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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We need the Rock Star Myers to show up tonight. Let's go Phils!

Lineups are in, and it's almost the same as it has been with Werth batting third, Feliz at third base hitting 7th, but this time Coste is behind the plate vs. the lefty.

McCann is in the lineup for the Braves, but Chipper sits again.

Cubs have DeRosa and Soto on the bench tonight vs. the Mets.

The division race is over in my eyes. You people have a team in Philly to be proud of with the toughness they show, Especially in september.

If only the mets had a decent bullpen...And i'm sorta hesitant about going after k-rod considering the velocity dip, Even though his secondary pitches are much more formidable nowadays

"The division race is over in my eyes."

Oh please. I'm calling purposeful reverse BL jinx on that one. You're not a fan if you see no hope of your team making up one game in the loss column with 5 to play.

1 1/2 games...big difference

Can't worry 'bout the Mutts right now.

BM needs to pitch well tonight and not leave a BM on the mound. One game at a time is cliche, but it needs to be the case tonight.

(Beerleaguers included)

From Haddon Heights on the last thread: "I'll make one suggestion to the group... IGNORE THEM [the Mets trolls, that is]."

That is actually very sage advice. When my 4-year old wants attention, he just starts screaming & yelling like a baby. We may get mad at him, but he still gets what he wants -- which is attention. So it is with Mets trolls and their outlandish posts. Nonetheless, I must confess that sometimes someone says something that is just so ridiculously asinine, I can't help myself from responding.

The best way to keep the trolls away is for the Phillies to win and the Mets to lose. That's what happened on Monday & it worked like a charm. There wasn't a single Mets troll on the board all night. Beerleaguer was indeed a very quiet, peaceful place. Well, peaceful at least. I don't know about quiet.

1 1/2 out with a game in hand and it's over for the division? No way. My bet is it still goes down to the final day of the season just like last year.

Not the start we wanted to see...

Come on Brett!

Brett is pitching like he's still in the Marlins game.

Results aren't too good so far, but it's good to see Myers throw curves in the first inning.

OTOH - Looks like we'll need about 16 runs to win this one. Again.

Happ needs to be on the playoff roster as our #4 starter.

Warm up Eaton. Send Myers to LV again.

Headcase Brett is back. Once things start to go badly, it all spirals out of control.

On Gameday, the first two pitches to McCann looked to be good.

Anyone watching TV have any insight?

That K was pure Rock Star Myers. Maybe he just needed to warm-up.
*crosses fingers*

Is it too late to add Myers to the Instructional League roster? "B. Myers"

The pitches to McCann were close.

BT: They were close... but I think the calls were correct.

Batting practice?

Myers is throwing fastballs with no movement. He is pitching the same way he did in Florida.

According to the radar at the top of the screen, Myers fastball is back in that 88 range (as opposed to 91-92) that was getting him killed early in the year.

Oh well; double play. Hopefully that'll give him a boost.

Well, our offense better show up tonight.

Huge double play. Settle down, Brett.

This is great. Now we have no idea what to expect from Myers in the NLDS.

Is he tipping pitches?

CJ - Nah. The fourth pitch (strike one) was further off the plate than the first two pitches. Kellogg has a nebulous strike zone.

BTW: forget crossing the fingers, I'm going out to the coop to get a chicken and sharpening my knife. It might be the only way.

Although the double play to get out of the inning was huge, they probably should have pitched around (or walked) Kotchman with a base open and only 1 out, and then attacked a very weak right-handed hitter in Omar Infante

See! One dead chicken=one double play. Plus one fewer to count.

I think we've all see Myers enough to know that with the way he threw in the first inning, he's not done giving up runs.

Andy: Count chickens. Not kill them.

Predictions for the remainder of the Phillies 2008 season – BTW: 100% guaranteed to come true

1.After Meyers is blown out again Cholly resorts to the Gene Mauch circa 1964 (Chris Short, Jim Bunning) two man rotation till the end of the season: Moyer, Hamels, Moyer, Hamel, Moyer etc.

2.The most rested arm on the bench pitches a no hitter in the first post season game: The ever amazing Adam Eaton. (he walks in six runs and loses the game)

3.The slumping Pat the Bat is benched for So Taguchi who goes on a mad offensive tear – but owing to his weak defense, “Tag’em” Taguchi is removed in late innings for a defensive replacement who throws out 9 runners at the plate in the post season: the amazing newly nicknamed: “Pat the Arm”.

4.Secretary of the Treasury Paulsen declares that the psychically bankrupt MetsBlog will be taken over by the Warren Buffet of Blogs: J. Weitzel... so be kind Phellas to the damaged and deranged Mets fans that will be sharing the Beerleaguer comments page.

5.After being benched Brett Meyers (see number 1) goes mad, attacks the Phillies Phanatic during a nationally televised game, pulling him by his trunk across the length of CBP until he tackled by a dozen security guards.

Remember you heard it here first!

Maybe they can reprogram Myers by playing guitar solos after every strikeout.

the phills offense better show up tonight

We need the offense to show up tonight, regardless if Myers piches well from this point or not. This is not the time to run out of gas.

OK, off-topic but this has been bothering me for too long: what's Jayson Werth's entrance song?

Myers has reverted...As long as we can hit Reyes we should be ok though.

Andy... have 8 more chickens in that coop?

Utley just struck out on a pitch that bounced 4 feet in front of the plate.

Looks like the Phils -- both offensively & pitching-wise -- are already in playoff shape. :-S

One inning in and I've got that "uh-oh" feeling in my gut.

Keep repeating: "We control our own destiny. We control our own destiny."

Obviously it was only one inning, but I certainly hope that this isn't one of those games where the no-name pitcher baffles the Phillies lineup with a big curveball all night.

Jo-Jo Reyes will be the 2008 NL Cy Young Award Winner after his perfect game tonight.

Nice to know that the offense hasn't showed up again against a really bad pitcher.

@ms: the funny thing is, Jojo Reyes isn't just some "no-name" pitcher - everyone knows him because he's so notorious for being THAT atrocious as a pitcher.

Phils need to just relax a little at the plate, Jojo will walk his fair share and he will make mistakes with his pitches that the Phils' hitters will have to capitalize on

yes cubs up 1-0

Cubs. DaRosa. HR...

I'm not worried. The Phillies are undefeated on Exploding Hot Dog Night.

High 86 mph fastball without movement

Wheels is calling it a changeup...yeah right

Cubs up 1-0.. so, umm... yeah.

Nothing pisses me off more than when a pitcher gives up a hit after being ahead in the count 0-2. Give me a break, Brett.

diggity: That's what I kept telling myself last night re: Hampton. Not that he's a bad pitcher a la Reyes, but definitely the kind of guy you'd want the Phils to work the count on. No such luck.

Oh sh!t. This looks exactly like pre All-Star break. A fastball with no reduced velocity and missing location badly at times with everything.

Honestly, I usually try to come up with a good reason to explain something. With Myers I have given up trying.

Seems like the umpire found the outside of the strikezone.

Dear God...

The problem is that to the Phillies - especially Feliz and Burrell - the definition of working the count is "watch all fastball right down the middle early in the count, and swing and the junk later in the count" instead of driving the fastballs and taking the junk.

High 84 mph fastball without movement

Are these really changeups? If they are, he doesn't know how to throw a changeup.

This should have been an easy 1-2-3 inning, but that's what happens when you don't bury the 8-hole hitter after having him down 0-2.

Myers looks like he his hurt to some degree (sore shoulder?) and has altered his mechanics as a result. Ugh.

6 hits in 2 innings.. but at least no homers.

OK, Harry said that was a fastball at first, but then corrected himself upon realizing that it was 83 MPH and said it was a change-up. That looks unlike any fastball I've ever seen.

Brett really looks like he did pre-send down.

Myers now needs to start using that outside of the strike zone. He grooved too many pitches last inning.

I meant that looked unlike any change-up I've ever seen. I meant that I think it really WAS an 83 MPH fastball.

Having a piss poor start by Myers is one of the worst things that could have come out of this game.

They're just calling these changeups to make him look good. When's the last time you saw Brett Myers throw 3 straight changeups with 2 strikes?

Myers's fastball was 88-91 last inning. He threw a lot of junk, though.

I'm right there with you, baxter.

The fact that we let Mike Hampton dominate us and that we haven't looked good against Reyes worries me that we won't hit Zambrano, Harden, Billingsly, Lowe, amongst others.

I don't know how hard that liner Howard his was, but it's rarely a good idea to swing 3-0 when you're leading off the second inning.

nice hit burrell. stay close

Either Myers is hurt/mixing location as a result or he is back to being "Machismo Myers" by trying to challenge hitters with his no life-fastball.

Also - where is the curveball tonight?

When a guy slops a few MPH in just a single start and isn't throwing his curveball, it should instantly send up a red flag to Dubee and the coaching staff to check out Myers and make sure he is ok.

Happ needs to be on the post-season roster. If Myers can't break 90 in a bullpen session that day, Happ needs to go. They can't afford not to...

If Howard had been allowed to walk...

Strange how everyone talks about Myers fastball, as if that's his out pitch or he's a fastball pitcher. Here is why Myers is doing poorly tonight: 26 strike, 16 balls.

That is terrible, even for a guy who could throw 100 mph. And for a guy who relies on his curveball to get people out, and a fastball on the edges to set it up, it is fatal. If he cannot locate his pitches, he's useless. He needs to improve his command immediately.

Is Kelly Johnson a Phillies fan or does he just stink?

I sure do hope not, but I smell a Feliz DP. I would be delighted to be wrong.

Kelly Johnson is not a natural infielder. They moved him from the outfield last year.

I'm delighted.

That is the crux of dealing with Myers though - you really don't know if he is hurt and trying alter his mechanics to compensate or just being a dumba$$ either by trying to challenge hitters with crap down the middle of the plate.

People may have their issues with various players on the team but still find it hardest to root for Myers.

alright feliz, nice

Good comment, clout. Meyers isn't throwing strikes. But Reyes is doing worse. 15 strikes, 15 balls. Ouch!

PhilsPhan: 1 batter late on that DP prediction.

You could tell Coste was swinging at that last pitch, no matter what he was going to be able to do with it. Damn it.

way to kill the rally coste.

Cholly cost us a tie game.

Reyes stinks and this looks like one of those games where the Phils' offense is going to need to carry them to a W by scoring 6 or 7 runs.

Hey, in case I was the only one who didn't know this, the Mets are on ESPN.

MG: Given his hideous strike/ball ratio I'm guessing Myers didn't intend to throw his strikes down the middle of the plate.

Clout - I wouldn't think so either but with Myers I really don't know.

clout: Meyers has been tagged by throwing too many down the middle.

ms26: Thanks for the heads-up! :-)

Definition of a head case:

1) Too awful to pitch in the ML for a few months
2) Lights out for a few months
3) Rinse and repeat.

Dizz - with the blazing speed of our 7-9 hitters, it was bound to happen, especially since they love to hit ground balls.
Curt - agreed. 90% of the time you should never swing 3-0. The chance of eventually getting a walk in the at bat greatly outweighs the chance of getting a hit. And, a single and a walk are worth the same with no one on base.

Ruiz should be starting!

clout: Right. We get it. You want all of us to know that Myers out pitch is his curveball. Because we didn't get it the first 15 times you made that point. And when his location is good then he is successful, as if you are pointing out something revolutionary.

But no one's disputing that. What is relevant is that Myer's fastball is coming in 85ish mph. Usually when a guy's velocity is that much lower, it's a red flag that something is wrong. That same something may be the reason his location is off as well. When Myers stunk earlier this year he was at 87/88, when he came back and was successful he was at 90/91. So the lower radar gun readings have us worried that his mechanics or something else may be off.

Absolutely beautiful throw by Werth and a very nice tag by Coste.

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