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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Johan hasn't walked a Phillie in his 3 starts spanning 23 innings against them this season. That needs to change tonight so his pitch count is high early.

Does MLBtv still do the shortened game replays? I can't believe I missed Ruiz playing third; that must have been so goofy. What a thrill it is just to read about this game.

Some burning questions coming out of last night:

1) Is Ruiz the better option at 3rd than Coste, given that Coste has played the position extensively in the minors? That just seemed weird, I would have expected Coste to just play 3rd for the one inning and switch to catcher the following inning. Obviously it worked fine, it's just interesting that Manuel thinks Ruiz is a better option out there, even in an emergency.

2) Who's the starting pitcher tonight? Would it be as easy as swapping Tracy for Benson for a night, and going with some sort of Kendrick/Benson combo?

3) Will the Mets ever stop doing foolish over-the-top celebrations after big hits in early innings (cf. Tatis after his home run last night)? It seems to always make them look like morons by the time the game ends.

Truth Injection made a good point on the previous thread. The biggest difference between last year's Mets and this year's Mets is Johann Santana. As tough as last night's loss was for them, as long as Santana is healthy the Mets will be in the race, likely to the final day. Even with that sucky bullpen.

Repost from last thread:

I enjoyed Cholly's comments to reporters about Myers keeping the bat on his shoulder...he said the players asked about Myers possibly faking a squeeze play and he said, "No, because Victorino probably would have been running on the play." Hilarity ensued.

Telling comments there from Cholly and a little humor from him...nice to see in a town filled with coaches who give you absolutely nothing quotable.

I agree with Jason's sympathy for the deadline writers. There is just way too much to process from last night:
-There were a number of key double plays that prevented the Mets from scoring an insurance run.
-It almost appeared as if Durbin was more comfortable pitching with men on base after he gave up two bloop singles. It certainly made for a tense situation, but he has been outstanding at getting results with men on base.
-Werth's play on the failed stretched single by Wright was unbelievable, and Jimmy made a strong tag.
-There was a ton of emotion on the field. Players on both sides were tossing helmets left and right after innings. Rollins seemed particularly frustrated following the deep Burrell fly in the 8th.
-It was a stunning return to form for last season's MVP, and a distressing return of Pat Burrell watching pitches. At least he didn't bring back his patented scoot away from the plate that lead to endless Beerleaguer frustration and calls for Pat to visit an eye doctor.

Clout: Not sure I would agree that Johan is enough to cancel out their attrocious pen. Johan was taken out of play last time the two sides met because they couldn't close it. He's a Cy Young pitcher with only 12 wins.

Jason: Yeah, but if the Phils don't run up Santana's pitch count tonight, I doubt he removes him this time for the BP to close out the game. Jerry Manuel made that mistake before when he was only up around 100 or so pitches and was crucified for it by the NY press and fanbase afterward.

It's imperative that the players work the count tonight and make Santana throw strikes, which I'm certain he will. This is why the Mets acquired him; to be the stopper. I haven't seen him throw a stinker yet this year.

@NEPP - thanks for the props for my nostradamus-like skills last night!
I'll tell you what though - after the events that transpired down the stretch last season, I rarely lose optimism in a situation like that, even when the Phils are down 7-0.

It's really not that shocking to think that the Phils aren't out of any game against the Mets, when they have a closer who was WAIVED BY THE WASHINGTON NATIONALS. Clearly the Metropolitans' bullpen is horrific as a whole (Feliciano, Heilman usually, Sanchez, Schoeneweis), but I mean think about that - here's a guy who couldn't even cut it as a middle/long reliever for a minor league team, and now he's closing for a team battling for a spot in the post-season?!

And the saddest thing is for the Mets, that (after Stokes probably) a Washington Nationals cast-off is their best option currently with which to close games!!

I don't think we should count on trying to get Johan's pitch count up. He's a guy I want the Phils swinging at anything straight. Don't wait around, b/c that change up will get them.

Too lazy to look up stats, but hasn't Santana been pretty close to dominate over his last few starts?

Doubleh: True in this situation, certainly. But we're talking about a pen that's blown 22 games already. Johan is definitely a difference maker, but bullpen is so critically important in September.

A nice summary of an incredible game. It was indeed the best in-game managing of Charlie's tenure here, and the most complete team effort I've seen from these guys--with the exceptions of Moyer and Burrell, almost everybody else on the roster contributed to this victory.

Bed Beard: That's precisely what they must do.

Re: Burrell

Yes, it was a horrible, horrible game for him. HOWEVER... late in the game, with runners on 2nd and third, against a very, very tough righty (Joe Smith), he belted one to deep left center field, but just barely got it off the end of the bat and it only had warning track power. It wasn't a bad at bat late in the game.

But, yes, a rough game for him. Tonight, I'm thinking we'll see something much better. And, frankly, he's crushed the Mets in his career, I suppose he's entilted to one night off!

I agree- they really need to work the count against Santana. Santana vs Kendrick is a terrible matchup, and our best chance will come against the Mets bullpen. Either that or we need to score runs early..

Reading comments from Mets fans on a few sites they act as if we are a "garbage" team like Nats that they should rout regularly.

This quote from a story comments section particularly irks me:
"The METS are like the salvation army of MLB, they constantly give garbage third world city baseball teams wins and reasons to think they are actually good. The Phillies are like little dirty cockaroaches in their little garbage stadium, the METS have stepped on them all year, after last night hopefully the need to know that they got twist and squash all these garbage teams into the ground. .5 back....woopdee dammm doooooo."

My wife and I were watching the game and when it became 6-0, I said to her, "I don't think the Phillies are dead yet". Sometimes you watch a game and just get that feeling. The comeback was great to watch and for the Mets fans and Jose Reyes in particular, the disintegration was slow and torturous. I was really zoned in on every pitch and it was tough to relax and get to sleep at 12:30am. Jose Reyes continues to prove he's the most immature player in the majors. All the lengthy hands-and-face routines after a hit or a run-what a jerk. I wanted the Phils to stick it up his behind sideways...and they did. Do I feel good or what??

I mean, seriously, do all Met fans feel that way about the Phillies...because honestly, after the last year+, they are deluded if they don't think these 2 teams are on the same level.

Every Mets/Phils game gives me agita, because I know the Mets are dangerous--I should think an informed Met fan would feel the same way about the Phils. After all, the Phils were in first place in the division for the largest amount of time this year, so they can't be that bad.

Coste on sportscenter very shortly... FYI

Two Thoughts:

1. Burrell DID have a horrible game but it happens even to the best players...its no big deal.

2. If Jimmy bats .727 the rest of the way like he has the past 2 games...can he repeat as NL MVP?

How about Myers almost drawing the game-winning walk without ever threatening to take the bat off his shoulder. That was a crazy at-bat.

Sportscenter has been airing this video montage of highlights of the phils comeback... Is it telling that the highlights are primarily taken from SNY's broadcast (a couple spots of audio from WPHT) despite that they are mostly phillies highlights?

The mets announcers are really superb. Phillies? Notsomuch.

At the game last night and took the little Hen. As fun as it was for me to experience that comeback, it was more enjoyable watching kids in the ballpark in disbelief as the Phils tied the game with 2 outs in the 9th and then won it in 13. That's a game kids will always - always - remember.

Interesting things heard at CBP last night... Mets fans hoping to just get 5 innings out of Pedro even though he was up by 7 runs. Phils fans knowing that we still had a chance as long as we could get into the Mets bullpen. Fans calling for a ball in Tatis' neck after his HR celebration. And best of all, after Coste's walk off hit, a fan turned to the row of Mets fans behind him to wish them a traffic backup on the Jersey Turnpike!

Great game. Chooch at third is the cake winner! We'll see what happens tonight. I got a feeling that it will be good.

Mets announcers superb? Hernandez ("MVP in 1979" is the biggest homer. Gimme a break.

One thought:

Chris Coste has shown Phillies fans over the last several games exactly why the Red Sox asked for him in a potential Manny Ramirez trade.

And one question:

Do yo think Pat Gillick would still rather have Rod Barajas as the second catcher on this team?

I mentioned this last night in the first inning...

Opponents hit the best off of Moyer in the first inning (except for the 7th, but he rarely gets there).

However, opponents his the best off of Pedro in the 5th inning. Opponents have a whopping 1.235 OPS against Pedro in the 5th inning.

Not to rain on the parade, because a win like that is definitely reason to be happy.


Relax. We didn't win the world series. We won one game. A loss tonight (likely as Santana is going) puts us right back in second place, with a 3 game road series at Shea still to come.

I don't think we need to be dissecting this with 2,000 words praising how amazing this was.

Great win, but tone it down.

The possibility of Kris Benson playing a role in a 2 game sweep of the Mets tickles me... Perhaps last night's game is the one that will be replayed on Christmas Day, in the same way that our most glorious defeat of the Mets was last year.

What a game...
1.) mb, you are much as it pains me to say it, Hernandez, Darling and the other guy are good. They even take time to complement the Phils on many occasions. Having to watch the other teams broadcasts on directv's extra innings, they are probably the least "homer" setup I have heard. Suprising yes.
2.) Ruiz at third, pinch hitting for dobbs to burn the righty after they brought him out, Werth throwing out Wright (D.B.) at second, Rollins 5-7, Coste 4-4, so many memorys!

"And best of all, after Coste's walk off hit, a fan turned to the row of Mets fans behind him to wish them a traffic backup on the Jersey Turnpike!"

UD Hens....classic. Just classic.

Roxin-true, but cut it out. Take your rain to another parade.

AWH: The Sox asked for Coste b/c they wanted a major league ready catcher.

Was Gillick pining for Barajas after he was released or something?

I was at the game! Got to go for free by collecting bottles for recycling until the 5th inning. They did strand a lot of runners, but at least not everyone was having a bad night at the same time (like other games). I was hoping for Burrell to come through. Or how great would it have been for a Grand Slam walk off home run to cap off J-Rolls night in the 10th or 11th when the bases were loaded.

roxin3: You and I must not watch sports for the same reason.

Bed Beard, Hernandez talks more about his time with the Cards then he does with the Mutts.
By the way, did it seem to anyone else that the umps were trying their best to hand the game to the Mutts?
Just makes the game all the more amazing after the Tatis/Beltran foul ball incident right before his 3 run shot, along with the lack of a strike zone that was going on behind the plate.

I thought Jimmy was 8-10 over the past 2 games which is an .800 batting average by my bath not a .727. Either way, it's damn good!

Trolls like Roxin3 are the worst kind of Mets trolls on this site. They disguise themselves as Phillies fans.

Those Mets comments are odd. The Cards and Phils (and possibly the Braves) have the best records in the NL since 2004. The phils are the defending east champs and have been in first for about 70 days this year.

Somehow the Phils have won 2 games that Santana started this year but that can never be expexted really. His record in August and the second half since 2002 is unreal.

Great tactical question for tonight:

Do Phils:
1. Go after Santana early in the count, knowing that he throws strikes/doesn't walk people; and knowing that we will be trying even harder to go very deep into this game to save his BP?
2. Patiently take pitches in an effort to raise Santana's pitch count and get into Met's BP quicker, at the risk of always being behind in the count.

Its a great question with no right answer. (Although I prefer option 1.) Its the kind of question the makes baseball the great game that it is.

Reminds me of this dialogue in FIELD OF DREAMS:

Shoeless Joe Jackson: The first two were high and tight, so where do you think the next one's gonna be?
Archie Graham: Well, either low and away, or in my ear.
Shoeless Joe Jackson: He's not gonna wanna load the bases, so look low and away.
Archie Graham: Right.
Shoeless Joe Jackson: But watch out for in your ear.

Santana isn't Paul Byrd or Adam Eaton. He's a real pitcher who uses different speeds to throw off batters. If we had a team full of Ty Cobbs I'd say "work the count", but we're talking about a bunch of hackers against one of the top pitchers in baseball. Get to him before he gets to you.

"Best moment on Beerleaguer last night (besides Clutch Coste's wonderful game-winning hit): Hugh Mulcahy praising the tough, rally-killing DP turned by the Phils in the 8th inning and crediting Feliz for the play, even though Feliz wasn't in the game. The play was made by Dobbs.

There's perception and then there's reality."

One, I'm pretty sure that was a joke.

And two, I'd like to point out the best moment BL moment from the Dodgers game last out comeback the other night. As Feliz slaps that single into right to tie the game, you see a bunch of "woohoo!" type posts surrounding one from Clout that reads "Werth is now 0-3 tonight vs. RHP".

Classic clout. Obsessed with proving how right he is above all else.

JW - Roxin3 is absolutely a Mutts troll. I assume the alias stands for "Colorado Rockies in 3" as in the playoff sweep last year. Very creative.

Sophist: I thought so, too, and even read another post who said the Mets are to the Phillies as the Braves were all throughout the 90's--with the exception of '07 ('93 for Phils during Braves' run), which the Mets handed to us--they dominate us and the rest of the division. Seriously? Have the Mets really won 14 division titles in the last decade or and I just missed it? Or are they in the midst of one? I think with free agency and the way baseball operates now (parity), no one in this division will ever dominate like the Braves once did again.

He misspelled his name. It should be "Toxin3".

roxin3, we're Phils' fans. Believe me, we KNOW we didn't win the WS.

However, it's nice to enjoy a win now and then, especially one that, in most people's view, was a game the Phils really needed in order to help themselves out, given that Santana in on the hill for the Mets tonight.

Besides, while I think gloating is wholly inappropriate and very Met-fan like, it was nice to see obnoxious Met fan faces displaying pained looks of disbelief.


Against Santana you have to try to identify pitches you can drive. He's about the best there is in the business and if you sit back to work the count, you'll find yourself behind an awful lot and make a lot of outs.

Am I the only one that questioned why they had to pinch hit for Seanez (Myers) to look for a walk? I would think Seanez could have done what Myers did. This way Seanez could pitch the next inning and we would not have to potentially burn Kendrick. Luckily we didn't have to anyway

Re: Mets announcers

The color guys do seem to give an even keel perspective. They knock Mets when they aren't performing. Hernandez even called out Reyes on the team plane for acting like a baby and telling him to grow up.

That being said, Gary Cohen is insufferable to listen to. He is constantly screaming over the most meaningless plays.

I hate the Mets antics especially Tatis slide step when he hits a home run. I used to get seriously angry and like LA wanted to put one int he side of their necks. But lets not forget the Marlins wanting to beat them last year specifically for their showboating. It comes back to bite them.

Colin K: I agree, it seems like the Mets got most of the breaks from the umps last night. But it didn't seem intentional to me, just coincidental, like that past ball to Jimmy with Coste on second where it was stopped by the umps leg.

LC: Manuel says Seanez could not pitch more than one inning last night. Frankly, we're lucky to get what we can from Rudy right now. He's old and has a balky back. It was a big inning from him... and likely the only one we were going to get.

Besides, a starter generally seems more capable at the plate than a reliever, so it might have put more pressure on with the bases loaded to possibly deliver a walk.

Jason: My larger point was this about Johan. This win was very similar to that 4 game series at the end of August last year. It has to be getting in the Mets heads somewhat. Baseball is a tough game to play when you start over-thiking things.

However, as bad as they are down right now, they are throwing the best pitcher in baseball out there tonight to salvage a split- a split that keeps them in first place. With Johan every 5th day (and being that he is an excellent second half pitcher) they have a guy who can pick them up and shake them out of funks. If he does it tonight it's big for the Mets. If the Phillies trounce him, or come back to win again after Johan lives- you're getting real close to a death blow.

doubleh: I don't know that one angry Mets commenter necessarily speaks for the entire fanbase. But New York in general certainly does think very highly of itself.

Brian G: Oh, it was one of many posts in a similar vein--it just amuses me that they still don't view the Phils as a threat after all this time. Could have something to do with national sportscasting, though, and how everything is always pointedly a NY POV, such as NY lost first instead of Phils won it. That kind of thing skews national perception, no?

BrianG: Classic Brian G. Makes assumptions about things when he doesn't have a clue.

LC: I wondered the same thing. Brett did do a great job of flailing like an idiot, though. Maybe that's a specialty of his that we just didn't know about.

LC: I wondered the same thing about having Seanez bat. But I think Charlie said to Myers, "Go up there and act like a complete ass, you know, just be yourself." And Myers ridiculous antics in the batters box definitely threw off Schoenweis, and probably helped out Coste by having him rattled.

Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling are two of the best IMO.

I wouldn't take ESPN's actions as all that relevant in considering the quality of the Phils broadcast. they certainly love Harry's voice.

Clout: ?

The Mets anouncers are probably the smartest in the game.
The SNY post game guys are a different story. One of them( not sure of his name) described Brett Myers at bat last night as "Bush league" because he didn't take a swing. That's a clueless commnent.

Sophist: Agreed on the Mets announcers. And it took me awhile to realize and admit it. Last season's collapse probably helped me get over the visceral reaction I always have to anything Mets. I expect announcers to root for the home team somewhat but it's nice to have it mixed with unbiased analysis of the plays on the field and knowledge of the games and the opponents, something you won't see on ESPN.

From Rich Hofmann's blog:
"Third base coach Steve Smith is on a really hot roll lately with sending guys in tough spots and having it work out. Last night, he was waving Jayson Werth all the way from first on Bruntlett's ninth inning double."

He makes a strong point, and it's interesting because I haven't noticed or thought about Steve Smith in god knows how long. Just like you should with a good third-base coach.

that was Harold Reynolds who called it bush league and then proceeded to say a george steinbrenner -esque quote about the national league "getting with it"

i love the NL . so much more strategy.

**** thought Jimmy was 8-10 over the past 2 games which is an .800 batting average by my bath not a .727. Either way, it's damn good!****

You are correct of course...I was thinking he was 3-4 in the previous game but then I remember that he walked in the 8th inning so if he can keep up a .800 avg...then he should repeat...

Sophist - agreed, I am sure there was some reason they took SNY's audio, most likely the phillies audio was so much screaming and yelling that it became inaudible. I watched SNY's broadcast so I dont know what CSN's was like.

But in general, I like the mets broadcasters alot, especially Ron Darling. They have a mets bias for sure, I think that is somewhat natural, but I dont find it too over-the-top like other teams, and their broadcasts are somewhat informative/educational. They do have the same "guy in stands" gimmick as the phils, but I seem to only see him like once per game. Maybe I've just gotten good at ignoring those segments.

GoPhilsGo: the bush league comment was made by Harold Reynolds... former player and ESPN analyst who was fired a couple years back

Apparently he thought Myers should have been up there swinging? whatever

@Wilson. Thanks. I wasn't sure who said it.

If Harold Reynolds said it, then consider the source.

Funny how much the pots are calling the kettle black with regard to bush league/questionable play...unless doing the do-si-do down the third base line is now an acceptable part of baseball strategy.

Werth should've been nailed. But you had to send him there. If it's even a coin flip you gotta make the Mets make a play. They didn't.

Btw, Werth's play in right to nail Wright at second was incredible. One of the best I've seen all season.

@mb. Thanks to you as well. Pretty lame comment.

CJ is right - no reason Seanez could not bat and go 2 innings. After Charlie pulls a great move saving Bruntlett, why does he need to screw up Kendrick

Definitely a GREAT win last night and Manuel definitely made some gambles that paid off. During the stress/anxiety of the late innings, I was concerned that he had a few opportunities to bunt runners over. Rollins up w/ no outs was one such occasion, the Hamels at bat w/ one out was another (I believe Coste was on 2nd at the time, tough for him to score from there. I know J-Roll was hitting really well and Hamels is hitting .270 in limited ABs, but it just seemed like bunting guys over would have made more sense.

Not criticizing a great win, just looking back on some less riskier possible moves. With October baseball on the line I prefer to see bunts over Ruiz at 3B....

I've said this before, and I'll say it again- when Jayson Werth gets on base special things happen. He is a smart and fast hustler on the base paths. He's making a strong case to be the full-time RF. I've always considered him more of a platoon/4th outfield type of player, but he's doing very well his his current role.

Rollins raised his avg 13 points in 2 games...

Here's a thought...does anyone think that maybe Jimmy's comments were a great move by him?

Think about it for a saying what he said he took all the focus off the rest of the team and allowed them to just play. The team has really taken off since he made them and look to be playing much looser. Perhaps Jimmy is actually a good team leader and he stepped in front of the bus for the entire team.

Seriously it is one possibility.

It's my wish that one day the Phils will have a third baseman that can be used wire-to-wire. In the past two seasons alone, they've used:


Am I missing anyone?

I don't understand why Jimmy Rollins wasn't booed when he made that out last night. I guess you Phlly fans are getting soft. I was there last night at Citizens Bank Park in Williamsport and I was very disappointed in the Philly fans: no booing of Santa Claus, ball girls, or crippled kids

NEPP- I said something similar about J-Roll last week either on here or my blog in the comments section. Maybe he was being the leader by taking all the negative energy from the fans and focusing it solely on him so the others could relax and get back on track. Now Jimmy is triving too. It's all good!

(I'm still collecting my thoughts on last nights game, relivingit here is fun.)regarding Myers at bat... The best part about Myers "flailing around", I said to my buddy, "YOU KNOW HE WANTS TO SWING... IT'S KILLING HIM NOT TO SWING!"

Myers from Tatis homer on... was pacing around the dugout with a ball in his hand all game. He wanted a piece of the Mets.

For all the negatives that his emotions can bring... it also can bring out the best in him.

Others can call it "bush" and JW could call him a "goober", but I'll go with Coste's comment that Myers looked "intimidating" out there.

Could have been the Best At Bat by any Phillie all year. It certainly was the best called third strike of all time.

And I second the comments on Jayson Werth... this was a team effort. But Jayson Werth has just about sealed his every day status.

So @clout in answer to your question whether Jayson Werth is more likely to improve his OPS versus RHP versus Jenkins returning to career norms. I once again vote Jayson Werth.

2008 OPS versus RHP:
Werth .786
Jenkins .735

Simple solution Mr Weitzel Sir!...just move Ruiz there full time next season when they bring up Marson to catch.

See how easy that was?

Weitzel- Need to add Brad Harmon to the 3rd base list.

To Carson: Good to see I'm not alone on that does makes sense.

NEPP..Interesting idea. If J-Roll actually planned this whole thing, then he deserves the MVP again (and perhaps a Nobel prize) just for that.

As a diehard Phils fan living in NYC, I can say that the Mets tv guys are definitely more homerish than your average broadcast. Cohen especially.

As for the Phils telecast, can we get a petition going to dump the Sarge? He's embarrassingly bad.

How is it any more bush league for a team to send up a batter to ""intentionally strikeout" than it is to intentionally walk two batters in a row?

Aren't both examples of teams playing a little bit outside the usual way to play the game to give you a tactical advantage?

I like Harold Reynolds, but he is clueless there.

Also, I now know why the game took 5 hours and 17 minutes to play, because aparently both teams drove down to RFK every half inning for the Mets to hit in and then back up to the Bank for the Phillies to hit in. Good thing we got to hit in that "bandbox".

Secondary assist on the Werth gunning down Wright at second to the front row fans who restained themselves from interfering with the ball...which would have put Wright on second.

I saw somebody start to reach out for the ball as is neared the fence, then they either thought better of it or their compadres screamed/yelled/punched to prevent them from interfering.

CBP is such a bandbox that Burrell has most of his homers on the road and the Mets go nine innings without scoring.

I think what was interpreted as 'bush league' is the way Myers kept backing out of the box before the pitches reached home plate. I laughed at Jason saying he looked like a 'goober', but more than that, it didn't look very professional.

I think anyone with a bat in their hands is potentially dangerous - Condrey doubling earlier in the game should have been a fair enough indicator of that - and even though the strategy obviously didn't hurt the Phillies, I disagreed with the idea of sending Myers up there simply to take pitches.

If I were a Met fan, however, I would have been even more inclined to tear my hair out over the conventional strategy implemented by their manager to walk the bases loaded to set up a force. What that does is leave a pitcher no margin for error, and it damn near resulted in the Phillies winning in the cheapest possible way, by sending the equivalent of Eddie Gaedel (a mental midget, anyway) up there specifically to walk. I've been opposed to this strategy ever since I watched it backfire on the Phillies against the Cardinals in a game in 1989, when Jeff Parrett walked Joe Magrane on a 3-2 pitch with the bases loaded in extra innings. Magrane just stood there for all six pitches - it was the most excruciating way to lose a hard-fought game. As you can see, I still haven't gotten over it.

It's such a burden on pitchers at the Bank, because they have to pitch, ummm, well.
That bandbox crap is so old.

Is anyone worried about Jamie Moyer? I think I recall that he was late to be listed as the starter last night.

Am I remembering wrong? I hope I am worrying about nothing; he's my favorite Phils pitcher.

Once again I have to defend Sarge. I think he's charming and does have things to say about hitting.

I think Myers not swinging was the best approach. Worse case scenario, he strikes out. Best case, he walks.
Part of me wanted to see a squeeze, but I liked the way it turned out.


Post of the day!

Comparing Brett Myers to Eddie Gaedel, brilliant!

Mental midget and actual midget both sent up to bat and not swing. I love it.

Although to be fair to Brett, he seems to have gotten his head on straight these days, and as goofy as he looked up there, you could tell he was having a ton of fun with it, which I think is a good indication that he might keep his head on straight for a while longer. Let's hope Brett keeps it togther, because we really need him for the stretch run.

Should I be worried about Moyer? I think I recall someone saying he was late to be listed as starter last night, and then he gave an uncharacteristic performance (to say the least). Is he hurt?

If he is, I will be seriously upset. Moyer is my favorite Phillies pitcher.

Sorry, it initally looked like the first post failed...

@Brian G : "'Best moment on Beerleaguer last night (besides Clutch Coste's wonderful game-winning hit): Hugh Mulcahy praising the tough, rally-killing DP turned by the Phils in the 8th inning and crediting Feliz for the play, even though Feliz wasn't in the game. The play was made by Dobbs.

There's perception and then there's reality.'"

One, I'm pretty sure that was a joke."

You are correct Mr. G. Just making light of the back and forth comparing Dobbs' defense to Feliz's. Dobbs made a nice play going to his left to turn the DP; thought it was an obviously sarcastic cheer. Evidently not.

Lutton: Good point on the fans not touching that. I swear if I ever see a fan trying to do that in a similar situation I will spear him into the ground.

I am a little worried about Moyer. September needs to get here so we can bring up a Benson, or Haap and have the extra starters. I think Moyer is starting to wear down some

CJ, Myno
If there is no way that Seanez is pitching the next inning, then fine, pinch hit with whoever you want. But of Charlie thought Myers was an upgraded hitter compared to Seanez, then that is misguided. The chances of either of them getting a hit is almost zero. My point is, if he risked burning Kendrick for today just to have Myers bat over Seanez, then that is a bad decision IMO. If he was pulling Seanez and burning Kendrick anyway, then the point is moot.

SO u guys like Jimmy Rollins now? His comments were ridiculous yesterday, all teams celebrate when they're scoring runs. I suppose he can start to talk, now that he decided to show up with 30 games left, what a little turd....however great win for u guys and i look forward to the rest of the season, its gonna be a dog fight!!!!!

I didn't see the game, since it wasn't on in Harrisburg for some odd reason, but if anything wouldn't Myers wanted too crowd the plate just in case anything came in tight it might graze him?

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