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Tuesday, September 30, 2008




I will be at the game tomorrow. The last time I saw the Phillies in the playoffs was Game 5 of the 93' World Series and Schilling threw a gem. Hoping Cole can repeat that against Milwaukee.

I hope this is nothing...

"Pat Burrell felt some discomfort in his lower back on a swing during batting practice today at Citizens Bank Park. He immediately left the batting cage and walked into the clubhouse.

He will be evaluated tomorrow.

No other information is available

Why not us?!

Hamels-led Phils win tomorrow, 4-1.

*siren noises*

Should I start the "Start Dobbs against the righty Gallardo" chant?

Or maybe the "Work the Count" chant?

By the way, it looks like the Brewers have only two LHP in their 'pen. I'm guessing we'll see Werth-Utley-Howard tomorrow.

While I am still glad the Phils are matched up against the Brewers in the NLDS, I kind of wish they had played in LA because I would have been at Dodger Stadium for Game 3.

MG - What do you think is the most likely NLCS matchup?

Sophist - Given I hadn't had a bunch of time to look at all at these teams or watch much baseball lately. I say Cubs in 4 over the Dodgers (in a series that is much closer than people think especially if good playoff Lowe turns up) and Phils in 4.

Then again I thought the Phils would win in 5 last year against the Rockies so take that with a grain of salt.

Quick comment: I disagree with the move to keep Happ instead of Seanez. As I've mentioned many times before, the Brewers are much better against lefty pitchers than righties, mostly because the bats in their lineup are righties, with the exception of Fielder (Braun, Hart, Weeks, Hardy, Hall, Cameron all bat from the right side). As it is now, we only have 2 real righty set-up guys with Durbin and Madson (sorry, but I just don't feel comfortable with Condrey in any sort of serious situation), but 3 lefties. Personally, I would have been more comfortable with 3 righties (Madson, Durbin, Seanez) and only the 2 lefties. Against this lineup, you really only need a lefty for one batter (Fielder; maybe Ray Durham), so you ought to be able to get through, say, the 7th-11th innings with your two lefties, each being used once against Fielder.

I know this is sort of nitpicking, but it makes sense to me.

Of course, the wild card here is Lidge. If you're not gonna keep Seanez as a righty option, to me Charlie HAS to be willing to use Lidge for more than 3 outs if the situation dictates it. I know that's playing with fire a little bit, considering Lidge's inconsistency recently, but at some point you gotta use your best arm in the biggest situations, and trust him to do more than one inning of work.

Also, I get that Happ is being kept in some regard as insurance for Myers being shaky. To me, sacrificing a real bullpen spot for starting pitching insurance is a weakness. Either you have bad starters, or you've mismanaged your roster.

Lurker loving what you've given us Weitzel. Since Beerleaguer started no other outlet has provided me with more Phillies news or discussion. You've really picked up the torch Bill Conlin droped when he died in the war of 1812.

Well, I wont be at game one this year, but I'm still skipping class none the less to watch... I have game 5 tickets, potential game 1or3 of the NLCS if us Phillians are so lucky...

anyone else f*!@ing excited!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

im pretty siked

lets go fightins! clap clap clapclapclap!

I also have tickets for "home game 2" in LA and was hoping to see the Phils here. I guess I'll be seeing the Dodgers on Sunday assuming they don't get swept.


I can't sleep, so I decided to think up what I thought were the top 10 games of the season.

1. Phils overcome 7-0 defecit to beat Mets in late August

2. The So Taguchi Game. Phils come back and win at Shea in late July

3. Sunday Night Baseball Dodger game at home. Incredible defensive plays and great clutch hitting by Peter Happy, including an extra innings walk off. By far the best non-Mets game.

4. Ryan Howard hits a 3 run bomb off of Mike Gonzalez in Atlanta. Phils 8 Braves 7

5. The clinching game with the iconic double play.

6. Sunday Night Baseball Cardinals game in St. Louis. Shane hits a pinch hit bomb and Lidge walks the tightrope to close it.

7. Shane guns down the tying run at home to preserve a crazy win over the Braves in June.

8. Phils score 4 in the 9th to win 4-3 over the Astros in April.

9. Pat the Bat 3-2 walk off over the Giants in May

10. Utley hits two bombs and Bruntlett makes game saving play in win over Mets on Sunday night in April.

Honorable mention: Florida game on June 1 where they were trailing 5-1 and doing nothing right. But there was no panic, they got some really timely hits, including a Geoff Jenkins PH HR, and Pat the Bat had the game winning hit in the 7th, with Gordon and Lidge nailing down the 8th and 9th. I thought this game epitomized the whole season. This team feels they are never out of it and they are always confident that they can come back. And unlike prevoius years, they have pitching to compliment their confident attitude (signified by the bullpen shutting the door). Put it all together and you get 92 wins and a ton of hope and optimism going into October. It's been a long season and I sure as hell haven't been even keeled over it. So why start now? This is gonna be fun. GO PHILS.

Long time reader, first time poster. first off JW, i personally want to thank you for this sight because for phans that aren't in the Philly area this is the best gift in the world to have a place to go and discuss the Phils with passionate fans.

GO PHILS! LETS GET A WIN! u can bet i'll b watching tomorrow, cheering right along with all of you.

"Mrs. J.R." made me promise to DVR the game and wait until she gets home from work at 5:30 to watch it. It will be the longest 2 hours and 30 minutes of my life.

Congrats to the Phils!
I am a Metsfan, but not a hater. It has taken me a while to get over the post season blues, but I wish you guys all the best (I am a Baseball fan first, Mets fan Second, and NL East fan third).

I loved how, though most of the Phillies Phans had thrown the team under the bus right before your Brewers series, that the TEAM never gave up, and did what it had to do in the last 10 Days of the season.

I hope my Mets build a video library of how to stick it out til the end, and if so, it will be stocked with Phillies video.

I hope you go deep in the playoffs, which will make beating you in 09 all the sweeter!

"Of course, the wild card here is Lidge. If you're not gonna keep Seanez as a righty option, to me Charlie HAS to be willing to use Lidge for more than 3 outs"

Jack is exactly right.

There won't be too many important managerial decisions, but Cholly has to extend the back end of the pen, meaning Durbin into the sixth, Madson into the seventh, and Lidge into the eight, if necessary.

It's been painful watching Madson work through the heart of oppositions order in the eighth while Mr. Perfect lounges in the pen. Madson is not ideal against a righty heavy lineup.

Oh, and here's hoping we don't see Joe Blanton enter as a reliever with the bases loaded!

Regarding Seanez: Remember that last year the Phillies only kepts 6 relief pitchers on the postseason roster. The only time Seanez was really used during the regular season was when either (1) the game was out of reach or (2) the better arms (e.g., Durbin and Madson) were unavailable because they were overworked. Madson and Durbin won't be overworked in the playoffs, because of the off days, so Seanez was not needed. Although no one is saying it, it seems pretty clear to me that Happ is being carried on the roster just in case a starter blows up early.

Still have an extra 3 tickets to Game 1 if anyone is interested.

Yo, new thread.

Lidge hasn't pitched in the 8th inning all year. No reason to start now.

Although he's gotten the job done all year, Lidge too often is a very inefficient pitcher. Leaving him out there for two innings could take about 50 pitches and leaving him inoperable for a couple days.

Bottom line is that the bridge to Lidge has to get their job done.

I'll be there today. It's not even 11:00 but 3:00 pm seems way too far away. This is the first post-season I've gotten to be part of (I'm only 21), and it's unbelievable. Ryan Madson better bring his A-game if we're not pitching Seanez.

Rule #76: No Excuses, Play Like a Champion.


Back when a lot of people were breaking their ankles jumping off of the bandwagon, I reported that I had a hunch this season might yet produce one of the Phils (all too rare) "shining moments."

Well, here we are... I think we have a better all around team than Milwaukee, and (assuming Myers delivers) that we can go toe to toe with the Cubs. Be of good cheer, Beerleaguers: it may be a little cloudy today, but the Sun is preparing to shine on your Phillies. Big time.

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