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Saturday, September 27, 2008


I could not be more nervous right now.

Looks like Phils will have to win to clinch, because Mets are up 2-0 in the 8th with Santana still going strong.

Big game for a big game pitcher.
Jamie Moyer.

Fucking is blocking the game and fox is showing me the god damn brewers and cubs. I hate the fucking midwest.

How the hell did you get away with cursing, my stuff is always blocked?!

Out of town folks: for now the game is on Fox Sports en Espanol.

Is that T-Mac doing the national game? Who's the color? McCarver?

Dan Uggla is a f'n hack!

I'm enjoying the Jamie-love from TMac.

Yikes: I have no idea. I guess the system understood my frustration.

I love Jamie Moyer. Over his time with the Phils, he's become one of my favorite of all-time (top 10).

Mets win. Time to take care of business Phils!

This really became a must win game.

Say what you want about Santana, but 125 pitches, three days rest, 117 pitches... that's insane.

Moyer's season has been unbelievable.

Zimmerman is a game-changer.

GM-Carson: Thats why I paid my respects to him last year by doing Moyer's Lawyers. He's one of my favorites all time ever since I had about 40 Moyer baseball cards when I was 7 in 1990.

I've been calling Moyer "Grand Pappy", but Jenkins just referred to him as "The Fossil".

Moyer's Lawyers! I love that.

*goes back to reading Cardozo.*

Haha @ The Fossil. I misheard it as "Mufasa" the first time, which I think I prefer.

I liked the lineup switch last night. Not so much today. One of the faults of Charlie's managing is that he looks at last night's success as a matter of the lineup as a whole, and not the match-up that it creates.

Against Lannan, I think Utley/Werth/Howard is the way to go. In my humble opinion.

Nice call on Fox Sports en Espanol!!

John - I posted this in the previous thread, but I'm not sure you've accurately described Manuel's motivation. From reports, it seems the decision to split or not to split Utley and Howard is based on the state of the opposing pen (mostly, how many tough lefties they have.) So it doesn't necessarily change from game to game (since the oppositions' pen usually doesn't.)

come on utz, dont fight off 10 pitches then go down looking

Santana came up big. Sheets, not so much.

So Santana threw 117 pitches on three days rest after 120. I bet he's raring to go in the know, if the Mets even make the playoffs.

I'm stuck listening to this on radio because of the damn fox blockout. I've got the champagne on ice and beer in the fridge. Let's go Moyer.

aight fightins, put a couple up for gramps this inning.

Matt, you're not alone.

Someone should have a sign out for the Phils:


They just have to nail this guy today.

I'm not sure why, but I like Tom McCarthy a heck of a lot better on FOX than on CSN.

Pretty crappy to be stuck like that, listening to LA and Harry, on a Saturday afternoon with the chance to clinch.

Well I would prefer to watch the game and turn off the volume and listen to Harry and LA. I more upset that I paid for when I could listen for free. But alright let's go Pat!

A smile and convo with the 1B from PtB? Hell must have frozen over.

Let's go Phils. Thank god I live in the Nationals broadcast area.

aight again

come on burrell

not aight

Is Pat's head in this game? Loses track of both the count when he's at the plate and the outs when on base.

Feliz-leading the Phillies in FlyingIDP since September 27, 2008.

What's wrong with Pat? Time to get his head in the game.

For an 8 year vet, Burrell runs the bases like a little leaguer.

No problems over here (UK) on They just mentioned cubs playing only a couple of regulars against the Brewers, of course the Brewers are losing!

PtB is having daily mental miscues now.

Feliz still coming up small...if I were a pitcher I would never throw him a first pitch fastball as a strike.

Just got home and am infuriated to find the game blacked out on And I don't even have the option of listening on the radio. It's Gameday for me.

someone get burrell some smelling salts to wake his ass up

I'm not sure he forgot the number of outs or was simply making an aggressive play. I'm listening, so I don't know how close that was. But if it does, Burrell scores and the Phils get rolling on a gutsy play, etc.. Was it close?

what a türd ab from fleas

I'm more mad at Feliz for that weak swing against a pitcher who, given time, will leave one out over the plate.

With Werth, Burrell, & Feliz all struggling mightily right now, left-handed pitching is a lot scarier than right-handed...and another lefty going tomorrow.

BAP: If you have, you have the audio, too. Also, the game is on FSEsp, if you have that channel.

Wow, Feliz. Again.

i dont think it was that close, guzman makes those plays

BAP - If you have MLB.TV, you should get the radio feed along with it.

The Fox/ deal is infuriating. This culture of ownership does nothing but hurt paying consumers.

C'mon, Jamie. This is the Nationals we're facing.

ah . . . thanks. I never thought about that.

JR - They're slighting their most loyal fans: out of market folks who pay to watch all their teams games. And doing so on the most important date of the season so far.

But I guess they can afford to. The FOX contract is big, and -- well -- we're loyal fans. It takes a lot to motivate us to spend our money elsewhere.

If we make the WS, I'll get an Aquos TV.

Alright. I have the audio now. I guess it's better than Gameday but it's not quite the same as watching Pedro Feliz flail at the first pitch with your very own eyes.

4-0 Little Bears

Sheets didn't have it today. The 3 way tie possibility is still alive.

I think Arlen Spector is in the third row right behind home plate ... in a suit.

Sheets is gone. Came up very small.

j.r- yea, i was thinkin the same thing. the isle seat.

Heads up play by Weeks to save a run.

werth is such a sucker for the high heat

Werth is turning into Feliz.

Werth who usually mashes lefties... has no answer for Lannan... he's trying to hit a 6 run home run in every at bat.

werth awful

How can hitters be that streaky? Werth looks so lost now, against both righties & lefties.

Through three, this game is unfolding exactly like I thought it would if the Mets won the early game. Everyone anxious except Moyer.

Vic is utterly wasted in this lineup, batting behind Burrell & in front of Feliz & Ruiz

isn't the Senate in session today? though i don't if any votes are scheduled...
i hear there's this bill about banks and stuff that's being considered..

Phillies on FOX now.

Can someone look up our record past 2 years with Iguchi on the team? I'm giving him all the credit for the Phils late run into first

get some runs dagnabbit

randy jackson doing playoff commercials? for cryin out loud.

Better than Dane Cook.....

I didn't check through all of the comments to see if anyone else has seen this... but check out Senator Arlen Specter in the second row behind home plate. He must know someone to get those seats...

nice bloop howard, nice hustle chase!

anyone catch the akward bail out joke? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

okay the table is set, mr. burrell.

let's get a big hit.

okay... sac fly will do.

Yeah! Clutch foul out!


rally rally rally

rally killer

Pedro Walks.

Did Mike Cervanek just fly by?

wah!!! who killed a chicken?

(pedro walked to a base)

go go go go

DP Ruiz...his official nickname

aight chooch!

situational hitting.

wow good job riuz

This is extremely difficult to just listen to but I can't stay still. You would think that after last year I'd be able to handle this a little easier.

lets go jimbo!!!

What is that, 8, 9 balls out of the K zone?

if lannan hit moyer i woulda got in my car and drove to the bank and charged the mound

It must suck to walk a 45 year old man.

step on their neck

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