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Monday, September 22, 2008


lets go fightins!

Great Baseball Card! Beerleaguer's greatest artwork yet! Cholly's Gut was wrong most of the weekend, but he senses a victory tonight for the upcoming starter star, J.A.Happ. I'd prefer he used his first name and just be Jim Happ.

Nice pics.

Go Phils!

Weitzel, you've DONE it again! Kudos on the pic!

Your Photoshop work just gets better and better.

1988 Topps is I recall correctly? Most impressive.

I want to see the Philles win all six games going out with Howard getting four homers and 9 Ribbies to get to the 50-150 level.

1990 Topps. The Braves are a tough team to dig up a nostalgic look, so I figured I'd go for the year when Smoltz, Justice and Glavine were coming into their own.

Re: Defense

From a thread or two ago...

Fielding percentage, although imperfect, is still a very important stat, and still one of the best defensive stats. It measures how successful you are at completing the plays you are supposed to complete. We know when a player lets a ball go between his legs, or drops a pop fly or throws over Ryan Howard's head that the play should have been made and it may cost us.

It's those other stats (range factor, zone rating, etc) that begin to include what I like to call "fake" information. They're often guesses as to an outcome. We don't know if Pedro Feliz was actually more likely to get to that ground ball than Greg Dobbs was. That's someone's guess.

I'm a big fan of the old "Penna." abbrev..

Here's an awesome quote from Metsblog:

"There is a silver lining in all this. If games were 10 innings the Mets would likely be 10 games back."

CJ - The problem is with the standard you stated: completing the plays you are supposed to complete. Victorino has a different set of plays than Burrell does, so comparing numbers between players is unrevealing.

In re: Phils' chances.

The best way to look at that Baseball Prospectus 92.3%, for me is this:

If the Phils go 2 - 4 and the Brewers go 4 - 2, the Phils are still the wild card.

That being said; We want the East!

Sophist: I'm not saying it can be used to compare one player to another. I'm saying it tells us what plays a player is making compared to the ones he should make but instead screws up.

The problem with zone rating and range factor and other "fake" defensive stats is that they often aren't very valuable in comparing players either.

I understand that Victorino will make a lot more plays than Burrell. That's clear to my eyes. It's defining that number that gets a little sketchy.

Andy - It's 98.3%.

Guess who's back!

And for all of you who were wondering where the Mets fans were yesterday, I was trying to post, but the blog "author" wouldn't publish any of my comments. He just wanted to make you guys feel right, that we don't show after tough losses. Not the case.




Phils R Bad: Nice try... blog comments here don't require approval unless they're flagged as spam. So it's not what JW did... it's that your comments were likely so asinine that the server figured they had to be spam. That's what happens to trolls.

And for the clown yesterday who was pasting comments from Mets Blog, 1) Now you know why I don't go there, 2) Let's see how you feel after your team blows 29 saves in a year, and costs you the East to an inferior team for the second straight year. There wouldn't be a font big enough for you to type in.

Gotcha, CJ. I just thought you meant that, for purposes of that discussion, that fielding PCT is an important statistic. Defensive comparisons are difficult. I think you'd have to see a good sample of a CF plays to make judgements on his performance. I don't think that GG voters watch as much baseball as they should.

Yea, it was flagged as spam because my user name was "Phils S*ck"

Since when were relief pitchers not on the 25 and 40 man rosters?

Soph: I didn't say they weren't?

just going down the rosters and saw this somewhat surprising number:
Matt Stairs 5'9" 210lbs.

Stairs is only 5-9? he looks much bigger both on the tv and in life.

Weitzel- Your artwork is as sweet as the Phillies in September.

I think we disagree on how to evaluate teams, then. You said the Phils are an inferior team. I'd disagree. No reason to burden this thread with that debate, though. I'm here to watch the Phils play the *Braves*.

Just got an e-mail announcing that the game on the 27th has been changed to 3:55 for FOX. Damn FOX. I'm guessing Chicago isn't getting this one.

Let's see how you feel after your team blows 29 saves in a year, and costs you the East to an inferior team for the second straight year.


If you listen closely you can hear Phils R Bad playing the world's saddest song on the world's smallest violin.


Cubs lineup tonight:


Well, they're on the field anyway.

Tuning in on XM from Fairfax, VA. Let's Go Phillies, Let's Go!

Looks like there's a lot of wind blowing towards the 3B side, pushing balls towards the left foul pole.

Feliz starts at 3B. Werth splits up Utley and Howard. Burrell bats 5th, Vic 6th, Ruiz 8th.

Definitely 1990 Topps, I bought some with my birthday money the year I turned 8! Amazing graphic, nice work!

Phillies facing a watered - down Atlanta lineup.

No Chipper Jones, I guess.

Great artwork JW!

No Chipper, No McCann. That's nice.

No McCann, I guess

way to get it going jroll!

double double

Let's jump all over this guy! Everybody hits....

Chris Wheeler sucks, I can't take him tonight, I am turning on the radio and lowering the sound

I'm hoping the Feliz start vs. a righty is because Dobbs is still hurting from that muscle pull.

Dang. Would have been nice to see Werth with a better situational AB there, but he's struggling a bit.

Not to complain, but the Braves should probably shut Jurrjens down. Surprised they aren't more considered about his high IP.

#1 offseason task: a consistent right-handed hitter

clout - I'm thinking it is. Before tonight, Manuel seemed to be set on the Dobbs vs RHP lineup. It's started 9 of the last 16 games.

Connie Mack-Is there a delay btwn the radio and tv like there used to be for the Eagles?

1-0 Cubbies.

Way to go JA! Runner on 2nd, no outs and no runs scored.

What happened to Francoeur?

Post All Star Game:
.237 .307 .314 .621

*2 HR

Root - root root for the CUBBIES!

Pops - Did you see his # Pre ASB?


What happened indeed.

Way to stay tough, Happ. Little lucky on that Kotchman LD.

Ah, I even looked that up earlier and forgot about it, clout.

In limited AB, Feliz has good numbers against Jurrjens. We know how well that's worked this year. But probably not a bad idea to give Dobbs a rest after last night anyway.

You're right Sophist - He's been bad all year. He was a budding star just a couple of years ago. Maybe the NL figured out that this guy swings at everything....

Great AB from Ruiz. Just nice contact on a tough pitch on a 3-2 count.

Makin' contact with risp? What????

Always nice to turn the line-up over AND get a run.

all VIC

It is remarkable that he was able to get even worse than he was, Pops. They even sent him down to the minors for awhile this year.

Muts tied...

This is practically a Double or Triple-A lineup Atlanta is fielding ...

I said it in a previous thread last night, but I'll say it again: as much as I dislike the Mets, I'm not altogether sure I'd rather see the Brewers in the Playoffs than them. Personally, I find the prospect of Sabathia and Sheets in a short series very unappealing.

Braves have hit a few shots tonight. Hopefully they don't start missing our fielders.

JW - And Lillibridge hit .220/.294/.344 basically repeating AAA this year.

oh let the sun beat down upon the face...

from gameday appearances, jroll had a good AB there.

Phanatic drops a foul ball and gets booed. That's priceless....

When looking at the schedule a week and a half ago I never would have imagined following today's game and being as relaxed as I am while doing so.

The Other Kevin:
And wouldn't it be fun to face off against our rivals in the NLCS for all the marbles?

Can't let Jurrjens settle in here....

Francouer isn't really a starting player, either. Atlanta has a lot of decisions to make this offseason.

I wouldn't say he's settling in. He threw a ton of pitches to Rollins, walked Utley, got the struggling RHB out, and then Howard ripped one.

But I don't want to see him throw some 0s up there either. He's letting a lot of baserunners on, though.


Tell me, is it just me or do the Philly tv announcers put out about as much excitement as listening to paint dry.

The only one with a shred of personality is Matthews. Other than that, they put out no energy...they ain't exactly a colorful bunch.

Dispite the vanilla announcing, love them Phils!!

Muts leading 2-1

What a play by Pedro..
I'm so sick of the debate between whether to play him or not against RHP - we have to just enjoy the incredible D he and Jimmy provide on the left side of the infield

Happ obviously spent too much time dominating at AAA.

After all the concerns about the Cubs trotting out a minor league line-up against the Mets, it's sort of ironic that the Braves have done the same thing; fun, but ironic.

Here's on easy decision for the Braves: don't activate Mike Hampton's $20M club option for 2009 ($6M buyout.)

Hudson could be in his last year as well. He has a mutual option for 2010. They even have an option with Chipper this year. Glavine and most of the better arms in their pen (Soriano, Gonzalez, Ohman) are done after this year. Infante and Kotchman are arb eligible. I think Francoeur is too.

You weren't kidding, Jason.

curt - He's sort of dominating at AAA tonight.

curt - At least it gave him plenty of practice for this game!

Andy, difference is, the starting Braves lineup isn't that much different from this one.

Someone needs to explain to PtB the efficacy of putting up huge numbers in your walk year.

I think Charlie needs to get aggressive here and take second base with Victorino.

Pops - too late.

Come on Feliz....Jesus...

6 - 4 - 3

Too late....

Pedro giveth, and Pedro taketh away.

Happy just didn't want the pitcher to lead off next inning. He was doing us a know, in typical Pete fashion.

Francoeur looks like he's swinging a .64 oz bat.

The last time Happ struck out three in a row he was in spitting distance of the Lehigh River.

I saw a Braves prospect who looked better than any of these guys at a River Dogs game in Charleston: Jason Heyward. He hit .323/.388/.483 for them this year at 18. Thought he'd have more power than that. I think he went 3-4 or so, with a 2B and a HR in that game.

Tie game at Shea.

2-2 at the Muts...

Hahahahaha...Grand Slam for Jason Marquis. 6-2

I'm sure the Braves have whole a new crop of Georgia - bred prospects ready to contribute in the not - too - distant - future.


Grand slam in Chi town.

6-2 Cubs...

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