! Bring on the postseason!!!!!!

If the season was 154 games... the Mets would have been the division winners...

And if games were only 6 innings... they would be the champions of fantasy land!!!

Brad Lidge for MVP!!!

Ryan Howard for MVP!!!

Damn, Cubs up 7-3. I would really like to see the Mutts finish out of the playoffs.

Klaus, same.

"Part of the celebration is getting the sting of champagne in your eyes."

last year our championship was getting to the playoffs. this year we want the real championship.

What did Carlos Beltran say again? I can't remember...

J-Roll guarantees... Phils win.
Carlos guarantees... Mets choke again.


Great glovework and another NL East crown. They have to go further than last year.

I'm tipping a Sierra Nevada and it tastes just like a Yuengling!

Great September! Big win by Moyer!

Let the Mutts and Crew slug it out until Monday!

Jamie Moyer has won 16 games!! 16 games!! that is incredible.

Looking back on Beerleaguer the day the Mets signed Santana...

PhillR (our resident Mets fan):
"There is really no escaping this conclusion, the two teams have equivalent offenses however the Mets now have a VASTLY superior rotation. Anyone who thinks Hamels/Moyer is anywhere near as good as Santana/Pedro is quite literally on crack."

It's going to be tough to watch football tomorrow with the wildcard still up for grabs.

Wow, back to back.

Only other time the team has made the playoffs in consecutive years in the 126 year history was the Schmidt/Carlton era. Wow.

I've got one Yuengling left from a case I brought out West when I moved. I was saving it for a special occasion. This fits the bill.

Rollins glove saved the game. Twice. Sweet.

Moyer is a beast. Anyone think he sticks around to shoot for 250 wins...he's getting pretty close now.

we're not finished.

let's get going.

today is a good day

Man, I am going to get drunk

so happy for moyer to pitch the clincher and win like last yr.

nice, The Cuz on phillies post game!

Moyer will be back.

1 down, 11 to go. Let's finish the job this year.

Wow... going back and reading the Santana threads and I'm generally disappointed by Beerleaguer. Even our fearless leader, Jason, was conceding the division to the Mets while the rest of the list was sure the WC was going out west.

We sure were feeling sorry for ourselves that day.

Yet here we are. With another crown. Pat Gillick deserves a lot of credit whether many on here want to give it to him or not. Charlie Manuel deserves a lot of credit whether many on here want to give it to him or not.

This team desevres a TON of credit. And we can all agree they should get it!


Honestly how could Moyer not come back? The only way I could see him retiring is if we won the WS.

I think Jamie sticks around for at least one more, maybe two, because the HOF is tantalizingly close for him right now, based on what he's been able to do since age 30.

Hey phillies, way to win one for Cool Hand Luke!

2 in a row... Still can't believe it. After all those years not being able to finish its great to watch a team that finishes well. Now for tomorrow: Everybody sits! Whoo-hoo!

I am so looking forward to seeing what the lineup looks like tomorrow. It will be the first anxiety-free game I've watched in the last month.

Players I want to see tomorrow:
SP: Happ
RP: Eaton, Walrond, Kendrick, Seanez, Condrey

C: Marson (ML Debut!)
1B: Howard (Go for 50 HRs!)
2B: Iguchi
SS: Bruntlett
3B: Cervanek
OF: Golson
OF: Taguchi
OF: Jenkins

Go Phillies!

This just in....Jerry Koosman gets the nod for tomorrow's pivotal Mets/Marlins tilt. "I'm looking for someone that can give me 7 strong, and he's really rested" - Jerry (don't call me Charlie) Manuel.

Moyer as a Phillie: 35-21 in 74 starts.

If he were to pitch a couple more seasons and get to around 270 wins, he'd get some HoF consideration. Though its a tough argument for actually getting in...especially when guys like Blylevin aren't in. Jamie is the epitome of the good to very good but not ever elite pitcher...

It depends on how much weight you give to longevity.

Harry start singing High Hopes yet?

Golson - CF
Bruntlett - SS
Dobbs - 3B
Jenkins - RF
Iguchi - 2B
Marson - C
Cervenak - 1B
Taguchi - LF
Kendrick - P

That probably won't happen, but it would be interesting to see how it would play out against the Nats. Probably 0-0 until a pinch hitter wins it in the bottom of the 9th with a home run.

Hey BAP.

Are you able to enjoy this? I know that the Phils are going to get swept in three - by scores of 22-0 each game, but I'm assuming that your pessimism doesn't dull the pleasure of this win?

I think we should start the Jamie for HOF now. You are supposed to judge a person's career not just by the overall numbers, but by his peers. It's a different, hitter-friendly game now. Plus, I guarantee BB writers would love to vote for Jaime, because he's so likable & professional.

this has been a pleasure. I must now go eat. See everyone on Wednesday at the latest to start the playoffs out on the right foot.

The Phillies were 22-11 in Moyer's starts this season...damn.

What happened to THe DUde? Season=Over????

Moyer is clearly in the "hall of very nice He played the game right fame". The actual Hall is pushing it much as I love watching the man work. There are worse pitchers in the Hall though.

Moyer's final line:
16-7, 3.71 ERA.

Jamie Moyer- 16-7 3.71 ERA. at age 45. Amazing

BP's Phillies Playoff Odds (to be posted): 100%

Jamie Moyer is actively hurting this team...

Congrats guys, they deserved it. They beat the lesser teams while the Mets couldn't.

haha myers dumping champagne on hugh douglas head while yelling "you dont know what this feels like, do you!"

Props to Pops and the Phightins. Props to Beerleaguer.

Like Kool Earl, I will be getting blasted....well, more blasted.

Huzzah for the Phils! Throughout the year I may have questioned players' plate discipline, leadership qualities, health, and punctuality, but I never questioned their desire to win!

Here's>Harry Kalas' great call to end the game!

Last year I was at the ball park...this time I was at home.

What a FEELING!!!

Yea. Where are all the naysayers? Any complaints about moves Cholly made today?

Not that it matters, because THE PHILS WON!!

Always nice to see the players MILF wives + girlfriends. Tremendous rack on Burrell's wife. Good work Pat.

CJ: Good post. You kept the faith.

NEPP: Let the record show that Moyer has come up big two years in a row in crucial must-win late season games. And pitched well against the Rockies in the playoffs.

So anyone up for a stat breakdown between Rowand and Victorino in CF? Last I checked Vic beat him in every category other than RBIs.

OPS+ not counting today's games:

Vic: 103
Rowand: 98

clout: Let the record show that Moyer has come up big two years in a row in crucial must-win late season games. And pitched well against the Rockies in the playoffs.

Clout, I'm confused a bit. I'm not bashing Moyer at all...I've been praising him the entire thread...and all year and since we traded for him.

Does anyone know what ever happened to Philscast hosted by John Infanti? There hasn't been a Philscast podcast since August...

Mike Cunningham: Thanks for the Harry call. It just isn't the same without him.

I know there were complaints about Juan Samuel's wall of fame...

But you better engrave that plaque RIGHT now to put in Center Field for The Fossil!

"With (Santana), now, I have no doubt that we're going to win in our division" - Carlos Beltran

Tomorrow's game is going to be the greatest game ever, isn't it?

This is the part where I pour a big bottle of champagne on you, the reader. Thank you once again for another incredible season here on Beerleaguer, and I look forward to seeing you in October. Go Phils!

"Hey phillies, way to win one for Cool Hand Luke!"

Good one, Lekh!

As for Moyer returning, it makes sense for the team and the player to keep doing one year deals until his arm falls off. One of these years he's gonna be old and then you'll have to eat a year (maybe less) of his contract. Compare that with eating 3 years of Adam Eaton and that would seem like a bargain. As long as Jamie's on board, I think that's how it will go.

NEPP: And I'm agreeing with you!

I'M SO FREAKIN' HAPPY!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D


Ryan Howard could have used one more signature moment today because he's not going to get one tomorrow. Winning another division title, however, will certainly help him. The Cubs have no real contender for MVP... the Dodgers' best choice is Manny, but he didn't play enough games. And you're hard-pressed to find one from either the Mets or Brewers considering the way they've backed in.

sorry clout, you jump on me alot so its hard to tell. I've been looking over HoF pitchers historically and Moyer would not have the worst numbers of a HoF if he were inducted. If he were a career Yankee he'd probably be a shoe-in. He's got better numbers than Catfish Hunter for example...

I believe I pointed out that the Mets trolls were prematurely gloating back in the Santana trade days.

Clinch was no cinch, but all is good in the hood.

This is why I vowed to never give up on this team, they come through.

NEPP: I agree. I thought the comparison to Blyleven was apt. Both great pitchers who pitched a long time, mostly for mediocre teams in out of the way markets. Had they pitched in NY or LA they'd be shoo-ins for the Hall.

2008: 91-70, CLINCHED, up 2

2007: 88-73, tied

1980: 91-70, CLINCHED, up 2

BTW. One of the biggest hits (arguably) of the entire year? That run-scoring double in the bottom of the eighth, giving the Phils that insurance run. Imagine the devastation had Lidge had his one blown save of the year tonight - setting up a chance that the Phils could blow a playoff spot.

Funny, I can't remember who hit that double, though. Geez, clout thinks he knows everything, maybe he can let me know who hit that double.


A win tomorrow and the Phils hit my predicted win total. Given the circumstances, I couldn't care less about whether they hit it.

I said 93 but I'll take the Division Title.

Looks like Howard's no going to get 200K (and won't lead the league). I think back in August, he was on a pace for 230.

phlipper: Wow... Phils clinch the division and you want to bring up Pedro Feliz? You really do need to get over yourself.

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