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Monday, September 29, 2008


Why does the first game have to be during work hours? Why do we have games at times that they were never during the season? I just don't get why they kill the people who have been supporting them all year. Atleast two games are reasonable, last year I think all of the games were during the daytime hours.

Alex: TV. At least we can see games 2,3, and 4.

Because the other two games have LA teams, and LA and Chicago are simply bigger markets. Red Sox fans must be just as mad--9:30 and 10pm EST starts?

Was anyone else disappointed in the comments made during the celebration? It seemed to me that the players and manager set their sights on "going farther" and "not being swept" with barely a mention of "we're going to win the $%#^ World Series, just you wait".
Myers only committed to not getting swept when interviewed.
Maybe I missed the grander-visioned comments as I did not watch the whole thing.

It's old school to have baseball games right around when the kids get out of school.

Anyone know who is the Brewers game 1 starter?

Agreed, EF. I'm going to enjoy taking my son to the game on a "school night" and still have him home by 7. I remember rushing home to see World Series games in the afternoon.

the 3pm start kinda sucks because i'll miss the 1st half of the game but its a lot better than last years start times. i'd rather have these than late games that i'll fall asleep before they're over.

3pm start will do me just fine!! Will be 8pm over here so will be the only game of the first three I could reasonably watch (though could stay up late Saturday night of course)

Just got my tix for game 2, woohoo! At least the Phils get one decent start time for the LDS this season (thank you Tampa vs MIN/CWS).

I was a very unhappy Phils fan living in Detroit (don't ask) last year and hardly got to see any of games 1 or 2. Will be on a train to NYC during game 1 (boo).. but THANKFULLY will be eating a Schmitter & drinking some Lagers live at the CBP for game 2.

Any word on the Phils rotation beyond Hamels? or the postseason roster?

I'm guessing it will be Hamels vs Sheets for g1 & Myers vs Sabathia for g2..

Well, I guess we got the matchup we wanted, but this Brewers team has some good players, and I'm no looking forward to watching the Phillies face CC Sabathia twice.

Assume that the Brew Crew win both of those games, and that means the Phils have to sweep the other three. It's not going to be easy.

I know, it's baseball....anything can happen.

I heard that Sheets is out, as in 60 DL out. Just a rumor?

A few days ago, Sheets said that he was done for the year.
Short or long sleeves for Cole this time?

Andy - Sheets said himself that he was done for the rest of the season

"Right-hander Yovani Gallardo, who returned Thursday from a knee injury suffered on May 1, can be added to the playoff roster because he was on the disabled list on Sept. 1. Right-hander Jeff Suppan would be available for the opener on full rest and right-hander Dave Bush would have three days of rest since a three-inning relief outing Saturday.

Sveum might even consider starting lefty Manny Parra, who looked much better in a relief appearance Saturday, because of the number of left-handed bats in the Phillies' lineup."

I also heard Sheets is out. I went searching for some Brewers blogs, and all of them have said that he probably won't be able to pitch, not specifying game 1, or any game for that matter.

With CC going on game 2, I'd think that we'd likely see Jeff Suppan making an appearance.

RHP Ben Sheets made it through only 2 1/3 innings Saturday while trying to pitch through discomfort in his right elbow. Sheets sat out nine days with the ailing elbow and hoped to get through at least five innings but lost both command and velocity while allowing the Cubs five hits, two walks and four runs (three earned). He is not expected to be available in the NL Division Series against Philadelphia. (yahoo sports)

Suppan is nice, because we saw him last on 9/14 and in 3.2 innings, we got 8 hits, and 6 earned runs in his short 68 pitch masterpiece.

From another Phan on another site:

Coste was just on WIP and said the Mets are an incomplete team and didn't deserve to go to the playoffs, and nobody in the locker room is sad to see Reyes go home...

He said he and his teammates never forgot that July night where Reyes ran around the bases with his finger in the air...

Phils in 4. Lose to CC.

Has the post season roster been released?

Anybody know?

Postseason roster has not been released, and probably won't be until tomorrow at the earliest.

The Phils are 5-1 against the Brewers this season. I know that doesn't mean jackshit in the playoffs, but it's worth mentioning.

CC scares me, but the Phils might just hit him, we don't know until we give it a whirl.

these start times stink. i fondly recall the warm memories of missing my bedtime and watching playoff games in 83' in my pajamas... even though they won it all 3 years earlier, my dad knew that it might be some time before I saw playoff baseball.

Best I could find on the postseason roster was Zolecki's article this morning: LINK

EF: really? I'm surprised Coste of all people said that. Heh.

Thanks Carson & sh-
Zo's article was good- I remember Harry the K saying that Kendrick was going to Clearwater during the broadcast yesterday & I thought maybe the rosters were out but I couldn't find them.
Marson and our favorite So T. were good yesterday.And the big man going from first to home was priceless.
Fun to watch a game with out the pressure.

I haven't read the posts from yesterday's thread, but I'm sure this was a hot topic: what in the hell was Steve Smith thinking sending Ryan Howard home on that play? I almost had a heart attack.

Game 1 is key. At home. Clear edge in pitching matchup, whatever it turns out to be. The Phils are the favorites in this series. I'm sure most national experts will pick them. They just have to take care of business.

The key to beating the Brewers is to beat any pitcher not named CC Sabathia. Although, I'm not suggesting to roll over and give game 2 to the Brewers, I'm just saying that if they want to win the series, they have to win the favorable match-ups.

Hamels was not good vs the Brewers in his 2 shots at them this year: 13.1 IP, 7ER, 5bb, 15so

Fielder v Hamels: 4/7, 2 HR. He's almost the only lefty the Brewers have and oddly Hamels has been worse vs lefties this year. Fielder accounted for 4 of the 7 runs Hamels surrendered to the Brewers. If he can just not let PF kill him, it should be a good start for Hamels.

Does anyone know of a Philly friendly place to watch the games in Austin, TX?

Been away from computers this weekend. Everything went like I wanted. Phils win division with some breathing room. Muts go home. According to the media, that's the big story. It's bad enough that the team barely misses the playoofs for two successive years, they have their home town media blasting them nationwide for it. It could give the team a losing complex that will take them a decade to overcome. Good!

The Phils even win the meaningless last game to end the season with a winning streak and end up with a respectable 92 victories. I am so happy.

I'm getting a little sick of all this Albert Pujols for MVP crap. Since when is batting average such a big deal? Give it to the .250 hitter!

The convoluted path to get the White Sox into the playoffs is a joke. The Twins and The White Sox don't belong. The Muts had a better record.

CC sucked in the playoffs last hammered by the Red Sox as he didnt have anything left in the tank...Sheets is out...things could be worse.

Another reason the Phillies need to win the WS is to have another manager besides Dallas Green as the last Phillies manager to win a WS. I'd rather drink a beer with Cholly anyday over Dallass Green.

****I'm getting a little sick of all this Albert Pujols for MVP crap. Since when is batting average such a big deal? Give it to the .250 hitter!****

That would make sense if his batting average was empty. He had the highest OPS in the league by a good margin and was way higher than Howard. He doesnt strikout, walks a ton, hits for power against both lefties and righties and plays gold glove defense.

FWIW: Pujols also had better 2nd half numbers than Howard. The only stat Howard beat him in was HRS (20 vs. 19). Pujols blows him away everywhere else.

NEPP, but his team didn't make the playoffs. They were out of contention during the stretch run. Besides, Pujols and Howard share something...neither holds the single season strikeout record! :)

Lake Fred: I agree that contention is a part of it...usually a big part but Pujols had a historic season.

Strike outs:

Howard: 199
Pujols: 56

Hmm...who would you rather have batting 4th and playing 1B? If you say Howard, you are insane.

Here's the thing about CC... since he won't pitch until Game 2 (his 4th straight start on 3 days rest), he won't be able to pitch again until Game 5. That means as long as we take care of business, we won't have to worry about Sabathia's second start of the series.

We couldn't really have asked for a better bad pitching situation for our opponents.

Dave Bush, the 2nd best starter on the Brewers among those who are healthy, was forced to pitch 3 relief innings on the 27th. He could conceivably start Game 1 on three days rest, but he's a guy we've handled pretty well this year.

Manny Parra hasn't started a game since Sept. 13th, and that's when the Phils knocked him out of the rotation putting up 5 runs on 7 hits and 3 walks in just 1.1 innings. He also pitched 2 relief innings on the 27th, meaning he'd be pitching on 3 days rest.

Jeff Suppan has an ERA+ of 87. He's the only regular starter who'd be on regular rest for Game 1. In his last 5 starts, he's 0-3 with an 8.44 ERA and a WHIP of 2.11. That includes a start against the Phils on Sept. 14th where he gave up 6 runs on 8 hits and 4 walks in 3.2 innings.

Finally, there's Yovani Gallardo. He made his first start since May 1st on Sept. 25th and threw 67 pitches in 4 innings before being lifted. It's not clear how much endurance he has right now.

Yo, new thread.

For those of you who entered the lottery for NLCS tickets, I got an e-mail at 9 AM today allowing me to buy 3 tickets for Home Game 2. Woo-hoo! I also got them last year, but hopefully I'll get to use them this year. I also got 3 each for Games 1 and 2 of the NLDS. Must be my lucky year.

Go Phils!

Being on a contending team is a BS argument for MVP -- it's not in the criteria for selection. It's something for the media to have a story about and to set themselves up as the "experts". Besides, the Cards were in contention until the last week, and they certainly outperformed their expectations.

Howard had 59 more Plate Appearances and made 111 more outs than Pujols. Even if you prorate Howard's PAs down to Pujols, that would be about 90 more outs. NINETY! That means that not only did Pujols contribute something in 90 more plate appearances than Howard but his teammates had about 120+ more appearances to help Pujols (90 + about 1/3 + 1/9 + 1/27 ... additional because the guy behind Pujols didn't make an out in approx. 1/3 of the appearances and the next guy in about 1/3 of his additional PAs, ad naseum). That's a lot of runs.

Howard had a unique year where he hit better with men on, so his overall stats underrate his 2008 value. That said, Howard hit .309/.396/.648 with runners on, while Pujols hit .354/.494/.638. I'd say Pujols was better, as .098 of OBP trumps .010 of SLG any day. I chose runners on rather than RISP because these guys are power hitters.

And then can we talk defense? Howard ELEVATED his defense from g*d-awful (remember the failed pickoffs?) to inconsistent in the last couple of months; by almost any metric and observation, Pujols was a great as he has always been.

And whom would you want running the bases? (Although I contend that Howard is better than conventional wisdom has him, at least once he is in motion).

There should be no contest for first place between Pujols and Howard.

Well I, for one, am disappointed that the Mets didn't make it in. I really wanted the Phils to face the Dodgers in the first round. Not only because I'm in LA and had tickets lined up for the games that the Phils were coming to town, but because I think the Dodgers are a fraud of a team. They got hot the last few weeks of the season to get in, but look who they played: Padres, Giants, Pittsburgh, Rockies. The Brewers have a better rotation and lineup. The only area I think the Dodgers are better in is bullpen, and even that is debatable.

I think the Phils would have been able to handle the Dodgers easily. I have a feeling the Brewers are going to be a little tougher. I see this series going to 5 games.

Plus wouldn't it have been fun to face the Mets in the NLCS? The game threads alone would have been epic.

p. Red, hey, I'm with you. I would have enjoyed nothing more to make the trek up in bloodstripes to face the Dodger failful.

Oh well, another year I suppose.

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