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Friday, September 26, 2008


That picture of Blanton has an incredibly eerie resemblance to the Sta Puft Marshmallow Man, particularly right when the streams are being crossed.

Per Jon Heyman...

Gillick may decide to stand pat in Philly

There's a lot of scuttlebutt that Phillies GM Pat Gillick, who's still one of the best in the business, may not retire after all. Publicly, Gillick has maintained he planned to retire. But several baseball people said they believe the decision has not been made and that Gillick may indeed change his thinking and return to run the Phillies.

I wonder if making a World Series appearance would make him want to stay. I have to think this would be a good thing, consider it's looking like the alternative would be Ruben Amaro Jr.

Meaningless stat-

Tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of his last game. Oh, if only we could have an anniversary of him leaving the front office.

Uh, him being Ruben Amaro, Jr.

I'll stop posting and go back to reading.

I've heard a lot of suggestion that Brian Cashman would be taking over the Phils next year... but it's becoming increasingly clear that he'll be back with the Yanks next season.

Mike. I'm surprised. You should know better. You never cross the beams. It would be bad.

He looks like Cy Young to me- Go Phillies!

Andy - I'm fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean, "bad"?

'hawk - I'm thinking, about now, Gillick stays on another four years. That would be "bad."

('hawk, your response, of course, was 100% correct and I rolled briefly on the floor remembering that it was the next line.)

Andy: You sir, have never stared down Gozer and an interdimensional gate then.

Dork outburst over. Back to baseball.

Since we are posting look alikes I'm thinking he looks a lot like this

It's crappy up here in New England. What's the chance of getting the game in back at home?

Maybe he should leave his teeth in when he pitches...give his breaking ball more bite.

Overcast - No rain in So Jersey

Speaking of the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man... anyone see The Office last night?

Michael (Steve Carrell) is talking about fat things that are beautiful and he puts up a picture of Jabba the Hutt, the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man and Fat Elvis as part of the "Body Image Celebration."

Last night's rainout and the juggling of the Nats rotation means tonight really is the most crucial game of the series for this reason: The Nats are throwing their worst pitcher and he's the only righty the Phils will face. Howard & Uts must come up big and Cholly must start Dobbs.

If the Phils lose tonight that means they face must-win games against two straight lefties, lefties who are better than the 2 Atlanta lefties who just beat them. Lannan held the Phils to 2 runs in 6 IP the last time he faced them. Perez gave up 3 in 5, but he's wildly inconsistent and can be very tough when he's on.

A win tonight relieves that pressure.

Seriously guys, could a team like this ruin our playoff chances? Really?

CJ - I don't watch that show, but that's truly brilliant comedy right there.

JW - Great image.

Phils need some offensive fire-power tonight.

Goofy thread given that tonight is debate night. I'm taking dorkiness in another direction. Which Phillie is most like Obama? McCain? I'd say Obama is a lot like J-Roll circa 2007, smooth with flashes of power, but prone to coming up small because of ridiculous expectations. McCain is like Gillick. Old as dirt and likes to keep dragging old friends around with him.

Volstad has only pitched against the Mets once this year: he went 6+ and allowed only 1 R/ER on 5 hits and 3 walks. He's young but only thrown ~78 IP this year. I have to admit, it's a little fun rooting for the Marlins. Their offense can clearly bomb with the best of them, and they have these great young pitchers.

haven't posted in a while... been on vacation... lack of internet access while moving to a new apartment... etc...

I'd like a sweep so I don't have to worry about what any other team does. I'll be at the game on Sunday. I saw the clincher last year. But my body and mind is asking that we're sewn up before game time on Sunday.

Lets win tonight.


As the AL got crazier, the NL got calmer. Wins by the Mets and Brewers all but eliminated the Astros, whose season will end with their next loss or the next win by either of the other two teams. Those wins did not come easily; the Mets climbed out of 3-1 and 6-3 holes to beat the Cubs' B team in 7-6 final in a game won in the ninth. The Brewers had to go 10 innings to beat the Pirates' A team—not quite as good as the Cubs' B team—and for the second time in the series, won with a walk-off homer against a Quadruple-A pitcher with less than 70 innings of MLB experience. As much as we're all focused on the decisions made by Lou Piniella, it's worth nothing that managers around the game make curious personnel decisions when the game matters more to their opponents than it does to them.

Thought this was a little funny

TK - Great post on the Nats. So in summary:

- Nats' ownership classic, maniac micromanagers compounded by being real spendthrifts including personnel raises. This is a GUARANTEED recipe for low morale, griping, employee flight, and a dsyfucntional organization

- Bowden took a middling approach by signing hasbin second-tier FAs who all flamed out this year and making some pretty dubious decisions to extend a few other contracts.

- Nats' didn't sign their #1 first round pick and continue to cut massive corners with player development.

- Fan interest in lukewarm at best as evidenced by ticket sales, radio, and TV ratings but confirms what most long-time fans of baseball already knew - that DC can't support a MLB team and MLB should have just folded the Expos if they were going to be serious about supporting them in Montreal.

@MG -- agreed regarding folding, although, MLBPA and umpires would have had something to say about that. unfortunately with the new stadium, they are forced to keep the team there.

Although a solution to contraction would be to have 26 man rosters and the NL adds the DH which could have placated the MLBPA.

It's a shame that the Nats' game last night got rained out. We were set to face Martis on Sunday, who is a rookie and really, really bad.

I am shaking with anticipation. Strange sidenote: Two guys I work with ran into Vic in a JG Wentworth office this morning. Sort of crazy to think that on a day like today those guys are still out doing normal, human, day-to-day activities.

This is the decisive game!

Let's go PHILLSSS!!!

@Deutsche -- It's Vic's Money and He wants it now.

So... what if the Phils were facing the Marlins this weekend and the Mets were facing the Nats? I dobut anyone here would want to change places.

The Marlins are a good team. Hell... they're just a half game behind the Dodgers!

I swear to God if Lannan comes inside on Uts this weekend, I may just jump through the TV and smash him with a coffee mug. That no-good SOB.

Sorry, having some flashbacks......

@Deutsche -- It's Vic's Money and He wants it now.

If he's smart, he's buying gold. with an article about Charlie getting mad at the Phils for the last two games.

cj, "im so glad i bought instead of rented"

(in reference to the office and the fat suit)

Lineups are in... and we're back to lefty-lefty.


They got to try hard to get this game in tonight. If they have to play stacked up games Sat., Sun. or even Monday would wreck havoc with the bullpen. Knowing the chances that Blanton and Moyer don't give past 6 innings.

Anyway, this is the bed they made. The good news: these situations are when we see the best Phillies baseball.

Do the Nats really have a LOOGY?

I guess this is because of Werth's recent struggles as well.

CJ: Thank God he's got Dobbs in there. I think CM went back to Utley-Howard because Howard's been decent vs. LHP lately.

The posted lineup makes no sense.
The Phils face lefties Sat and Sun, and Werth has been seriously slumping the past week. He should be given a rest, not batting #2.

Stairs should get the start versus the righty, and the hot Dobbs should slot in behind Howard.

I would also like to move Vic up to #2.

T Mac: Stairs would be a big downgrade defensively, but I'd be tempted to do it, given Werth's recent struggles (.229 in his last 48 ABs).

No Zimmerman for them is a good thing.

Marlins starting the full lineup against the Mets, Hanley included.

Cubs lineup not up yet.

Anyone else terrified by this weekend?

Totally terrified. Of course, the Phils are facing a AA lineup. Seriously. Aside from Lastings and whatever is left of Guzman's career year, this lineup is a joke.

Err . . . I mean, these guys are world-beaters, right BAP?

Cubs lineup pretty good. Soriano, Lee, Soto, Aram all in.

1 2 3

I loved that inning.

Marlins score 1 against Cy Pelfrey.

"this lineup is a joke. "

You know what that normally means?

I'm more than terrified.

Marlins up 1-0. No outs, 1 on,

if you are scared then get drunk

Three straight hits against Cy Pelfrey.

Florida 1 - Mets 0

0 outs

Wow. When was the last time Stay Puft threw three grounders in one inning.

And the Fish are already winning. Amazing.

Cantu doubles, second and third no outs.

C'mon Phils!

koolearl - No caps already. You been hittin the sauce, buddy?

sophist: This is just the kind of young, hungry lineup we need to be scared of. I'd rather be facing the 1927 Yankees than this Nats lineup.

Bags jammed at Shea.

I'm ok with starting Werth. Stairs' defense would kind of scare me in a game like this. And even when Werth doesn't hit, he still has the ability to get on base.

aight werth

"I'd rather be facing the 1927 Yankees "

I'm guessing that you're honest in that assessment mainly because we probably could do really well off 25 dead guys.

aight utz

2 - 0 in NY.


So far, so good.

I guess that's about a good a start as we could ask for...



I loved seeing the grin on Burrell's face for a second before he put the game-face back on.

A'ight. I'll take that.

3-0 here, 2-0 there.

Anyone wanna complain about PtB swinging at a 2-0 pitch against this guy?

Okay. Good start. Someone remind the Doughboy not to give those runs back right away.

That Howard with some more meaningless RBI's.

I don't care if Ryno only finishes at .250 - if he carries them this series (he's already part-way there) and the Phillies win the East, he should be MVP. He's going to finish with at least 10 more home runs and at least 15 more rbi than any other player in the majors, while lifting an essentially .500 team to new heights in September and punching their playoff ticket nearly single-handedly.

I would love to see the ball tracker on that HR.

For the record, if the game can't make it to the 5th, they'll pick up where they left off score-wise, right?

Pelfrey has turned into a good starter but you would think from the Mets' fans that he is some kind of dominant frontline starter. Maybe he matures into one over the next 2 years or so but he isn't there right now.

Part of me wants to go log onto Mets Blog right now and start writing the same type of juvenile posts that they are so fond of posting here. But then I remember that both these games are a long way from over.

If Blanton can't find the plate now, I'll be pissed.

I'm pissed.

Ugh. Back to back hits from Murphy & Wright. Mets are threatening.

Can't we shut them down once without giving up a run after scoring.

Fish get out of bases loaded jam.

Come on Blanton you worthless fat pig!!! Its the freaking Nationals!!!

My hope is to turn on the game Sunday and see this lineup:

1. Golson CF
2. Bruntlett SS
3. Jenkins RF
4. Stairs LF
5. Feliz 3B
6. Coste 1B
7. Marson C
8. Taguchi 2B
9. Happ P

How many mental mistakes in that inning? Walking Dukes; passed ball; fastball down the middle to a AA player with a 1-2 count.

That run is more or less on some lazy play by Ruiz (less rather than more.) Dukes is out at second if he doesn't advance on the PB.

Well, Mets didn't score. Phils are facing a punchless lineup. If they just keep at it and put more than 5 on the board, that should be sufficient.

Cue the music from the Natural.

If "Kentucky Joe" can actually handle the weak bottom portion of the lineup, there really is no reason why he can't give the Phils 6 tonight.

This guy Balester throws about 65% FB this year.

Sophist, those last two curves are why.

In fact, I am predicting 6 1/3 from Blanton tonight with 3 runs and a W if the offense comes through with their part.


Hmmm...With any team other than the Phils this would be promising.

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