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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Nice work Jason - I like the faded look to it. I don't ever recall a game chat graphic for a game not involving the Phillies.

Of course, I also don't recall being this interested in a baseball game on the Phils' off day.

This is like troll bait, Jason.

Not if they're losing, it isn't.

1st ideal situation for the weekend is that the Phils win on Friday and Saturday and we can rest Cole Hamels on Sunday so that he is ready for game one of the playoffs. Next, Mets and Brewers stay tied through all of the weekend's regularly scheduled games (regardless of when they will be played) and a one game playoff is forced to occur on Tuesday, or Wednesday.... Finally the Brewers ultimately prevail - it'd be better to face them than the Dodgers at this point.

Anybody else hear about how the Braves were mocking the Mets in the visiting clubhouse last night after they lost to the Cubs. Supposedly they started singing Meet the Mets or something like that after the Ramirez homerun. I thought it was worth mentioning.

Oh cool! A new Mets Blog! Love your graphic on the front page. I will invite all of my Mets fans friends!

Is this a Mets Blog? Thought it was Phillies but front page seems to be Mets!

It looks like the Dodgers are going to clinch, as Pujols just put the Cards up 9-3 in the 7th.

Mets vs. Cubs! Go Mets!

Buddy of mine told me this was a good place to chat during Mets Cubs game. Any word on if the game is going to get in? Lets Go Mets!

Troll bait.

Best case: Cubs win and they eventually disappear.

Worse case: They win and we can just log off.

Worst case: A rain delay which will amount to a long, drawn out troll session. Eccchhh.

Nice graphics, though.

Haven't you poor Mets fans put yourselves through enough pain? Go Cubs!

I'm willing to bet that at least three of those Mets fan posts are the same person just changing his handle.


(not really)

You invited us so here we are! Lets go Mets!

From the Chicago Sun-Times

An informal poll of Cubs personnel, who didn't want to be identified...indicates the Philadelphia Phillies present the biggest threat.

Hard to argue with that thinking, considering the Phillies are the only team among the potential NL playoff opponents who boast a winning record (4-3) against the Cubs this season.

Mets Cubs game chat on phillies blog? Thanks for having us!

There's not gonna be any intelligent discussion on here til the offseason anyway. Players' roles are pretty much set and the playoff roster (God willing)decisions that have to be made are pretty much inconsequential. No game tonight so might as well have a incoherent trollfest.

Which reminds me.. the mets have actually gotten LUCKIER than the Phillies this year and are still behind them. I mean, did they lose the league MVP for practically a month? Didn't think so, but the Phils sure did. And the Mets' bullpen is the least of their worries. If their 3-4-5 hitters could get a guy home from third then they wouldn't have to worry about the bullpen.

Weitzel - next time, maybe try a Brewers graphic!

The league MVP sucks this year.

What does it tell you that Mets fans come here for a game chat?

Mets blogs blow.

blood in the water...

You guys are so focused on "Mets Trolls" that you had to lure them in with that graphic?

This chat may break 1,000. Gonna be a good night of discourse. And by good I mean 'spirited and often stupid.'

Mets trolls? Oh, that's what that smell is.

Shame its not on TV

Thank gawd My Name is Earl and The Office are on tonight... There will be more trolls than in a Tolkien novel here tonight.

This could get ugly. Sorry I can't follow the game with you all since I'm blacked out from Cubs games on MLB.TV. I'll be following at the local pub. Hopefully MLB executes the start time for this game correctly . . . that is, to our advantage.

Re: the Rollins thread, I think it may be worthwhile to check out Rollins' GB%, FB%, BABIP vs. LD% trends, and his HR/FB. Those are where the biggest changes (next to BB%)occurred in his game this year. GB why up, FB% way down, LD% at near high level but his BABIP has not adjusted accordingly, and HR/FB way down from 2006-2007 levels.

Also, his IFFB% is well up. We've all seen it this summer. Lots of GB to the right side that fail to find a way through, line drives hit right at defenders, meat over the middle that sounds good off the bat but dies in the OF. The BABIP/LD% discrepancy sometimes has a power compenent as well. My fairly amateurish opinion is that Rollins' lost some power from the injury, which he's only recently regaining.

He could still hit 40 doubles this year, nonetheless, which he's more or less accomplished since 2003. He's also matched his triple total from 2006 in almost 140 fewer AB. In 2006 he hit a HR in every 26.6 AB. In 2008 he's hit one in every 50 (probably not anywhere near that consistency this year, however.) He's also stolen 10 more bases this year than 2006 (5 more than 07.)

Certainly an interesting year for our favorite SS.

I never thought I'd say this, but Clout, here's your chance. Go get 'em.

I guess anyone playing to participate tonight will have to endure a flood of Mets trolls. So for one night, I say feed the trolls. It could be fun.

er... playing = planning

I'm worried, guys... not about winning the East, because the Mutts actually suck worse than us and will play just shitty enough to lose. I'm concerned that our two best pitchers - the studs we're supposed to ride into the playoffs with - are looking less than overpowering. Hamels is tired, and Myers appears lost again. This is not encouraging.

I suppose it IS troll bait to have a game thread for the Mets game. Then again, it's also just sort of an acknowledgement of reality. Beerleaguers are going to be watching tonight's game just as they would watch a Phillies game. If they're watching, they're going to post. Might as well make it official by posting a game thread. The trolls are going to be here whether you call it a game thread or not. To repeat my vow from last night: I will not engage Mets fans in inane discussion.

Lets go Mets!

Im going to bet on Philly getting swept in the first round.

The question is - do the trolls actually add any insight. My bet is largely no. If they Mets are up, it will be 100% insults directed to the Phils. If they down, it will be really quiet with the occasional rant against Minaya or other scapegoats.

Funny thing is that if the Mets win the WC and the Phils take the division, I really think there is a good chance of them meeting in the NLDS. Don't normally get too excited about something but that would be awesome. An actual rivalry series between two teams that have been pretty damn evenly matched the past two years.

i wish the game were on ESPN again.

MG - agreed. Someone said the other day that this rivalry didn't get the press that Yankees-Red Sox gets because they haven't played each other in the postseason. But if we can both make it to the NLCS, that would take it to another level. has a 30% chance for rain beginning at 7 and not increasing until 10pm, when it's 60% chance of precipitation.

The radar shows a lot of storm headed right towards Long Island/Queens.

Lineup for Cubs tonite

F. Pie lf
R. Theriot ss
M. Hoffpauir 1b
J. Edmonds cf
M. Fontenot 2b
C. McGehee 3b
K. Fukudome rf
K. Hill c
R. Harden p

Thanks Lou

No Derrek Lee, Alfonso Soriano, nor Aramis Ramirez...

here's a more accurate radar from the nws:

you can also loop the image over the last hour or so

Lou is certainly going easy on Pedro tonight. That lineup is full of a bunch of guys that Pedro doesn't have to be careful with.

Well... he gave the series a more valient effort than I expected. Winning 2 of 4 when you have nothing to play for is what I was hoping for in my wildest dreams. If they find some way to pull out tonight's game (and this is the Mets in Sept. we're talking about), then I'll be estatic.

Nor DaRosa nor Soto.

This has probably been posted recently, but here it is again:

"With (Santana), now, I have no doubt that we're going to win in our division," Beltran said. "So this year, to Jimmy Rollins, we are the team to beat."

Seriously. I'm not gonna complain about the Cubs effort this series. They're going to end up taking at least 2 of 4, which is all we could've asked for. The Cubs have every right to rest some of their guys.

Not to mention, at least he loaded the lineup with lefties.

Basically the Cubs pit in the "super scrub" lineup tonight. Guess Lou doesn't want to take any chances with his playoffs getting hurt in rainy conditions. Makese 100% sense but doesn't help the Phils any. If the Mets lose this game, then they don't deserve to make the playoffs.

That Cubs lineup is really just more bad luck for the Mets. Pedro has plenty of experience facing Derek Lee & Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano. But he has no book at all on Hoffpauir and McGehee and Fontenot and Hill, so it's almost inconceivable that he could get any of them out. Besides, do you really think the Cubs' regulars were going to be trying their hardest if they had played today? For the newcomers, this is their chance at the show. They couldn't possibly be more motivated.

The Mets are just the unluckiest team in the history of baseball. They are just so damn unlucky that I actually feel badly for them. If the Phillies do wind up winning the east, it's almost like it shouldn't count because they're so clearly the inferior team.

bap: That is great writing. I understand what you are saying, and I appreciate the effort :-)

No Soto either. I guess this does leave Piniella with a lot of PH options tonight.

No rain, yet, here on Staten Island.

b-a-p: It's a good thing for the Mets that the rosters only expand to 40. If it wne tot 80, Lou might insert 8 A- players and Pedro would be totally clueless.

Of course, then the Mets could counter with some A- relief pitchers, a definite improvement.

IF the Cubs are trying to win tonight, the pinch hitters could absolutely annihilate the Mets bullpen.

Maybe the Mets will break on top, like 6 to 1, then the Cubs'll catch up (off Heilman? Ayala? doesn't really matter), and when it goes into extra innings Lou will be forced to substitute in a few major league players.

The truth is, I have always hated the Cubs. I started hating them back in the early 80s, after Dallas Green became their GM, made a series of one-sided trades which resulted in all the Phillies' good players becoming Cubs, and then won the 1984 NL East crown on a team built around ex-Phillies (Sandberg, Bowa, Sarge, Moreland, Dernier). That was a long time ago, but I've hated them since that day. So I feel dirty saying this but: Go Cubs!,

If the Cubs are actually most "fearful" of the Phils (as in that anonymous attribution), their best bet would be to go out and beat the Mets - and force the Phils to go through L.A.

Is this game being broadcast on television?

Bob Dernier. Wow. What a tragic loss!

Well. Not really. But the Sandberg trade ended up be a travesty.

Andy: I had that same thought about subbing in the regulars. Clearly that's Piniella's master strategy here and it's a brilliant one. The Mets are extraordinarily unlucky to be facing such an incredible tactician.

Hey all, I've got a hypothetical for you that I've been discussing with my former college roommate (a Phillies fan):

Would you prefer to lose in the Division Series to either the Cubs or the Dodgers, but the Mets lose their division series as well (lets pretend for a moment the Brewers are gonna be the biggest chokers this year); OR

Win the division series, but then lose to the Mets in the NLCS?



1-0 Cubs


Where are the trolls?

Looks like the Cubs are done doing us favors after last night....however the Cubs AAA lineup just jumped out to a 1-0 lead. If the Mets don't win tonight they won't win again for the rest of the season.

Enough for Harden?

lose to the Mets in the NLCS?

Posted by: GoMets6091 | Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 07:14 PM


You're such a kidder!

HR by Lees replacment...ahahaha...Lou is a genius

In re: rooting for the Cubs

No need to worry. I wouldn't really count half these guys (like the homer-hitter) as really "Cubs" yet. They barely shave, for crying out loud.

2-0 Iowa Cubs lead the Mets.

Time to bring Ramirez in to PH!!!

I don't know about the rest of you but I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.

Pedro must be jealous of all the love Aaron Heilman gets here...or he's trying to create last season's Fish game.

Never mind...Lous scrubs have driven in both runs!!!!!

Harden's good for 5 innings... then let's get some rain!

Andy: Need I remind you the Mets won the season series this year? Our bullpen blows chunks, but if we somehow make the playoffs maybe Manuel will take a page out of the White Sox blueprint and not take his starters out until the game is well in hand (and by well in hand for the Mets bullpen I mean a minimum double-digit lead with less then 7 outs to go)

Lou has a gut, too... must be listening to it.

GoMets6091: That is the dumbest hypothetical I've ever heard in my life. So we're trading a divisional series win to see our souls crushed as the Mets advance to the WS? What's the benefit, exactly?

Can't complain about this Cubs lineup. 2-0 already.

Bah... only 2 runs. That sucks. :-D

2-0 Cubs

Good job Cubbies...

I have to agree with BAP that the Mutts are the unluckiest team in the history of the game. Why, just imagine being so unlucky as to have BL Mutts trolls as fans.

I love that right after the second run scored the mets announcers started talking about the storm. Its their only hope

GoMets6091 -
I keep seeing that "season series" dreck over and over. What's the record with Billy Wagner on the DL?

Well... it's a play Lee would have made. That sucks.

It's just a hypothetical, just trying to gauge where your fanbase is at. Sorry, I guess my hypothetical has to be "would you rather the Phillies won the World Series in 4 games or in 7."

My roommate proposed it to me the other way around. I said I'd rather lose the Divisional Series, b/c the later into the playoffs you get, the more crushing the loss, especially when it's to a team you hate. But since you guys haven't won a playoff series in 15 years, I was curious if you had different opinions...

Derek Lee, the Cubs' Gold Glover, sits and the backup muffs a routine ground ball. Horrible break for the Mets because it forces Reyes to run the bases, which means he's going to be exhausted by the time the late innings role around. This run of bad luck is just amazing.

Do these posts count as "feeding the trolls?" If they do, I'll have to stop.

That's actually kinda funny.

Typical that Wright does it in the first... but not the 9th.

So, Lous scrub gives up the run he created in the first.

bap: There is a one day moratorium on rules banning feeding the trolls.

We're free to do so.

Wright does what he could not do last night, gets a runner in from 3rd with less than 2 outs 2-1 Cubs

bap: Not to mention the Cubs usually play the a guy at 1b who bats .293(Lee), but OF COURSE against the Mets they bring in the .333 hitter (Hoffpauir).

Harden must be wondering what he did to deserve this kiddie corps.

The Cubs keep dropping everything hit to them. It's terrible for the Mets because it means that, if they are able to get into the playoffs, they won't be prepared to play teams that actually catch the ball. We may not like the Mets but, you have to admit, no team deserves to suffer this kind of incredible misfortune.

bap - having fun tonight, are we?

Brian: That is a really excellent point. This guy is clearly much superior to Derek Lee. Another bad break.

curt: I'll stop soon, I promise. With no Phillies game, I need to find some alternative way to amuse myself.

SNY is interviewing Dykstra. He's completely wasted.

With the two hypothetical outcomes presented, I'd take losing in the NLCS to the Mets, hands down. That said, I really hope neither of those options come to fruition...

Dykstra sounds like a junkie.

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