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Friday, September 19, 2008


Fish Fry Friday.

I'm expecting a sweep to complete a 10 game win streak I predicted 8 days ago. Myers is locked in, more so than any of our starters, and Pat will have a huge game.

No other team in baseball worries me quite like the marlins.

They all seem to personally hate the phillies and can all hit home runs.

Just don't get swept!

These Fish are dangerous. Phils gotta take it one pitch at a time tonight. Hope Myers can bounce back from pitching on short rest in his most recent start.

I hope vegas is right but I agree with Sam.

Wheeler giving his insight on DNL: Just don't throw these guys (Marlins) fastballs middle-in: that's right in their wheelhouse. /groan

Tonight's a great opportunity to make a statement. The Braves sweep actually gives us a bit of leeway because, frankly, it's tough to sweep anyone, no matter how bad they are. There's been a lot of suggestion that winning each of our last 4 series (8-4 overall) would get us into the playoffs. It may... although I'd feel a lot better about 9-3 or 10-2. But if 8-4 is the number, than we're 3 wins of the way there!

This series is a huge one but thankfully the spoilers play the Mets as well and I expect them to gun for them as hard as they will us. I'll be personally happy with one out of three- though I honestly expect us to pull out two wins. Why? We have the momentum and that counts a ton. Though I disagree Pat's not going to be rocking it for sometime. I've been getting word he's been spotted out and about the city getting his drink on pretty hardcore as of late. I for one saw him throwing back more then a few at a notorious after hours club a few weeks back and please don't take that as me judging him. It just seems to coincide with his slump.

Gotta win tonight, because we have no idea what Blanton will give us tomorrow.

Moyer usually pitches the Fish well, but they finally beat him last time.

Of course, everything you think will happen with this team, doesn't--and everything that seems impossible, is realized. If you've put money down on this team to do anything at any point this season (except in relation to the Braves, it would seem), you've probably lost quite a chunk of change.

My prediction:
"90-72 if Hamels and Myers combine for 380 innings, which I think they will. We win the division again.

Jimmy has a huge dropoff from last year. Chase falls back some from last season's remarkably high production, but Howard wins the MVP running away."

I'm gonna end up close on wins and division obviously is within reach. And my predictions (althought not exactly bold) are right on except Howard looks like he got started too late. Dang it.

vegas: Do you think the Marlins and Braves are about equal?

STATEMENT SERIES - both teams coming in red hot...only difference is the pressure is on the Phils.

Marlins play (and have for the past 4 years) like they have absolutely nothing to lose. Phils have to defend 1st place this weekend and I think we'll be ok.

Anyone seeing Utley getting hot this series? I think he's due for one of those 4 for 5 games with a couple doubles.

I see us getting swept before we sweep them. But I'll gladly take a sweep and if the Phils were finally able to win a series against these Fish, I'll feel a lot better about their chances of making the postseason and actually making some noise once they get there.

I don't know whether Burrell is gonna snap out of it, but I had a feeling he would 2 nights ago when he lined into a double play. So bad that 2 outs on one swing looks like a turnaround, and last night kinda supports it. If he can get teh bat off his shoulder on the fat ones and keep squaring up the ball, it will be a big help.

Myers is the last Phil pitcher to lose a game, and vs the Marlins to boot.

The Marlins are good and will play spoiler to someone. I think we will only win one of three this series, but I'm hoping for two of three.

Go Phillies!

clout: I think the Marlins are better than the Braves. My gut tells me the Phills have three more to win before a loss.

Do you think the Marlins are better than the Brewers?

I think the Fish are much better than the Braves and they're still playing for something (Don't count them out of the playoff race yet). We need to win this series.

Bizarrely enough, the team that was knocked all year for implying that they could turn on the jets when it was absolutely necessary, has proven all the doubters wrong.

Knock on wood...

Marlins sure are playing a lot better than either ATL or the Brew Crew.

I don't think the Marlins are better than the Brewers, but they certainly are hotter.

And sometimes hotter teams beat the better teams. It's just a fact.

Marlins have beaten Hamels twice, Kendrick twice, and Gordon once.

Hopeful we won't see any of those guys pitch in this series.

Myers split two decisions to them during his lousy first half and lost to them in his awesome second half.

Hopeful we'll see second half Myers tonight.

The other losses came from Moyer (3-1 vs Fla) and Condrey.

But I can't see them taking 2/3 twice in a row against us.

Since late August Marlins have...

Lost 2 of 3 at Atl
Lost 2 of 3 at NY
Won 2 of 3 vs Atl
Lost 2 of 3 at Stl
Won 2 of 3 at Phi
Swept 3 vs Wash
Swept 3 vs Hou

The series vs us is their only real accomplishment out of those results, if you believe Houston was just playing over their heads for a while.

Good news for clout...

Werth splits up Utley and Howard.
Dobbs starts at third.
Coste is also behind the plate.

Does anyone know when gameday posts the audio feed? 1210's webpage has the pre-game blacked out, but for the life of me, I can't find a gameday audio link on the Phillies or MLB webpages. Do they only post them once the game starts?

Three of Coste's last four starts have come with Myers on the mound.

joe l: The radio stream is not up yet. You can go to this link for the list of available radio feeds, but when I click on the Phils' links, it tells me the stream hasn't started.

Oh... and Hanley Ramirez is not starting for the Fish.

Wow. Everything I wanted to take place did. Now what will I complain about?

Sophist: Stupid in-game decisions? Lifting Burrell in the 7th for a PR?

I hope we have nothing to complain about tonight.

And Luis Gonzalez gets the start in LF for the Marlins.



Only two of these guys have an OBP over .350 against RHP. Next highest is Gonzalez at .339 then Amezega at .317.

Uggla and Baker seem to be the ones to worry about as far as their hitting this season shows.

Jacobs OBP against RHP is a paltry .313 so it's impressive that his SLG is as high as .553 against them. He basically has identical power numbers as Uggla but with ~20 fewer total hits and ~40 fewer BB.

So Jacobs is all or nothing, eh? Just like Cody Ross...

As Wheels said, no fastballs "middle-in" to these guys!

vegas: "Do you think the Marlins are better than the Brewers?"


let go fightins!

CJ: If that's the lineup Cholly uses, the Phillies will win 2 of 3.

Like the line-up tonight, like our starting pitcher, facing a righty, everything is in place for the Phils tonight.

Tonight is the most important game. Tomorrow is going to be tough. Blanton is the type of pitcher the Marlins' aggressive hitters. It's a perfect match up for Moyer on Sunday. So I see us splitting those two games. That's why we have to win tonight.

That is a lefty loaded lineup the Fish are throwing out there. I wonder if they realize Myers splits are better vs. lefties.

Oh wait, Freddi's their manager!

I know we got work to do on our own, but the Mets have historical issues at Turner and I don't see the Braves losing 6 straight at home. 2 of 3 for the Braves.

This is lining up too perfectly. Of course, that means it will all go terribly awry somehow.

clout: Is Gonzalez a better or worse manager than Yost?

In their last 7 games - just to know who's *hot*

Maybin: .833/.875/.833 (6 AB)
Hanley: .400/.550/1.067
Cantu: .360/.429/.960
Amezega: .368/.429/.632
Ross: .316/.381/.474

Uggla isn't hitting much, but his OBP is .480.

throw that on top of the Phillies not being able to get Baker and Gonzo out, looks like Brett's got some work to do

hh, the danger is that the Phillies think that it's lining up "too perfectly", and get complacent because the Fish and "Hanley Free".

That could lead to trouble.

If they go into FL smelling blood and acting like sharks, they'll take care of their business.

Big park, time to manufacture some runs.

mutually exclusive: Studying for the LSATs and a pennant race. I can already see this weekend being completely unproductive.

Oh, no...not the CW!

I wonder what the Phils record is on the CW...why does it feel like it isn't above .500?

Philly, October test? I briefly taught the lsat. At least baseball's not on all day like the Ryder Cup!

I bet the Phils take 2 of 3 when all is said and done but I bet it is a series where the Phils look pretty ugly at times. As long they as take 2 of 3 though, my bet is that is what they need to keep pace with the Mets (bet Braves take one from the Mets but no more).

Yeah October 4 is the test. What do you have to get to teach the LSAT--PrincetonReview or Kaplan? I wondered about that bc I taught the SAT at Kaplan during undergrad for a few months--at 15 an hour, which is a total godsend for foodstamping college kids. Maybe its the same for poor L1s?

Philly - not sure. I taught for TestMasters. I think Kaplan may be 90%. I'm sure it's on their site.

Good point wheels, when was the last time Utley hit one out?

and...that's why the Marlins don't have a better record...defense

Sometimes it does matter

cue the circus music

Booyah. Two first inning runs two games in a row. Godsend.

Good Work Ryno

The Marlin . . . wow. They are pretty similar to the Brewers.

Of course, the Marlins are capable of hitting 3 HR in the bottom half.

I think the Phils have scored in the first inning in somewhere around 15 of their last 17 games.

3-0 Reds

Reds already up 3-0. Votto 3-run dinger.

Votto with a 3-run jack, Reds 3-0 over the Brewers.

I hate when there's only 300 fans in the stands, because you can hear individuals talking...

sophist: Good point. Maybe the early the run support is helping the starters get out of the box. Remember when the Phills would give up a few in the first. I try to block those times out.

i bet guys like to run on coste

5-0 Reds, 0 out in the bot 1st

Jay Bruce with a 2-run homer, 5-0 Reds.

Geez. These Marlins are on a roll. Brewers down 5-0. first 5 batters reach, 2 HR.

Reds better beat the Brewers, because this doesn't look good for us tonight if it keeps going the way it is...

I guess Brett forgot he's a curveball pitcher.


Trade him; he's actively hurting the team.



wtf is going on?

Throw a friggin' curveball!!!!

so, it's gonna be one of the games. let's see if the Phils can get back into this. This one's got KK written all over it.

Here we go...come on Myers. How about an out? We're gonna need a slugfest from the offense...

What the heck is wrong with Myers? Can't give up 3 runs without even recording an out.

SO Brett chooses tonight to go back to early season form

I'm watching on gameday, is Kendrick warming up?

The best thing about now being able to choose between the home and away broadcasts on MLB.TV is that I no longer have to sit through a Maroone call to the bullpen.

wow is right harry



Short rest?

Brett Myers = Jeff Suppan = Carlos Zambrano

How bout a little chin music, Brett. I hate the Fish.

Oh well, at least I can go do other things tonight.

Wow i can actually hear some Marlins fans.

Is Eaton wearing # 38 tonight? Did I hear KK is warming up?? comes the trolls...

Walrond and Kendrick warming.

He's getting murdered out there

Kendrick is indeed warming up.

yes kendrick is warming up

Hey, an out! Yay!

I too would like to know what you need to teach the LSAT.

As for Myers, interesting factoid - with this disastrous start, he's now right on his career average ERA.

I knew tonight was a trap game, but really...this just s*cks.

Who's bettin' Johnson sets them up and sits them down after this tonight...

Oh, you already answered.

The Marlins scare me immensely. They could sweep this series, then sweep the Mets, and end up stealing the division.

Leadoff HR Reyes, 1-0 Mets.

All right boys, it's now a 3-0 game with 8 innings left. Let's see what you can do.

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