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Thursday, September 18, 2008


2.74 ERA. Wow.

Marlins started Amezaga at SS today. He went 0-4 with a BB. They scored 8 runs anyway, though I've never heard of the pitcher the Astros started today.

2008: 86-67, 1/2 game up

2007: 83-70, 2 1/2 back

1980: 85-68, 1 1/2 up

I just saw the replay of the pitch to Burrell: what was Hampton thinking? You can't hang a breaking ball to Burrell. I don't care how much he's slumping. I've heard Williams say, "If you hang it, these guys will bang it."

In more ways than one, I'm sure. /wink, wink

phargo: Indeed. I just couldn't resist.

What else can you hang? I don't get it.

Marlins matchups:

Myers vs. Josh Johnson
Blanton vs. Anibal Sanchez
Moyer vs. Volstad

Sophist correctly notes the Marlins starters are all righties. Johnson and Sanchez are the guys I've been worrying about since mid-season. Johnson especially seems to have recovered nicely from his surgery. Should be a close and fun series. I'm hoping the Braves can at least steal 1 games from the Mets.

baxter: I was making a sexual reference...immature, I know, but the mood struck me. Sorry.

Everything I've heard about Burrell from people I know suggest it's probably not that far from the truth.

Would also be nice to see Dobbs get a few starts this weekend.

Johnson has a 126 ERA+, 1.323 WHIP. His other 2008 numbers

RHB: .266/.314/.422 (140 PA), 4.25 K/BB -- .689 career OPS
LHB: .277/.339/.340 (175 PA), 2.4 K/BB -- .739 career OPS

Lefties should be patient. All his HR have been to RHB this year. All 5 of them in his 12 games.

In the small 2008 sample his home/away splits are fairly drastic: 4.02 ERA at home, 2.80 away. In his last 8 starts, he's 4-1 with a 2.91 ERA, a .663 OPS against, 3.33 K/BB, 1.246 WHIP.

(I thought it was funny.)

In the last thread, there was some discussion about postseason roster eligibility. My understanding is that with the rules for replacing players on the 60-day dl, basically anyone in the organization on 8/31 can be on the postseason roster. If the Phillies make the postseason, my guess is that they leave KK off the roster and keep both Stairs and Taguchi on the roster.

Johnson will be tough, I'm glad we have Myers facing off with him. We smoked Sanchez the last time we faced him, so hopefully we have him figured out.

Sorry, you all, but you are sitting there in front of your computers debating what is going on with the Phillies when the first M*A*S*H episode with Col Flagg was on. As I said earlier today, you all need to get out of the basement of the science building.

doubleh, I laughed. I also asked myself "what is the hanging part?"

Is Randy Johnson on the market next year? Just wondering if we can expect the Phils to resign Moyer and get him some company that remembers what it means to "dial" a phone. He actually looks pretty good for a 45 year old.

Sealed off all day in managerial planning but glad to see Machine come up with a timely homer to help the Phils keep pace in the NL East.

Worried about this series with the Fish though. Don't like the match ups but at least the Phils don't face Nolasco (funny but he has just been really tough on the Phils yet).

"Sorry, you all, but you are sitting there in front of your computers debating what is going on with the Phillies when the first M*A*S*H episode with Col Flagg was on."

Did someone fart?

What I came back to write about was...

Brad Lidge, Cy Young... Why not?

He has a spotless season. 68 games (so far), 32 saves (every opportunity he had to do it) and two wins, no blown saves, and no losses. That's a perfect season.

I know, you all will site people who had more saves. Don't get me started on the deficiencies of the save rule, and how it has ruined baseball.

Yes, Gagne did have 55 saves in 2003. But he also had two losses. And doesn't list the number of blown saves he had. There had to have been a few.

So, what are we doing? Blaming our own hero because his team doesn't keep it close? I mean, that is the definition of the save rule, right? Complete the last three innings in a blow-out, or finish the last inning with the winning run on deck or a possible batter that inning.

Come on, guys. Don't get down on one of our own because the rule is stupid.

My cry when Lidge comes in? "Cy Young! Cy Young!. Cy Young!"

Dear Frank Burns:

Yes, I farted on your debate. And just for that, I will perform Hari Kari, if you show me how first.

Deareast Love,

Your Eternal Servent,

President Harry S Truman

(Or is that General MacArthur?)

gagne was perfect in 03


Hugh, Smoltz is available as well (joking.)

Squonk . . . um . . . right . . . Lidge has 38 saves.

I am coming back from the second episode, ever, with Col. Flagg to correct myself.

It was either bad data that made me say Lidge has 32 saves, or I was distracted by better entertainment. Sorry. What can I say. A man has to set his priorities.

And redbeard, I don't consider two loses being perfect.

Ooops... Past my bed time. That's what great M*A*S*H episodes after a nail-biting Phillies win will do to me.

I meant "losses" not "loses."

Now I'm the one who should just give it up. Good night, boys!!

5-4 finish should get us to October, don't you think? We know we have 3 in the bag when Atlanta comes to town, so we need to win 1 game versus the Marlins and 1 versus the Nats.


Phillies over Dodgers
Phillies over Cubs

Phillies over Halos

Squonk - Hands down the weirdest/nonsensical poster on Beerleaguer

How do clowns like Fitzpatrick still keep their job and a column when so many other columnists have gotten the axe the past few years?

MG: I hate that guy. He's suck a lazy hack and if he hates Philly and the Philly fans so much--it's all he ever writes about--why doesn't he just go write for another paper?

He must have pictures of somebody. I've actually complained to the Inky about him.

Should read "such" a lazy hack, but you know what they say about freudian slips...

Seriously. Joe Biden played
little league baseball in Scranton? Ho-ly sh*t.

I mean, it's almost like sports are a pervasive phenomenon in American culture. Who'da ever known?

I don't think 91 wins gets us the division and may not get the wild card. Cubs magic number is 2 thus, they'll likely clinch this weekend, rest Hardin and other players making them an easy opponent against Mets and Brewers. We need to win division and get home field advantage against Dodgers or Brewers in a best of 5. We do not want to start first 2 games in Cubsland where they have dominated which happens if we take Wildcard. I think we need 93 wins to take it, 92 to tie with Mets, but then doesn't it go to Mets in a tie since they won the series. My guess is a 90 or 91 win team doesn't make playoffs this year. i'm hoping that team isn't the Phils.

I had never read Fitzpatrick (I canceled my subscription when the Toll Brother hired Smirconish).

Those columns are really terrible. Meanwhile, there are tons of good writers online. They trade Fitzpatrick and a young copy editing prospect to the Reading Eagle for Weitzel.

They *should* trade Fitzpatrick ...

7 in a row---9 to go.

Magic number to make the playoffs over the Brewers: 8

Totally doable

Go Pat the Bat!

Important Momentum going in against Florida. Interestingly, they won’t face Ricky Nolasco who has been tough on them throughout the season.

Let’s see how the 7 game streak does against the eight game streak. I say that the Phils need at least 2 of 3 from the Marlins as well as least 2 of 3 from both the Braves and Nationals at home. That would make a finish of 92-70 -- good enough to beat the Mets who face the Cubs for 4 and the Brewers for 3 in their final 7 of the season.

5 more wins to go.

I said at the beginning of the week, with the way Milwaukee was stumbling along, it would take a 8-4 finish, to guarantee a playoff spot. I stand by that today.

We already have 3 of those 8 wins. The Florida series will be tough. They are red hot and have been tough on the Phils all year. Now, I think you have to win 5 of the next 9 games to get in.

The Brewers loss today, was an absolute killer. I'd say that was the final straw for them, but after seeing the Phils come back after several losses like that one, last year, I will wait and see. I think they are toast anyway, but I'll give them a few more games, just in case.

I guess, the incentive is to win the East, and avoid Chicago in the first round. Win the East, and get Los Angelas. Get the WC, and start in Chicago. Phils have played Chicago well the past few years (and won 4 of 7 this year). They split with LA, getting swept out there and dominating the Dodgers in CBP last month.

Going 9-0 in Turner Field is an amazing accomplishment. Maybe one, that is the reason the Phils win this division. Beating up on the Nats and Braves, has made up for struggling against the Marlins and Mets.

And, for the post-season roster.....

I can't remember, but did Cholly go with 10 or 11 pitchers last year against Colorado? I am thinking, with this team this year, 10 pitchers is probably all you need. And, with days off, you can get some rest for your pen, if the series goes more than 3 games (with travel). Maybe you go back to a 11 man staff, for a 7 game series, but I would go with 10, in a 5 gamer.

The 4 starters

Seanez, Kendrick and Eaton don't make the cut.

That would give Cholly a 7 man bench. The givens are Bruntlett, Dobbs, Taguchi, Coste and Stairs. The final 2 spots, would be between Jenkins (probable), Marson (3rd catcher) and Golson (pinch-running). I don't think Iguchi (still yet to get in a game), Cervenek and whoever else is elgible, since they came up after Sept 1. Walrond would also fit into that category for the pitchers.

Says Fitzpatrick was a Pulitzer Prize finalist. In other news, Marc "We're On The Seesaw" Zumoff has won ten Emmys.

Hey--anybody else out there have fios TV and lose the broadcast around the 4th inning? I called and the guy from Verizon essentially said "Comcast is blacking us out." Anybody know if they're allowed to do this (I guess they must be) and if they will again. I used to get basic cable (13 channels) and will go back to it if I can't watch the Phillies.

Any time someone doubts The Bat, The Bat steps up. Lesson- go with Pat, don't doubt The Bat!

denny - Iguchi had his first PH appearance last night. Epic.

STL (Wainwright) at Chicago (Zambrano)
MIL (Suppan) at Reds (Ramirez)
Phils (Myers) at Marlins (Johnson)
Mets (Perez) at Braves (Reyes)

Unstoppable object, immovable force.


updated ELO-adjusted playoff odds


Phils - 67
Mets - 33
Marlins - .19


Brewers - 44
Mets - 34
Phils - 20
Astros - 2
Marlins - .37
Cubs - .144

How many game winning hits does Burrell have this year. I can count at least 8 off the top of my head-- there might be more. Two this week alone. That has to count for something when evaluating resigning him.

It's uncanny how many of Burrell's HRs have been game winners. Overall his numbers are pretty mediocre but he's made most of them count.

On the flip side, what's with Utley? He just looks cooked. These lazy flies are becoming the norm and he's out in front of everyhing, becoming very suscepticle to off-speed stuff. I hope in the off-season he does a Lenny Dystra and pumps up his thighs about four inches (or as much as he can with a guy of his wirey build).

Gotta do squats, Chase. Nothing packs it on like free-weight squats.

I say we give chase a game on the bench the day before our next off day. Give him two complete days off for some R&R, and see if that doesn't put a little extra hitch in his giddy up.

That season ending Marlins-Mets series is starting to look more interesting by the day. Assuming the Brewers continue to tank it, and the Fish continue to hang in there (after losing two this weekend, :) it could be the series to decide the wild card.

Just keep taking care of business and we'll be fine.

Squonk is an odd duck.

Howard strikeout watch: Howard did not strikeout once in the Braves series. It's the first series he hasn't struck out in this season. Howard entered the night with 190 strikeouts. Arizona's Mark Reynolds had 191 to lead baseball.

Re Squonk: How do you basically call someone a nerd and the evidence that you are not a nerd is that you are watching Mash re runs?

Or did I miss the joke?

FIOS customer here too, Mike J. Also lost the game. Darn comcast. If anyone has any info, post it up.

Why would they purposely black out THAT game at THAT time though? Time for some sleuthing.

Phils fans. I gotta give your team credit. You guys do a good job in the clutch. The pitching and hitting seem to be in sync. When one falters, the other one picks up the slack, etc. That's the mark of a winning team. As much as I can't stand you guys (mostly due to bad times at the ballpark), I respect you.

Hoping both teams can get in the post season and we can have a Phils-Mets NLCS. THAT would be fun.

Just got on after an out of town trip.

phargo, hh: "if you hang it..."
That's why I'm glad we've got female Philly fans. Keep up the good work!

Jason's reference to Werth got me thinking about him as an everyday player. He's excedded my expectations. His OBP against rRHP is better than most of the guys on the team against anybody. Plus - in SBs, as a Philly, he's swiped like 20 bags and gotten caught twice. In his 640 or so ABs, he's gotten 101 walks. He has grounded into just one (1) (!!!) double play as a Phil.

I think he's a keeper. And I like the line-up with him between Utley and Howard. The current first five (particular if the Bat is Back)is a beautiful thing.

Werth is 42/47 in his career (SB).

His 4th most similar batter through age 28 is Wes Chamberlain.

Did anyone else know that Werth hit 2 HR in the postseason for the Dodgers in '04?

Just read the Fitzpatrick piece.

First reaction......who cares?

Second reaction.......he has a point about SOME Philly fans. After all, there have been many lively debates on this board about some of the over the top behavior at the Zen.

What I don't understand is why he dissed Kendeick and Happ by lumping them in with Eaton.

By doing so he merely reveals an ignorance of the game, or at least demonstrates that he has not been watching the Phils play.

Fitz, comment about the fans all you want, but leave the baseball analysis to someone else. You clearly 1) haven't watched, or 2) don't know the game, or 3) lack any ability to watch and make an intelligent observation.

Slocs: So you think the Mets end up with 92 wins this year? Guess you think they'll be beating up on the Cubs and Marlins then, no? What's your reasoning on that?

I'm going to make a bold prediction: If Cholly keeps Uts & Howard back-to-back AND starts Feliz in all 3 games, the Marlins will win 2 of 3, with Rhodes getting the lefties out with men on base in the 8th inning of at least 1 game. If Cholly sits Feliz for Dobbs and uses Werth to split Uts & Howard, the Phils will sweep or win 2 of 3.

Bobby Abreu update:
.299/.371/.476 with 19 HR, 93 R, 95 RBI, 19 SB.

His OPS+ of 123 would rank 3rd behind Utley (130) and Burrell (124) among qualifying hitters if he were still on the Phillies.

Who'd we get for him again?

My thanks to all of you who regularly contribute to this blog... half the fun of this season has been reading your comments, even those I don't agree with. Hopefully, we'll all be enjoying this season well into October. Am I alone in my opinion that McCarthy and Matthews are the worst announcing pair of all time? McCarthy talks about bullsh*t no serious baseball fan really cares about, and Sarge believes that 2 seconds of dead air is a mortal sin. His only real contribution is the stunning array of stupid hats he wears to hide his bald pate.
I can't believe that Scott "put this one in the win column for the Fightin' Phils!" Graham was let go to give these two clowns more air time, or (even worse) that McCarthy will likely wind up replacing Harry as the main guy. Compared to Harry and Whitey (who admittedly had a very rare chemistry together), these two are just horrible.

Harv: The only announcer Phils announcer I ever heard who is more grating and annoying than McCarthy is Scott "Happy Talk" Graham.

I agree with Fitzpatrick on the Romo shirts--I remember seeing that on the home run and cringing with embarrassment. And at the game on Saturday I had to listen to some jackass calling Burrell a "fag" for a couple of innings before he thankfully disappeared. I don't get why people think it's okay to do that stuff. Unfortunately, it's kind of pervasive when it comes to sports.

Chalk me up on the Utley needs to start doing HGH and add some weight bandwagon. He looks like he's about to break in half right now. Deadlifts, squats, and pullups and a sh*t-ton of milk all winter should pack on about 10-15 solid pounds. I mean this guy sponsors EAS, start mixing in some protein powder.

"What I don't understand is why he dissed Kendeick and Happ by lumping them in with Eaton."

I don't think it's unfair to lump Kedrick in with Eaton. Sure his numbers aren't quite as bad, but hes young. Give him time, he will get there!

clout - That prediction sounds about right to me. For some reason I think this is the Phils toughest series since at least the Cubs at the end of August. Going against three tough RHP, with Rhodes in the pen, only makes Manuel's two largest managerial weaknesses more apparent.

I'm a FIOS customer who got home last night after a meeting and tried to turn on the game and repeatedly got a blank screen. When I checked the channel later on well after the game was over I got SportsNite? (I think that's the name of the show).

I don't know what is up since usually the game is on with no problem. Hope it's not a trend/new policy.

Bobby Abreu is what he is, a solid on base guy with moderate power and speed. I never wanted him gone, but I can't say we're missing him because his millions were spent otherwise.

PhillR: Eaton has a career winning pct. of .519. I'd be quite happy if Kendrick produces that over his career. Few 4th or 5th starters do.

I have Verizon FiOS HD and had no problems at all.

Carson: You mean on Adam Eaton and Geoff Jenkins? Yeah, you're right, it was a smart move.

Cholly's Brain: "I've got to hand it to you, gut, you were right about continuing to start the slumping Pat Burrell. What's your take in the upcoming series?"

Cholly's Gut: "I feel that Myers is our best pitcher right now going against their best starter in Josh Johnson. It'll be a close nailbiter, but I feel that Myers will "gut" out another victory. For the second game, I think both teams will jump on the starters for a bunch of runs. Mad Dog will be the key. If he can come in and scale the Fish in the middle innings, the Phils will win. For the getaway game, Moyer has been good and not so good lately. My "gut" feeling is not strong for this game. I rate it a toss-up. Rest up Saturday, brain, as you will be called on to make some decisions on Sunday. The old "gut" won't be able to help you, unless we eat good the night before."

Cholly's Brain: "Thanks, gut. I'll take it easy the next few games, go on cruise control, and let you make all the decisions, while I rest up for Sunday's game."

Hmm. Phils paid Abreu $1.5M to waive his NTC. They saved either $35.4M or $21.4M by not paying him for 06-08 (depending on whether or not they would have bought him out or exercised their option in 08.)

I'd rather the Phils had Abreu and not spent money on Jenkins, Eaton, Feliz, etc..

Of course, I think Gillick picked up Werth in '07. Who knows if he would have done that if Abreu had never been dealt.

Including the $1.5M the Phils saved either $36.9M or $22.9M. This is without consideration for what contracts they took on (minimal) in return.

Number of playoff appearances WITH Abreu: 0
Number of playoff appearances WITHOUT him: 1

Yes we should have gotten more for him but we didn't. Maybe they'll resign him in the offseason to replace Burrell.

NEPP: I await with interest your explanation of why Abreu was the reason the Phillies never made the playoffs. Thanks in advance.

Forget this Abreu stuff. This is so 2006/2007. Let's talk about Kendrick and Feliz.

Cholly's Brain: "I've got to hand it to you, gut, you were right about continuing to start the slumping Pat Burrell. What's your take in the upcoming series?"

Cholly's Gut: "Mmmm, cookies."

(With apologies to Lake Fred)

****NEPP: I await with interest your explanation of why Abreu was the reason the Phillies never made the playoffs. Thanks in advance****

I wasn't being serious...

Clout- nowhere did I even suggest it was a smart move, nor did I suggest that the Abreu savings were wisely spent. I wish he were still our rightfielder and Eaton and Jenkins were never added to the payroll, but it is what it is, and the Phils did may the playoffs despite not having Abreu and look to do the same this season.

Number of playoff appearances WITH Pete LaForest: 1
Number of playoff appearances WITHOUT Pete LaForest: 0

I hope we can break that streak this season.

Why are we arguing over Kendrick and Abreu this morning? Who the hell cares. THE PHILLIES HAVE WON 7 STRAIGHT AND ARE IN FIRST PLACE. And they play what should be our 2nd least favorite team this weekend who is just as hot.

TK: Thanks for adding to our baseball knowledge. Until your post, none of us realized any of that.

Carson: I don't wish Abreu was still our rightfielder, but I do wish we'd held onto him until we got something of value in return, something the Marlins and other teams do.

But, clout, we did get a RP who is recovering from TJ...that's gotta count for something. /sarcasm//explanation so clout doesn't yell at me

Clout, have some coffee.

Hopes for tonight:

Dobbs starts
Hanley doesn't
Werth bats third

Additional hopes for tonight:

Burrell continues hitting
Utley joins the party

Marlins get collective amnesia on how to swing a bat

Monastrios had a tasty 5.63 ERA at Clearwater this year. See, they got something for Abreu.
Jesus Sanchez put up an even tastier .476 OPS, yes folks, a luscious line of .186/.231/.245 at Lakewood in 110 PAs.
With the AAAA RP on the disabled list, how can anyone say the Phils gave Abreu away?

Utley since Aug 1: .274/.382/.423 -- 11 2B, 1 3B, 4 HR
Utley since Aug 13: .278/.391/.365 -- 6 2B, 1 3B, 1 HR
Utley since Aug 23: .298/.412/.362 -- 4 2B, 1 3B, 0 HR

Utley since Aug 29: .268/.361/.338
Utley since Sept 8: .263/.349/.342 -- 3 2B

Cholly's Gut: "Mmmm, cookies."

LOL! Good one, phargo! That would be just as true if it were.....

Lake Fred's Gut: "Mmmm, cookies."

Clout - I guess that's why Baskin Robins makes 31 flavors.

I will be at a lodge meeting tonite, and I know I won't get to see any of the Phils-Fish game. Will depend on all of you to provide a running commentary of the action so I can get a sense of what I miss. I sure hope America's favorite husband comes thru with another strong effort... BM really has turned it around and become our horse. Who'd have thunk it back when they first exiled him to Allentown? Go Phils!!!

Having Utley on your fantasy team means you closely follow his stats. His power swing just isn't there anymore. Chipper Jones said in Jim Salisbury's article today that Utley looks a little off in his timing, and I agree. Definitely a good move by Manuel to put Utley in the 2nd spot. He's not generating enough power to bat in the heart of the order.

Damn. From Aug 20th to Sept 3 (15 G) Utley hit .393/.507/.518.

Even though his numbers look (relatively -- nice OBP) weak in the last week or so, Utley's been on base in 26 of the last 28 games going back to Aug 20th. He's scored 22 runs (33 hits, 13 walks.)

The Phils are 19-9 since the 20th.

Clout- what the hell is wrong with you this morning? Cheer up bro! You're picking a fight with me and I haven't even said anything wrong. Go look at what I've typed and tell me why exactly it needs your badgering this morning.

Phils are now 20-9 under Campaign Cheer...just saying.

Beerleaguers: While I should NEVER get ahead of myself, here is a question to ponder ... let's say the Phillies are tied with the Mets going into the last day but assured of at least a WC spot. As it stands now, Hamels is the scheduled starter for the finale. Would you rest Hamels for the first game of the playoffs rather than pitch him on the final day of the regular season? Remember, if the two teams tie for first, Mets win the division as long as the Phillies qualify for the WC.

How about if the Phillies were up by a game going into the final game? Would you pitch or rest Hamels?

My preference: I'd rest him for game 1 even if it meant we played in Chicago to start.

Personally if I had my way, I'm pitching Brett Myers 1st, Hamels 2nd, and Moyer 3rd, with Blanton ready to go 4th if needed. Just my preference.

Henry, Monasterios, Smith, and...
Oh, wait; you were being sarcastic right?

In a Yahoo article titled “Science unveils hidden drivers of stock bubbles and crashes” by Marlowe Hood and Richard Ingham, they talk about two hormones and their effect on individuals. They write:

“These were testosterone, which is associated with male aggressiveness and sexual behaviour, and cortisol, which is summoned by the body to deal with "fight or flight" emergencies.

When the traders were in profit, their testosterone levels surged. But when they were in loss, or in fluctuation, it was their cortisol that rose sharply.

Testosterone encourages confidence and risk-taking, and has an accumulative effect, which could explain winning streaks in sports teams, for instance. But research in animals suggests that, over the long term, high doses of the hormone impair judgement and encourage excessive risks.

Similarly, cortisol has a beneficial, euphoric effect in the short term, but after two weeks of exposure to it at high levels, the hormone can turn negative, eroding confidence and magnifying fear of risk, Coates says.

"If you were to take an identical set of facts and present them to someone high on testosterone and someone who's got chronic cortisol, the first one would see opportunities everywhere and the second would see nothing but risks," he says.”

Phillies fans must be chronic cortisol. That explains our feelings and behavior

Pitching match-ups (according to

9/19 - Myers vs. Johnson (FLA)
9/20 - Blanton vs. Sanchez (FLA)
9/21 - Moyer vs. Volstad (FLA)
9/22 - Happ vs. Jurrjens (ATL)
9/23 - Hamels vs. Hampton (ATL)
9/24 - Myers vs. Reyes (ATL)
9/25 - OFF
9/26 - Blanton vs. Lannan (WAS)
9/27 - Moyer vs. Perez (WAS)
9/28 - Hamels vs. Martis (WAS)

9/19 - Perez vs. Reyes (ATL)
9/20 - Martinez vs. Campillo (ATL)
9/21 - Pelfrey vs. Parr (ATL)
9/22 - Niese vs. Marquis (CHC)
9/23 - Santana vs. Harden (CHC)
9/24 - Perez vs. Zambrano (CHC)
9/25 - Martinez vs. Lilly (CHC)
9/26 - Pelfrey vs. Volstad (FLA)
9/27 - Niese vs. Nolasco (FLA)
9/28 - Santana vs. Olsen (FLA)

9/19 - Suppan vs. Ramirez (CIN)
9/20 - Parra vs. Cueto (CIN)
9/21 - Sabathia vs. Arroyo (CIN)
9/22 - OFF
9/23 - Sheets (maybe) vs. Karstens (PIT)
9/24 - Bush vs. Duke (PIT)
9/25 - Suppan vs. Maholm (PIT)
9/26 - Parra vs. Dempster (CHC)
9/27 - Sabathia vs. Marquis (CHC)
9/28 - Sheets (maybe) vs. Harden (CHC)

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