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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Allow me to mqke the obvious comment: Not Ready For Prime Time.

Very telling game tonight in my opinion. Our ace pitching in his hometown, on national television, against a last place team. Its a game any self-respecting playoff contending team should win easily. If the phils find a way to lose this one, we'll know all we need to with regard to this team's tenacity and late season aspirations.

Reineke was one of the weakest pitchers you will ever see. To only score 3 on him was a disgrace. And the two runs in the first were gifts. Apparently there is something seriously wrong with the psyche of this team. They all appear to be grinding the bat handles into sawdust. And Kendrick showed no heart at all. I swear he pitched around the 8 hole hitter in the second inning to get to the pitcher. The same pitcher that torpedoed him his next time up for his first major league hit. Pathetic non-competitive effort all the way around.

This team's tenacity and late season aspirations don't matter. The fact is that they are not a good offensive team. It wouldn't matter if they were the most tenacious, playoff hungry bunch in the world.

When a full offensive "slump" has gone on for nearly half of the season, you can't call it a slump anymore. This team is full of offensive holes. AND, even if they were to squeak into the playoffs, I have no reason to believe they will be able to score any runs off of playoff caliber pitching.

I feel like this team has the same mentality as the team in the Lieberthal years-California Cool, with no real leadership. That, mixed up with a shaky lineup, gives us what we're seeing now.

Agreed about the deeply flawed lineup. However, the top of the order should have smoked that collection of bumbs like a pack of Kools last night. When our top five can't do anything against a bunch of well below average righthanders, I have to believe that they are seriously fouled up. Also agree that, in the off chance that we reach the postseason, this team will go quickly and quietly

This might be worse before it starts to get better. Without Burrell next season, this is a 90 loss team.

EastFallowfield has a point about the bottom line but last years' team came into its final 40 games at a different pace than the 2008 team.

In their last 58 games the 2008 Phils are 26-32 and batting .240/.319/.412 (.253/.331/.435 on the season.)

The 2007 Phils were 30-27 in their 58 games going into their 124 game and were batting .288/.363/.486 in those games. .275/.352/.452 on the season.

Without Burrell next season, this is a 90 loss team.

i know its hard to be optimistic right now but seriously get real.

Sophist: Wow those numbers are shocking. This stretch is so truly dismal that it doesn't seem that there is a way out of it.

"without Burrell next season this is a 90 loss team"... the problem is that with Burrell next season this is a 90 loss team without 12 million bucks.

I am totally frustrated & disgusted with the hitting. The pitching overall has been a nice surprise. If the pitching staff came near pre-season expectations, the Phillies would be 15 games back by now. The hitting is stinko. Really, really stinko.

offtopic, but right now there is olympic badminton and mens field hockey on tv and all i can think is how sad it is that this is the last year for baseball in the olympics.

does the u.s even have a mens field hockey team in the olympics, or do we just send high school/college girls?

For all those who say that my call for Carrasco is outrageous and the stuff of whimsical fantasy, perhaps you can tell me where Kyle Kendrick will fit on any potential playoff roster?

If I'm the person who is making the decisions on that, he is not on the playoff roster (I don't think there would be any serious debate about this). That being said, even with Kendrick not making it, there would be several holes that need to be filled. One would be a power throwing bullpen pitcher (Preferably RH). Happ is no longer needed as a LOOGY, so he is out of the mix.

Tray can say that my confidence that Carrasco can pitch better than Kendrick may be ill conceived. Perhaps Tray is right, but the only way to find out is to put Carrasco in the light and see what he does. The worst possible outcome is that he is eliminated as a candidate for a bullpen spot, and he is sent back to the minors for more seasoning. When the only thing lost is Kendrick's 5.00+ ERA and 1.50+WHIP in the 5th spot in the rotation, I say why not? Kendrick is definitely not making any playoff roster, so why not let him work out whatever issues he is having in the minors while someone else auditions for a playoff run?

Parker: Personally I agree with you. There isn't much down side to what you propose. As for a potential playoff roster, in KK's defense, I would say that almost no #5 starters on teams with solid bullpens will see postseason action.

I've been saying for several weeks that, without Pat Burrell, this is a 90-loss team. I don't know why people think it's so impossible that this team could lose 90 games. Teams go from contenders to 90-loss teams all the time. The 2007 Padres had the same record as the Phillies and the 2007 Mariners were just one game worse. The Padres are on pace to lose 98 games this year; the Mariners, 101.

Right now, our 2008 core consists of one excellent starting pitcher; an excellent closer; one terrific everyday player; one terrific homerun hitting first baseman who, oh, by the way, is hitting .233 for the season with an OPS barely over .800; and one ex-MVP leadoff hitter who has a paltry .333 OBP and a .766 OPS. And that's literally it. After that, the team is comprised of a bunch of cast-offs and role players.

With Pat Burrell in the lineup & having one of his best seasons ever, our offense is horrific. Without him, this is a 90-loss team, assuming Howard & Rollins revert to something resembling career norms. If they don't revert to career norms, it's a 100-loss team. If you think that's an impossibilty, you're just in denial.

Also, I think that Carrasco has the potential (Far from definite) to give the team a little momentum. If he comes up and has electric stuff, maybe the hitters start to think that maybe there is a shot this season. I have seen it before. A young pitcher comes up, pitches great and the whole team suddenly looks different.

There is a definite need for a change of scenery for this team. Get someone up who looks like they care about winning, and actually have the stuff it takes to do the winning. Kendrick has consistently shown the entire season that last nights performance is only one timely hit away from happening almost every time he starts.

For all those suggesting that Kendrick has one blowup per month, that was his second start in which he failed to go 4 innings. Thus, the bullpen has been forced to pick up about 11 IP over two games because of his complete failure. This is unacceptable, especially at this point in the season. I mean, come on, its the Padres, not the Boston Red Sox. If you get bombed by the worst (or very close to the worst) offense in the league, it is not a good sign. Pitching around and giving up RBI hits to AAA PITCHERS is not going to cut it in mid August.

I left out runs/game.

From June 12, 2007 to August 19th, 2007 the Phils were 32-27 and scored 5.95 runs/game. They allowed 4.98 runs/game.

From June 8th, 2008 to August 16th, 2008 the Phils were 27-32 and scored 4.32 runs/game. They've allowed 4.46 runs/game.

If a 90 loss season is in the offing (which seems entirely possible), it is time to consider blowing up the team. It might look like this:

The pitching is good/adequate, with some help in the high minors.
Trade Pat now for something useful.
Trade Ryan in the offseason for a couple of young guys who could fill two holes.
Trade Rollins in the offseason for a couple of young guys who could fill two holes.
Utley is not untouchable for the right package.
Jaramillo are Marson are the catchers next year. See if Ruiz would bring anything useful in trade.
Hopefully Howard and Rollins will bring us a 3B and a couple of OF (and another SS of course).
Quit signing bad or washed up FAs; invest in the farm instead. Dump the ones we have.

Do I trust the new GM to get fair value? Nope.

Bay Area Phan:

Amen. I could not agree with you more wholeheartedly.

As has been duly noted here on many occasions, the starting pitching has on balance been pretty good all season long. God knows there have been glaring exceptions, but overall not too bad. When they've faltered the pen has done a nice job of bailing them out. Having said that, we really only have 2 reliable starters. That means the other 3 and the extras are basically #5's. Obviously it's hard to know what to consider Myers. Good Brett is up there with Hamels and Moyer. Bad Brett is at the bottom of the heep. My position on it all is that when you have at least 3 starters that are that borderline, you'r going to get a lot of really poorly pitched games. These guys are major leaguers. They aren't completely without ability. They do throw a good one now and then. But they do throw some real turds in there too. A decent back end of the rotation guy keeps you in the game. That's all you really want out of him. All this marginal talent leads to tremendously volatile standard deviation. Of course, if the offense were potent like it has been the past few years, we would probably barely notice these pitching problems. We've got a couple of gamers at the top of the rotation and the rest are pot luck.

I agree with the thought that Carrasco could give them a little bit of momentum. Bring him up for Kendrick and see what happens. The worst case scenario there is that he doesn't work out and you either bring up Kendrick or Benson. That doesn't seem a lot worse than what they have going now, with more upside.

So, do we have Lonnie Smith, Keith Moreland or Marty Bystrom-like players in the minors to bring up and give this team a shot in the ass like in '80? It's getting late....

Why is there an assumption that if Burrell leaves, he will be replaced with nothing? Projecting next year's team is a waste of time.

WRT to this year, tinkering around the edges (e.g., replacing Taguchi) isn't going to change anything. If Rollins, Utley and Howard start to produce, they have a shot to make the postseason. If they continue playing the way they've played since mid-June, they won't.

oh god, this is turning into another "if we don't have Burrell next season" comment session... We have Burrell THIS season. Let's take care of business now.

Details about Campaign Cheer to take place Tuesday August 19th at Citizens Bank Park.

AFish: Looking at the FA list, and taking into consideration the Phillies' payroll budget, who could he possibly be replaced with that would even come close to matching his numbers? The only plausible way I see the Phillies being competitive within the next few years is if prospects like Donald, Marson, Taylor, & Carrasco can come in and pay some relatively quick dividends. The Phillies are certainly not going to spend their way out of their problems.

This is crazy, from MLBTR: Marlins Could Be Set For Another Firesale - Mike Jacobs, Dan Uggla, Scott Olsen, one or two of the starting outfielders, Cody Ross, Josh Willingham and Jeremy Hermida, and closer Kevin Gregg (if Matt Lindstrom shows he can handle the job) could all be on the trading block this offseason.

I'm at the point (have been for a while) where the arguments that Kendrick is valuable to the team don't make any sense, IMO. Sure, his value existed at a certain point. He pitched most of the season as a serviceable number 5 pitcher. He took up some innings and benefitted from pitching on the days where the offense decided to show up.

That said, at this point, the Phillies can no longer tolerate the Kendrick outing or any of its potential consequences. On a good day he pitches six innings and gives up 3-4 runs. On a bad day, he doesn't make it through 4 innings and leaves the team in a position to come back from a big number. His starts tax the bullpen even in his good appearances. In most good outings, the bullpen has to deliver 3 innings to get a win. In bad outings, they have to deliver 4 or more innings, probably only to end up losing. Kendrick on the season is averaging under 6 IP per outing. He has failed to go more than 6+ innings 10 times in 25 starts. He has gone 7 innings or more only 5 times this season.

At this point, preserving the bullpen is extremely important. Considering this along with Kendrick's prospects of making the post-season roster (0% chance, absent injury), and his purpose for the team has been served. He is no longer useful to the team at this point of the season.

This team loses one game and the ridiculous talk starts. A 100-loss team if they don't resign Burrell? Please. Even a 90-loss just because they don't resign Burrell? Nope.

If you look at statistics, Burrell is probably about 5 wins above an average replacement player offensively the past few seasons (including this one). You take into account defense, it is probably about 4 because Burrell defensively is in the bottom half of the NL.

So depending upon who the Phils replace him with next season, then it is probably a swing of about 2-3 wins in the W-L column.

All things equal it would probably mean a 87-win team slips to 84 or 85 wins.

I hate to say it is a "must-win" tonight considering there are 6 week yet left in the season but I can't imagine the Phils will have a more favorable matchup for the remainder of the season.

Phils need to take business tonight and win at least 2 of 3 from the Nats. Not exactly overwhelmed with the Mets' 5-game winning streak but the simple point is that they are taking care of business against the bottom-feeders (Nats/Pirates). Phils have do to likewise.

Over/under number of stories that Joe Morgan tells tonight that have absolutely doing to do with the Padres/Phillies = 5

Milt Thompson just can't fathom the offensive woes.

"I have never seen a team that has the capability that this team has just go south for a long period of time," Thompson said. "Usually you have one guy that's kind of slow, but it's the whole team. It's unexplainable. I'm serious. I don't have any answers. It's one of the weirdest things I've ever seen in my life. I'm not sleeping very well. I've had a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out what to do to try to get the guys going. It's amazing."

Why is this such a mystery? The hitters, with very few exceptions, don't work counts, don't advance runners well, too often swing for the fences, are utterly predictable, have very little overall speed, and swing through an inordinate amount of pitches. Being a hitting coach isn't just about preaching mechanics and relaxation. It's about implementing a proper approach at the plate - preparing for situations, pitchers, making adjustments in-game or in-season. I frankly don't have much confidence in Thompson if all he can do is sound mystified about the lack of production, when in fact there are *obvious* reasons for it.

This team may be flawed and not good enough to do much in the playoffs. Still, there would at least be some vindication in seeing the Mets sit home for the 2nd year in a row when all the talk this spring was about how the Mets were "World Series" bound.

MG: I disagree. First of all, who's the average replacement player? Greg Golson? Second, no way does Burrell result in only 2-3 extra wins per year, compared to an average replacement player. It's got to be more like 5. Third, I don't see the Phillies as an 87-win team this year. They're currently on pace to win 85 and they have played .444 ball for the last 2 months. If they continue at that pace -- and I see no evidence that they won't, considering that more than half of their remaining games are against the Marlins, Mets, Dodgers, & Brewers-- they'll finish 82-80.

Fourth, Burrell will not be the only loss next year. Moyer may be back, but but his ERA+ sure isn't going to be 123 again -- or anything remotely close to it.

The 2009 Phillies will be a bad team. Not a mediocre one. A bad one. Maybe even a terrible one.

doesn't matter what they say, mets still have to prove it in september. Gonna be a fun race

parker, you are making me miss your obsessive rants about carlos ruiz with all these obsessive KK rants...

MG: I might also add this. You're the model Beerleaguer poster, but I do think this is a ridiculous statement: "team loses one game and the ridiculous talk starts [about losing 90 games]."

The team did not lose one game. They have played .444 ball for 2 months.

I'm a little bewildered by this argument. Fifth starters hardly ever make playoff rosters. Do you propose that every contending team send its 5th starter down in mid-August and replace him with a power pitcher who may or may not be a total flameout starting games on the major league level, just because the power pitcher might be useful in a playoff bullpen?

Make multiple criticisms of Kendrick/Ruiz=Obsessive

Someone makes multiple ridiculous criticisms of Utley/Howard=Justified

Perhaps the ongoing criticism of the offensive production is also obsessive.

Somehow I'm missing something.

134.2 IP, 164 H, 49 BB, 5.01 ERA, 1.58 WHIP. That speaks for itself. Obsess/go into a state of denial all you want.

This team may be flawed and not good enough to do much in the playoffs. Still, there would at least be some vindication in seeing the Mets sit home for the 2nd year in a row when all the talk this spring was about how the Mets were "World Series" bound.

Posted by: MG | Sunday, August 17, 2008 at 02:32 PM

Get a life

Pedro Feliz was in Clearwater's starting lineup today and went 0 for 3. From this information, I conclude that: (a) Feliz can't hit Single A pitching any better than he hits major league pitching; (b) Feliz will be back in the Phillies' lineup soon; and (c) he'll be a sizable upgrade over our current starter at third base.

BAP - You and I agree this team faces some really difficult decisions this offseason but you are really skewing statistics to back up your point.

You just can't take 2 months of a 4 1/2 month data sample. That is completely biased.

This team is on pace to win somewhere in the mid-to-high 80s range again. Will that be good enough to make the playoffs? Maybe but probably not if they are only at 86 or 87 wins.

As for this off season, who knows what moves the Phils make. Resigning Burrell is pretty unlikely but don't you think it will a bit of a stretch to assume the Phils will just go with Golson in right? Also, a team has to be pretty awful to lose 90+ games.

As long as the core of this team is here again next year including JRoll, Utley, Howard, Hamels, and Lidge (not to mention decent complementary pieces like Victorino, Werth, and Romero), they will be respectable. Say at least a .500 team.

The issue is if they are able to put together the pieces necessary to make the playoffs. Given the likely tight budget payroll, I do think that is going to be pretty unlikely.

FU Mets' troll. Like roaches, they only come out when the lights go out.

Prediction sure to be wrong:

"The 2009 Phillies will be terrible"


Parker and BAP- doesn't it hurt the knees to jump on and off the bandwagon with this team. You two are by far the most prominent examples of this.

It's especially disheatening with BAP since I find him to be very level headed and knowledgable about baseball.

Parker just has no brain.

"The 2009 Phillies will be a bad team"

Sorry didn't want to get the quote wrong

Tonight we finally shake off the demons! Baek is horrible and RH'ed so it's tee time in SD! Cole goes the distance and we save some face! Must win if I ever saw one! GO Phillies!

seriously, if they don't win tonight it could be a season over situation.

Now we know what it feels like to be Met fans. This is sad. The Phillies really just collapsed in June/July, giving up 8.5 games in just 26 days (not as bad as the debacle, but still). The Mets are just flat out better than us. We knew that when they got Santana, and we know it now. And remember, they've owned us this year. If they lose tonight, it's over, if it's not already.

Also, I'm always suspicious of these "well he couldn't possibly be any worse" arguments. A few months ago Parker argued that we should trade for Kenji Johjima because he couldn't possibly be any worse than Ruiz - even if he was having a bad year, surely he'd eventually snap out of it; flash forward to today, and Johjima is, in fact, doing worse than Ruiz. Going into today's game, Johjima was a .213/.253/.297 hitter.

Does anyone know what JW is referring to about "where he'll be spending the day"?

I think it means he's going to be watching ESPN2 all day?

The Phillies have the exact same record they had after 123 games last year -- 65-58. As happened last year and the year before that, a couple of teams will get hot in September, and those teams will make the playoffs. Last year, the Phillies got hot. This year, who knows? But I don't buy the "must win" talk about one game in mid-August.

10pm tonight is drag racing from Reading. One can only hope that he HAS to go.

AFish - Mets are winning against the bottom-feeders they have played the past week and the Phils need to do the same. Given how this team has struggled against quality competition this year, I would say a min. of 4 out 6 against the Padres/Nats is required.

Truth: I'll give you that I'm a pessimist and occasionally over-the-top in my pessimism. But if I jumped on and off the Phillies' bandwagon, I'd have been long gone by now.

I don't think it's all that out there to say that Pat Burrell and Jamie Moyer (2008 version) are the only thing preventing this team from being among the truly terrible of the league. A few good players are not enough to save team from being a bottom dweller, if the complementary parts are terrible. The Reds are a perfect example. Until a few weeks ago, their lineup featured Dunn, Griffey, Encarnacion, Phillips, and Bruce -- good players all -- and they had one of the league's best starters to anchor their rotation. They're on pace to lose 91 games. Until this year, the Rays were another example. They've been losing 90 games a season for years, even as everyone raves about their central core of players like Crawford, Upton, Pena, Shields & Kazmir.

Without Burrell, we'll still have a core of Hamels, Lidge, Howard, Utley & Rollins. But, considering the seasons that Rollins, and especially Howard, are having, it's fair to question how great that core actually is anymore. But, even if they all return to norms, you need to have good complementary parts. Vic is a decent complementary part. Werth too, although he only starts 1/4 of the time. The rest of our complementary parts are terrible. And a starting rotation which includes Blanton, KK, a 46-year old Moyer, and a perenially erratic Brett Myers does not figure to be very strong.

Melvin Mora, the 3rd baseman nobody wanted as a salary dump from the O's (I wanted him!), now has 20 homeruns and 91 rbi on the season batting .286. I think he'd probably make a difference in this lineup.

I compare the records to those earlier years not to say the 2008 team is going to win anything, just to point out that it's still possible.

There's no reason to expect them to suddenly revert to how well they played up until 20-2, but it is possible those same guys could pick up the pace again.

(By the way, the Mighty Mets have survived a 1-6 trip to SD and LA this year AND did not have to face Manny Ramirez in any series).

Yeah, I was even thinking about making a post advocating a Mora trade, but he seems to only hit lefties.

Yeah the Mets survived that trip alright, Except for Willie Randolph hah

Here's a relevant question: Is Hollywood Hamels growing a beard?

A question:

The Mets broke out of their doldrums after Willie Randolph was fired.

The Dodgers were re-invigorated by the addition of Manny Ramirez.

Is there any action this team could take to shake themselves from their zombie-like day-to-day play?

wow... ESPN just introduced the game by referring to that "philadelphia offense". way to keep up with the times

I don't get to see many games up here in Boston, but I almost completely forgot that tonight's game was on ESPN. If Phelps was still racing, no doubt I would be watching that instead. It can't get any worse guys, can it?

fire the owners?

TH, they already took action. Les Walrond.

phReed - that's rich. ::crying into my beer::

"The Phillies are loaded with offensive talent." I agree, but I think I'm using a different definition of "offensive."

Just noticed that Jenkins is sitting again. At least Cholly can see some of the same ineptitude that we see.

I've been rude to MG in the past, but I have to say, he's making a great deal of sense. Burrell's value to the team is significant, but not to the tune of 15-20 games. If we lose him we'll be worse, but the pitching, which is to my mind a bit above average, won't be affected a wit--except, perhaps, by improved defense.

Projecting into next year, we have the tendency of assuming that the worst aspects of this year will carry into the next (Rollins will play poorly, Howard will continue to decline, Ruiz won't hit at all), while the positives won't. The bullpen may (probably will) regress, but Howard, Rollins and Utley may improve. Blanton may revert to form. Myers may continue in his present form. Etc. etc.

So the worst projections seem to me as unjustified as the best. Given what we know, I think the best prediction is, as MG says, mediocrity--.500 ball.

good job, jroll

A fly ball with a runner on third? What was that.

Good AB by Howard.

J-Roll is the single most important member of the offense. When he's going the Phils are going.

Go Phils!

By the way, Campaign Cheer is gaining momentum. Blogs Hugging Harry Reynolds and Crashburn Alley have jumped aboard to help promote it. I will be at Tuesday's game handing out fliers for Campaign Cheer. Everything must be cheered!

A 28 pitch inning, and good at-bats from Howard and Burrell. Not a bad start.

a disappointing/encouraging offensive start

NHRA drag racing is correct, but being forced to go is not. Completely voluntary. I was given four passes through the Eagle and enjoyed every second. I don't follow motor sports, but it's definitely something to experience at least once, just to feel the power of these cars. This was my second trip in as many years.

Keep these 6 pitch innings going, and all will be fine.

Maple Grove?

I'd rather spend the day at Shady Maple

There are plenty of terrible announcers when it comes to guys on national tv in all sports (joe buck, tim mccarver, cris collinsworth, joe theisman just to name a few) but my goodness - Joe Morgan has to be one of the worst.

He was an absolutely fantastic player, but he is full of misinformation, botched statistics, and he is incredibly boring to boot. A guy like Vin Scully can get away with his monotonous tone due to his sooting voice and interesting facts on all players, but Morgan is just brutal to listen to..

Truth Injunction:

Count up the number of times that I have said that the Phillies season is over. Take your time, it will take you a while because it hasn't happened. Go tend to your fantasy baseball.

My favorite Morganism of the night: He suggested that an elderly viewer in Baltimore might be able to stay up to see more of this Sunday night game because it was on the west coast.

He actually said that???

AFish: Haha YES - that was hilarious!

Tray: Sure, I advocated for a trade for Jojihma. I also said Benji Molina. I would have actually said any catcher that could hit .250. So I was wrong about an upturn in Jojihma's season. Has Carlos Ruiz turned it around? No. The point is still relevant as it was 4 months ago when I first suggested it and you said I was crazy to criticise Ruiz's offensive inabilities.

You also miss the point on Kendrick. It is not a question of whether any fifth starter should remain on a roster in August and September. It is a question of whether that spot would be better occupied by a guy who could potentially fill a hole in the bullpen or unseat another starter if one begins to struggle. The risk is low and the reward potential for Carrasco is much higher than Kendrick's will ever be. Why not give him a shot? If he fails, send him back. He wouldn't be the first to do so, and many have bounced back to have fine careers. If you think a negative experience in MLB will permanently ruin Carrasco, then he probably doesn't have the mentality to cut it anyway. The earlier that is learned, the better.

4 strong innings by Cole. Now the offense has to show up.

Hamels just made a nice little statement with that HBP.

Parker: this may be a first, but I don't completely disagree with you regarding Carrasco. A lot of people here seem to prefer the idea of playing it safe, just like the Phillies.

Joe Morgan was just explaining how the term "slide-piece" for a slider was coined by Gary Matthews. I immediately imagined what a conversation between the two would be like. It was really funny, then kind of sad.

I would admit that these two teams aren't very good and broadcasting this game might infringe upon our 8th amendment rights against cruel and unusual punishment..
Still, Miller and Morgan spend only about 30% of the game actually broadcasting what is happening, and the other 70% talking about god-knows-what and incoherently babbling between the two of them.

This has the look of a 3-2 loss. I feel like I've been watching the same game for the last two months.

these yahoos are terrible, but ill take the break from mccarthy with no complaints

At least they aren't obsessing over Brett Favre (yet) this week.

Jon Miller is officially making me consider suicide.

Hamels parents are right within his sight when he pitches. I would think that would be kind of awkward.

The real mystery is that Orel Hershiser was great last Monday, but they bury him. Joe Morgan is awful but apparently untouchable.

What a suprise, Baek is pitching his best game against the Phillies.

Hamels is living right. I'm surprised Howard fielded that cleanly. It was too easy.

We've scored 5 runs in 23 innings against the 2nd worst team in the NL. Let's hear it for that offensive talent.


I wonder if Baek is a distant relative of Rod Beck?

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