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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


How about MVP or Cy Young awards- do they give serious consideration to a closer ?

Great year for Brad- hope his playoffs are just as successful , but not quite as hair-raising. Hypertension can only stand so many finishes like Saturday.

As for the Brewers game one starter, who knew they'd have to face someone they're relatively unfamiliar with? I don't like it at all, but it also shouldn't matter who they face. I'm also not ready to just concede the Sabathia game(s) He's not unbeatable, especially after even more short rest.

I think you need to look at an award like this as more of a general acknowledgment of how good Lidge's season was as opposed to literally interpreting "comeback player". clearly he's not a serious candidate for MVP or Cy Young given the surplus of other great players this year, so voters throw him something like Comeback Player as a consolation prize.

sort of like when Bobby Abreu won a Gold Glove even though I doubt any voters really thought he deserved it.

Attractive to whom, Dead Wade? Bourn was a player with some potential upside, but the Phillies have had and still have a plenty of guys that match his profile in their system. At any rate, he was a bust.

Costanzo found a way to strike out more than he did last year, but this time he hit a pathetic eleven dingers.

The only player of worth that it looks like Houston got was Gas Can. Wade was fleeced. This trade was a once in a lifetime Phillies' coup. I'll probably never live to see another, and I'm only 22.

RT: If the Phillies ever make another trade with Ed Wade, it will happen again.

RT: "He was a bust." Really? Bourn's career is over at age 25? Such a shame.

Bubba: Closer Steve Bedrosian won the Cy Young award for the Phillies in 1987 and Phillies castoff Willie Hernandez won both the Cy Young and the MVP in 1984 for the Tigers. Of course in those days, men were men and closers pitched 140 IP.

Clout: I would say so far the Bourn has been a bust. Go look at his numbers; Wade traded for him with the expectation of batting .280 at leadoff this season with alot of stolen bases, and he didn't get anything near that. Bourn is the next Corey Patterson if you ask me. I agree with RT.

Well, Lidge lost the closer spot in Houston. That's why they were willing to give him up. Back when the trade was made, a Mets fan friend of mine told me that the Phillies front office "just traded for another Gordon". Lidge did have a pile of blown saves in his last years at Houston. Then he comes here and does not blow any. I'd call that a pretty good comeback year, going from washed-up closer to premier closer.

Bourn did steal 41 bases this year, which is actually pretty good. But the downside to that was that he was still caught stealing 10 times. He only hit .229 with a .280 OBP.

Lidge has nothing on Cantu's sob story. He couldn't even hold a job in Tampa when the Rays were junk.

Clout- yeah I remember those cases but I am not sure we will see MVP or Cy Young for a closer any time soon again

PhilliesPhan: Saying that Bourn is the next Corey Patterson suggest you either:
1. Know nothing about Bourn
2. Know nothing about Corey Patterson

They are very few similarities between these two.

I am certainly NOT saying Bourn had a good season. He had a terrible season. I'm surprised they didn't yank him from the lineup in August. My point is this: It's unlikely his career is over at age 25 so it will be a few years before we can declare him a bust.

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