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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Weather screwing over our bitter rivals and our competition to the World Series??

I'll allow it.

It makes no sense that they didn't move the game up to earlier in the day today. There's pretty much no way they get the game in if they start it at 7, so it's almost definite that the Cubs and Mets are going to have to play on Monday. Is that really preferable to inconveniencing the fans for one day by having a game 4 hours earlier? Will the Cubs play any of their starters if that happens?

I agree with Brian G - with the weather coming and Thursday being a getaway day, I don't see why they didn't move the game up a few hours.

The ground crew is most likely preparing the field as we speak. Weather wise from 7-10 there is a 30% chance of rain and from 10 through the night it increases from 60% through 80%. PLAY BALL BOYS!

Anyone going anywhere to watch the game??? I have a few places in mind but am wondering where everyone will be.

Easier said than done. You're talking about changing the schedule not only for teams and fans, but the entire workforce involved in stadium operations.

That's true, Jason, but I think I remember a game being moved up a year or two ago before an on-coming tropical storm . . . anybody else remember that?

The Phillies played the Dodgers in a constant heavy rain with the commissioner there in the playoffs years back. He just sat there and they just kept playing.

Not that I would wish that on the cubs, but just sayin'

Yeah, I think the logistics of moving the game up are probably impossible.

A DH on Sunday would create a mess. I imagine that Moyer & Hamels would pitch -- which would work havoc with our playoff pitching schedule.

I mentioned this yesterday, but to reiterate...the Phils had to wait until 1:30 AM to start a game in DC on the final Thursday of '06. I'm sure the Cubs have no desire to play a game on Monday and would hate to fly back out to NY two days before their first playoff game, so I would think they want to get the game in tonight at all costs, no?

Chris: If we're think about the same storm then I think that was in September 2003, I forgot the the name of the storm though.

The idea that Harden might not pitch until the playoffs with a rain out is huge for the Phils. Harden, even in 5 innings, beats Pedro tonight. Going into the weekend 2 up is an entirely different scenario then going in 1 up.

FYI, in 2006 the Red Sox announced with 24-hour notice that their Sept 2 game would be moved up from 7:05 to 1:05 because of the arrival of Tropical Storm Ernesto . . . it is possible to do such things.

With this being the last weekend of the season the Mets and MLB should have done everything possible to get this game in. Hopefully the rain will hold up and they'll get the game in . . . entering the postseason with a crazy set of make-up games is not good for anyone.

Chris - that was the final game of the 3-game set at the Vet between the Phils and Marlins. The game was moved up and played in the afternoon with a lot of wind. It moved the Phils - who took 2 out of 3 in the series - just 1/2 game behind Florida. But they only won twice more that season afterwards - going 2-7 in their final 9 and 1-7 in their final 8.

BAP: I would hope that they wouldn't have to throw both Hamels and Moyer on Sunday.

We really need the Mets to lose tonight so we can start Happ over the weekend. Having Myers and Hamels available to pitch on solid rest would be a nice plus for this team.

Also, if tomorrow is a rainout, then we have to throw Moyer Saturday and move Blanton back to Sunday.

The Mets/Cubs game should have been a day game, but instead they scheduled it a night game. I remember when a hurricane was rolling into Florida a few years back the Marlins/Phils game start time was bumped up in an attempt to beat the weather. The same should be done today.

PS - it was 2003 and was Hurricane Isabel

I would hope that they wouldn't have to throw both Hamels and Moyer on Sunday.

We really need the Mets to lose tonight so we can start Happ over the weekend. Having Myers and Hamels available to pitch on solid rest would be a nice plus for this team.

Also, if tomorrow is a rainout, then we have to throw Moyer Saturday and move Blanton back to Sunday.

Sorry for the double post, my internet at work doesn't like Beer Leaguer for some reason..

Everyone just relax. It is Pedro vs. Harden, with not a high chance of rain until 10 PM in the shea stadium area. Also if i am correct and please add more names to the list the mets bullpen available is kinda slim. I would assume the only guys available tonight for the mets are feliciano, parnell, heilman and maybe just maybe ayala?? So with that being said they are relying solely on pedro to pitch a gem.

I think they'll make every effort possible to get this game in. If they plan to make it up on Monday, that could really screw up the one-game playoffs. Imagine if they have to make up this game on Monday and then the Phils, Mets and Brewers all tie. Then it's Phils-Mets on Tuesday and the winner vs. the Brewers on Wednesday... the day the playoffs are supposed to start. MLB does NOT want to push back the start of the playoffs.

I'm more concerned about the prospect of a Saturday or Sunday doubleheader for us.

I can't relax right now. For one thing I've talked so much junk to my friends that are Mets fans about choking that it would be a catastrophe in my life for that to happen to deez Phils.

I understand that the Mets need their starters to throw complete games every time out to win. I will just feel a lot more secure if Harden can go out and beat them tonight, which will all but wrap it up for us.

More importantly, I think Hamels will really benefit from some extra rest. He needs it mentally more than physically. If he feels rested in his own head, I think he can go out and throw a real gem in the wildcard round.

mvptommyd: Hope you are right. The way I read it is that postponing tonight's game would give the Mets and their BP a breather, and that they would later face not Harden, but a weaker Cubs pitcher and starting lineup. Am I missing something? Are the Mets groundskeepers using soaker hoses to get a head start on the rain?

But wouldn't the Cubs not want to come back on Monday? And don't they have a say in it, like the Brewers did for the rainout in Philly a few weeks ago?

TK: If the game between the Mets and the Cubs is postponed and come Monday the Mets are a half game ahead or behind a playoff spot, the Cubs will have no choice but to come play.

The only reason the Brewers had a choice was because playing on their off-day would violate the rules against consecutive games played without a day off. They didn't have a choice on whether to play... they had a choice on when to play.

How about they play about 3 innings, each scoring about 6 runs, chasing the starters and wrming up a couple relievers, then there's a torrential downpour and they have to completely postpone the game, burning several pitchers and then starting all over from scratch on Monday.

I could live with that.

More likely they'll just call it after a rain delay at the start. It will amount to a day of rest for the Mets' bullpen (as if that matters).

CJ - You mean the loser on Wed. vs. the Brewers.

CJ, got it.

Here's another scenario to think about: The Mets have the playoffs locked up but are a half game back of the Phillies on Monday. A win against the Cubs and they tie for the division and thus win the division in a tiebreaker. There any way they don't play that game and rest everyone for two days and concede the division?

Andy: Correct. Thanks.

If Houston wins their next 4 they get to 84 and 74. If Milwaukee and NY loose 3 of 4, they are at 88 and 74. This makes Chicago go to Houston to play the hurricane game - right? Can't see it happening, but you never know.

I am watching the Mets lose again as I write this. You almost feel sorry for them, how much can a team fail like they have when they've needed to come through.

Thank god, it looks as if the Phils will be 2 full games up with 3 to play as of the bottom of the 7th inning from Shea tonight!

So much for small miracles, the Mets live...

I don't like this, I don't like it at all!

We absolutely, positively, definitely need the Marlins' help this weekend.

I think Hamels' Sunday start just got moved up from evening to 1:35pm. Can anybody verify this change?

Well a little bit more help from the weather god for you Phils. The Marlins get a free day off to rest while the Mets have been playing straight since Sept 12th.

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