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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Campaign Cheer is for real now, I just got off the phone with Scott Palmer Dir. of Public Affairs for the Phils, and it's going to likely get promoted by the team.

Are you being serious Carson because im surprised CC has gotten this big already

Well done, Carson!

another who cares? Move! Nice I can't wait to have three catchers on the roster who will struggle to out hit the pitchers.

SEASON = OVER .....we should all just give up at this point but wait EastFallow The Eternal Optimist will point out that this team is only 1 game behind last year's pace and ahead of the 1980 team. Who cares?

The DUde: The fact that you're on this blog every day means you care.

"SEASON = OVER .....we should all just give up at this point but wait EastFallow The Eternal Optimist will point out that this team is only 1 game behind last year's pace and ahead of the 1980 team. Who cares?"

you can give up fine, stop trying to get everyone else to join you. they're only 1.5 out of first place with more than a month left. so i won't say the season is over by any means.

I'm not joking, ESPN has even contacted me, along with ABC and Comcast. Campaign Cheer is for real. Embrace it!

I know I'm usually a joker, but I'm dead seriour right now.

Beware Carson... ESPN just wants to do another piece to bring up the Santa Clause & battery incidents..

Santa being booed happened, but it's time for a change and that's what this is all about.

"We're #2" !! Huzzah!

Go Carson! WooHoo! USA USA!

Who would have thought a negative nancy like myself could be transformed to try and promote such an event

If they put some runs together tonight, I'll blindly cheer every game for the rest of the season.

THe DUde, see ya next year!

Go Team!!!

On the potential Ross move...I like it alot.

Click on Campaign Cheer for the details. I don't care about publicity (although it's nice), I just want to spread the word and promote this idea.

Wow, the Phils front office isn't equipped with a sarcasm detector, huh?

In all seriousness, I think Carson has a great idea and we should support it. In Boston they don't boo the home team...they boo the opposing team...that's what tough and GOOD fans do...make it harder on the opponent.

It's not about sarcasm any more. Yes, fans boo every where, but it doesn't help. Cheering on your team gives them a mental boost and that might be exactly what the Phils need to get the offense ignited. Booing them relentlessly has proven to be futile, so why not go the complete opposite and cheer them unconditionally.

At first, I was watching baseball when the Olympics were on. Now, I find I'm watching stupid 12 year old Chinese girls on the uneven bars, female beach volleyball (how this is a serious Olympic prime time sport, while they're dropping baseball is ridiculous), and Soviet female pole vaulters instead. The Phillies laying a big brown turd shaped egg on the West Coast will do that to a guy!

Wow, an empirical test of the Costanza "do the opposite" theory...

Carson, I'm with you. Booing the team relentlessly, especially from the onset of the game, destroys the home team advantage. So what if a player is slumping, every game is a chance for a player to break out, so why not give them a chance before booing them. I remember going to the opening series against the braves last year, sitting in left field, and being appalled that people were booing Pat that early in the season. This is the lowest common denominator of Philadelphia fans and they need to be shut out. I'm all for Philly fans being tough, but I'm hoping it can be an environment where we reserve most of our hatred and booing for our opponents, not our own players.

Hey man, if CC works, if that's what the players want, give it to 'em.
I have only booed loudly at the Birds a couple of times ( I think the last time was Torrance Small) so I never got the whole booing thing anyway. Way to go Carson.

Count me in as a full-fledged Campaign Cheer supporter. To be completely honest, this is the first thing that has gotten me excited about watching this homestand. This feels like the sort of outlandish thing that just might catch on...

LF - I have no problem with female beach volleyball, you know, except that the uniforms are a little too conservative.

Congrats, Carson. It's a great idea. (Though I was wondering what a "dead seriour" is. Wikipedia didn't have an entry...)

THe DUde. Um...I thought the season was over when they put Eaton in the rotation. Or was it when they traded for Feliz. Maybe it was when Lidge got a bad shoulder or when Jimmy messed up his calf. It coulda been the last time the Mets ripped off ten straight and knocked the Phils into second. Help me out here. I know the season must have been over before this...

Oh. Wait. That's right. We've been telling all those Metsblog trolls that you have to actually play the games. My bad. I forgot that there are 162 games and you can be 7 back with 17 to go and still win the division. Really. I forgot that.

Ross. Yikes.

GM-Carson - I have to be honest, I like CC.
I am from the U.K. and in big football/soccer games, when the home team goes down a goal in big games, the fan response typically is a stunned silence for about 30 seconds, followed by a prolonged period of home support to lift the team.

During the European Cup Final of 2005, down 3-0 at half time, Liverpool fans dominated the stadium by singing their club anthem. The team responded, scored three goals in 45 minutes against an unbelievably good Italian defense, and won the game after extra time.

I will readily admit that I have booed mightily at Phils game in the past, and indeed that I do not have the requisite lifetime of suffering as required by all true Philly phans, but I would endorse CC on two grounds:

i) J-Stroll is too self-confident and assured in his views that booing him will achieve nothing.
ii) that cheering at opportune times - such as when the team has just surrendered a narrow lead, may, on some occasions, lead to an improved performance.

I say, why not give it a go and just see where it takes us. Maybe we'll like it.

If people have read my comments or my blog in the past they know why I'm negative, but I decided to change. So happens I'm trying to change the Philly Phans too, I'm just hoping I get support at the ball park tonight.

Should we cheer the next time Myers and Manual get in another arguement when the banter between them includes talk of fellacio (sic)?

To paraphrase Carson's outlook:

"If I can change... and you can change... EVERYBODY CAN CHANGE!"

Its an easy cause to support when playing the nationals.

Good time to get it going. Timing is everything.

@Carson -- Congrats.

Your sarcastic turn to optimism may have given you motivation. But don't forget to give Mr. Mack proper credit for the Campaign Cheer. He was the first to mention the idea.

Stun everyone with a rousing ovation for the Boys of Summer when they take the field, no matter how the road trip ends up, letting them know that we are behind them from here on out through thick & thin.

I hope in a little way, our little argument earlier in the season and my "sanctimonious" optimism in some way has shaped your campaign. My Dad and I were talking about it this weekend and he noted how players in the past have discussed the negativity. But what was unique here, was that a player would admit that it actually hurt them.

I was nailed for claiming that perhaps the lack of championships was somehow our fault. As fans, we are the ONE constant, players, owners, coaches come and go. But we stay here. If our attitude changes, maybe the players attitude changes. And the local media changes. And players want to come to Philadelphia, not for money, but because Philadelphia becomes baseball heaven.

If Campaign Cheer works and I hope it does, the Phillies should give you a ring. If it doesn't you have free reign to go back to old Carson. However, I prefer the new one, personally. Glad to have you aboard. Look at that, this glass IS half full.

Good luck.

The glass is half full and I'm about to chug!

I fully support this movement Carson. I was reading the metro in my break room this morning and Cataldi wrote some stupid article about how great its going to be how bad Rollins is going to be booed tonight. nothing would please me more than for everyone to cheer the entire game tonight and only boo the gnats.

Go Phillies!

I'm trying to initiate a standing ovation for Rollins. The frontrunner comment irked me, but he had a point about the booing.

Imagine what a story it would be if this Campaign Cheer thing took off, and then the Phils started winning, and then they made the playoffs, and then they won the World Series!

Highlander - woo hooo another UK Phillie fan. You in scotland per chance?

folks - everything Highlander said about soccer supporters is correct, even the worst team in the lower leagues has fanatical support that will cheer their team in all weatehrs and all results. Boo-ing is for opposition players only.
There again a player who is playing badly is dropped and a reserve plays instead. The difference though is that the reserve players are not usually much worse than the first team players

Jenkins has hit Bergmann well in the past, hopefully he gets the start tonight. This could be the beginging of a great rest of the season for Geoff starting tonight.

If Campaign Cheer becomes an official thing by the Phils and they win the World Series, I better get a ring.

Jobbers - I am actually an ex-pat Scot in Philly, so have moved the other way from yourself. Where you based in the UK right now?

Maybe the fans can sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" when we want a player to work the pitcher and draw a walk. It works for Liverpool!

We all know who's to blame here, and its not Jimmy Rollins. Its the Phanatic's job to get the crowd pumped up, and he's obviously not doing his job. I say its time to replace this bum with a real mascot. Now that I think about it, he does get a little creepy with the bumping.

Out of curiosity, has anyone else googled "Campaign Cheer" today? Just about every Phils blog comes up, a solid page and a half of hits. Well done Carson.

Maybe the fans can sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" when we want a player to work the pitcher and draw a walk. It works for Liverpool!

!!! that would be awesome. just continuous throughout the at bat.

nice work Carson! Totally in support of this.

I hope when this comes out of those media sources it has a positive spin.

Sometimes I wonder, do Phils fans boo the players themselves or do they boo the lack of committment made by FO to the team? Maybe its all lumped together but unfortunatly the players feel the brunt of it.

Just to start fresh with a clean slate,
I think we also need a "boo the FO Campaign" so they can get some of their's too and we can release years of frustrations.

Maybe CBP will turn into this tonight:

GM Carson: Are you sure ESPN didn't contact you to see if Brett Favre really is playing RF for the Phillies. I heard they were trying to do a dual sport piece on Favre, like Deion Sanders. They will have to look past the fact that he can't hit, but his defense has been good this season.

Congrats on the Campaign Cheer, but does a "typed" Boo count as a violation of International Campaign Cheer regulations?

Just got off doing a phone interview with ESPN 950 radio promoting Campaign Cheer.

Hopefully I notice some of this on tv tonight.

Chris / Highlander

In the midlands - Northants

Carson, do you think it's logically consistent to tout Campaign: Cheer on your blog directly next your Howard K watch? That being said, good luck with it. If I were there I would fully support.

I took my two sons to Citizens Bank Park for their first baseball game a few weeks ago (a long time coming, since we live in Weschester, NY), and was looking forward to instilling some early principles in good fandom. We made some solid progress in the 3-year old before we ventured past Ashburn Alley, and he saw all the games and the play area. We never really got him too interested in the playing field after that (until he got to run the bases after the game, that is).

Anyway, it's going to be a very different experience for me to take my kids to Phils games then it was for me at the Vet, huh? Better in a lot of ways, not better in several more, but overall, just really...different.

way to go out on a limb & start this "campaign" when you play the National's! lets see how long it lasts when Jstroll loaf's it to first base against an actuall MAJOR LEAGUE team.

I should start a "Phire the Phraudulent Phanatic" campaign.

With Billy Wagner likely out for the remainder, our season is far from over. If he needs surgery then the Phillies are a lock for the division.

We have 5 games against the Mets. Without Wagner we must be big favorites in all of them.

Dante Hicks- is that a Jay & Silent Bob shout-out?

i'm confused about the possible Ross signing. Why assume he'd just be on the bench? He's hitting better and has a higher OBP than Ruiz! He's an improvement on the starting lineup!

i don't know how i feel about Campaign Cheer. i'm not going tonight (will be there tomorrow and thursday), so my say is meaningless. but i'll be shocked if there aren't more boos than cheers.

dante - you're not even supposed to be here today.

You know what this all sounds like?

It's a Reverse-Reverse Beerleaguer Jinx.

And I'm all in favor of it!

PhillR - You really think so? Without Wagner, the Mets pen is certainly one of the weakest in MLB but he hasn't seemed much of a positive difference maker in the Phils' games IIRC.

I agree with PhillR to an extent.

That bullpen has been questionable, at best, without defined roles in the bullpen. I think losing Wagner for the year will be a huge blow. I don't think Ayala fills those shoes very effectively.

"In Boston they don't boo the home team...they boo the opposing team...that's what tough and GOOD fans do...make it harder on the opponent."

Uh, this does not seem to be true at all. Especially not the case before the Red Sox won the World Series. The Sox and Yankee fans boo in a similar manner as Phillies fans, they just win...

Sophist: Most of those games were prior to their BP totally imploding. Look at their recent performances, no way they beat the Phills with a 1 or 2 run lead going into the 8th.

I think that if they had balls, they would move Maine to the BP and use him in the 8th and 9th. Then bring Vargas or Kunz up for the 5th spot in the rotation. They will never do it though. Unless Wagner is bag THEIR season is over.

Congrats, Carson! You've started a movement of positive thinking and positive reinforcement. Philly may yet live up to its "Britherly Love" moniker.

"Brotherly Love" Travelling Salvation Band!

Kunz is a reliever, who just got sent down with the arrival of Ayala.

And last I checked, the Mets bullpen has sucked all year, and they're still in first.

Just sayin...

We may see Maddux again sooner then we thought From the Phillies site:

LOS ANGELES -- Acquiring Greg Maddux for the stretch run two years ago worked so well for Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti, he's trying to do it again.
With Brad Penny back on the disabled list, the Dodgers were close to acquiring the 42-year-old Maddux on Monday for two Minor League players to be named, although a club spokesman quoted Colletti as saying the deal was not complete.

Maddux is a tough-luck 6-9 with 11 no-decisions and a 3.99 ERA for San Diego. Penny's spot in the rotation comes up again on Saturday in Philadelphia.

I thought he was a starter. Ooops. Don't they have some decent prospect in AA that is close. Am I thinking of Niese?

Carson, all you're attempting to do is turn over a century of accumulated psyche on its ear in one night. Good luck. So long as the city remains proximate to New York, Philadelphia will always have a chronic inferiority complex which will leave its constituents in a collective bad mood - whether it's related to sports and a staggering disproportion of championships, or not.

I have personally advocated that fans stop to think once in awhile before they boo or scream at players, but that's a far cry from reasonably believing any Phillies fan can - or ought to - suddenly become a positive thinker. We can pretend for a few nights - but ain't no way we're changing.

Yeah you're thinking of Niese, who was just promoted to AAA a couple weeks ago, and who the Mets refused to trade at the deadline.

I doubt they just hand him a rotation spot though. He's never pitched in the majors. It would likely be Vargas.

Carson - Heard your spot on ESPN. Sort of unfortunate that he presented your campaign as a positive thing leading up to the conversation, but then turned on you mid-way. Well handled though, and I continue to be amazed at the rapid circulation...

MFiP: Yep... still in first, just as you were last year at this time... and we saw how well your bullpen held up in 2007!

I know not everyone will embrace this Campaign Cheer idea, but I'm hoping enough do.

Carson : great idea but honestly if I were going to the game tonight I wouldn't say or do anything just sit there. If jimmy had said what he said to local media then apologized which he sort of did without actually doing it then I would adopt your campaign.

But for the fact he did it nationally. He doesn't deserve a boo but nor does he deserve a cheer.

Has the Rat being out for the season thing been confirmed? If so, of course, it's huge. But if the Phillies don't start hitting it may not matter. This power outage defies description. I know the black hole theory and all, but this team used to hit homeruns by the bucketfull. The top of the order isn't even hitting solo shots very often at this point. Someone earlier suggested that they though Jenkins was about to pop. I've been seeing posts along those lines for weeks now. Aside from the whole reverting to career norms line of reasoning, I don't get it. The guy is a dope at the plate. Eleven years in the league and he goes up there with as much of a plan as an 18 yearold Dominican shortstop. Full disclosure: I was very happy when Jenkins signed. Always liked him in Milwaukee. Boy, I wasn't paying much attention.

Jimmy Rollins made a mistake of telling the truth. Even if he used a poor choice of words.

I think he deserves cheers because he is one of the players most responsible for delivering the Phillies their first division crown in more than a decade.

And I think tonight, especially, would be a great time to give them all cheers... and lots of them. We have another great opportunity to get back to the playoffs. Boos aren't getting us anywhere.

"He doesn't deserve a boo but nor does he deserve a cheer."

I couldn't agree more with that.

Everybody cheers! woo hoo!

I got the game dvr'd tonight as I gotta do a fantasy football draft. The Mrs. will be checking in on the game though. Hope it's a "W" and hope the cheering is over the top so I can have a great laugh.

Carson, what happened in the espn interview? Also, what did Scott Palmer have o say?

donc - I thought chances were good that Jenkins was going to have a decent second half. He had 100+ OPS+ the last two years and is sitting at 76 currently. That's a big drop-off for a veteran player.

He has been marginally better since the AS break, though.

The Phils are 2nd in MLB in HR.

Cj: that's exactly my point. Last time I checked we won exactly zero playoff games. So why should we treat this guy like he is our savior.

If jimmy steps up and hits a leadoff double then sure I will cheer him. If he goes 0 for 5 then boo him. Why is this so hard?

First bat of the game do nothing, because he didn't do anything yet!

The Phillies can't official endorse Campaign Cheer, which I figured would be the case (and I'm not upset by this). He did give me so pointers to where to hand the fliers out at and try to get local news involved.

The ESPN radio interview was alright. They read the flier and then let me explain my idea. The one guy said I was trying to change Philly into St. Louis and he wasn't down with that, but he allowed to voice my rebuttal and further clarify what Campaign Cheer is about.

The Phils are on pace for 217 HR this year. They had 213 last year. This isn't so much in response to you, donc, as much as your post made me look into it. I think it's pretty clear at this point that the team's problem (relative to last year) is the drop in BA and OBP and not SLG.

I will say, Carson, that I appreciate your efforts to have people get behind the team, whereas others have tried to coordinate a mass booing for Rollins. So I don't mean to knock what you're doing...I'm just thinking a bit more realistically.

Wonder what Jody Mac is gonna say/think.

Good stuff, Carson.

RSB- we've known each other via BeerLeaguer a few years now, I know how to read your comments by now, and I knew you actually support the idea.

Do I think it will work? Probably not, but dammit I'm trying my best anyway.

Sophist: At his age it could certainly be that he's getting older and on the way down. That would explain not being able to catch up to good fast balls etc. It certainly doesn't explain why he swings at pitches that even Vlad couldn't hit. As for the homer totals, if I'm not mistaken we were leading the majors very recently, weren't we? Of course the ranking doesn't matter anyhow. During this offensive drought hasn't the homerun frequency dropped dramatically? I don't have numbers to back this claim up, it just seems like it to me. It certainly could be my imagination.

Alright, I'm off to the game. Thanks for all of those that support Campaign Cheer. Extra special thanks to Weitzel for allowing me to promote it in the comments section. Let's see how it goes tonight...

Jason did a post early in the season ,when the team was on fire, about who would emerge as team leader. The view then was Uts.

I think J-Roll with this booing controversy has become the de facto leader, for good or bad.

I hope he does good with that role.

Cheers, Cheers and more Cheers.

What a freaking joke.Dodgers get, Blake, Manny Ramirez and Maddox. Cubs get Harden, Brewers get Sabbathia and Durham, Yankees Damarte, Nadia, etc. Phils get Blanton and, maybe, Ross. Time to start talking about 2009.

As a season ticket holder it just makes me sick. Sign Lofton, Bonds or someone PLEASE!!!!

Sophist: Those HR totals you quote are truly shocking. I guess Jason Werth basically cancels out Rowand and Chases big numbers and full season make up for Rollins precipitous decline but it sure doesn't seem like they are slugging like last year. But my comments were more about what's transpired in the last few weeks or so. Thanks for the numbers though. Very interesting.

mvp: You and I are very different. I cheer for players because they are on my favorite team. I cheer for them because they go out and try to get my team a win. They don't always succeed, but that's the way it goes.

mvp: And isn't only cheering when they do something good the very definition of "front running"?

Maybe Jason can use Beerleaguer to push its own anti-booing campaign. Keeping in line with the blog's title, everyone must tailgate before the game. 10 beers for women and 20 for men. The inevitable puking which occurs when you open your mouth to boo, and ensuing altercations with the people surrounding you, would probably prevent you from booing again, should you remember what happened 5 minutes ago. Loss of consciousness would also help prevent booing.

On this day of Campaign Cheer, I've been inspired to write a song...

Fly, Phil-lies, Fly, on the road to victory!
Fly, Phil-lies, Fly, hit a home run Chase Ut-ley!
Hit it low, hit it high, and watch the baseball fly!
Fly, Phil-lies, Fly, on the road to victory!

UD Hens-

Maybe they could sing that at Iggles games if they are getting beat.
Or does the no boo rule prohibit sarcastic cheers for out of season teams?

I am longing for the day there are 'Let's go Phillies' chants at Eagles games.

I'm not a boo bird. Never have been. Never will be. J. D. Drew is just about the only player I can remember actually booing. It's always nice to be a part of some group hatred. So that explains that, but I don't boo opposing players on general principle. I could not possibly despise Jose Reyes more than I do. But I won't boo him. Booing an opposing player is a sign of respect and I won't give him or any other opponent (worhty or not) the satisfaction.
As for booing my own team, well that just seems counterproductive. When they stink I'm sure they know it. I don't boo them for the same reason I don't light up people that work for me when they make mistakes. I have to assume that they know when they've done a bad job. Personally I believe booing says a whole lot more about the booer than the booee.
As for Rollins comments; I don't think he was that far off base. I just hate the timing. That's just what this team needs is another distraction. And I don't want to hear that crap about it being a brilliant ploy to distract attention from the poor play on the field. I think he's having a bad season and hearing about it and he decided to vent. I wouldn't care in the least except that I think it may hurt the team and is therefore selfish.

i think it would be awesome if the phillies adopted youll never walk alone, or somehting to that effect as a song to play either before or after games. the yankees have there song, the cubs have a song...something to get the crowd cheerig in unison. see if espn could slam that!

CJ: Only expressing interest in the team when they are doing well would be the definition of "frontrunning", which is why I think Rollins used the wrong word. Philly fans are overly negative, but not frontrunners.

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