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Thursday, August 28, 2008


JRoll never got anywhere near the crap that Delgado got for the first two months of this season. He was booed and booed loudly at almost every AB at Shea from Opening Day well into May.

Lots of second-guessing in the prior thread on Manuel's managing, but in the end, the Phils available pitching matched up very badly with that all-lefty lineup. It was no accident that Scott Eyre was the most effective pitcher last night. He was the only lefty the Phils threw out there. Some folks suggested Seanez should've pitched around Delgado, but Beltran is a switch-hitter so you get no advantage (.816 OPS vs. RHP.) Plus Seanez has actually been better against lefties this season.

But Jason hit the nail on the head: When Gordon went down, for the second year in a row the Phillies had no one to replace him as setup man. They still don't. No reliever on this team can be fully trusted with that role. Gillick, who fixed the Eaton problem, was one move short this season.

Phils didn't lose any ground and that is what counts. It really critical though they play the Cubs tough though and at least split this series. Okay (not ideal) to go into Sept maybe 1 or 2 games back considering the Phils still play the Mets 3 times yet and plenty of baseball left.

A Met 3 or 4 game lead through come Sept. 1 would be much more problematic. Basically would force the Phils into a position where they would almost need a sweep of the Mets.

Clout - Considering how good the pitching has been overall and the moves that Gillick has made in the past month to shore up some breaches (Blanton and Erye), I don't mind the pitching at all.

The horrendous bench is another matter and it is going to be really tough to watch this weak bench (and a bunch of Sept. 1 callups that likely look to be largely rejects with positional players if the likes of Donald or Marson aren't called up) try to win game for Phils' late down the stretch.

Its getting close to Sept 6th which means its time for us Phillies fans to take over Shea Stadium. If you havent gotten your tickets yet you need to order them asap because the Mets will release the remaining tickets in order to sell out the game. To order your tickets go to click on group ticket sales. The login is PHILLY the password is METS. Make sure you type it in all caps. Lets support our boys on their way to back to back NL EAST CHAMPIONSHIPS.

The Mets lead the season series against the Phils 11-5. That's with the Mets bullpen blowing a few games. What makes anyone think that this is going to change in the series in Sept?

I think Charlie panicked a bit last night. I would've left Saenez in to pitch to the switch hitter and taken my chances with a tied score.

offtopic, was just in the car and since jody mac has been out, 950 has been shuffling fill-ins and today they have the "locker-room guys" on during his slot. it amazes me these yahoos are given air time in a major city. iknow they've een on the radio for a while, but who the heck are they and where did they come from? did they pluck them from the corner bar plop them in front of a mic and say talk sports. i know little kids that know more about baseball then these nimrods.
950 could honestly read this blog and the comments and it woyuld be more informative and entertaining then putting 'the locker room morons' on the air. get well soon jody mac, please.

Over the past 3 games J-Roll has gone 9-11 (.818) with 3 runs, 2 doubles, 1 triple, 1 homerun, 5 rbi, 3 walks, 5 stolen bases, and has raised his OPS 41 points. Rollins has a career line of .293 avg/.345 ob%/.500 slg% in September/October. He is the spark that ignites the flame of this offense, and as Shane Victorino said, "It's obvious what he does when he gets on base. He changes the whole dynamic for this team."

Pat Burrell, notorious "Mets Killer", had a disheartening series going 1-11 with 13 runners left on base.

Tough 4 game set in the Windy City begins tonight. The Cubs are a very good team. They hit for average and power, and have good starting pitching and relief. This will be a huge test for the Phils to keep pace with the Mets. Pitching match-ups: Thursday- Cole Hamels (11-8, 3.20 era, 1.04 whip) vs. Ryan Dempster (15-5, 2.85, 1.17), Friday- Joe Blanton (6-12, 4.75, 1.42) vs. Rich Harden (9-2, 2.00, 1.03), Saturday- Brett Myers (7-10, 4.49, 1.40) vs. Ted Lilly (13-7, 4.23, 1.31), and Sunday- Jamie Moyer (11-7, 3.81, 1.35) vs. Carlos Zambrano (13-5, 3.53, 1.30). Yikes!

People are also forgetting that the Wild Card is also in play here.

The Phils are 4 games behind Milwaukee in that race and the Brewers were a team that also faded badly at the end of last year. They have their own demons and a manager that is known for making poor decisions in big games.

The Phils have 4 home games left in the middle of September with Milwaukee. The Brewers schedule isn't difficult, but they faded against bad teams last year.

I think the Phils will eventually win the East anyway (the Mets bullpen and Maine's injury will doom them down the stretch), but there is another avenue to the playoffs, that people sometimes forget about.

Anybody see the blurb on Baseball Tonight about the Mets wanting Brian Fuentes, but the Phils possibly claiming him? There is the 8th inning guy, this team needs. And, it wouldn't cost as much now, as it would have 1 month ago.

The Phils pen is solid, but just short by one guy (especially with all the miles Romero and Durbin have got this year). To keep them fresher for September, another reliever would be a good pickup. Eyre was certainly a good one already.

Man, the Cubbies have a nice starting rotation.

This series is awfully scary--the Phils are really going to have to play well just to get a split.


Tim Kurkjian gave the best assessment of the NL East race on Mike & Mike this morning:

"Neither team is bad enough to let the other one get too far ahead, and neither team is good enough to break away from the other."

Moving to the Cubs series. I think the only pitching match-up that definitely favors us is Saturday versus Lilly. Tonight is a toss-up.

Harden owned us in June so I'll figure a loss there. Zambrano is great, but we roughed him up once this year, and he is always a bad call away from a meltdown.

I'm hoping for a split in this series

This bullpen doesn't need another arm. They desperately need an OF bat that could give them a lift off the bench and give a guy like Burrell or Victorino a blow down the stretch when they don't have an off-day during a week.

Anyone else think that Burrell looks a bit tired lately because he has played so much this year?

NEPP is amazed and astounded that a major league pitcher can be successful while striking out just over 4 batters per 9 as Kendrick has. Here's a few pitchers with similar k/9 rates from past 2 seasons (ERA in parens):

Fausto Carmona (4.50)
Brad Ziegler (0.39)
Aaron Cook (3.91)
Jon Garland (4.49)
Tom Glavine (13-8, 4.45 in 07 with 4 k/9)
Paul Byrd (15-8, 4.59 in 07 with 4.1 k/9)
Carlos Silva (13-14, 4.33 in 07 with 3.9 k/9)

If we want to go back further in time we can develop a very long list. The guy that comes to my mind when I think of low K rate is Bob Tewksbury, who won 110 games in the late 1980s and 1990s with a K/9 of 4. He, like KK, also gave up tons of hits. His career ERA+ was 103. Coincidentally, that is exactly KK's career ERA+.

My point isn't that a low K/9 rate is what you want. It's certainly not. My point is that LOTS of major league pitchers have been successful with a low K/9 rate over the years and that, unlike what posters here say, a low K/9 doesn't guarantee failure or mean a pitcher won't be successful going forward. The same is also true of WHIP. There are guys in the HOF with high WHIP. And when we're talking about a 4th or 5th starter, as KK is, then the hand-wringing over low K/9 is even more ridiculous.

Clout - But KK hasn't been getting through 6 innings. That is why he was so valuable earlier this year because he usually was averaging 6 innings a start and not pressing the pen hard. He just hasn't done that the past month or so.

denny b: On your notion that the Brewers might fade as they did last season, I have two words for you: CC Sabathia.

Well tonight's the night for the Phillies' fans to invade Wrigley and give the Fightins a home-field advantage crowd. I mean, won't everyone who lives in Chicago stay home to watch favorite son Barack Obama give his acceptance speech? : ) Or maybe all my years of living and working in Washington, DC have skewed my expectations! Go Phillies!

redbeard - Re Locker Room Guys, I also feel the same way and I don't where they came from.

Yeah I can't stand Kurkjian and his 13 year old voice but he summed it up pretty well.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the cubs series. We've always played pretty well there.

clout: Not to mention a healthy Ben Sheets, which they didn't have last year. The Phillies have a 4-game home series with the Brewers in mid-September. I suppose if they won at least 3 of 4, the WC might be in play. But, at this point, it's an unlikely avenue to the playoffs. With their improved pitching and another year of experience under their belts, I really don't expect the Brewers to fade again. Plus, their schedule next month isn't too formiddible. They do end the season with 3 games against the Cubs but, by that point, it will be the Cubs' Triple A squad that is actually playing the games.

MG: Kendrick has failed to go 6 IP in his last 4 starts. Prior to that he went 6 IP or more in 8 of his 10 starts (80%). It looks like he's in a slump because he is. Earlier this year the following pitchers had stretches of 10 games in which they failed to go 6 IP half the time: Moyer, Myers, Blanton.

It happens. Except to Hamels.

I think the key to this Cub series is Burrell and Rollins. Pat needs to snap out of the funk now and drive in some runs. Rollins has to stay hot and get on base and get into these Cub pitchers heads. The same for Vic and Jayson. The Phils have hung in with tough pitching match-ups all year, the bats need to hit some balls. The Cubs are hot but are due for a cooldown. I feel we take three in Chi-town.

Well, on the bright side, at least we get rid of the Met trolls for a short while. They're tough to take, and most of them, save a few, offer very little in the way of insight.

BAP: Last year, midseason, I declared that the Phillies would not make the playoffs unless they won the division. Tray went apoplectic, but that was exactly what happened.

I predict the same thing this year: If they don't win the division, they won't make the playoffs. Let the attacks begin.

Just pointing out the obvious here.. tonight is when that annoying 1/2 game goes away. Mets are off tonight. Phils will either be tied for first or a game back.

Clout, you're probably right this year, but you were actually wrong last year. The Phils won the division, but even if they hadn't they would have tied for the wild card with San Diego and the Rockies, which would have forced a 3 way playoff.

Well if it weren't for that bandbox Delgado would have

I can't believe that, in the next series with the Mets, we catch Santana and the Mets will miss Hamels. That sucks. And the Mets miss Sabathia in their series with the Brewers.

TK: well, I suppose that's making the playoffs though not what I meant.

Kendrick was so obviously out of gas in the 6th.

Mike Lamb was designated for assignment. With Jenkins hurt, he would give the Phils another lefty off the bench. Perhaps a better option than Andy Tracy.

Hamels could pitch that Sunday game against the Mets off of normal rest. I would really hope the Phils do this.

clout: I agree 100%. The odds on the Brew Crew fading are slim; the odds of us outlasting the Mets, not as slim.

Keith Hernandez, who I couldn't stand as a player, made some very good criticisms last night. First, when Rollins was on first w/ Utley up, he ticked off all the reasons that Rollins should not steal, ending with the comment on the 2-0 pitch that, of course, Rollins would steal - whcih he did. The bottom line reason to stay put was that Utley was in a hitter's count, against a right-handed (mets) reliever. Moreover, Burrell was on-deck and has been an image of his former self the last few games, i.e., awful. Next, when Delgado was on deck, he noted that Lidge had finished his warm ups and was ready to enter the game - and he should have. Point 2 for Hernandez. Finally, and least persuasively, he questioned the decision to pitch around Schneider (???) and pitch to the kid, Murphy. He predicted that the kid would have a better cahnce of hitting Lidge because he wouldn't be traumatized by what happened in prior at bats against Lidge. Of course, Keith Karnak was right and Murphy broke the game open with a liner to right.

Maddening to have that Met get to say I told you so three times in succession. But, more maddening was Manuel's decision to hold Lidge in reserve - when the bases were empty and the Mets best/ hottest hitter was up, then reverse himself (and the season-long practice) and put him in a tighter situation. More maddening that apparently Manuel, Smith and/or Lopes failed to give Rollins a red-light (since he's too selfish or stupid to understand the situation) or that Rollins missed the hold sign if they did.

clout: As a matter of common sense, I agree with your prediction. After all, the Phillies are 4 games out of the WC with only 29 to go, and the Brewers' two ace pitchers minimize the chances of a slump. Besides, if the Phillies play well enough over the last 6 weeks to overtake the Brewers and Cardinals, then the WC would probably be academic, since they would very likely win the NL East.

Still, given the 4 head-to-head games against Milwaukee, I would say that the WC is clearly in play. It's certainly not the most likely route to the playoffs, but I'd feel a lot better about their chances if they could close the gap and make the WC a viable alternative. The Brewers do have a 3-game series against the Mets coming up, which will be an opportunity for the Phillies to gain ground no matter what happens. I'm not holding my breath expecting to make the playoffs via the WC, but it's at least worth our energy to be watching the Brewer and Cardinal scores and rooting for both teams to lose, especially Milwaukee.

if they get 10 wins from cole and brett the rest of the way out it makes this a lot more doable 10 out of the other three puts you right around 90 wins actually a little better

JW brings up an interesting point regarding the Delgado MVP candidacy. Howard has more runs, rbis, triples, homers and walks than Delgado.

Howard also has more RBIs and Homers, and as many Runs as Aramis Ramirez

If the Phils win the division, and Howard wins the HR crown by 5 homers, and the RBI crown by 20, could he really hit .230 and win the MVP trophy?

If not, who does?

Carlos Delgado for MVP? Only a Mets fan could come up with such zaniness. The MVP race is a one-man race, and that man is Pujols. Not only does he have the best numbers but, without him, the Cardinals would be a second-division team instead of a serious WC contender. Delgado isn't even the MVP of the Mets. Reyes is.

Howard hasn't even been more valuable than Utley, Burrell, or Victorino this season.

JT: If making the playoffs is a prerequisite for winning MVP, then you have to take away Howard's 2006 award before you coronate him with the 2008 award. Not to mention that, if making the playoffs is a prerequisite for winning MVP, there are still about 20 better candidates than a guy who is hitting .228 and barely has an .800 OPS.

Berkman might get some votes and Ludwick might take some away from Pujols.

Tonight is a big night for the Phils. Hamels is on the mound, and a win ties us for the division lead. A win would put a lot more pressure on the mets going in to Florida, and really take some of the pressure of the rest of the series against the cubs, where we only have one slightly favorable match up on saturday and two scary match ups against Harden and Zambrano. Hopefully Hamels has his best stuff tonight.

To Clout's point I think he is absolutely right about the WC.

I'm not saying we can't catch the Brewers, just that if we do then in all likelihood we will have over taken the Mets in the process.

R.J. Swindle has struck out 15 in his last 7.2 innings with Team Canada and last night with the Pigs. Wonder what would have happened if R.J. came in to pitch to Delgado last night. Unlike Senaez who had given up two homers previously to Delgado, Swindle had struck him out twice in two at bats earlier in the season.

clout....that's a pretty small list and Carmona is playing horrible as is point remains...Pitchers that survive on a k/9 that low are the few, the proud.

Charlie Manuel for MVP!!!

Lidge is probably the Phils MVP but Durbin has been a savior and Moyer and Hamels have been rock solid all year in adding to Dave X's listing of potential MVPs over Howard.

Regarding Delgado for MVP, it is clearly absurd, though it was not a Mets fan that put it forward.

Joe Morgan in this weeks chat suggested it, and I believe Rob Neyer later said Delgado would be in the discussion if the Mets make the playoffs.

I guess their reasoning is that if the Mets made the playoffs then Delgado's resurgence would be the linchpin. After the last couple of nights its hard to argue with Delgado's importance to the Mets, I just don't think it translates into an MVP award.

MVPs should go to either the best player, and if not that then the best player on a playoff team (though I hate that argument). Delgado is neither of those.

I would vote for Pujols. Home run totals alone don't do it for me.

Not sure why this hasn't been made a bigger point of, but I think the Phillies have a slight edge going into next weekend's series with the Mets match up wise. Sure, we have one additional game against the Cubs, but we also have three in DC. The Mets have three in Miami and then three in Milwaukee -- missing Sabathia's turn in the rotation, or not, that will be a tough series.

The Mets will beat up on FL this time around, though I think Milwaukee will be trouble for them.

Clearly we will pwn the nationals. If we earn the split against the Cubs then I think that will mean a tie for 1st or 1 ahead.

RUMINT has the Mets getting Carl yeah...that's nice.

NEPP: Go back and read the list. Silva stats were from last year. Carmona is about average for a 5th starter this year (7-5. 4.50). The point of the list is that it is possible to be successful in the bigs with a K rate of 4 per 9 and that more than a few have done it over the years, something that you and other posters here refuse to acknowledge.

I acknowledge it clout...I just said its pretty hard to do.

Pavano is not going to the Mets. He is going to nobody. I belive that was justva rumor by one of the idiot writers on ESPN. The Yanks just want to get rid of him so they don't have to pay him anymore.

I saw it on MLBTradeRumors and NBCSports...That's why I said it was a rumor...

For the people here saying Delgado doesn't deserve consideration for MVP, well w/o his resurgance, the Mets are probably 5 to 10 games behind the Phillies at this point of the season. Because of the way he has been hitting, the offense was resurrected. Hey, Rollins won the MVP last year. Was he by far the best player in the league? No. Was he by far the best Phillie on the team? I don't think so..Utley was. But why did J.Roll win? Because the team was kept afloat by him while Utley and Howard were injured and w/o J.Roll doing that, the Phills were not going to win no matter how the Mets collapsed.

I dont care if the Cards dont go to the postseason...without Pujols they're a last place team with 60-65 wins...with him they have contended for most of the year...The guy's batting .357 and will have 30+ HR and 100+ while slugging well over .600. He should win hands down.

Steve- Would the Mets trade Delgado for Pujols-Yes - in a NY minute.
Would the Cards make the same trade-No way!

There are certainly pitchers who have succeeded with low strikeout totals, and there are certainly pitchers who have had respectable ERAs with high BAAs and WHIPS. The thing that is troubling about KK is that, at least this year, he is combining low strikeouts, a very high WHIP, and a horrific BAA – and, on top of that, his control has been spotty (preventing him from pitching deep into games) and his ground ball ratio has gone down considerably from last year. That is a very bad combination of peripherals, and his ERA could easily be a lot higher than it is. He has been repeatedly bailed out by a huge number of outfield assists and by relievers who came in and allowed no additional runners to score after KK left the game with runners on base. If it weren’t for those 2 factors, his ERA would look a lot less tolerable. In fact, it wouldn’t be tolerable at all. He’d be pitching in AAA right now, and Happ or Carrasco (or maybe Carpenter) would be in the starting rotation.

I’m not a KK basher. He is young, has a good mental makeup, and has a good chance of getting better. If he can improve his control somewhat, develop another pitch, and/or improve his sinker to induce a higher percentage of ground balls, then he can be a serviceable middle to back-end starter along the lines of Jon Garland. However, if he pitches to his 2008 peripherals, I have trouble seeing how he’s going to end up with many seasons where his ERA is anywhere near as good as it is this year – and a 4.83 ERA isn't exactly stellar to begin with.

Bubba: Pujols is sick and if the Cards make the playoffs he will probably win it. Certainly though, Delgado deserves consideration for the award which is what I said. And if the Mets manage to make the playoffs, he'll have a good shot.

Hey guys Mets fan here...I saw someone say that we'll beat up on Florida...I don't know, They're starting pitching is starting to scare me a bit. Johnson, Sanchez, Olsen. Thats formidable.

If Delgado keeps this up and the Mets make the playoffs then he has a very good shot at MVP. But thats a big IF. Everytime the bullpen comes in i'm goin for the captain morgan. We need extra arms and need em quick

Bubba: While I agree with your conclusion, that is a pretty flawed analogy.

Trades take more into account then past years performance- age, contract can make the trade unworkable even if the players are equal.


(1) Playoffs shouldn't have a damn thing to do with it
(2) No 1B that finishes with an OPS below .900 should even be talked about for MVP.
(3) Delgado is not the MVP for your team, forget the league.

PhillR- Agree- just trying to make a point- Pujols is a more valuable player than Delgado

So I just went and sorted NL 1B by OPS to counter bball. While its pretty irrefutable that Delgado is not MVP with his line at 1B (tied for 5th OPS, average fielder, meh), I saw something horrifying and disturbing.

Ryan Howard is 2nd to last in NL OPS for starting 1B. Good grief, he IS David Kingman.

Bball: My argument goes for Delgado, just as it was for Rollins. W/o Rollins, the Phills don't win. He took the Phills on his back, when Utley and Howard were out and carried them. W/O Delgado, the Mets aren't close this year. No matter how good a year Wright or Reyes has had, Delgado is the one guy on the Mets that has carried them on his back. I think that is a pretty big criteria for MVP consideration

didn't see the game last night, but looks like the O put up another clunker vs the Mets bullpen. The hottest hitter in the NL is Randy Winn - can he be had?

I'm in Chicago for my first Wrigley experience. I'm going tonight and tomorrow. A key to this series is getting a W tonight with Cole on the mound. It would be nice to see the O go off on "funky like a" Dempster (for any House of Pain fans out there).

I have met and seen 2 Phils phans in the last 15 minutes in my hotel. Hoping to see a lot more Red the next couple days.

Pujols is the MVP...hands down. I love how the best player in baseball is having a historic season even by his standards and he is being completely ignored. He's the best hitter in the game and arguably the best defender at his position. OPS+ of 188 this year. Is it because he almost always has numbers this great that we simply take him for granted forgetting how special a player he is?

Carpenter Down...Fabio Castro up...interesting.

I'm gonna put a vote in for Ryan Braun of Milwaukee as MVP.

Also, a question about Jimmy Rollins talking about the Met player "celebrations." 1.) Are the Met celebrations this year really worse than any other team in baseball? 2.) Shouldn't Jimmy be worried about other things instead?

Steve: That is a retarded argument.

Without X the Mets don't make the playoffs can be said for:
Jose Reyes
David Wright
Carlos Beltran (severely UNDER rated imo)
Johan Santana
Mike Pelfrey
Oliver Perez
Fernando Tatis

The fact is that Delgado is only discussed because of how his season started and the lowered expectations.

David Wright 69
Carlos Beltran 46
Jose Reyes 41
Carlos Delgado 19

The absence of Delgado would be much smaller for the Mets then Reyes, Wright, Beltran.

The Mets wouldn't even be contending without Santana...I suppsoe he should win the Cy Young based off that know instead of Lincecum or Webb.

NEPP: There is no excuse. Pujols is outstanding and among the all time greats. Sports journalists are pretty much universally mentally handicapped.

Pujols is honestly my favorite non-Philly player. I am in awe of his abilitities. He's an incredible player who I would trade Jroll and Howard to get.

Lincecum should clearly win the CY, however come years end I bet Santana deserves to pull ahead of Webb. Don't mention Wins, I don't care.

Webb:ERA+ 153, 166IP
Santana:ERA+ 152, 167IP

On bullpen managing last night. Lidge absolutely had to have come in for Delgado, mainly bc Lidge made Delgado look silly the other night, swinging at three sliders in the dirt and looking lost in the process. Probably cost us the game.

Re: Castro.. I don't understand that move one bit. The Cubs have one lefty who's playing worth a damn right now, and that's Edmonds. On the other hand they have a bunch of righties and a switch hitter(Lee) who is much worse against righties. Makes no sense to bring up Castro.

NEPP: Interesting. Makes you wonder if there's something wrong with Romero. At least Carpenter got a taste. This is the second year in a row that Carpenter has started off poorly and come on strong. As a soft-tosser with little margin for error, he can't afford to be having bad half-seasons, especially at age 23. He needs to step up his off-season program and come to spring training ready to impress. he needs to be in triple A next year at age 24 and be successful there if he's going to have a career. Otherwise he joins the Brian Sanches' and Zack Segovias of the world.

To PhillR: On wins I completely agree to a certain extent...Wins are overrated because statistically a pitcher has little to do with it. Wins depend on run support in alot of cases unless you are named Curt Schilling and you simply pitch better the tighter the game is. There are of course excepetions to everything w/ Curt being one of them.

On Castro:

1. It burns an option year for Carpenter...probably not a good idea

2. Eyre is definitely Unavailable tonight and Romero might be limited so he could be the only lefty in the pen...that's why I think it happened. Romero was shut down last night because he had pitched 3 nights in a row with over 20 pitches in each outing...he's also pitched a ton in the past 2 weeks so he's in that danger zone for relievers. They musta figured they NEEDED another lefty as both of theirs are temporarily shot and this is probalby one of the most important series of the season.

I don't understand why they didn't just call up Outman...he's doing great in the minors right now...Oops.<----In jest as I actually am in favor of the Blanton deal.

The return of the Model Dictator Fabio Castro.

Cholly wasn't at his best managing the pitching moves last night but that is never his strong suit.

The thing I don't understand was the decision to pitch around Schneider to go after Murphy (who has been swinging a hot stick since he came up and playing frequently enough that he wasn't cold either). That was the one decision that really kind of made me stratch my head.

BAP: You seem to have missed my point: Not every pitcher pitches to his peripherals. Otherwise high WHIP and low K guys would NEVER be successful. Get over it.

Brian G: Agree with you on Castro. Makes no sense at all -- unless something's wrong with Romero.

On the value of a high K/9 innings as a prerequisite to be a decent pitcher, I believe the game has evolved where strikeouts, while glamourous, are really hurting a starting pitcher by getting his pitch count high. The better pitcher is one that gets the hitter to swing early and often. We want three ground ball outs on first pitches for our pitchers!


They pitched around Church, not Schnieder and until that hit Murphy had been 0-16.

Yeah, I'm gonna assume it's bc Romero is still somewhat unavailable. Looking at last week again, it makes even more sense to move up Hamels bc he would've faced the Mets and Kendrick could've gotten a more righty heavy lineup, which he wouldn't have had to pitch around for 5 innings.

Speaking of which, Cole really needs to step up tonight so we can steal a win and not feel too much pressure going up against Harden and Zambrano 2 of the next 3 days.

Delgado or Reyes in my opinion are the best candidates for MVP. Every other Met's numbers after the 7th inning make me wanna puke.

As far as some writers saying that Reyes is the most exciting but that doesn't mean the best...He's on pace for 200 hits...I'm just glad his defense is back.

Harden's gonna gut us. They've faced him once and he struck out 11 in 8 IP and only gave up 2 hits. That might get ugly.

****Delgado or Reyes in my opinion are the best candidates for MVP. Every other Met's numbers after the 7th inning make me wanna puke. ****

One of them should definitely win the Mets team for the NL MVP we might want to pick a deserving player.

come on NEPP, Just because some of your guys kill my mets it doesn't mean I think they suck

It all depends on getting to the playoffs I guess

I think the Mets next six (Florida, Milwaukee) are actually tougher than the Phils next six (Chicago, Washington). The Cubs are the best team in baseball, but the Nats are just putrid.

And the biggest offense by Charlie Manuel this year is that Cole Hamels never seems to go against the Mets. How do you let that happen?

NEPP: "It burns an option year for Carpenter...probably not a good idea"

Doesn't matter. A guy can be moved to and from the ML roster as many times as they want in one season. Options are seasons. Carp has two options left, so, likely, 2009 and 2010. The option was burned once he came on board.

This might just all be because Eyre is unavailable (4 IP the last two days) and Romero is uncertain. Precautionary. Nothing bad.

Neither is as deserving as Pujols is my point.

That is ridiculous. I'd love to see Hamels against Reyes again, I remember when he hit Jose, Then Jose ran all over him, Cole was so pissed. They were exchanging words.

No the option is burned when he is sent down. If they had waited till 1 Sept when rosters expand it wouldn't have been an issue as they would have just kept him up. There was a debate on this over on Phuturephillies where the determination (after extensive reading of the option rules) was made that the option is used upon sending him back down...not calling him up.

here are the real VORPs for those mets players

Reyes 58.1

DW 47.6

Tron 37.0

Gado 28.7 (and rising fast)

Pujols is a ridiculous player who i'd love to have, But I doubt a team missing the postseason is going to have a MVP

I don't know what VORP means, but I know that Tron is an awesome movie.

BBall, why not? Artist formerly known as Ryan Howard won it in 2006 and the Phils missed the playoffs. Pujols overall numbers are ludicrous, I think he'll get it barring a huge drop off in September.

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