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Saturday, September 27, 2008


1:45 start, they say now.

I cant believe we are blacked out online. Is there any other way to watch online? sopcast?

Phils LVP is easily Eaton once again. This guy was so bad this year again by mid-season that he precipitated the Blanton trade before the trade deadline (and forced the Phils to pay a pretty high price including two of their better prospects).

I will give the Phils some credit for at least realizing that he was a dud and they had to give a vacation the rest of the season if they were going to make a legit run at the playoffs again.

Phils are now 9-4 in Blanton's 13 starts. Phils hasn't exactly won maybe of these games because Blanton was dominate (maybe 3 or 4 where he pitched really well by going 6/7 innings and only giving up 2/3 runs) but do the Phils go 9-4 if Eaton had started those 13 games?

At best my bet is that they would have gone 6-7 and that is unlikely too considering their offense was exactly producing a whole lot in late July through August.

I still can't believe that people think Howard should be the MVP over Pujols. In 2006, there was a legit debate. This year - no way. Defense aside (where it is clear Pujols wins games with his glove while Howard at best is adequate), Pujols has basically meant the Cards were a playoff contender for most of the season. Howard has come up big the last 5 weeks to carry the Phils but he also has had 3 subpar months this year. An MVP doesn't have 3 subpar months over the course of a season and win the MVP.

The Mets game should not be blacked out on I'm pissed because the Phillies game will be blacked out. Nothing better than a meaningless Yankees/Red Sox game over three games with playoff implications.

I love the smell of desperation in the morning (and it reaks now in Shea).

With some luck, maybe the Red Sox game will be rained out or delayed.

Damn that Fox contract. I have MLB Extra Innings this year and am now not able to watch the first hour of the Mets game before heading over to CBP. Seriously, this really screws the paying diehard customer that has spent money on the product all year.


I think it's pretty clear that the Mets will win this game easily. After all, the Mets generally come up big when there is very little on the line. Put them back in front, and they crumble like a cookie missing the butter.

I can't believe anyone pitches down in the zone to Delgado. Maybe down and away, if you have to... but that guy crushes balls down in the zone.

Manuel stuck Wright 4th. Probably a good idea.

Sophist: Amazing he waited until the last two games of the season to shake things up. They've had problems for weeks.

Any question that Hanley Ramirez is the best SS in baseball... and perhaps the most talented off all-time? I'm not saying he's the all-time greatest. Am I selling A-Rod short? Probably.

Ramirez's defense is subpar.

Why Ryan Howard will win the MVP award:

Howard will rarely find himself lower than 2nd on an MVP ballot.

Albert Pujols will find himself lower than 2nd on a lot of ballots and despite getting the most 1st place votes, he'll be edged by Howard.

Santana has started on 3 days rest 3 times in his career.

1-1, 14.2 IP, 15 H, 10 R/ER, 5 HR, 5 BB, 13 SO.

These were as far away ago as 2000, 2002, and 2003. One bad start skews these numbers. In two of them: 11 IP, 2 R, 9 SO.

Mets better get some runs... I'd hate to be a fan watching Johan come out after 7 innings and see the bullpen give up 2 runs in a 2-1 loss.

I am only a rare contributor here, but a Phillies fan since birth now living in the western frontier of Red Sox Nation, and it feels only right to at least say hello on the day I am hoping for back to back East crowns. I was in still living in Philly and in the stands for the last back to backers. Randy Lerch gave up 4 runs in the 1st inning to the Pirates and then got the Phils back in the game with home runs in each of his two at bats. I love beating the Mets, but for my money the Pirates were a better rivalry—fueled much more by respect than dislike.

This year's team makes me crazy, but I think that is almost synonymous with any Phils team (maybe 93 was an exception). As to some of the current threads here—I love Ryno, but my vote would have to go to Pujols. I would point out though that Howard is capable of making some spectacular plays on defense even as he boots the easy ones. I also cast my LVP vote for Eaton. Its hard for me to think of a less inspiring Phils pitcher if you compare performance to expectations.

Hoping we end the season today. See ya.

Tons of strikeouts in that Mets-Marlins game so far.

From MetsBlog-

Comment by Arsenal13
2008-09-27 14:39:19
just bought my mets playoff tickets

Hanley Ramirez will be on web gems after that stop up the middle on Delgado. Good stuff right there. puts the Mets playoff chances at about 1 in 4.

Cholly isn't breaking up Utley and Howard today against a LHP.

Great pitching duel between Nolasco & Santana.

Yeah, they mentioned on the broadcast yesterday that Manuel's decision on the matter is less related to the SP or the recent play of Werth and Utley and Howard but more due to the state of the opposition's 'pen. How many LHP they have in there, etc.. Nats have only two.

Santana at 88 pitches after 6. I wonder what his count will be today considering his short rest and the number of pitches he threw 4 days ago.

"This Week in Baseball" just did the plays of the year, and there was not a single Phillie moment. I hate FOX.

Sophist, considering their SP lasting a whopping what, two innings against us last night, I'll trust the Gut on this one.

Santana shutout thru 7. This guy should win the Cy Young and his bullpen is to blame.

But then again, they ruined a lot of things this year, like the season.

I'm in DC is FoxSports showing Philly/DC or the Brewer's game? The TV guide description for the channel says it's the Phillies game but they're mostly talking about the Brewers right now...

Rollinsux - Same is true of Hamels. Lincecum has a strong case as well.

Santana at 97 through 7.

Sophist- I believe Lincecum deserves the award and will win it. With all due respect Hamels is a very good pitcher, who should have a better record, but Santana is in a class above him. The guy has not had a bad start since mid-July and has single handedly kept his team in the race. There is no comparison.

Lincecum has been so abused this year they have to give it to him, because he's arm is going to fall off any time now.

Rollinsdude - That wasn't my point. Santana is clearly a cut above Hamels. There is no comparison as they are in completely different stages of their careers. The point was simply about how their current years perception has been shaped by things out of their control (run support, bullpen performance) which, had it gone their way, would have meant some more good competition for Lincecum. Not sure where you think I'm equating them as all you said was: guy could win the CY. The pen is to blame.

CG Shutout. 137mill and worth every single dirty penny. If only the rest of the team had half the stones this guy does....

2-0 Little Bears

boy i was hoping that Wes Helms would have had a chance to bat with two on. Considering he's still on our payroll...

Santana really just is a monster. Unbelievable performance. And henceforth the BrewCrew is shitting the bed.

Strange things a-brewing.

No more Mets game chats!

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