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Monday, September 29, 2008


Myers splits the lefties and tries to fix his mechanics on the fly in the second game, which could be C.C.’s start.

Scary stuff.

That's why Game 1 will be the key to the entire series. Lose the first one with your ace pitching, and the Phils are staring at a very real possibility of 0-2 heading into Milwaukee.

Well, if bad Myers is gonna show up, maybe it's better to have it happen against CC and not a human pitcher? Get both bad things out of the way in the same game.

We lose game one ond we have to win 3 out of 4 while facing CC twice. Not good.

Come on Cole. Now is the time to pitch a GEM!

I have a feeling (a hope) that Myers will be pumped up and ready to go. It seems like he thrives in big situations. (And if he fails we can just say they would have lost anyway with Sabathia on the mound.)

Something I loved from the NLDS breakdown on the Brewers website.

Secret Weapon:
If So Taguchi is on the Phillies' postseason roster, he could be a hidden spark plug. He's been to the postseason three times with the Cardinals (2004-06), and he had a big 2006 with a double, two homers and four RBIs.

Apparently the Brewers still fear the dangerous So Taguchi.

I don't feel too good about the prospects of that second game. At least it will be broadcast in prime time.

Well, if bad Myers is gonna show up, maybe it's better to have it happen against CC and not a human pitcher? Get both bad things out of the way in the same game.

That was my initial thought when I saw this... I don't want to use the word "conceding" but... yeah, maybe they're conceding this game to C.C.

Loved the caption of the #2 story on the Zolecki link- "CC can't pitch every day".

Well, if Myers can somehow pitch against them like he did during the 4 game sweep then we're not conceding anything.

I don't fear Sabbathia. Respect, yes, but he can be beaten. He's due to be beaten.

I'm really happy with this order.

Pitching Myers in Game 2 against CC is perfect because it's almost like we're playing with house money, in that CC will probably pitch a great game. So instead of "wasting" Moyer against CC, go with Myers who does have the potential to throw a CG shutout or only give up one run, and possibly beat the Brewers, especially if they have to go to their weak bullpen for a few innings.

Not sure if anyone else caught this, but Myers basically conceded in the post-game interview on Saturday that that short rest game against the Brewers really cost him and that it had affected his pitching his last two times out. Let's hope the extra rest and big game pump him up. I can really see him being pumped up to match up against Sabathia.

EF/Zach: I also had that thought. And on the flip side, if Myers is lights out like his last start against Brewers, he may be our best shot at matching and beating Sabathia.
One more thing. Myers has the highest probability out of our starters at not making it thru the 3rd inning. If that happens, it's better to have to empty the bullpen in game 2, since you have an off day the next day.

That said, these types of things almost never play out as expected.

JW: Just noticed the bunting. Awesome.

Brian G: Exactly... we've hashed over "pitching advantages" constantly in the past. Down the stretch, we got into the playoffs on the strength of Moyer, Blanton and Happ. We were 9-3 over our last 12 and the three losses were Myers twice and Hamels once.

Games are 9 innings long and involve at least 9 players on each team.

Myers really is in a good spot. He's facing a righty heavy line-up. He's in a lower pressure spot, since everyone is expecting him to be outpitched by C.C. Call me optimistic, but I really think Myers will come out and pitch really well on Thursday.

The Hamels, Myers, Moyer rotation makes sense. Hamels must pitch big in a big game like we've all been waiting for. Myers vs. CC is scary, but hey, Brett might just best Sabathia.

" we've all been waiting for."

That sums it up, and makes me feel a little queasy when I think about the game. I'd almost prefer to see Moyer go first, though I know that would never happen. he's just such a clutch guy, and Cole hasn't shown that to me yet.

The more I think about this series, the more scary I find the matchups. The Phillies are a better team than Milwaukee but, in a short series, the better team doesn't always win. The team with the hotter pitching is usually the one that wins.

Sabathia is the hottest pitcher in basball. Furthermore, the Phillies do not hit good pitching very well and they are especially hapless against good left-handed pitching. Sabathia is a matchup nightmare for them. If Sabathia wins Game 2, it forces the Phillies to win Game 1, plus both road game, or else have to face another showdown against Sabathia in Game 5.

It pains me to say it, but the matchups in this series heavily favor the Brewers. The only way the Phillies win this series is if Myers comes up huge in at least one of his 2 games against Sabathia. Is there anything in Myers' history which suggests he's a good bet to come up huge in pressure situations? All the evidence is 100% to the contrary. I see this series going the 5-game distance, with Milwaukee winning Game 5 on a shutout by Sabathia. When that happens, it will be far more depressing than last year's playoff loss.

bap: I'm shocked... SHOCKED... to see you predict doom and gloom in this series :-)

That pretty much ensures we'll win.

Yes. teh reverse BL jinx may just have been put in play. I enjoyed reading a linked thread yesterday from 9/11/08 where b_a_p stated several times that it would be "virtually impossible" for the Phillies to make the playoffs this year.

Watching Chicago against Detroit and Gavin floyd is pitching against Freddie garcia.
Floyd would look good pitching for Phils. This is one trade that will be talked about as much as Ferguson Jenkins later in life.

They gotta play them one at a time, I'm told. Chances are, the Phils are going to win game 1 and make this CC Bogeyman talk much less stressful. If they don't, they'll just have to earn a win against the man-god. In our favor, if he pitches game 2, it will be his 4th consecutive game on 3 days rest. he was really laboring in the 9th yesterday. He still hit his spots, but we'll see if he can do it again on Thursday.

If the Phils regular season record were based on bap's "feelings"... we've have been lucky to finish above the Nats!

I expect Hamels to win 2 and Moyer 1 - this negates Sabathia if he wins 2

In the bash the Mets thread, I referred late to an article on the Mets and their payroll.

Here's the link.

The Mets stretched beyond their desired - albeit self-imposed - payroll limit in order to land Santana, committing nearly $140 million while budgeting for postseason revenue. It would appear highly unlikely the payroll would increase off a failed postseason bid even going into Citi Field. And the only sizable contracts seemingly coming off the books are for Pedro Martinez ($11 million), Moises Alou ($7.5 million), Orlando Hernandez ($6.5 million) and Oliver Perez ($6.5 million).

They're going to try to find a team to take Castillo off the roster, if not the payroll, so they may have holes at 2nd, left, 2 starters plus closer, setup men, middle men and long men.

@fljerry -- Ferguson Jenkins is in the Hall of Fame.

Gavin Floyd has had one very good season.

I think 20 years from now, we'll be having trouble distinguishing Floyd with the lead singer of Bush Gavin Rossdale.

I like this. I'd like it more if Myers had pitched well these last two times out, but there is that mitigating 3-days rest factor.

The Brewers don't scare me. Especially since Hamels is a LHP with a wicked CH, which actually means he's better against all those MIL RHB. Fielder is the biggest factor - just speaking in terms of match-ups - in games 1 and 2 (.955 OPS against RHP vs .733 against LHP.) He had a big September: .316/.398/.600

fljerry: "I expect Hamels to win 2 and Moyer 1 - this negates Sabathia if he wins 2"

I don't think that's possible. Most likely, if Hamels wins one and Moyer another, it will be 2-1 Phils for Sunday and Hamels will not go on short rest. If Blanton loses that one, it will be Hamels v. Sabathia for the series clincher.

Forgot to add - if Sabathia wins 2, phils lose series.

I sure hope so - Floyd was an untouchable for us along with Hamels and we did have high expectations for him. It was still a horrible trade.

Floyd has a no hitter for 3 innings and Chisox lead 1-0

I love this rotation. If Myers implodes its no big deal as we arent expecting to beat Sabathia anyway...make Bush and SUppan beat us.

On another completely unrelated note: In my "road to the show" which I'm playing right now, I'm a pitcher for the Red Sox. I threw an 0-2 circle change low out of the zone to Chase Utley and he crushed it into Bulls BBQ for a 3 run shot...though I did SO Howard on 3 pitches immediately after to end the inning...damn.

bap: "Is there anything in Myers' history which suggests he's a good bet to come up huge in pressure situations?"
Yes, when he pitched a complete game 2-hitter on three days rest to propel us into a wild card tie. And we won 5 of 6 from the Brewers this year, recently sweeping them when we absolutely had to.. so how can you say that the matchups "heavily" favor the Brewers.
And Sabathia is human, as he showed last year in the playoffs. He's obviously been great, but plenty of that greatness has come from absolutely feasting on Pittsburgh, SD, and Washington the last two month. He can be had.

I can only assume that your over the top pessisism is at this point a self-parody.

Brian G: It's just funny that he gives the edge to the Brewers based on the untouchable Sabathia beating us twice... while ignoring the massive edge we'll have in pitching in every inning Sabathia doesn't throw.

2007 Sabathia PS stats: 3 GS, 1-2, ERA just under 9.

CJ: So you're saying I'm a little on the pessimistic side? Well, ok, I'll buy that. When I took the Cal. Bar Exam 15 years ago, I was so sure I would fail that, when my friend offered to bet me $20 that I'd pass, I accepted the bet (I ended up passing the test and losing the $20). I suppose that story is a metaphor for my general outlook. Hopefully the Brewers series will turn out as well as the Bar Exam.

Haha, TK, nice find. It was just taken down though.

I missed it... what was on it?

Seriously, though, there are some matchup problems in this series. I DO realize we have the pitching edge in every game that Sabathia isn't pitching but, unless we are able to beat Sabathia once, we are going to have to win all 3 of those games. Yes, Sabathia is human. Yes, he ought to hit the wall at some point. But so far, he continues to pitch great. And dominant left-handed starters are the single biggest thorn in the Phillies' side.

As I said before, I think we're better than the Brewers from top to bottom. But, if the "worst players on your team" decide the regular season (as that Mets troll keeps saying), then the best pitchers on the team tend to decide the post-season. I don't see the Phillies sweeping the 3 games when Sabathia doesn't pitch, which means that, to win this series, we very likely have to win one of the two games he does start -- ideally Game 2.

bap: Why don't you see the Phillies winning three games from the Brewers against their terrible pitching?

We already won 4 in a row off their terrible pitching this month.

You're being overly pessimistic because that's what you do. No one here is surprised you expect the Phils to lose. But this time, your logic doesn't even make sense. Every matchup except Sabathia is in the Phils favor.

Right, we may, but by the time Sabathia returns, likely to pitch Game 5, we'd have Hamels to face him - right? So I'd say we have a decent chance of winning one of his two starts.

All this talk about Sabathia... have we forgotten that we played Sabathia last year while he was on the indians? Not only that, but he was in position to be the LOSING PITCHER when he left the game before John Lieber and co. gave up an 8-run inning.

Our phillies have hit Sabathia hard before.;_ylt=Av4RqpweYqE41peaZmbwTB6pu7YF?gid=270620105

Phils in NYC: I remember that game, how does Barajas have such sick numbers against CC?

It said. "David Wright is the third basemen for the New York Mets. The Mets are also known as the universal sign for choking."

Gotta love Wiki.

CJ: It's hard to win 3 in a row against anyone, regardless of how favorable the pitching matchups. It's especially hard when 2 of those games are in the opponents' home park. Besides, Gallardo will pitch one of those 3 games and he is no slouch at all.

By the way, I think I deserve a little credit for the Phillies' success this season. I worked very hard this year to be as negative as possible, thereby triggering the Beerleaguer Reverse Karma. Without my relentless pessimism, perhaps there is no Reverse Karma and no division title. I'm hereby starting a campaign to be voted National League MVP.

If Gallardo does go game 1 then their bullpen will come into play early. Gallardo doesn't have the stamina to go more than 5 or 6 innings right now. Getting his pitch count up should be part of the game plan.

EDGE- I guess it's time to bring old RamRod back for our playoff roster...clearly he's our only hope.

bap: We wouldn't have to win three in a row. You've already awarded Game 2 to the Brewers. That means we'd need to win Games 1, 3 and 4.

And forgive me for not fearing Gallardo. He's pitched 4 innings since May 1st. That pretty much guarantees we'll be in the bullpen by the 6th inning at the latest. Even if Gallardo pitches like Sabathia, we'll have plenty of time for batting practice against the Brewers bullpen.

You guys are losers. You won the division and the Mets aren't in the playoffs, so you can obviously talk all you like. But that doesn't make you right.

Bah... Mets Trolls... that's soooooo September 2008.

We've moved on to October. You wouldn't know what that's all about.

Oh CJ -- when did you get so clever?

Yea, we're the losers...........that makes sense

The Phillies aren't losers moron, you guys are. You know just cause you post here that you don't actually play for the Phillies, right? Right?

salomon torres stinks

Don't feed the trolls. They can live long without sustenance. They'll be back under their bridge in no time.

Cute CJ. Considering you were the first and one of the only to respond to my post.

Nothing wrong with being a loser, soy un perdedor, i'm a loser baby

And obviously you haven't moved to October, like you say, because half the posts on this Web site are about the Mets. That's what I expect from insecure, south Philly dagos like yourselves.

I aplogized for the dago comment.

Weitzel had to make that Philly Top the Mets post just to convince himself it was true. Wow, Weitzel. What team do you root for? I really couldn't tell from your post?

Also, I should be a credited contributor to this site, with all the times I'm quoted by you clowns. When something happens that I said, someone is quick to post something silly. I appreciate that, and it is very flattering. But Weitzel, give me some credit.

Oh well. Back to work. I'll be back. Ohhh, I'll be back.

Cole Hamels-toe is going to get turned out by the Brewers, like the little slut that he is. And I'll be here to shower in the misery.

Phils R Bad - go find a girlfriend or take the dog for a walk - you are sad.

The Cardinals have signed Kyle Lohse to a 4 yr contract extension. Apparently its over $10 million per year although specifics have not been released yet.

Well... Floyd literally throws away the ChiSox playoff chances?

Phils R Bad - You sound a little insecure yourself, you need the Phils to lose to get your thrills eh....

Mike C: So you think the Floyd trade was a good one? Interesting.

Oh good. Phils R Bad slipped up and made a racial slur. Now jason has reason to send all his future posts to the SPAM filter.

For anyone travleing to or in NY, please be advised that there have been several outbreaks of bedbugs. They are nasty little NY bugs, and even when you squash them into oblivion, they just keep coming back. It's as if they're saying, "I'll be back. Ohhh, I'll be back."

It doesn't stop them from being the lowest form of vermin, though.

In the hundreds and hundreds of posts PRB has made on this blog you would think just one would show some insight about baseball. That we would actually learn something from one of his posts. I don't even care that he's a Mets fan. Just show us that you know anything about baseball beyond what the average 7 year old knows. So far, nada.

MLB Trade Rumors suggests it'll be 4 years, $48 million.

clout: Based on the intelligence level of his posts, I'm pretty sure PRB actually IS 7 years old. Why would you expect him to show insight beyond his years?

I'm with CJ on the Brewers. There's only one pitcher to worry about and that's CC. Gallardo is just one or two games back from serious injury. The bullpen is nothing special and their boppers can't hit with our boppers.

The team that worries me, frankly, is the Dodgers. Solid starters and Broxton & Saito at the back end.

clout: I doubt anyone would argue the Floyd trade was a good one... especially in lieu of what we've seen from Floyd when it happened. However... did anyone seriously believe Floyd was going to suddenly turn it around with the Phillies?

Frankly, when the trade went down I think many people thought it was a good move for the Phils.

Hindsight 20-20... it was terrible and no one would go back and do it again.

mike c: is this what you describe as clout's "creative argument style"?

Mike C says: "@fljerry -- Ferguson Jenkins is in the Hall of Fame.

Gavin Floyd has had one very good season.

I think 20 years from now, we'll be having trouble distinguishing Floyd with the lead singer of Bush Gavin Rossdale."

Clout responds: "Mike C: So you think the Floyd trade was a good one? Interesting."

How he makes that logical jump is beyond me.

Brian G: Your paranoia and obsession with me runs deep I see. I was asking Mike C a question. Obviously he doesn't think much of Floyd. The question was logical. Unlike your posts.

clout: So you think Gavin Floyd and Ferguson Jenkins are equals?

Clout, can you make some time to teach me baseball? Please?

Ah.. Phils R Bad must have a paper route. He said he was going back to work and in mere minutes, he's back on the list!

And JW doesn't need a racial slur to SPAM me. He does it any day just for speaking truths. I envy you guys though: Ignorance is bliss.

PRB: You are indeed an expert on ignorance. Post something interesting or insightful just once. Just to show us you can do it. Even if you have to look it up in Wikipedia.

I have made posts are on here that have been quoted by many a Bush, i mean Beer, Leaguer. Even the Phillies fans think you are a self-absorbed ignorant a-hole Clout. You are THE authority on smart baseball talk.

4 years, $41 million is the official number for Lohse.

They gambled in turning down the Phils 3 year, $27 million offer and it paid off.

I meant 3 year, $21 million for Lohse from the Phils.

Look at the Tigers with the Met-like BP...3 WP's, 2 BB's and a grand slam. Sox up 6-2.

Looks like there will be more regular season baseball tomorrow. ChiSox lead 6-2.

What does Beerleaguer mean, btw?

And where can I find the comments that Coste made about Reyes?


Let's just pray it doesn't go to a game 5 with CC against Myers. Phils NEED to take care of the Brew Crew in 4.

Can everyone please just ignore PRB? Seriously. It's not that hard. Just pretend his posts aren't there.

Where can I find the comments Coste made about Reyes? Do you not want me to see them because they are so silly?

Gallardo has pitched once against the Phils in his career and it happened last August. The Phils lineup vs. the lefty:


Burrell homered, but the Phils got just three other hits and a walk off Gallardo in 6.2 innings. He struck out 7 including Howard three times.

Brian I'm not talking trash. There's nothing I can say. You guys won the division. Can you just tell me where I can find the comments?

Joel G: I'm not sure it would be Myers in Game 5. If the Phils need to win Games 4 and 5, it's possible Hamels starts 4 and Myers 5. But if they don't need Game 4 to stay alive, I wouldn't be surprised if they pitched Blanton Game 4 and had Hamels on the mound Game 5.

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